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“Alright then.

There come more interests in your debt again.

You now owe me eight million crystal stones,” Mengmeng immediately said.

“Oh, what a joke.” Chen Diran turned around and left.

After saying that, he actually left for something.

What just happened affected the mood of Mengmeng and the others, and it took them a long time to calm down.

In the evening, the girls had an appointment with Lorry for dinner and told her about it.

Lorry said, “That Chen Diran is the disciple of Mr.

Frank, who is usually kind and a bit dull.

Its said that Chen Diran is quite petty.

Im not familiar with him, but I can go and talk to him about this.

Im sure this matter will be solved then.”

With her status, Lorry felt that Chen Diran would show her respect.

“Dont go to him.

Lets see if he really wants to deduct our credits, or if he is just messing with us.”

The next day was also the last day of the training.

At two oclock in the afternoon., the interest training activity was over.

When Chen Diran collected the medicinal pellets and recorded the trainees credits-

“Zhang Yumeng from Class One of the Incantation Department, you had 1,000 credits at the beginning.

Because of the violation of the rules, 875 credits of your credits have been deducted with 125 credits remaining.

With the addition of the task points of 10 credits, you now have a total of 135 credits.

Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina, each of you had 500 credits at the beginning.

437 of each of your credits have been deducted because of the violation of the rules with 63 credits remaining.

With the addition of the task points, each of you now has 73 credits.”

Chen Diran acted very quickly and recorded the credits in the system.

“When will you pay eight million crystal stones up to me” Mengmengs face was very cold.

“Youve gone too far.” Nina frowned.

“Ive never seen such a guy like you.”

Yue Xiaonao glared at him and said, “Pay up the crystal stones now.”

“What crystal stones You would need evidence or reasons when you say that.

Where is the evidence” Chen Diran hesitated and said, “Oh, I remember.

Is it the joke we made before while we were chatting You are so cute.

Generally speaking, a bet must be held in the Central Combat Ring, or under the circumstances of someone witnessing it.

We were just chatting by then.

How can you take it seriously”

“What did you say” Yue Xiaonao was in a rage and was about to kick up a fuss with her eyes wide open.

Right then, Mengmeng said, “So, youre going back on your word now And youre doing it seriously”

“Going back on my word If I had done what you said, I would admit it.

But since I didnt do it, how can I admit it” Chen Diran shook his head.

Mengmeng looked serious and said, “I gave you a way out.

Dont regret it.”


Chen Diran laughed a few times, turned around and left to record the credits of the others in the system.

Among the five seniors on patrol, only his work was the easiest.

More than 70 percent of the trainees did not have credits.

Even in the next area, many of them had their credits deducted by him.

No one said anything about this.

His status was the highest among the patrolling officers.

After having his work done carelessly, he left.

“Im so pissed! Im so pissed!” Yue Xiaonao went mad.

“We cant let it go like this.

Im so pissed! Lets go to someone to deal with it! Lets go!”

“Mengmeng, what should we do about this” Nina asked.

“We dont need to call our parents over.” Felinas face was slightly cold.

“Uncle Zhang is here, and hell deal with him.

Lets get Lorry and more people over.

Well do it ourselves.

As long as he doesnt pay up the crystal stones, well beat him up for an entire day.

Well beat him until he pays up!”

“The dean gave us the credits.

Why should he get to deduct them” Yue Xiaonao said.

Right at this moment, among several mentors on the stage, the middle-aged short-haired man who had talked to Mengmeng before, said, “The Pellet-refining Branch is about to hold a meeting, and it will be the freshmens meeting.

This will be the last stop of our activities for you to experience the human education of the Pellet-refining Branch.

Next, everyone, please enter in an orderly manner and take a passengers car in front of the gate of the square.

The journey will take about 20 minutes.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone in the field went to the gate in an orderly manner.

“Lets go! Well ask the dean face to face,” said Mengmeng.

They quickly went out and got on the city bus.

They were all not convinced and felt a bit aggrieved.

“Why would our credits be deducted for no reason And why so many of that have been deducted

“Who does Chen Diran think he is”

The atmosphere on their way was a little dull as no one spoke.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the meeting hall.

