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“Shall we hang out together Come on.

Get in the car now.

Its not easy for us to meet,” the fat-faced man said.

“I have to go back to look after my child.

Alas, Im quite busy.

She wont study when we are away.” Zhang Han sighed.

He made what he said sound true.

“Its a pity.

Well meet next time then.” Lu Ziyang shook his head and said, “I plan to invest in a few companies in Xiangjiang.

I will inspect them for a period, and then we can have another gathering.”

“Were leaving.” Zi Yan didnt want to talk anymore, so she waved to Mu Wanwan and the others.

After saying goodbye, she turned around and left with Zhang Han.

“The big shots enjoy walking nowadays” The fat-faced man snorted.

Lu Ziyang turned around and said with a smile to the crowd, “Lets get in the car first.

Well set off right away.”

The group of people got in the cars one after another.

He and the fat-faced man lit a cigarette.

“Zi Yan has a child now, and she is still so beautiful.

Brother Yang, if you had worked harder back then, you might have been with her,” the fat-faced man said.

Lu Ziyang remained silent.

“I did woo her.

“How many times did I confess my love to her during the few years we were in the music academy “Six times maybe.

But she just rejected me.

“Its not that I never pursued her.

Its just that I failed to win her heart.”

“Her company is called Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

Ive heard that it used to be very powerful, but in the past two years, it didnt seem to be in good condition.

Its stock kept dropping, and the market value dropped many times.

Its not worth much.”

Lu Ziyang suddenly said, “Wang, help me investigate Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

I want to buy 51% of its shares.”

“Okay, Ill ask a friend to do it now.

Brother Yang, are you going to take action” The fat-faced man suddenly smiled and said, “Shes someones wife now.

Well, with your capital, it will be very easy for you to get her.”

“I hope so.” Lu Ziyang snorted.

On the other side.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked on the street under the night sky.

After two minutes, Zhang Han asked with a chuckle, “Did you enjoy the gathering”

“Its okay, I guess.” Zi Yan said, “Most importantly, I have a kind of experience by going to the gathering.

The specific feeling is unclear.

I dont like a few of them, but I had a good conversation with some others.

Its a feeling of recalling the past, isnt it”

“You can say so.” Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked forward aimlessly while holding hands together.

He said, “For us, its just an experience to have a gathering with some old classmates.

Some peoples memories will change with time.”

“Will yours change then” Zi Yan blinked her eyes and said, “Ive been spoiled by you so much.

If you stop loving me one day, I will be over.”

“Hahahaha.” Zhang Han suddenly burst into laughter.

He said, “Dear, why are you so cute”

“Whos cute” Zi Yan glared at him.

“All right, all right.

Im cute.

Im cute.” Zhang Han said repeatedly, “You still dont understand me.

The thing you just said wont happen.

Well never part until we die.

We are the immortal couple.”

Hearing this, Zi Yan suddenly became silent.

After a while, she smiled and said, “In the Cultivation World, its normal for an excellent man to have several women, just like King of Elves Olien.

Tricia doesnt mind that.

But in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province, I havent seen anyone who is more excellent than you, but I mind that very much.”

“Its simple.

We can always be together, wont we” Zhang Han said, “With you here, we can suppress all the trouble.

Even if you are not here, I wont have another wife.

Love is selfish, and its normal.

They were born in that kind of great environment.

Even so, sometimes they will have disagreements with each other.

Some of them do that for the sake of having their descendants.

They are different from us.

Dont think too much about it.”

“Whoever dares to show off in front of me, Ill slap her.” Zi Yan waved her hand.

Zhang Han was speechless.

They strolled back to Mount New Moon.

It was quite romantic.

In the past, Zi Yan was afraid of the dark, but now, she was not afraid of anything.

It was not because she had strength, but because she had him by her side.

Three hours passed.

In a nightclubs private room, the fat-faced man had some sweat on his forehead.

He whispered in Lu Ziyangs ear, “Brother Yang, this is the last boss I know.

