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Chapter 1308 They Are Coming

“Whats the matter” Zhang Han frowned slightly.

If the One-horned White Horse encountered a problem that was difficult to solve, there was only one explanation that it was in trouble exactly in the area of that continent.

Could it be that another group of Ancient Demonic Beasts, which were much stronger than the One-horned White Horse and others, had appeared

After guessing for a second, Zhang Han stopped thinking about it.

He replied, “Well arrive the Blue Sand Wind Domain in five days.”


He hung up the call.

“Its time to go back,” said Zhang Han.

“Yes, its almost time to go back to Earth for the Spring Festival and take some time off,” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

Everyone was ready to leave.

There were dozens of core members of the Lo Family, including Loshanwu, Lo Li, and Lo Tianxu, coming to see them off.

Under their gaze, Zhang Han and others took the king vessel and left the Rain-falling Star.

Zhang Han felt that they would come to this special planet again.

After all, the thunderbolts there could be absorbed by the Thunderbolt Mark, which was very good.

On the king vessel.

“Dad, why do Dahei and Little Hei always sleep wherever they go Tiny Tot doesnt come out either.” Mengmeng muttered.

“Because they are going to advance and improve themselves recently.

They are actually not really sleeping.

Instead, they are refining and absorbing the energy in their bodies and constantly developing themselves to a higher level, just like human beings doing closed-door cultivation.” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Oh, well, then they are going to become more powerful.” Mengmeng patted her schoolbag.

Sitting on the chair, she stepped on Little Heis fur with bare feet.

Only Zhang Hans family of three were allowed to do such a thing.

Little Hei never let anyone touch its head or step on its belly and fur.

It was not like the dogs on Mount New Moon, especially the Golden Retriever which was nice and friendly to everyone.

Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot were all sleeping, and also refining the energy within their bodies.

Five days later, they arrived at the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

The king vessel flew in the wind domain.

“The environment seems to be much worse.

If it goes on like this, even it will be difficult for the king vessel to fly inside in a few years.”

Yue Wuwei showed a strange look.

After some investigation with his divine sense, he discovered this problem.

He felt that it was a bit strange.

Generally speaking, the changes in a planet or a Star Area would take a very long time, but the Blue Sand Wind Domain seemed to be changing every day.

“I dont know what happened inside either.”

Zhang Han looked calm, waiting to arrive on the continent.

It was just the edge of the continent.

There was a vast expanse of white mist inside they could not see through or go through.

Also, there were high-level Ancient Demonic Beasts inside.

If any, the change should not be too dramatic.

Soon after, the king vessel arrived in the white mist region.

It was a Bounded Domain.

If they could not find an entrance, they would not be able to enter.

After all, it involved the Cosmos Formation.

“Were here,” Yue Wuwei said calmly.

His voice was loud and clear, and it quickly spread forward.

“Ow woo!”

In just two minutes, an elk flew over from the side.

“Lords, please come with me.”

It took the lead and walked into the vast white mist.

It was as if a natural ripple was being emitted from the body of every Ancient Demonic Beast.

That represented their strength.

It was also the aura of the local creatures inside.

They followed the elk inward.

“We two are going out to have a look.

You can rest here.”

Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han went out, and the rest stayed in the king vessel, which followed close behind under the control of the system.

“Youre here.”

The One-horned White Horse and more than a hundred other high-level Ancient Demonic Beasts flew over from the distance.

When they approached, they all took human forms.

But the One-horned White Horse seemed to love the horn on its head very much.

It took a human shape, looking like a young gentleman in his middle twenties, dressed in white, with a small horn on its forehead.

“A disaster has happened,” the One-horned White Horse said in funereal tones.

“Whats the matter” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Youll know when you see it.” The One-horned White Horses expression was grave.

In the end, it sighed and took the lead in flying inward.

They moved very fast.

About half an hour later, they arrived at the innermost part of the outer continent.

“There is a Bounded Domain ahead of us, and the Ancient Demonic Beasts inside are restricted from coming out.

To tell you the truth, there are many seniors who are equivalent to experts in the Mastery Realm or even experts at the Tribulation Stage First Tier inside.

If they come out, Heavenly Dragon Star Province will submit to us,” said the One-horned White Horse.

“The white mist outside is just a cover.

There is a crystal wall inside.

It never seems to be broken, leaving the demons in despair.”

As the One-horned White Horse spoke, everyone walked to the edge of the white mist.


It was like the sound of a sword being unsheathed.

The horn on the white horses head emitted a ray of sunglow.

The mist in front of them dissipated, revealing a clear and transparent crystal wall.

It seemed to be made of diamond or glass, but they could only see the scene a few meters away from them inside.

Seeing the scene, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei looked at each other.

“It seems that this place is more powerful than I expected,” said Yue Wuwei.

“The disaster happened in a place about two kilometers away.”

The One-horned White Horse took a deep breath and seemed to be a little nervous.

While flying over, it told the story.

“Half a month ago, rumbling sounds were heard from within the crystal wall, covering both heaven and earth.

