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Only after Liu Qingfeng left did the atmosphere in the room ease a little.

“Boss Wu.” Lu Ziyang was about to speak.


Lu.” Boss Wus face darkened.

“You dont understand the status of Purple Moon Entertainment Company in Xiangjiang.

Its okay if you tell us, but if others hear it, they will laugh at you.

How much value do you have Even if you have ten times more than that, you cant buy the shares of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

Its just a daydream.

Since you asked for my help, it seems that your relationship with the Lady Boss is just so-so.

I advise you to drop your ideas.

You are not qualified enough.”

After that, he strode away.

The fear and anger in his heart were all vented and he felt much better.

“Youre really out of your mind.”

The other bosses seemed to have found a way to vent their anger.

“Its a joke that you want to be a shareholder of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

We only dare to ask the vice president for help.

Your value is too little, so youd better go back.”


Lu Ziyangs face was full of confusion.

“Am I scolded”

He and the fat-faced man left in a daze.

“Excuse me, sir.

The fees are 173,600 yuan in total.”

“I…” Lu Ziyang was speechless.

Lu Ziyang, who was not convinced, seemed to be on his way to stick it to the end.

No one cared about him.

He even invited Zi Yan to the gatherings twice, but she never came again.

There was no point in this series of gatherings.

Five days later.

The magical fireworks bloomed on Mount New Moon again.

The fireworks were all over the sky, dazzling people.

“Its New Year.”

Chen Chuan took Ninas hand and cried, “Ill be ten years old this year.

Sister Nina, I can marry you in a few years.”

Ninas face flushed red.

“Im 15 years old, Dad.” Mengmengs eyes were shining while the magical fireworks in the air were reflected in her pupils.

“Its New Year,” Zhang Mu murmured.

“Its a happy New Year,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“Its New Year again.”


This night was very beautiful, which belonged to the nations celebration.

The atmosphere was lively all over the country with fragrant dumplings, tempting New Year cakes, and so on.

It was the time of delicacies and reunion, and it was often full of laughter.

The martial arts world was different from ordinary society in terms of strength and power, but in terms of emotion, they were the same.

There were many great fathers and mothers in the world.

When people were young, they grew up under the care and protection of their parents.

Many of their bits of advice were often unpleasant to the ear.

But as they grew older, they repeated what their parents had said to the next generation, and things would go around.

In the Cultivation World, the people on Earth were much better at comprehending the state of mind.

In other words, if one successfully reached the Mastery Realm, he would have a much higher chance of success if he wanted to enter the Tribulation Stage.

However, the premise was that one could reach the Mastery Realm Realm.

Having some comprehension of the state of mind did not mean that ones cultivation talent was very high.

At present, the gap between the talents of Mount New Moon was gradually revealed.

Zhang Han had reached the top fast, and his speed of growth made people desperate in some aspects.

Yue Wuwei was always strong.

In addition to the two of them, Mengmeng, who could fight above her level, was the most stunning.

Zi Yan was almost the same.

She was the most relaxed and didnt even need to cultivate.

The other people tried their best, but the gap between them and the top experts was still getting bigger and bigger.

In this regard, many members of the security group occasionally felt depressed.

On the 15th of February.

During these few days of leisure, Mengmengs small team, Li Muen, and a few students gathered together and hung around.

They went to two class B Relics to explore.

The treasures in the ruins still left Nina and Felina stunned.

“There are treasures everywhere on Earth!”

While they were having their free time.

In the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The Dragon Ranking Competition was also in a state of preparation.

Inside a spaceship that was heading for the Chu Familys planet.

“The Dragon Ranking has started.

The outcomes are obvious.

Except for Older Martial Sister, who can fight with Merciless Zhang, the others are not good enough.

I hope that I can enter the top 100.

At least, I cant let Mu Xue the female demon or Jiang Yanlan defeat me,” Ye Longyuan muttered weakly.

“Hey, how many times have you said these words Can you have some confidence in yourself” Yan Chen said.

“I also want to be confident.

Senior Brother Yan, if you are to fight with Zhang Hanyang, will you win”

“I cant win.”

“Why did you say all of that then”

“If we encounter him, well just lose.

With so many people, how unlucky will we be if we draw his name” Yan Chen asked.

“Youre right.

We wont get to fight with him.

I can still fight.

If I dont encounter the God Transformation Realm experts, even if Im to deal with a Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage master, I can still fight.

No, no, no.

I need to go around and dig a few big tombs to get some treasures to protect myself,” Ye Longyuan muttered in a low voice.

“Dont say that, lest you will be taught a lesson by Older Martial Sister Chu.” Su Beimu reminded him and pouted.

In front of the lounge, on top of a flower blossom hanging basket, Chu Qingyi was lying on top of it.

She was still wearing a loose dress and hugging her shanks.

Her tender feet looked beautiful.

She held an ancient book in her hand.

Her eyes were fixed on it, but she hadnt turned it over for two hours.

She was lost in thought, thinking about other things.

“Shes not paying attention to our side.” Ye Longyuan said in an excited tone, “She gets very serious when shes reading.”

Chu Qingyi frowned slightly and said, “Cut the crap.”

They immediately lowered their voices.

Two hours later, the spaceship arrived at the Chu Familys planet.

“The Chu Family is also a famous big family.” Su Beimu said, “I didnt expect Older Martial Sister to come from here.”

