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Among the seven people, they were either at the middle or last stage of the God Transformation Realm.

He was at the early stage, but he still regarded those people who kept chasing him as his prey.

At this time, the direction where Zhang Han fled seemed to be irregular, but in fact, he followed a certain track.

At the same time, he cast an illusion, subtly changing the seven peoples senses.

“Ill take action when I get within the range of the teaching building in front.”

Zhang Han flew over slowly.

Just as he was about to make his move…


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!


A huge saber radiance flashed past.

Those seven people were all killed.

They didnt even get to let out a cry of shock.

Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly, and he looked helplessly at the teaching building in front of him.

In front of a window.

Dressed in armor, holding a shield in his left hand and a knife in his right hand, Ye Qingchen revealed himself.

“Ordinary soul sense couldnt detect him.

“His aura is weak.

His armor is a sixth-tier spirit treasure.

“Ye Qingchen.”

Zhang Han was both annoyed and amused.

“Is he the player Im going to deal with at the last moment

“With my strength in the virtual city, it seems to be a bit uncertain whether I can defeat him.”

“You were chased so far away, yet you were still able to fight back with ease.

You tried to resist.

You are meticulous.

Who are you” Ye Qingchen asked lightly.

Zhang Han didnt say anything but looked at him calmly.

“Not talking”

Ye Qingchen jumped out of the window, floated in the air, and slowly pressed down.

“You are not as fast as mine, and your strength is far inferior to mine.

To put it simply, you cant escape.

Why dont you talk to me Maybe I wont choose to fight, because I dont lack points at all.”


Zhang Han just smiled and didnt say anything.

Because he felt that Ye Qingchen had a trace of killing intent.


The saber radiance flashed past.

Zhang Han was hit by the saber radiance.

His figure slowly dissipated as if he had been killed.

“Oh Quite a lot of points.”

Ye Qingchen made a casual sneer.

The next second, he suddenly got alert.

His eyes were shining and he could see through the illusions.

Under his gaze, a figure quickly fled to the side.

“What exquisite illusions!”

Ye Qingchen was a little shocked.

He stepped forward as if he had broken through the air and rushed forward very quickly.

Seeing this speed, many people were amazed.

More than 20 people on the other side, who were in charge of chasing and killing, were already stunned.

“Holy **.

Its Ye Qingchen!”

“Run now!”


They fled in all directions right away.

The panic in their hearts had reached its peak.

“Thats Ye Qingchen!”

But Ye Qingchen didnt target them.

He was still chasing after Zhang Han.

“Your illusions are very powerful.

You made me hit three times.

Not bad.

“Your body movement is very strong.

Its impressive that you survived my five killing moves.

“Your occult art clearly makes me feel mysterious and fierce, but you failed to display it because youre not strong enough.

You have a strong foundation and many tricks up your sleeve.”

Ye Qingchen analyzed it.

“I havent seen you before.

Which aristocratic family are you from Or are you from the Star Area But its a pity that you met me.

“Its time to end this game.”


Ye Qingchens armor glowed faintly.

His explosive power, combined with the mecha, broke the sound barrier ten times over in an instant.

He used a secret method to lock Zhang Hans Qi.

The long saber was wielded.

Zhang Han frowned and sighed in his heart.

“There are enemies in front and behind.

Theres no way to escape.”

He could feel that from all directions, there were some people watching Ye Qingchen make his move.

Even if he managed to escape from Ye Qingchens killing move, he would still have to face those opponents who were targeting him.

It was a dead end.

The saber rose and fell.

Zhang Hans figure disappeared.

This time, Ye Qingchen did get some points.

He also said, “Thats a lot of points.”

The commentators outside shouted in an extremely passionate tone.

“Ye Qingchen is really powerful.

He killed the weird and changeable Zhang Hanyang.”

“Zhang Hanyangs 160,000 points have been reduced to 80,000 points.

Hes already ranked behind 300th.”

“Ye Qingchens points are close to 800,000.

My god, he got the fourth-most points on the Earth Dragon List ever.

I wonder if he can break through a million points this time!”

“Ye Qingchen is too strong.”

“Wait a minute!”

“Whats going on”

“Is that okay”

“Oh my god, Zhang Hanyangs luck is too bad, isnt it”

The audience burst into an uproar.

Everyone wondered what was going on.

“Oh my god!”

Mengmeng was stunned and shouted.

Zi Yan grinned and covered her forehead with her right hand.

She felt greatly troubled.

“Is this luck better than winning the lottery” Yue Wuwei was also a little confused.

On Wind Cloud Tower, the highest tower in the city,

There was a high platform above.

On the high platform, the second-ranked Alex was sitting there.


Zhang Hans figure appeared, and there were protective rings around him, which were doing a count down.

When he saw Alex, Zhang Han was speechless for a while.

When he glanced around and found that there was only a small tower, Zhang Han was stunned.

“Am I targeted by the system

“Where am I going to run to”


Alex also found it very strange.

“Free points from the sky”

He laughed and took out a giant axe.

Standing next to Zhang Han, he narrowed his eyes and waited.

The moment the protective rings disappeared, the giant axe swung down.


Zhang Hans figure disappeared again.

“Oh my god, Zhang Hanyang is so unlucky.”

“With 80,000 points reduced to 40,000 points, hes already dropped out of the top 500.”

“However, hes ranked the 530th, and its still five hours away from the end of the competition.

With his strength, he should be able to make it back.”

“Alex didnt intend to move at first.

Because of this, he went down the Wind Cloud Tower and headed for Ye Qingchens place.

