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“Weve all advanced.”

After Yue Xiaonao argued a bit, she let it go.

She turned to show off to everyone happily.


“Very excellent.”

“Youve done a great job, Felina.

Its not easy to get fifth place.”

“Nina also did a great job.”

“Mengmeng and Xiaonao were so good at their cooperation.”

The crowd praised the girls, which made them feel great.

Even Felina started to smile, which was rarely seen.

“The following battle will be quite difficult.”

Zhang Han looked serious and said, “The simulated cabin is very unfavorable to you.

Its a little difficult for you to enter the top 100.

If youre lucky, you and Felina will be assigned to the same group.

With her strength, she can make you enter the top 100.”

Even Nina couldnt do that.

Some players were more powerful than her.

With only five rings in total, it was very difficult for her to have a say in the outcomes.

“If I cant make it, then I wont.

It doesnt matter,” Mengmeng said, “Ive only cultivated for three or four years.

It happens if I cant win.”

“Youre right.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Failures happen.

The Cultivation World is big, and the universe is bigger.

No one truly gets to be invincible.

However strong you are, theres always someone stronger.”

“I may fail as well.

I cant win even if Im assigned to the same group as Felina.

Even if I get into the top 100, I may not be able to defeat those people,” Yue Xiaonao said.

After they chatted for a while, two hours passed quickly.

When they entered the simulated cabin, Nina said with some hesitation, “Ive heard that the two of you have ambushed many people.

The Challenge Tournament…”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned.

Yue Xiaonao also grinned a bit.

The two of them seemed to have a bad feeling.

“The Hundred Player Challenge Tournament is about to begin.”

“Now there are 500 people who have advanced.

They will be immediately assigned to five big rings.

The rings are located above the virtual city.

Only the top 20 people will advance by each ring.

In this round, 400 people will be eliminated.

The remaining 100 people will compete in the real arena to determine the final ranking.”

“There is no limited fighting time in this round.

The tournament will end when there are 20 players left.

Now begins the drawing of the lots!”

The lots were drawn.

Unfortunately, Mengmeng and Nina were assigned to Ring No.

3, Yue Xiaonao was assigned to Ring No.

4, and Felina was assigned to Ring No.


Among them, only Felina got the most attention.

Mengmeng was second to her due to her incredible appearance.

“Han Ni is assigned to Ring No.


God, I dont want to be in the same ring with him.”

“Wang Yanzhong is in Ring No.



When the tournament was about to start, Yan Bos figure was reflected in the arena.

“The Challenge Tournament begins!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Five huge rings appeared above the virtual city.

All the contestants were transmitted to the rings.

The battle had begun.

“Han Ni moved.

He was so fast that he eliminated two people in the blink of an eye.”

“Wang Yanzhong is also very powerful.

Hes like the overlord of the ring.

At such a young age, he already acts invincibly.”


The commentators were still passionate.

They didnt even drink water or rest and kept commentating.

Nina resisted the attack of a woman next to her and quickly left.

In addition, she hurriedly said, “Mengmeng, come to me.”

She and Mengmeng walked opposite each other and soon came together.

Almost everyone formed groups in each ring.

The melee was too terrifying.

There were also a lot of teams who had their eyes on Yue Xiaonao and Mengmeng.

“Your ambush took away my chance to enter the top 100!”

A group of six women was getting closer and closer to Nina and Mengmeng.

“If you hadnt launched a sneak attack on me back then, you wouldnt die so soon,” Mengmeng immediately responded.

“Lets eliminate them first!”

Six people rushed over.

One was at the Yuan Ying Realm Last Stage, two were at the Middle Stage, and three were at the Early Stage.

If it was in reality, they would not be able to win, but they were now in the virtual city.

Nina and Mengmeng were steadily losing ground.

But there was also a turning point.

Suddenly, two people flew over from the flank.

Unexpectedly, they joined the team of those six women.

The eight people attacked at the same time.

Nina and Mengmeng were eliminated.

“Even Nina was eliminated.”

Chen Changqing and others shook their heads slightly.

She chose to fight with Mengmeng, which attracted a lot of attention.

According to Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonaos routine, it was to attract those who attacked them.

However, after those people died and lost their points, they wanted to get back at them.

The result of being targeted was that they were eliminated quickly.

“Weve got eliminated.”

Mengmeng came out of the simulated cabin and said, “Nina, Ive dragged you down with me.”

“Dont say that.

Weve always been in the same squad,” Nina said with a smile.

“Yeah,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

“Were good friends.”

“Youre out” Yue Xiaonao sat in the simulated cabin and said, “Ive been out for a long time.

More than a dozen people came to beat me once I got into the ring.”

“There was nothing you could do.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard.

“They were not just targeting you.

Look at the projection, almost all of them are fighting with each other in groups.

Felina is besieged by three teams with a total of 23 people.

Fortunately, shes strong, and other teams are involved.

Otherwise, she will be eliminated as well.”

“That Han Ni is indeed powerful.

He eliminated half of the players in the ring by himself.

He stood by the side and didnt make a move.

No one dared to provoke him.”

“Wang Yanzhong is even more ruthless.

He got 60 people eliminated.

Now hes fighting against more than 30 people.

Most of them are at the Middle and Late Stage of the Yuan Ying Realm, and some of them are at the Peak Stage.”