We spent ten days on finding that place.

However, the scene inside is incredible.

I have a hunch that our continent is in trouble.”

Other than the One-horned White Horse, the other Great Devils were all silent.

No one spoke.

Some of their eyes were filled with fear.

“What on earth scared them like this”

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei both looked serious.

Two kilometers away, there was a valley.

On the crystal wall inside the valley, they suddenly saw a huge figure, which seemed to be embedded in the crystal wall.

It seemed to be very close to them, but Zhang Han knew that the refracted image was quite far.

“This is a king in our continent, the Demonic Tiger King.

With a 20-meter-long body, it was equivalent to an expert at the Mastery Realm Middle-Stage.

It is dead.”

The voice of the One-horned White Horse was trembling.



When they got closer and saw the scene, Yue Wuwei gasped.

The Demonic Tiger King was embedded in the crystal wall.

Its huge head was intact, but as for its other parts, all that left were its white bones.

Its expression was ferocious, and its sharp teeth were revealed.

It seemed that it was going to bite through the crystal wall and escape at that time.

What exactly had it experienced before

“Only the Demonic Tiger King is dead.

Maybe, it was killed by a more powerful Ancient Demonic Beast,” Yue Wuwei said.

“I thought the same at first, but thats not the truth.”

The One-horned White Horse looked paler.

It stared at the mountains on the side, as if it did not dare to go up.

Finally, it closed its eyes to relax itself for five seconds before leading the way.

There was a series of mountains, about three thousand meters high.

The One-horned White Horse used its supernatural power to dispel the white mist.

The scene in their sight was shocking.

“This…” Zhang Hans pupils contracted, and there was a hint of disbelief in his eyes.

“What!” Yue Wuwei even exclaimed.

Ahead of them, countless Ancient Demonic Beasts were embedded in the crystal wall.

At first glance, tens of thousands of beasts were densely packed.

“The king of the White Horse Clan, the most powerful nine demon kings in the center of the continent, the seventy-two demon kings in the outer continent, and many famous demon kings, as well as their subordinates, all of whom had the highest fighting capacity in our continent, are all dead here.”

The atmosphere in the field got sadder and sadder.

The One-horned White Horse said in a trembling voice, “The rumbling sounds continued for a few days, and when we discovered them, they were already like this.

They were all dead, and we dont know who their enemies were, nor do we know why they were killed with their strength.

So, a disaster happened inside.

There is something unknown and terrifying inside.

I can sense that it is extremely terrifying.

It must be unbeatable in the slaughter of our entire continent.”

On the scene, only the One-horned White Horse spoke.

Yue Wuwei frowned and looked at the boundless crystal wall in front of him.

As far as he could see, from the ground to the sky, the corpses of Ancient Demonic Beasts were very densely packed together.

Zhang Han was lost in thought, and no one knew what he was thinking.

The other Ancient Demonic Beasts had different expressions on their faces, and some of them were even shivering.

What kind of horrible beings could kill so many Ancient Demonic Beasts

“Its really something that makes my hair stand on end,” said Yue Wuwei while taking a light breath.

All of a sudden, even he felt some pressure.

He felt as if there were many terrifying beings in the vast starry sky.


Instantly, at this moment, a dull sound came from the crystal wall.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The expressions of the Great Devils present immediately changed.

Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han both looked around.

They did not use the soul sense or divine sense.

Because of the effect of the crystal wall, they could only see things with their eyes.


Another dull sound was heard.

It was as if a heavy rainstorm had just arrived.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Gradually, extremely dense sounds, like heavy rain crashing down, were heard.

It seemed that there were only these dense sounds left in the whole world.

“They, they are coming.” The One-horned White Horse turned deathly pale.

Everyone was looking around.

But they could only see this part of the crystal wall.

“Lets enchant it together,” the One-horned White Horse said quickly.

Hundreds of Ancient Demonic Beasts unleashed their supernatural power at the same time, dispersing a large area of white mist.

Finally, they saw it.

Like a mass of black clouds covering both heaven and earth, something was quickly sweeping over this large area from a distance.

When they could see it, all of them were stunned.

“What, what is this” The voice of the One-horned White Horse became extremely sharp.

This showed its fear.

“What are they” Yue Wuwei showed a look of confusion, and he looked awful.

In front of them, there were all kinds of strange creatures.

Some of them looked like mantis, with their arms being like knives.

Even through the crystal wall, they could feel the sharpness.

Some of them were flying beings, with two wings, four wings, or eight wings.

Some of them had more than one arm.

The length of these creatures ranged from more than ten centimeters to more than ten meters.

The creatures, densely packed together, were in large quantity.

They were constantly attacking the crystal wall, but it seemed that their attack did not work at all.

Seeing the scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Do you know this kind of creature” Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han and asked.

“I havent seen them before,” Zhang Han said in an extremely serious tone, “and they are a kind of species in terribly large quantity.

Their specific strength is unknown, but since they can destroy the group of Ancient Demonic Beasts, they are very horrible.”

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