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Chapter 129 Billows Will Be Lifted

“Hes… the owner of Mengmeng Causal Restaurant.” Zhao Feng slightly lowered his head and answered truthfully.

“Oh” Tang Zhan grinned and said, “Show me the camera footage.”

Although he was smiling, the coldness in his eyes could be seen by all present.

Zhao Feng gestured the manager of the nightclub over.

One of the young men took a laptop and showed the scene just had happened, with some fear on his face.

At this time, all the people present were looking at the camera footage.

The monitor recorded the whole process from Zhang Hans entrance into the nightclub, then into the night bar and into the elevator after he came out to his moves against the two elevator guards.

The monitor even did not clearly capture the way of Zhang Hans first move on account of its incredible speed, leaving only traces of afterimage.



“How can he be so fast!”

The other top thugs of Tang Zhan all changed their faces.

They could not believe that people could move so fast.

Not only them but also the guards of Tang Zhan had changed their faces.

They reckoned that if the speed of his body was as quick as the real-time speed of his arm, they had to waste many pre-judgment bullets before touched him even if they were holding guns.

The coldness in Tang Zhans eyes suddenly turned into dismay.

The bosss sharp moves were also beyond his expectation.


The pictures of the first floor were just a beginning.

The monitor was debugged by the staff and started to show the scene of the seventh floor.

When people saw Zhang Han send more than 10 people into the air in 10 seconds, fight against lots of people with himself and burst into the hall number one in less than one minute, their eyes rounded with astonishment.


Until Zhang Han entered the hall number one, the footage was less than one minute.

A lot of people ran out of the hall, and Zhao Feng arrived.

Then Zhang Han came out calmly and looked at the monitor when he walked to the elevator.

His glance was so frigid that as if it could shoot through the screen, making people feel cold.

At this moment, people, including Tang Zhan, in the hall were silent.

Although Tang Zhan was still looking at the screen, his blurred look revealed that he was thinking about something.

“Xiaolong, Amin, are you confident to defeat him” Tang Zhan turned and said, looking at the two men.

Xiaolong and Amin were the two most powerful men under Tang Zhans charge, who had learned kung fu and had a good knowledge of something deeper, but their faces obviously changed at this point.

After hearing Tang Zhans question, Amins facial muscles quivered, his lips moved for a while and finally spat out a few words, “Its totally out of the question.”

“Hes right.” Xiaolong took a deep breath and gave a more direct and straightforward statement, “Even if all the people here gathered to fight against him, were no match for him, let alone Amin and me.”

Tang Zhan closed his eyes after hearing his words, and took a deep breath before he said,

“I know.”

A moment later, Tang Zhan opened his eyes and said, “Did the man say anything when he came up”

Tang Zhan also did not know why the boss came here to make trouble, just because of a remote control car He denied this statement, suspecting that it was Scorpion who had provoked him.

After hearing this, the man who was operating the computer honestly replied, “There were more than a dozen girls in the hall, and that man did not beat them.” “I heard that after the man knocked down Scorpion, he said a few words, which meant… Scorpions life was no match for a single tear of her daughter.”

Tang Zhan suddenly froze hearing his words and his eyes were full of consternation.

Actually he did that for such a trivial reason!

He ruined a nightclub just because of a remote control car

Nearly 50 people were beaten and got injured

“Hes indeed… an… interesting person.” Tang Zhan compressed his lips and said in a low voice, “Send Scorpion to the private hospital, contact the best orthopedic hospital in North America and make every effort to treat him until he gets better.

Transfer 50 million to his card and let him settle in North America in the future.”

“Fine!” Several men rushed forward and carried Scorpion and others out.

Tang Zhan glanced around at the people at present and finally fixed his eyes on Zhao Feng.

He shook his head with a chuckle and turned to the window, lit a cigarette and took a deep breath, “Xiaofeng, I heard you have a good relationship with the boss.

So why you didnt stop him when you came”

He hid dangers in his words and Zhao Feng knew no matter how he answered, it was useless.

Since Scorpion had been disabled and the nightclub was destroyed, he realized that Tang Zhan must be in a bad mood.

He thought for a while and replied, “As a diner, I just like the food there.

Moreover, Im sure I was no match for him when I saw his moves.”

“No match for him…” Tang Zhan sighed slightly and said, “Youre indeed no match for him, so how can I deal with him Er Mu, what do you say”

Er Mu was a thin man behind Tang Zhan who had not opened his mouth.

Wearing a pair of 400-degree glasses, he was a mastermind in charge of the drug business.

At this time, Er Mu pondered after hearing this and finally looked at Zhao Feng, saying, “Since were going to fight against him and Zhao Feng is familiar with that man, I think he is the best person to deal with him.”

“Oh Isnt he” Tang Zhan slowly turned around, stared at Zhao Feng and said slowly, “Can you defeat him, Zhao Feng”

After hearing what he said, Zhao Feng lowered his head slightly and got lost in thought.