When he heard that I asked about Purple Moon Entertainment Company, he hung up on me directly.

I called him again and he turned his phone off.”

“No one can talk to you” Lu Ziyang frowned slightly and said, “You can try to contact Purple Moon Entertainment Company directly then.”

“I contacted a friend working there.

He scolded me for being crazy.”

“Forget it.

Ill ask Mr.


Lu Ziyang also knew a few bosses.

He got up, walked out of the private room, and made a phone call.


Ma, have you heard of Purple Moon Entertainment Company Its like this.

The market value of Purple Moon Entertainment Company has not been good in the past two years.

I want to try funding it and Im about to invest in it.

I dont know…”

“Beep!” In the face of the sound of the phone being hung up, Lu Ziyang was a little confused.

However, his hard work paid off.

Finally, he found the right person – Boss Wu from a music company.

He said that there would be a party at noon tomorrow, and the vice president of Purple Moon Entertainment Company would be there.

The level of the vice president was enough for Lu Ziyang.

At noon the next day, Lu Ziyang and the fat-faced man went to the restaurant together, where the party was held.

In the private room, there were seven or eight people, all of whom had honorable prestige in Xiangjiang.

“Come, Mr.


Let me introduce him to you.

This is Mr.

An of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr.


“Nice to meet you too, Mr.


After saying hello and sitting down one after another, Mr.

Wu introduced them to each other.

At the beginning of the banquet, Lu Ziyang planned to observe for a while.

When it was over, he would talk to Mr.

An about this matter.

Unexpectedly, after three rounds of drinking.


An, you should come to work in my company.” Mr.

Wu of the music company said earnestly, “You used to be a capable subordinate of Chairman Liu Qingfeng.

Now that Chairman Liu has retired, you dont need to stay at Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

In fact, everyone knows that Purple Moon Entertainment Company is a shell company now, and it doesnt have much work.”

“Im sorry, Boss Wu.

Im doing pretty well in the company.”

After Mr.

Wu heard this, he fell silent.

He exchanged glances with several people.

Two seconds later, he said, “Ill offer you three times the treatment.

Will you come”

“I really cant go.

Chairman Liu asked me to manage Purple Moon Entertainment Company well.

I cant leave,” Mr.

An replied.

“Well, I wont force you then.

You must help me with the thing I said last time.

Were old friends.” Mr.

Wu said with a smile, “Our company has spent one billion to make epic films and television works, but they cant pass the audit because of the issue of the subjects.

However, the higher-ups of Purple Moon Entertainment Company are very powerful.

If you allow us to join your company by the audit, it wont be a problem for us to pass it.

Well double the price I told you last time.

No matter what, you should have your children who study abroad in Australia live a rich life.”



Ans expression changed slightly.

“Isnt this a face-to-face threat

“The joint efforts of seven companies”

Lu Ziyang watched coldly as he drank red wine.

It turned out to be a feast with business purposes.

However, it seemed that Purple Moon Entertainment Company was very powerful.

“Speaking of which, Zi Yan of Purple Moon Entertainment Company and I used to be classmates.”

When the atmosphere got awkward, Lu Ziyang said decisively, “I came here to invest.

When I heard about this, I figured that maybe I could buy a share.

It can be regarded as a greeting gift of me recontacting with her.


An, since you are here, can you tell me some news Of course, with my relationship with Mr.

Wu, if I can buy a share, I will do you a favor in return.”

As soon as he said that, Boss Wu, as well as the people on his side, all looked at Lu Ziyang differently.

“Thats strange.”

Lu Ziyang felt that something was wrong.

“Why do they look like they are watching the fun”

“Im sorry, Mr.


If you are a classmate of our boss wife, you can contact her if you want to be a shareholder.

We dont have any say in the shares,” Mr.

An responded.


An, lets cut the crap.

Its just a matter of cooperation.

Will you think about it”

It felt like a threat.

It made Mr.

An very uncomfortable, and he didnt dare to refuse it face to face.

It involved so much money.

What if they really kidnapped him and threatened him


Just as Mr.

