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The rankings finally changed.

The changes happened very fast, which made the commentators fall into a passionate state again.

“Hey Its Zhang Hanyang.

How is that possible Is he on the Earth Dragon List”

A commentators face changed slightly.

“Oh my god, is that true Is that Zhang Hanyang”

Another commentator said in a low voice, “If its really Zhang Hanyang… The Earth Dragon List this year is too horrible.

Many people dont know him.

Let me introduce him to you.

Its said that Zhang Hanyang is very powerful.

He killed Peacock King with his fists and even Hu Tiandao was killed by him, and the former was no match for him at all.

But its strange.

Generally speaking, an expert at his level should be over 40 years old.”

“Maybe its a different contestant with the same name If its really Zhang Hanyang, his speed of earning points must be faster than that of Chu Qingyi, right”

“I think its another contestant with the same name.”

“The Heavenly Dragon Star Province has tens of millions of people, so its normal for several people to have the same name.”

“The camera is switched.

The player is wearing a black robe.

We cant see his face, so we cant be sure whether he is the famous Zhang Hanyang, but we will pay attention to him.”

The comments caused the hundreds of millions of spectators to exclaim in surprise.

“Zhang Hanyang I, Ive heard of him!”

“I saw with my own eyes that Zhang Hanyang killed Peacock King with his fists.

He was even fiercer than the ancient demonic beasts.

He made Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon into roasted meat in front of everyone, and he enjoyed it.”

“What Hu Tiandao is dead And he died in Zhang Hanyangs hands Who on earth is Zhang Hanyang”

“Haha, originally speaking, you arent qualified to hear his fame with your status.

But youre lucky.

Ive heard about him from big shots…”

It could be said that the number of people who knew Zhang Han was less than one in ten thousand because the population was too large.

There were only very few people in the upper class of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“Its that Zhang Hanyang.”

Dean Shan smiled and said nothing.

“Lets wait and see.

He will slaughter the Earth Dragon List! He will be famous in Star Province, and his fame will spread all over the world.

“Zhang Hanyang!

“Thats right.

Hes on the Earth Dragon List.

Humph, hell definitely dazzle all of you.”

Many people who knew Zhang Hanyang said, “Zhang Hanyang will definitely kill his way through the Earth Dragon List.

How can Ye Qingchen compete with him for glory”

“Hes starting to show off.”

Yue Wuwei looked at the Rankings and said, “Its only been half a day, but he has made it into the top 100.

I guess he needs only two more days to get into the top 10.

Hes just in the God Transformation Realm, and he can deal with the experts at the last stage and peak stage of that realm.

Hes indeed powerful.”

“Leng Yue is not bad.” Zhang Mu said, “This girl usually doesnt like to talk, but at the critical moment, she is very calm.

In the late stage of Yuan Ying Realm, she ranks 123rd, and only she is in Yuan Ying Realm in the top 200.”

“Thats true.” Zhang Guangyou said, “Xiao Feng, Ah Hu, and the others are staying at about the 1,000th place.

There are more than 30,000 people in total.

This kind of performance is already very good.”

“Yes, this level of battle will give them a lot of experience.” Gai Xingkong nodded.

“Wang Xiaowu got bad luck.

He has been killed six times by others, and his points are almost cleared up.” Zhang Guangyou checked several excellent representatives of the Heavenly Knights Sect and was instantly speechless.

“Now he can be a **-stirrer.

Yun Feiyang has been killed three times.

Jiang Bing is quite steady.

He has been killed only once.”

“By the end of the competition, there will be a greater gap in points.

There are a total of thirty-six thousand people, and more than half of them have zero points.

Almost all of them are killed by the people at the front of the list.

Its like a big fish eating a small fish.” You Huo commented.

“My daughter is doing okay.” Sect Leader Mu said with a smile, “She is ranked 630th, while Jiang Yanlan is ranked 780th.

Among Zhang Hans three disciples, she is ranked the highest.”


The points also depend on luck.” Sect Leader Jiang snorted.

“Luck is also a part of strength.” Sect Leader Mu looked at him provocatively.

“My father is in the 70th position,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

As soon as she finished speaking.

Some commentators were analyzing it.

“Alas, I really got the wrong person.

This Zhang Hanyang is not the one we know.”

“That famous Zhang Hanyang is extremely cruel, and we have watched the one in the camera for a long time.

From the beginning to the present, he has been assassinating others.

At first, we thought that he felt that it could save him some time by doing that.

But when he saw Alex just now, he turned around and left without any hesitation.

His targets were almost all at the early stage and middle stage of the God Transformation Realm, but he didnt come forward to face Alex.”

“Alexs points dropped to 80,000 before, and now he has made it back to 120,000 points.

If this Zhang Hanyang were an expert, he would not have let go of the 60,000 points he could have earned.

Now he has 60,000 points.

If he gets another 60,000 points, he can be ranked in the top 10.

But he just gave it up”

“From this, it can be seen that this man must not be the famous expert we know.”

“Chu Qingyi is very powerful.

She has killed Youyou and now she has 360,000 points.

The first place is still Ye Qingchen with 600,000 points.”

“Chu Qingyi is in the Southern District of Virtual City, and Ye Qingchen is in the Northern District.

They are quite distant from each other.

They may not meet.”

“Eh Chu Qingyi is actually flying Why is she flying so unscrupulously in the virtual city Why She seems to be looking for someone.

When she saw a group of six people, she didnt even pay attention to them.

Is she not going for more points”

“Who is she looking for Is she looking for Ye Qingchen”

“Oh my god, Im so looking forward to it.

Who will be the winner between Chu Qingyi and Ye Qingchen”

Headmaster Shan couldnt help but laugh bitterly.