There were some new trainees from the Illusions Department in it, and the rest of them were students of the Spirit Branch.

Mengmeng and the others entered the hall.

Even Chu Changan, Ling Duoduo, He Lun, He Tao, Benny, and Fan Xiaoshuang, who were sitting together, saw them.

They were all discussing it.

“When I saw them last time, they were with our tutor.

Are they juniors or something”

“I dont know.

I havent asked them.

Ill ask them when I go to our tutors class tomorrow.”

“That girl is so beautiful.” He Tao was a little intoxicated.

“Hey Why arent they seated yet What are they doing up ahead Isnt that where the high-position officials of the Pellet-refining Branch are seated”

Under their gazes, Mengmeng and the other three walked to the big stone platform in front of the square.

There were about a dozen people there, including tutors and deans.

The president of the branch had not come yet.

They were talking to each other, including the dean of the Pellet-refining Branch, Frank.

His face was red, and he looked very easy-going like a successful person.

When Mengmeng and the others walked to the side of the stone platform, it attracted many peoples attention.

The trainees in Grade Two who were maintaining order and several mentors all looked at them curiously.

It was especially so for the ones beside Frank, including two deans who had a good relationship with him and three mentors who were close to him.

Of course, regardless of whether they were scheming each other or not, they were a relatively powerful small group in the Pellet-refining Branch.

Birds of the same feather flock together.

In this circle, it was easy for one to earn some crystal stones.



Mengmeng went straight to the point and said directly, “A few days ago, you rewarded us with some credits, but your disciple, Chen Diran, deducted them for no reason.

He went too far.”

They had planned to go to Chen Dirans Master to vent their anger, and then let it go.

However, sometimes, what they had planned would be different from reality.

To the four of their surprise, Frank looked at Mengmeng with a confused expression and said, “And you are…”

Mengmeng and the others faces changed.


Its only been two days.

How could you forget us You werent like this when you asked for the pellet formula,” Yue Xiaonao said loudly.

His voice attracted more tutors.

It also made Frank lower his eyes slightly, and he was clearly displeased.

He said seriously, “Im sorry, but are you new trainees of the Pellet-refining Branch We dont seem to have much contact.

If you need to ask for something, you can talk to your seniors in the venue first.”

What he said made Mengmeng, Yue Nao, Nina, and Felina feel a little dizzy in an instant.

They were so angry that they were also very disappointed in their hearts, mixed with feelings of unwillingness, anger, and grievance.

“What right does he have to say this”

“It seems that a noble like you tends to forget about things.” Nina finally understood what was going on.

She mocked, “You just burned the bridge after crossing it.

Since youve got what you wanted, youre now turning your back on us.

Is that so”

“How can you talk to the director like this” A pointy-faced teacher next to Frank scolded in a cold voice, “Why would he lie to you Know your place.

Which class are you from You must be severely punished!”

“All right, all right, forget it.

Today is a happy day.

Dont worry about it.” A teacher in the distance tried to calm down the situation.

“I dont know whats wrong with you either.

You must have mistaken me for someone else.” Frank shook his head slightly.

“Considering that youre new trainees, well let it go this time.

Go back to your seats.

The president of the branch will be here in a while,” said one of the deans.

Upon hearing these words, Yue Xiaonaos eyes widened as if he was about to say something.

But Nina stopped him.

She said, “Okay, well keep it in mind.”

There was a deeper meaning in her words, which was also a warning.

Mengmeng was also quite dumbfounded.

It was the first time in her life that she had experienced such a thing.

She was having complex feelings in her heart.

At this moment, her mind was full of Zhang Han.

When he was around, nothing bad would happen to her.

She had only been out for a few days, but she was now bullied.

The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt.

“When the president of the branch arrives, well go ask him.

I refuse to believe that theres no place for justice in this Pellet-refining Branch.” Nina performed the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique to the others.

“Theres no need to talk to them.

Its obvious that those people are in cahoots with each other.

Theres no point in talking to them.”

It was a very reasonable analysis.

They walked back slowly, and they didnt even notice how they got back to their seats.

Some trainees, who heard their conversation, found it very strange.

