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Chapter 1317 Such Insignificant People

“This question…” Headmaster Shan said helplessly, “In fact, I shouldnt tell you the answer.”

“Tell me,” Chu Qingyi said.

“Well, his identity will soon be known by others.” Headmaster Shan sighed and said, “Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord is Zhang Hanyang.

I specially asked him to come to the academy.”


Ye Longyuan almost spat out his water and said, “What Merciless Zhang”

Yan Chen also stumbled.

“Its Zhang Hanyang who passed the eight lists and the 100 levels of the Mysterious Tower.

My God.”

“How terrible!” Su Beimu grinned.

“Its Zhang Hanyang”

Chu Qingyi frowned and seemed to be a little dissatisfied.

“Why would it be him”

“Whats wrong” Headmaster Shan asked curiously.

“Why would he be called Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Who gave him that name” There was already a hint of anger in Chu Qingyis tone.

“He must have named himself with that.

Is there any conflict between you and Zhang Hanyang” Headmaster Shan was even more curious.

In the Sky Dragon Star Province, there were very few people who knew Chu Qingyis identity.

In addition to her identity, she was also powerful.

By rights, Zhang Hanyang would not have any conflict with her since he had just entered the Star Province.

“Where is he”

Chu Qingyis voice was slightly cold.

She was very angry in her heart.

“What qualifications does he have to call himself by this name”

“I dont know, but I heard that he has gone to a very mysterious place and will come back in about two or three months.

If there is any misunderstanding between you two, I am glad to be a go-between to mediate.

Zhang Hanyang was hired because I begged him.

Please show me some respect,” said Headmaster Shan with a wry smile.

“Well, if she cant get my meaning with my tone, she would be a fool.

“There must be some disputes between them, but can Chu Qingyi be Zhang Hanyangs opponent”

Headmaster Shan shook his head slightly.

It was really hard to tell.

A few years ago, Chu Qingyi could break through to the Void-refining Realm because she was practicing the method of Greater Power.

Once she broke through, he felt that ordinary people at the Shadow Refining Middle-Stage were no match for her.

He felt that Zhang Hanyang was about at the Shadow Refining Middle-Stage, and both of them could fight.

“I got it.”

After saying those words, Chu Qingyi ended the call and looked at the dumbfounded people around her.

She snorted coldly, turned around, and walked toward the manor where she would only live once every two years.

“Well, thats all for today.

When the Eldest Lady is in a good mood, she will come and give you some advice.” Patriarch Chu said that to several juniors and then looked at Ye Longyuan and the other two people.

He cupped his hands and said, “Your residence has been arranged.

Please come with me.”


Thank you.”

Yan Chen came back to his senses and nodded.

Ye Longyuan and Su Beimu were still in a daze.

Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord was Zhang Hanyang, and he passed all the 100 levels on the eight lists in the Mysterious Tower of Dragnet Academy.

However, it seemed that Chu Qingyi was very dissatisfied with Zhang Hanyang using her masters Taoist name and wanted to teach him a lesson.

It was terrifying to even just think about it.

When they arrived at their residence, Yan Chen suddenly said, “Is that possible”

“Its impossible.” Ye Longyuan said directly, “Zhang Hanyang is capable, but Older Martial Sister said that her master is extremely powerful.

We and Zhang Hanyang are in the same world.

We know him very well.

He has never come out before.

How could he be Older Martial Sisters master”

“He may have come out before.

The mysterious Elder Yue was able to come out.

He is very close to Zhang Hanyang.

Maybe he has come out before,” said Su Beimu.

“Older Martial Sister reached the Peak-Stage of God Transformation a few years ago.

We have fought with Zhang Hanyang before.

He seems to be also a Wu Dao Grand Master,” Ye Longyuan said.

“In this case, its really a coincidence.

Zhang Hanyangs Taoist name is the same as Older Martial Sister Chus masters.” Yan Chen smiled bitterly.

In fact, it was not a big deal.

However, when Chu Qingyi, who was excited just now, learned that it was just a misunderstanding, she couldnt help feeling disappointed and annoyed.

Maybe she would feel better after a while.

“If Older Martial Sister Chu and Zhang Hanyang fight, he will never lose.” Su Beimu scratched his head.

“Its so scary.”

“We cant compare with Zhang Hanyang, but its not the same for Older Martial Sister.

Let me tell you, she has also broken through to the Void-refining Realm.

She is very powerful.

There are two masters of Shadow Refining on the Earth Dragon List.

Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps all over my body,” Ye Longyuan said, gritting his teeth.

“Older Martial Sister Chu has reached the Void-refining Realm” Yan Chen was shocked.


They were chatting here.

In a manor not far away.

Chu Qingyi was not in the mood to read a book, so she walked around on the lawn.