“Who is she looking for “She must be looking for Zhang Hanyang.”

“On the fifth day, the rankings are still changing violently, but the changes between the advanced players are getting slower and slower.”

“On the sixth day, a lot of dark horses appeared.”

Leng Yue risked killing a middle-stage God Transformation Realm cultivator.

However, she failed and was killed instead.

Half of her points were lost, and her ranking became 410th.

At present, the points of the top 30 players all exceeded 200,000.

Ye Qingchen still got the most points with 700,000 points alone.

He was killing his way out of the Northern District and was going to the Eastern District to kill.

The second place was Alex with 400,000 points.

The third place was Alehart with 380,000 points.

The fourth place was Youyou with 370,000 points.

The fourth place was Chu Qingyi with 360,000 points.

She had only killed the players for one day, and then she began to search the city.

She didnt kill anyone.

Everyone was sure that she was looking for a powerful opponent.

It was very likely that she was looking for Ye Qingchen.

But everyone guessed it wrong.

Zhang Han now had 160,000 points and was ranked 36th.

“Yan Bo, its the last day.

Is Zhang Hanyang the master you mentioned”

Some people began to doubt it.

“You must be exaggerating it.

From beginning to end, he only knows how to assassinate.

Are you sure he was able to kill the Peacock King of the Voiding-refining Realm”

“Its indeed exaggerating.”

“Ye Qingchen is more powerful.

Chu Qingyi is quite mysterious.”


In the face of their discussion, Yan Bo remained silent and didnt say anything.

He knew that Chu Qingyi came from the Chu Family in the Astral Domain.

How could she not be terrifying

In Yan Bos view, the two most terrifying people in the competition were Zhang Hanyang and Chu Qingyi.

Yan Bo was also curious about which one of them was stronger.

However, the development of the competition was somewhat different from what he had thought.

“Zhang Hanyang doesnt seem to be willing to reveal his means.

Is he going to use them as a follow-up”

Yan Bos heart was filled with suspicion.

It was likely that at least the top 500 would advance in the first round.

In the second round, the top 100 would advance.

Zhang Hanyangs performance was average, and he ranked 36th, which was a good ranking.

“Its settled.”

Mengmeng smiled and said, “Hes ranked 36th and has advanced.

He will advance again in the next round.

In the real battle, my dad will defeat them!”

“Im really looking forward to it.

When Uncle Zhang fights in reality, who will be able to stop him” Nina said in a rather excited tone.

“On the last day, hell only need to find a place to rest and get promoted.” Zhang Guangyou and others were quite relaxed.

“In our team, Zhang Han and Leng Yue have advanced.

Its not bad.

I thought only Zhang Han could advance before,” Gai Xingkong said.

“The others also performed well.” Yue Wuwei shook his head and said, “Its just that they havent been in contact with cultivation for a long time, so they cant compare with others in terms of foundation.”

They were very talented.

But the reason for their high aptitude was that their cultivation in the past few years was basically to improve their aptitude.

They had just started improving their strength, so their foundation was naturally inferior to others.

“As expected.”

Zhang Mu said, “He went to rest.”

Under everyones gaze, from a camera, they could see that Zhang Han had come to a school campus and was sitting on a tree on the periphery of the central square.

Seconds ticked by.

Five hours passed.


In front of Zhang Hans resting place, there were strong battle fluctuations.

And the fluctuations were getting closer and closer to him.

Zhang Han opened his eyes and looked over.

There were more than 30 people divided into two teams.

Each team had about 16 or 17 people, and they were fighting each other.

The fight was fierce.

While fighting, they approached Zhang Han.

Zhang Han sat on the branch and looked at them for a while.

He couldnt help laughing.

“So theyre in cahoots.

“Did they find me How did they find me”

Zhang Han thought for a while.

“It should be technological equipment with mechanic martial artists here that they can find me.

“Or are they targeting the five people in the back building”

Not long after Zhang Han arrived, he saw five people coming over, and he didnt intend to kill them.

It could be said that in the final half day, the competitions among the top 100 werent that intense.

The most intense ones were the ones among the 400th to 500th and the 500th to 700th.

There wasnt much difference in their points, which was why they went crazy.

As for the group of people in front of Zhang Han, judging from the battle fluctuations, they were all in the God Transformation Realm.

Among them, there were a few who were relatively powerful and were at the late stage of the God Transformation Realm.

They fought with each other.

They seemed to be very fierce, but they had the pace of the fight in control.

After looking at them for a while, Zhang Han was sure that they were acting.

Their target might be him or the five people in the back building.

When the group of people got closer and closer to him, Zhang Han hesitated for a moment then moved to the side.

“Theres another one.”

“Surround him!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They didnt pretend anymore.

They sent seven people to kill Zhang Han, and the other 20 people went to chase the five people hiding in the building.

They needed general points and more of them to advance.

“A mechanic martial artist.”

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

He kept dodging the suppression of all kinds of firepower.

Among the seven people, one was a mechanic martial artist, and one was very fast.

With these two people here, it was very easy for them to suppress Zhang Hans speed.

“Earth Escape.”

Zhang Han used the escaping skill.

His body sank to the ground.

However, he was detected by the mechanic martial artists devices.

Under crazy explosions, Zhang Han had no choice but to come out of the ground.

He split into dozens of avatars and fled in different directions.

“Quavering Waves.”

The mechanic martial artist attacked again.

Zhang Hans shadow avatar was very stable, but it also trembled slightly, which made the players notice Zhang Hans original body and continue to chase after him.

“Its a little complicated.

“I need to kill that mechanic martial artist first.”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

He had the intention to kill.

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