“With her strength, she can be compared with our ancestors,” Ye Longyuan said confidently.


They took the aircraft and went to the surface of the earth through the space station.

“Eldest Lady, youre back.”

To the surprise of Ye Longyuan and others, the Chu Family members were very respectful.

Patriarch Chu called Chu Qingyi Eldest Lady respectfully.

Many elders were courteous.

It seemed that Chu Qingyi was the most distinguished person present.

It wasnt until then that they understood that the Chu Family, where Chu Qingyi was from, came from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

She was the eldest daughter of the Chu Family.

As for the Chu Family of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, it was just a family whose descendants had come to the Astral Domain to gain experience and gradually developed.

In terms of status, Chu Qingyi was naturally incomparably noble.

“Thank you, Eldest Lady, for coming to instruct the younger generation in the family.

Thank you very much.”

The elders from the Chu family said that while cupping one hand in the other before their chests.


Chu Qingyi nodded slightly, her expression calm.

“Shall I take the Eldest Lady there” Patriarch Chu led the way.

The others greeted her and waited in the same place.

Chu Qingyi, Ye Longyuan, and the other two followed Patriarch Chu into a courtyard on the side of the Chu Familys main hall.

More than a dozen people, including Chu Changan, were practicing illusions.

“Chu Changan, stop for a while.

The Eldest Lady is here to give you some advice.

Come here quickly,” Patriarch Chu said.


“Sister Qingyi.”

“Eldest Lady.” Chu Changan ran over to greet her.

“Why are you practicing illusions” asked Chu Qingyi.

Last time, she taught everyone a set of fighting methods.

According to the time, they should have almost finished practicing it in two years.

“Im in Class Nine of the Illusions Department in Dragnet Academy.

Originally, I intended to learn the fighting methods and gain some credits.

However, it did not occur to me that my tutor would be so powerful.

He passed the eight lists of the Mysterious Tower, and he passed all 100 levels,” Chu Changan said excitedly.

“Is that so” There was a look of surprise in Chu Qingyis eyes, but she did not react too much.

There were plenty of types of equipment like the Mysterious Tower in the Astral Domain.

It was not rare for one to pass the 100 levels, but it was quite amazing to pass the eight lists and the 100 levels.

There were very few people in the Astral Domain who could do that.

“Is he very powerful Who is he” Ye Longyuan asked.

He had encountered grand occasions while following big shots.

He followed Chu Qingyi and met quite a few big shots in the Star Province.

Ye Longyuan should know the one who passed the eight lists.

But he said that he didnt know the man, which made Chu Qingyis expression suddenly change.

“Hes the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

Hes still the dean of the Pellet-refining Branch,” said Chu Changan.

“What did you say” Chu Qingyi gasped.


Patriarch Chus expression changed slightly.

He lowered his voice and said, “Its the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

He is very powerful.

It was Headmaster Shan who specially hired him.”

“Are you sure hes called Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord” Chu Qingyi suddenly turned her head and stared at Patriarch Chu.


Ye Longyuan suddenly realized something.

He was also a little dumbfounded.

“Who My god, Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord”

He recalled that Older Martial Sister Chu had once told him that her master was none other than Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

“Im sure.”

Patriarch Chu was a little confused, but when he saw Chu Qingyis expression, he knew that the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord must be someone she was looking for.

Otherwise, how could the Eldest Lady of the Chu Family from the Astral Domain stay in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for such a long time

“Where is he In Dragnet Academy” Chu Qingyi asked quickly.

It seemed that it was urgent for her.

In fact, it was indeed very urgent.

For many years, Chu Qingyi had been waiting to see her master.

She had finally found him.

“He was in the academy before, but later he had something to do and left.” Chu Changan said, “He said that it would take about two months for him to come back.

He also gave us a set of his comprehensive training videos.

I have nothing to do in the academy these days, so I came back to practice.”

Hearing that, Chu Qingyi took a deep breath and remained silent for a few seconds.

After calming down, she pursed her lips and asked, “How old is Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord”

Chu Changan thought for a while and said, “He doesnt seem to be old.”

“What kind of clothes does he usually wear then” Chu Qingyi kept asking.

“He wears casual clothes.” Chu Changan said, “He looks very handsome on the outside.

Well, hes a kind man, but when he gets angry, hes extremely scary.

That day, we saw him get mad with our own eyes.”

“Get mad” Chu Qingyi frowned slightly.


Someone bullied his daughter, so after he went over, he directly took action and killed three deans and three tutors.

The president of the branch was beaten to be disabled,” Chu Changan answered truthfully.

“Someone bullied his daughter” Ye Longyuan was stunned, thinking of the terrible group in his mind.

“Well, Eldest Lady, I dont know whom you are looking for, but the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is a very big place.

Its normal for people to have the same Taoist names.

Why dont I investigate it first and then check it out” Patriarch Chu asked.

“Theres no need to investigate.

Ill ask Headmaster Shan about it.”

Chu Qingyi directly contacted Headmaster Shan.

In the face of this powerful figure, Headmaster Shan could not neglect her and quickly picked up the phone.

“Who is the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Where does he come from” Chu Qingyi cut straight to the chase.

After that, she fell silent.

Her heart was beating wildly as if she was feeling a crush.

She was very nervous and even her palms were sweating.

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