He knew that if he refused this time, he would be cut out by Tang Zhan.

However, it was not the right time to offend him openly.

Zhao Feng forced himself to say, “Lord Tang.

I know, Ill try my best.”

“Great.” Tang Zhan stepped forward, patted Zhao Feng on the shoulder and said with a smile, “I believe you wont let me down.

Ill give you two weeks.”

Having finished speaking, Tang Zhan took the lead to the outside.

At the same time, the news that Changsheng Nightclub was ruined and Scorpion was disabled spread like wildfire.

Some people of Forever Harmony Association who were in connection with other forces also spread the shocking news in the first place.

The New Moon Bay where Zhang Han lived belonged to the south island of Hong Kong.

It was relatively the smallest area in Hong Kong but was fully-equipped.

From the perspective of underground forces alone, the south island was divided into four parts.

One was Forever Harmony Association headed by Tang Zhan in the Southern District, the second was New Loyalty Brotherhood led by Xia Shanhao in the North District, the third was Yunyin Garden Zone where Zi Yan lived and the fourth was a force headed by Dong Tianpeng in the West Ring Road Zone.

The primary strength of the four forces was almost the same, but relatively speaking, Tang Zhan led the most potent force.

Because he had a wide range of sphere of influence and contacts, even he was on good terms with a general in the Golden Triangle.

Most importantly, his means had always been extreme!

At this time, one of Tang Zhans right-hand man was beaten down.

The news was like a hurricane that swept across the entire south island.

New Loyalty Brotherhood was the most hostile to Tang Zhan.

Xia Shanhao and a dozen of his men were in the study.

“Is the news true” One of the bald men stood up and looked at the man who had just run in to notify them and asked, “Its possible to beat Scorpion in some retired places, but in Changsheng Nightclub… as Scorpions headquarters, how could it be destroyed

“Its absolutely true.” The man quickly replied, “Even quite a few passers-by saw dozens of people being carried out from Changsheng and I have already got the inside video of Changsheng Nightclub.”

“Then what are you waiting for Play it quickly.” The bald man said immediately.

So this man took a projector and projected the video on the wall.

All the people in the room looked over at this moment and saw Zhang Han came out of the bar in the video.

There was a red circle in the video suggested that Zhang Han was the main character.

He walked to the elevator, took action, came to the seventh floor, defeated dozens of people with his enormous power, then walked into the hall number one and left calmly more than a minute later.

More than 10 minutes later, the injured men were carried away and then Scorpion was carried out by Tang Zhans men.

With the screen, everyone could see that Scorpions body was as soft as noodles, and of course, they realized Scorpion was seriously hurt!

After watching this video, a dozen people present changed their faces completely.

“It, it turned out to be true!” The bald man suddenly stood, aghast.

“Oh, my God, this man is too formidable!”

“Its incredible for him to beat Scorpion and his men alone.”


People were shocked.

Even Xia Shanhao, who was sitting at the back of his desk, changed his face after watching the video.

He stood up and paced back and forth.

After a while, he stopped, looked at some of his best men and said, “Xiaodong, what do you think of that man”

After hearing this, Xiaodong, who was sitting on the lower side, nodded his head and said slowly with a dignified look, “He… is the most powerful one I have ever seen.

Even if I join hands with Atai, were no match for him.

Both his speed and strength are terrible! I can use four words to describe him: He is so horrible!”

Xia Shanhaos face changed.

He thought for a moment and burst out laughing,

“Ha, ha, great, the more powerful he is, the more interested I am.

Do you know the specific identity of that person”

“I dont know yet, but we got his license plate number and I have already sent someone to look it up.” The man nodded and answered.

“Well.” Xia Shanhaos eyes brightened and he said with a smile, “Try your best and meet all his demands.

Be sure to let him join in New Loyalty Brotherhood!”

“But elder brother, Im afraid that we are unable to control such a tough person,” Xiaodong said, slightly frowning.

Generally speaking, the strong were supercilious persons.

How could they serve others Even if we attracted him by benefit, he might not be completely obedient.

“Its ok.” Xia Shanhao, however, revealed a meaningful smile and said, “How could Tang Zhan sit idly by while one of his right-hand men was beaten to death and the Changsheng nightclub was flattened Judging from his temperature, perhaps his lungs are going to explode.

Before he moves, we should try our best to let the superior join in our association, since an enemy of our enemy… is our friend.”


Not only Xia Shanhao, but Ye Han in Eastern and Dong Tianpeng in Western did the same thing in their study and conference room.

A master only came out by accident.

Similarly, a master from a certain special force would be popular everywhere, not to mention Zhang Han, who was a super master.

At that time, the underground forces in the south island of Hong Kong lifted billows again due to Zhang Hans moves.


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