The eyes of everyone present were attracted by the virtual rings.

Mengmeng ran to the sofa between Zhang Han and Zi Yan and sat down.

Zhang Han was not interested in watching children fight, so he touched Mengmengs head.

“How do you feel”

“I feel okay.

Its fun,” Mengmeng said.


Zhang Han sighed and said with emotion, “My daughter is about to grow up.”

If it was when she was a child, she would definitely be able to sprint for a spot.

She dared to fight, wishing to obtain the best results.

However, right now, she knew how to accept defeat.

Zhang Han had mixed feelings about the passing of time.

“The little girl is 15 years old.

“There are still three years left before she turns 18 and becomes an adult.

“Why did time pass so fast

“Its like a dream.”

Zhang Han was looking forward to seeing Mengmeng grow up, but at the same time, he didnt want her to mature.

Humans were complicated creatures.

“My daughter is already very powerful.” Zi Yan stretched out her finger and gently scratched Mengmengs face.

“Very excellent.”

“Of course,” Mengmeng said happily.

When a persons goal was set very high, he would be disappointed with his low achievements.

As the saying goes, “Happiness consists in contentment.” Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao had long known that in the finals of the Dark Dragon List, it was difficult to enter the top 100, so they didnt set their goals high.

They mainly focused on experience.

They didnt mind being eliminated.

Similarly, their parents didnt pressure them.

They even said several times before that they were going to have fun and experience the competition.

On the contrary, some of the people who were eliminated were crying bitterly, while others were pale.

Only they knew what kind of punishment they would face when they went home.

“The list of the top 100 has been decided.”

“The players will rest for two hours before the ranked match.”

Two hours later.

The ranked match had begun.

It was a big battle on the spot that could arouse everyones passion.

The commentators almost roared.

Too many wonderful battles had taken place.

When some people were injured, they would take medicinal pellets and be treated.

They couldnt go on stage or do anything.

However, the battles were also controlled to a certain extent with the players only suffering minor injuries.

It did not affect the follow-up battle.

Several people were seriously injured.

The ones who were ranked from 20th to 30th directly fell behind the 90th.

More than half of the people who were seriously injured were Wang Yanzhongs opponents.

This young mans killing intent was extremely strong.

The final result was also surprising.

“The list for this years Mystic Dragon List is as follows: First place, Han Ni.

Second place, Wang Yanzhong.

Third place, Felina…”

The top three were the most eye-catching.

At the same time, Zhenlong Faction, led by Yan Bo, and other sects also began to recruit disciples.

Many people came to talk to Felina.

But she wouldnt join their sects.

“Joining their sects Isnt it better to follow Uncle Zhang than to join those big sects”

Zhang Han was one of the reasons, and their small team was also a very important reason why she wouldnt leave.

“The Heavenly Dragon List is about to be opened.

“There are 13500 people on the Heavenly Dragon List.

Please enter the simulated cabin.

You have five hours to get familiar with the environment.

“The battle of the Virtual City on the Heavenly Dragon List begins!”

The Heavenly Dragon List was a list of many experienced great fighters and lone swordsmen.

The difference in strength between the top and the bottom was even greater.

“A Peak-Stage God Transformation fighter.

His methods are world-shaking.

Hes so powerful!

“This old man is almost invincible in the North District.

“The points are increasing so fast.

The scale of the city has increased tenfold, and they can also find their opponents quickly.

Its horrifying.”

The commentators were very passionate.

The seven-day virtual city battle soon passed.

More than a dozen of the contestants were very eye-catching.

The top 10 were all at the Void-refining Realm Early-Stage.

Their powerful strength was dazzling.

This was a battle of the highest level in the Sky Dragon Star Province, involving the Void-refining Realm fighters.

It attracted countless people to carefully watch the details one by one.

The five Challenge Tournaments and the real ranked match were also wonderful.

Many people paid attention while many people didnt pay attention to it.

For example, Zhang Han even drove the aircraft away and went to a recreational planet not far away.

After playing for a few days, he returned here and watched the final battle of the Heavenly Dragon List.

“Except for the first and fifth people, no one else has any merits.” Yue Wuwei gave an evaluation.

“Its not as good as the Dark Dragon List.”

If these words were heard by outsiders, they would be stunned.

Each of the three lists took about nine days, and the whole process lasted about a month.

Twenty days had passed.

The live broadcast planets were still full, and many onlookers were also very excited.

Among them, the ones who shouted the most fiercely must have placed their bets on illegal gambling, which were all marketing means.

The Dragon Lists were the fairest competitions without any black-box operations.

There were lots of betting websites on each planet, but they would also be reported to the organizers.

In the end, half of the profits would be handed over to Zhenlong Faction, the sponsor of the competitions.

This was the rule of the past years.

Sometimes, it cost a lot of money to hold the Dragon List competitions, but in the end, the sponsor could still earn back their money and even get some extra money.

“The players on the Earth Dragon List, please enter the simulated cabin.

You have five hours to get familiar with the environment.”

The commentators explained.

“The Earth Dragon List has begun!” Shi Fenghou sat in an aircraft and opened his eyes.

In an aircraft not far away.

“Older Martial Sister, the Earth Dragon List has begun,” Ye Longyuan shouted.

“All right.”

Sitting in the flower petals basket, Chu Qingyi nodded slightly and entered the simulated cabin.

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