“Zhang Hanyang…”

“Why would it be him”

Chu Qingyi sometimes frowned, sometimes got angry, sometimes felt helpless, and sometimes got a little disappointed.

She thought it was a sudden surprise, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

“Im so angry!

“He passed all the 100 levels on the eight lists of Mysterious Tower.”

Chu Qingyi was deep in thought.

Although there werent many people who could reach this level in the Astral Domain, having success in Mysterious Tower didnt mean that one was invincible.

It was just that his comprehension was extremely powerful, involving all aspects.

However, it was inevitable that there would be a situation, where one was comprehensive but not extremely skilled at a specific aspect.

The Mysterious Tower was only a rough test.

When she was young, she had already passed certain levels.

“Zhang Hanyang, when you go back to Dragnet Academy, I would love to see what you can do.”

Chu Qingyi gave a cold snort.

She was no longer in the mood to read and started to walk around.

In Blue Sand Wind Domain.

The endless army of Bug Clan had been attacking the crystal wall.

In the face of the powerful crystal wall, many tribes had died, but they were still attacking the crystal wall endlessly.

The muffled sound continued, making the One-horned White Horse and the others feel a little depressed.

“I feel like were food in a cage.”

The One-horned White Horse was quite worried, but fortunately, the crystal wall was very powerful and could hold on for a few days.

Now there were only two hopes for them.

The first was that the outer seal energy had dissipated, and they could escape.

The world was so big that the monsters inside could not recognize them, and they could escape anywhere.

The second hope was that Zhang Hanyang and the others could find a way to deal with the situation.

In the secular world on Earth.

On this day, the wind was gentle and the sun was beautiful.

At nine oclock in the morning.

“Honey, this movie is not bad.

Its just that the people sitting in the back were too noisy.

They were all chatting.”

Zi Yan was wearing a red hoodie, a pair of black thin jeans and sneakers, and a cap.

She looked very sportive, holding Zhang Hans arm and walking out of the cinema on the fifth floor of the mall.

“When I was in college, a classmate thought about the ones who always exclaimed or chatted in the cinema for a long time.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “He said that such a group of people wanted to show themselves, to express their thoughts, to show their feelings, and to make themselves feel existed.

Then, in fact, no one wanted to listen or care about those things.

I felt that it was quite reasonable.”

“Oh, I also remember.

I read this before.

Its said that a person clearly remembers the embarrassment that happened in the past, but others may not remember it.”

Zi Yan looked around and said, “Lets go there.”

After Zhang Han followed Zi Yan around, she bought five or six sets of clothes for him.

Almost every time she went shopping, she would buy something pleasing to the eye.

In the past, Zhang Han didnt have many clothes in his wardrobe in Zhang Clans residence in Shang Jing.

Now he had so many clothes that he could wear a different set for a year every day.


As soon as they finished shopping in the mall, Zi Yans cell phone rang.

“Its Feifei.

Oops, we have agreed to get a spa together.” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Did you forget it” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

After picking up the phone, Zi Yan said, “Honey, the six or seven of us, including me, Feifei, and Ya are going to the Dranzer Club.

Lets go first.”

“Well, okay.”

The two of them arrived at the parking lot, got in a Bugatti, and drove away.

“Go ahead.

Ill sit here and wait for you.”


Kiss, kiss.”

Zi Yan leaned over and kissed Zhang Han on the cheek.

She then got out of the car and walked into the club.

“Honey, if youre bored, you can go back first.”

In less than two minutes, Zi Yan sent him a message.

“Whats so boring about waiting for my wife” Zhang Han replied with a smile, “Ill just stroll around and wait for you.”

With this, Zhang Han parked the car in the parking lot in front of the club.

He got out of the car and planned to sit on the opposite square for a while.

Unexpectedly, he had just taken two steps.

“Hey, isnt this the live-in son-in-law”

A Porsche Cayenne stopped beside him.

The window of the drivers seat rolled down, revealing a round face.

It was none other than Lu Ziyangs follower.

Lu Ziyang, who was sitting in the passengers seat, shook his head and said, “Dont say that.

After all, this brother relies on this to make a living.

Besides, others will be envious of someone like him who can be live in Zi Yans house.

Brother, please dont mind it.

My brother is straightforward and has no malicious intentions.”

“Hes telling the truth.” Unexpectedly, Zhang Han nodded.


Lu Ziyang laughed and waved his hand repeatedly.

Sitting in the car, he didnt intend to get off.

He looked at Zhang Han and said, “Brother, you are indeed an interesting person.

Sometimes, when we are doing business, we all know one thing.

Its easy to develop the market, but its difficult to keep the market.

Just like what we once heard, its not easy to keep what you have.

Zi Yan is very beautiful.

She is the kind of beauty who can make a hero abandon his country.

You should keep an eye on her.

Dont let others take her away.”

“Well, it makes sense.” Zhang Han touched his chin.