Is there going to be a big battle between the two of them”

The huge camera zoomed in on the two people, who were getting closer and closer to each other.

Everyone was watching and looking forward to it.

As for Zhang Hanyang who ranked behind the top 500, no one cared about him.

Everyone just focused on the winners instead of the losers.

There was not even a picture of him.

Only two big cameras were focused on Ye Qingchen and Alex.

They were the winning ones.

Alex had only been killed by Chu Qingyi.

Now that Chu Qingyi was wandering around, she didnt even make a move.

She wasnt even on camera.

The commentators would only control the cameras to focus on the wonderful scenes.

On the other side.

Headmaster Shan said, “Whats going on”

He frowned and couldnt figure it out.

“With Zhang Hans strength… wait! “Could it be that his real realm is much weaker than his strength”

Dean Shan got alert in an instant.

“This is really…”

He then smiled bitterly.

The crowd around him said, “Mr.

Treasure is so powerful.

How could he be killed twice in a row”

“That shouldnt be the case.

Headmaster Shan, can you tell us whats going on”

In this regard, Headmaster Shan couldnt explain it well.

On the other side, Yan Bo was mocked several times.

“Is Zhang Hanyang the great master youve been talking about”

“So powerful.

He was killed twice in a row.”

“He just showed his true colors.

On the Dragon Ranking Competitions, those fake masters would all show their true colors.”

In the face of these words, Yan Bo was silent and puzzled.

Zhang Han was resurrected again.

He was very safe this time and was resurrected in a clean room.

It seemed that the system had taken good care of him.

There were six people resting in the back room.

Zhang Han remained silent.

After a while, he shook his head helplessly and said, “I was killed twice.

Its really… amazing.”

When the protective rings dissipated, a short sword appeared in his right hand.

Dozens of Formation Stones were thrown out and turned into a formation.

Illusions were cast at the same time.

Using killing moves, he killed those six people with his sword.

He got 12,000 points with that.

“With 52,900 points, Im ranked the 451st.

“There are still five hours left.

I should kill and get more points.”

He moved again.

The points of this division were still very easy to change.

Under Zhang Hans killing.

Soon, his points reached 70,000 and he ranked about 300th.

However, luck seemed to be on the opposite side of him.

“Zhang Hanyang.”

Zhang Han had just killed two people when his points reached 76,000, and he was about to stop.

A womans cold voice came from a distance behind him.

He turned back to have a look.

Thousands of meters away, a woman in a red dress with a sword was flying over quickly.

“Chu Qingyi”

Zhang Han touched his chin and checked the points in his mind.

“I now have over 76,300 points.

“With half of them deducted, theres still an hour to go.

Is it too late”

He couldnt help but sigh at his bad luck.

If he were to face Ye Qingchen alone, he would be able to escape.

However, there were more and more people watching the battle.

Due to the limitations of his strength, he would not be able to escape.

If he were to face Alex on the empty ground, he would be able to escape even more easily.

But he could only be resurrected on top of the tall tower, and Alex was right there.

Now he was facing Chu Qingyi.

Headmaster Shan once said that she had long reached the Peak Stage of the God Transformation Realm and might break through the Void-refining Realm.

In the virtual city, the number of variables was extremely small, which was made by the system.

There were many sixth-tier treasures that couldnt be simulated.

The players fought with only their strength.

He was at the early stage of God Transformation Realm, so he didnt have a chance to win.

“In the face of such a situation, Im sorry.

Ill run first.”

Zhang Han performed three layers of illusions, six secret methods, and five kinds of body movements at the same time to escape quickly.

But after trying for ten minutes, he couldnt get rid of his opponent.

Looking at the time, he knew that he would be caught sooner or later.

It was better not to run away.

Even if he was killed, he would still have a chance to enter the top 500 if he ambushed others with more than 30,000 points.

“I need to stop wasting my time.”

Zhang Han stopped.

Chu Qingyi approached him and looked at him coldly.

“Youve been killed twice in just one day.

How dare you call yourself the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Ive been looking for you for three days.”

“Are you looking for me because you want to ask me about my Taoist name” Zhang Han was a little confused.

“Of course.”

Chu Qingyi, who usually didnt talk much, said a few more words at this time.

She said coldly, “When I went to Dragnet Academy, you didnt dare to see me.

Ive already given you a chance.”

“Do you know the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Whats the relationship between you two” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

He thought of the Cloud Flowerfall Sword Art.

This sword art came from the Flowerfall Sect, a sect from the Center Galaxy.

Unfortunately, at that time, the sect was destroyed.

Except for a few inner disciples and him, very few people knew about it.

In addition, she also paid attention to the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

Zhang Han seemed to understand something.

Could it be that she had obtained a cultivators abode which was once his

“The Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord I know is very powerful, but its not you.” A long sword appeared in Chu Qingyis right hand.

“When I looked for you, you didnt meet me.

Zhang Hanyang, it is said that you are very powerful, but you only have 70,000 points.

Your strength doesnt deserve your reputation.”

Chu Qingyi also thought of a few possibilities.

Zhang Hanyangs realm was relatively low but his combat capability was high.

Maybe when he killed Peacock King, the expert from the Sea Dragon Star Area secretly took action.

The possibility was relatively low.

There was another possibility that he had a lot of treasures and gained a lot of combat capability.

In the virtual city, only a few sixth-tier spirit treasures could be simulated.

He lost his trump card, so his performance was naturally bad.

There were also several other possibilities that Chu Qingyi had thought about.

But she didnt say it.

When she saw Zhang Hanyang, she wanted to teach him a lesson and sneered at him.

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