An was in a dilemma.

The door of the private room was suddenly pushed open, and a figure strode over.

“Chairman, Chairman Liu”

Boss Wu and the others faces changed.

“Haha, its so lively here.”

Liu Qingfeng laughed and walked straight over.

He sat in an empty seat casually.

Ah Hu, who was behind him, acted as a bodyguard.

He prepared the bowl and chopsticks for Chairman Liu and stood behind him, glancing around.

“Master Hu”

Someone exclaimed.

When they thought of the deeds of Zhao Feng and his men, their hearts trembled.

“Why are these ruthless people here”

“The dishes arent bad.”

Liu Qingfeng picked up a piece of meat and said, “Roasted steak.

Well, judging by the color, it should taste just right.

Come on, this must be Boss Wu, right Have the meat.”

As he spoke, Liu Qingfeng said that to Boss Wu on the right.

Boss Wu broke out in a cold sweat.

He didnt dare to touch his chopsticks.

He said with a pale face, “I, I never eat meat.”

“Boss Wu, you should get used to it…”

Liu Qingfeng picked up a piece of meat and chewed it a few times.

After swallowing it, his eyes suddenly became sharp.

He stared at Boss Wu and said word by word, “Bulls also eat grass.”


Boss Wu trembled and immediately said, “Chairman Liu asked me to eat it, and I can also eat it.”

He didnt expect that Liu Qingfeng would come here, who was so domineering that he couldnt breathe.

Especially when Liu Qingfeng said “bulls also eat grass”, he was eating beef.

If Boss Wu accidentally offended him, he would really be eaten like grass.

In this way, all the people present were watching Liu Qingfeng eat a piece of steak in front of him.

Even Lu Ziyang didnt dare to make a sound.

He was even a little flustered.

For some reason, he felt that the person in front of him was terrifying.

After finishing the last bite, Liu Qingfeng wiped his mouth with a towel.

“Ah Hu, do you know why I ate this steak”

Ah Hu was stunned.

He didnt realize what was going on.

Under everyones gaze, he said hesitantly, “Because… you want to have a taste of the stench”

The steaks on Mount New Moon tasted so good that they were times better than the steak here.

Liu Qingfeng had eaten so much delicious food, so Ah Hu thought he could say that.

Liu Qingfeng was speechless.

He was helpless in his heart.

He felt that if Ah Hu did business, he would be able to make a company go bankrupt in a few months.

“Have a taste of the stench.

Well, you can say that a few pieces of trash with the stench thought we were not around, so they came out and made a fuzz.

Such people…” Liu Qingfeng said.

With his words, Boss Wu and the others on the scene broke out in a cold sweat.

But they didnt expect that Ah Hu, who followed with Liu Qing Fengs words, would say that.

Ah Hu was silent for a while.

Before Liu Qingfeng could finish his words, he said, “Should we drag such people out and beat them to death”

“Chairman Liu!”

Ah Hus words scared them out of their wits.

Boss Wu immediately said, “Chairman Liu, we are not that kind of people.

Master Hu, dont do this.

Dont do this.

We are just looking for Purple Moon Entertainment Company to cooperate.

We dont have any other intentions.”


Ah Hu laughed.

At this time, everyone suddenly realized that he said that on purpose.

But who dared to try and see if what he said was true or not

Fortunately, it was Ah Hu.

If it was the cold-faced Zhao Feng who said that, they would be even more frightened.

“Lets go.”

Liu Qingfeng got up and took the lead in walking out.

“Chairman Liu,” Boss An hesitated and said, “Mr.

Lu said that he was a classmate of the bosss wife and asked me about Purple Moon Entertainment Companys situation.

He wants to buy a share.”

“Buy a share”

Liu Qingfeng glanced at Lu Ziyang.

Lu Ziyang stood up in a hurry and wanted to greet him.


“Are you out of your mind” Liu Qingfeng said in doubt and took the lead to leave.

Lu Ziyang was stunned.

“This is so disrespecting to me.”

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