“What are they doing”

Unexpectedly, as soon as they got seated, Franks words rang in their ears.

“You should be grateful to have about 100 credits.

You need to learn to be content so that you can go further in society.

If you still want to make trouble, your credits may become negative.

If you dont respect the director openly, you may also be expelled from school.”

“How dare you!”

Yue Xiaonao instantly stood up.

Right at this moment, the president of the branch, two deans, and two assistants arrived.





The people on the stone platform greeted Draco one after another.

The president of the branch was a venerable old man with a white beard and a kind face.

After he came here, performing illusions, he looked at the thousands of people under him and said, “Many of you are from the Spirit Branch, and some of you are from the Pellet-refining Branch.

Youre all freshmen, and youve just begun to come into contact with Dragnet Academys culture.”

“Ive just witnessed it,” Felina said coldly.

“First of all, congratulations on your entrance into Dragnet Academy.” The president of the branch said, “A few days ago, I was busy with some matters outside.

This is also the first time I returned to the academy.

Many of you dont know me, so let me introduce myself.

My name is Draco, and Im the president of the Pellet-refining Branch.

Under the great care of Headmaster Shan, I have been in Dragnet Academy for over a hundred years.

“Its all thanks to Headmaster Shan for building Dragnet Academy hundreds of years ago.

This is a very meaningful thing in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Our branch is famous in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and even has some fame in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

Over the years, Dragnet Academy has provided a lot of talents for the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

As long as you work hard to cultivate in the academy, your stage in the future may be the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

“As for our Pellet-refining Branch, after hundreds of years of development, it has already developed a very mature system.

There are many pellet formulas in the academy.

We also encourage everyone to refine pellets.

If you sell the pellets to the outside world, the price can be very high.

If you sell them to the academy, the price will be a little low, but you can get credits.

It can be said that pellet refining is a very profitable system.

The most precious thing is the common pellet formulas.

Speaking of that, I want to praise a dean here.

“And that is Mr.


He has provided a lot of pellet formulas to the academy.

Yesterday, I heard another piece of good news.

This time, you will study the pellet formula of the divine pellets provided by Mr.


After studying it for a long time, he finally found a way to improve the success rate of refining divine pellets.

“And its a huge increase in success rate.

Even some trainees with basic skills can now have as high as a 30% success rate.

This is a very stunning success rate.


Frank has made a great contribution to our branch.”

The president of the branch talked slowly as he repeatedly praised Frank.

“The new pellet formula has been put on the school website by Mr.

Frank, and its open to the public.

This is an honorable selfless act.”

What he said made Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina all furious.

Previously, Chen Diran had maliciously deducted their credits.

Just now, Mr.

Frank pretended not to know them and then designated Voice-transmitting Technique to them that 100 credits were also a very high reward.

He knew about what happened to their credits, or it could be said that he was the one who instructed Chen Diran to deduct their credits.

He was so enthusiastic when he asked for the pellet formula.

In the end, he pretended not to know them and burned the bridge after crossing the river.

He wrote the new pellet formula in the way he got from Mengmeng to increase his fame and contribution.

This was shameless.

At this moment, Mengmeng couldnt bear it anymore.

“An honorable selfless act!”

Mengmeng suddenly stood up and said angrily, “Hes lying!”

All of a sudden, the place fell into silence.

Even the white-bearded president of the branch looked at Mengmeng in surprise.

Everyone wondered what was going on.

Franks face changed, and his eyes were filled with rage.

“She actually dares to come out and say that Is she not afraid of anything She has got more than 100 credits.

What else does she want”

But he saw the president of the branch frowning slightly.

Frank suppressed the anger in his heart and pretended to be calm.

“I took out the new pellet formula of the divine pellets.

The shameless Mr.

Frank took it from me and made it his.”

Mengmeng said in an angry tone, “When I gave him the pellet formula, he gave us a total of 2,500 credits.

What happened after that Today, his disciple named Chen Diran deducted more than 2,000 credits of ours, and he did it maliciously.

How could there be such shameless people like you in this world”

There came a clattering.

“What did she say”

“Was she the one who gave Mr.