“Anyway, I have nothing to do, so Ill just play with him.”

“Your words reminded me that I should work harder and not let others have a chance to get close to her.

I know the method.” Zhang Hans expression changed.

“We can have a second child.”

Lu Ziyang was speechless.

For a moment, he didnt know what to say.

But when he thought of the man in front of him, who could enjoy Zi Yans beauty and romance, he felt very uncomfortable.

He wanted to hit someone.

The fat-faced man in the drivers seat said, “Hey, isnt it a little too soon for you to have a second child”

Zhang Han looked at him and said, “Why would it be too soon”

“People should focus on their career.” The fat-faced man said earnestly, “For example, Mr.

Lu used to live in a rich and powerful family, but he has made a name for himself.

He is worth ten billion yuan now and is extremely powerful.

You can work hard in this field and set up your career.

Men should focus on their careers.

When you make yourself famous, you can have any beautiful woman you want.”

What he thought was that if Zhang Han and Zi Yan really gave birth to a second child, wouldnt Brother Yang have no chance of pursuing her He still had to persuade Zhang Han.

“Didnt I find such a beautiful woman as Zi Yan before I get successful” Zhang Han asked in reply.

The fat-faced man paused and said, “Its different.”

“How is it different” Zhang Han asked again.

“Anyway, its different.

Why are you arguing with me” The fat-faced man said impatiently.

“Thats enough.

We still need to go meet Mr.

Luo.” Lu Ziyang didnt want to waste time.

He looked at Zhang Han provocatively and said, “By the way, Mr.

Luo should know that you live in Xiangjiang, right The patriarch of the Luo family is a big shot in the top class of Xiangjiang.

I would love to have a talk with you, but we cant keep Mr.

Luo waiting for too long.

Im sorry, but we have to go now.”

“Is that so”

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows, smiled, and glanced at the people who got out of the cars from the side.


There were nine people in total, followed by bodyguards.

When one of the bodyguards saw them, his face changed.

He took a few quick steps and whispered a few words in Patriarch Luos ear.

Patriarch Luo took the lead with a happy look and a smile on his face.


Luo, Mr.

Luo is here.”

The fat-faced mans eyes were very sharp, and he immediately reminded Lu Ziyang, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Is it Mr.

Luo Are you sure” Lu Ziyang narrowed his eyes and tried his best to look forward as if he was a little short-sighted.

“Its Mr.



Lu Ziyang took a deep breath and quickly opened the car door.

He got out of the car and walked up to Mr.


While doing so, he laughed and said, “Haha, Mr.

Lai, Mr.

Luo, nice to meet you guys.

Im Lu Ziyang, introduced by Mr.


You can just call me Ziyang.”

As he spoke, he took the initiative to stretch out his right hand and bent slightly.

His attitude was humble.

Patriarch Luo had been observing the situation here before.

He didnt understand it, so he smiled at Lu Ziyang and said, “Wait a minute.”

He didnt shake hands with him.

Under the confused gazes of Lu Ziyang and the fat-faced man, Patriarch Luo enthusiastically stretched out his right hand, bent slightly, and laughed.

“Haha, Mr.

Zhang, its such a coincidence to meet you here.”

“What a coincidence.”

Zhang Han nodded.

After shaking hands with Patriarch Luo, he looked at Lu Ziyang and the fat-faced man, who were stunned.

He then turned around and walked to the square across the street.


Patriarch Luo immediately observed the face of the person who had greeted him earlier.

He was stiff, confused, and at a loss.

He seemed to have noticed the situation just now.



Lu Ziyangs heart trembled.

He looked at a man in a suit who was called Mr.

Lai and greeted him.

What he meant was that he was a little embarrassed.


Lai started talking to ease the atmosphere.

“Aha, Mr.

Luo, let me introduce him to you.

This is Lu Ziyang, Mr.



Lu, he is Mr.


You must have heard of him.

You should take this opportunity to entertain Mr.

Luo,” Mr.

Lai said with a smile.

“Yes, yes.


Luo, your reputation is well-known.

Its an honor for me to know you.” Lu Ziyang reached out his hand and walked over.

But just as he took two steps…


Patriarch Luo snorted, frowned, and said, “Lai, why do you dare to introduce such insignificant people to me”

After that, he turned around and left.

He followed the road that Zhang Han had just taken and walked in a hurry.

His bodyguards also walked over quickly.

Several stunned people were left behind.

“Mr., Mr.


“Get lost!”


Sitting in the luxury car, Lu Ziyang looked at the busy streets and felt suffocated.

“Im too stupid.

I should have thought of it a long time ago.

How can the man who can conquer Zi Yan be ordinary “Alas!”


Lais warning sounded again in his mind.

“You dare to go against Mr.


Who do you think you are “There is no place for you in Xiangjiang.

Get lost!”

He couldnt stay in Xiangjiang anymore.

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