Frank the pellet formula Is it true”

“She should be a new trainee, right But as a dean of Dragnet Academy, I dont think its possible for him to do such a thing.

Is she slandering him, or is there some conspiracy to deliberately ruin the reputation of Mr.


“There are bad guys in the world.

I think what she said is true.

Well, she is so beautiful, and she doesnt look like a person who would lie.”

Many of the thousands of trainees were skeptical, and quite a few of them were standing on the side of Mr.


After all, he was a dean of Dragnet Academy and had a noble status.

How could he take a new trainees pellet formula


But the trainees in Grade Two present were all a bit silent.

They knew very well how much a pellet formula with a success rate of more than 30% was worth, and how much it could increase the reputation of Mr.


It could be said that he had a motive to take the formula.


Draco, since youre here, I want to ask you if theres anyone else in your Pellet-refining Branch who can uphold justice!” Mengmeng said loudly.


The white-bearded president of the branch smiled gently and said, “Which class are you from”

Generally speaking, such a question would make the trainees a little nervous.

But Mengmeng was not afraid of that.

“Class One of the Incantation Department.”

“Whats your name”

“Zhang Yumeng.”

“You said that Mr.

Franks pellet formula is yours.

Do you have any evidence” the president of the branch asked again.

The place was silent, and everyones eyes were looking back and forth between Mengmeng and the stone platform.

“What a big show.

“Its so rare for a trainee to have a dispute with some school authorities.

“This student named Zhang Yumeng is quite amazing.

She dares to speak like this in front of so many people.

“Shes got a personality!”

Many male trainees eyes lit up.

But they subconsciously felt that this new trainee might be severely punished.

“Evidence” Mengmengs face froze.

There was really no evidence.

When they went to Mr.

Frank, there was no one aside to record the scene for them.

More importantly, none of them had imagined that Mr.

Frank would be so shameless.

“We are the evidence!” Yue Xiaonao stood up and said, “We were all there, so we can prove it.”

When Draco heard that, he shook his head slightly and kept smiling.

He had gone through too many ups and downs, and this was just a trivial matter to him.

After thinking for a while, Draco said, “I want to stretch a few things first.

First of all, were holding a meeting now.

As trainees, you must not interrupt when the meeting is on.

This is the most basic rule.

Second, you must maintain a respectful attitude with the tutors, directors, and even staff members of the academy.

You keep using the wordshameless, which makes even me feel very embarrassed.

Third, why cant you come to us to deal with the dispute you have after it takes place Do you have to talk about this in front of everyone”

Hearing these words, Mengmengs face changed slightly, and she felt even more aggrieved.

It seemed that the president of the branch also sided with Mr.


“Youve broken the rules, but Ill set this aside for the time being.”

Draco was in complete control of the situation.

He shook his head slightly and sighed softly.

“Since you have already said it, then tell us the details.

I will handle this matter fairly.

Do you have anything else to say”

“I do.”

Mengmengs big eyes didnt blink, and her small mouth was slightly pursed.

Two seconds later, she said, “When we just entered the meeting hall, we went to Mr.

Frank to reason with him, but he pretended that he didnt know us.

We went back to our seats and waited for you to come to reason with us.

At that time, he also designated Voice-transmitting Technique to us and said that we should be grateful to have 100 credits.

He is so shameless.

Is there anyone who can deal with this”

As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Diran, who was far behind them, gasped.

“How ruthless! Mr.

Frank is really ruthless! Im still too behind him with this little bit of cultivation.”

Even he was shocked at how shameless Frank was.

“I see.”

The president of the branch was still as calm as before.

He concluded, “It means that at the very beginning when Mr.

Frank saw you guys refining pellet…”

“Chen Diran took us there,” Nina said coldly.

Draco said with a very rational expression, “Chen Diran took you to Mr.

Franks place.

When you were refining pellets, you gave Mr.

Frank the pellet formula.

He promised you a total of 2,500 credits.

Today, Chen Diran deducted a lot of your credits.

You came here to argue with Mr.


He said he didnt know you, and then he said that 100 credits were enough for you.

After that, there comes this discussion.

Am I correct”

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