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“Theres still half an hour before the competition ends.

Lets see if you can advance within this time!” said Chu Qingyi.

The sword flashed with radiance.

Zhang Han was very straightforward.

He didnt resist at all and was directly killed.

“Id better save some time to think of a way to advance.”


Zhang Hans figure disappeared and he was resurrected in another place.

He had more than 30,000 points, and his ranking was about the 700th.

“Its over!”

Mengmeng was unconvinced and said, “My dad lost his points again!”

“Who can stand being killed three times in a row” Zhang Guangyou exhaled a long breath.

“Its a little difficult to win while theres only half an hour left.”

“This kind of competition rule does prevent the death of the talents, but it does have some problems.” Yue Wuwei sighed softly.

“Theres half an hour left.

I believe he can win,” Zi Yan said.

The atmosphere in the field was a little dull.

After Zhang Han was resurrected, he quickly looked around to make sure of the environment.

After the protection rings disappeared, he left quickly and began to hunt.

40,000 points.

43,000 points.

48,000 points.

There were still five minutes left before the competition ended.

It was already very difficult for him to find an opponent.

“Im ranked the 508th.”

Zhang Han looked a little emotional and said, “There are some things that cant be forced.”

In this place, he couldnt use the array of formations because the system didnt allow him to do so.

There were no medicinal pellets.

He could use illusions.

However, it was difficult for him to compete with just his soul sense while there was much difference in the strength between his and his opponents.

Zhang Han did not choose the Immortal Body of the Five Elements at that time.

He thought that even with a normal body, he could still advance.

It was true that he had made it to the top 40, but his luck in the last half day seemed to be just too bad.

Standing on the side of a street, Zhang Han thought about it.

In the last few minutes, he probably couldnt find anyone.

But at this moment.


A figure quickly appeared from the darkness.

“Boss! I finally see you,” Leng Yue said in surprise.

“You” Zhang Han was stunned.

“Boss, stop talking.

Kill me quickly.

I saw your ranking of points.

You are only a few points away from entering the top 500,” Leng Yue said quickly.

Looking at Leng Yues serious face, Zhang Han was silent.

He had been calm, but now his mood was a little worse.

“Do I need my subordinate to help me with my promotion”

“Theres no need.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “I appreciate your kindness.

Leng Yue, its not bad that you can kill with ease in this battle.

Even if you experience a certain secret realm, you will have a high chance of success.”

“Boss, you still need the Barrier-breaking Stone.

The virtual city battle is not fair to you and Mengmeng at all.

Now we still have a chance.

Boss, just do it,” Leng Yue said.


All of a sudden, Zhang Han was a little upset.

“How come I need this kind of method to get a promotion”

Leng Yue was kind.

Seeing that it was getting closer and closer to the end of the competition, she hurriedly said, “Boss, with my strength, even if I advance in this round, I cant make it to the top 100 in the next round.”

“All right.”

Zhang Han looked calm and nodded slightly.

A short sword appeared in his right hand and he slowly raised it.

At this time, Leng Yue smiled and closed her eyes.


She suddenly felt a slight chill on her neck.

“Is this how one dies in the virtual city

“It doesnt feel much.”

However, when she opened her eyes, what she saw was different from what she had imagined.

She was unscathed.

In the building behind Leng Yue, a mechanic martial artist who was about to pull the trigger slowly fell down from the window on the third floor.

Zhang Han got 23,000 points.

“Its okay now.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Im now ranked 483rd.”

“Congratulations, boss,” Leng Yue said, cupping one hand in the other before her chest.

“Lets prepare for the next round.”

As soon as Zhang Han finished speaking.

“Counting down.

Ten, nine, eight…”

“The virtual city battle is over, and the list of the top 500 has been made.”

Zhang Hans ranking had unexpectedly risen to 493rd place in just ten seconds.

In fact, it was quite close.

“The players will rest for two hours.

Next, theyll enter the Virtual City Arena Battle.”

The simulated cabin doors opened one by one.

Everyone came out.

“Its so dangerous.”

Zhang Mu said, “At the last minute, he was still ranked behind 500th.

Fortunately, when there was only one minute left, he got a lot of points.

He advanced to the next round while ranked 493rd.”

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat.

It was too frightening.

“Hes also unlucky.”

Yue Wuwei held back his laughter and said, “If it were in reality, he would still have a chance to escape.

But the siege of the virtual city just now is only about 100 meters underground.

Since he couldnt fly up to the sky, it was like a cage for him.”

“But its not bad for him to get a promotion.”

The crowd spoke one after another.

Zhang Han touched his chin and didnt say anything.

He also found it a little strange.

“Its really difficult to get into the top 500.” Wang Xiaowu sighed and said, “There are too many powerful people in there, especially Ye Qingchen.

I was also killed by him with one strike.”

“Alex is also very fierce, but Chu Qingyi is also very powerful.

She even managed to kill Alex with a single sword strike.”

“After that, Chu Qingyi didnt kill the contestants.

It seems like she was looking for someone.”

Some people were curious.

At the same time, someone asked, “Boss, you were killed by Ye Qingchen at the beginning, and you had 80,000 points left.

Then, you were resurrected beside Alex, and you had only 40,000 points left.

But later, your points became 20,000.”

Facing this problem, Zhang Han was silent for a while.

He then said, “I ran into Chu Qingyi.”

“What She couldnt be looking for you on purpose, could she”

“Why would she be looking for the boss”

“That little bitch.” Instructor Liu snorted.

“Ye Qingchen and Alex as well.

They can wait for the real battle.”

“Yeah, the real battle will stun everyone.”

“Who is the most powerful master It will be revealed in the end.”

“They now said that the number one has been decided by the insiders.

Humph, its useless.”


Everyone began to talk about it one by one.

Only Zhang Han and Leng Yue had advanced to the top 500.

On the other side.

“Poor me.”

Ye Longyuan sighed and said, “Im ranked 560th.

I almost made it to the top 500.”

“It wont help even if you have made it.

Youll still get beaten down.” Su Beimu smiled bitterly.

“Weve all been defeated.

The talents of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province are so powerful.” Yan Chen took a deep breath.

“I saw Shi Fenghou.

He has become much stronger now and is ranked 97th with his points.

He is several times faster than before.”

“It makes sense that all martial arts in the world can only be broken by fast speed.

On such an occasion, Shi Fenghou is like a fish in water.” Su Beimu nodded.

“Whats the use of being fast” Ye Longyuan said in an unpleasant tone, “Hell also be eliminated when he goes to the ring.”

“Thats true.

Those who can enter the top 100 are all in the middle or last stage of the God Transformation Realm, or at the Peak Stage.

Even Older Martial Sister Chu is in the Void-refining Realm.”

Under the three peoples gazes, Chu Qingyis stimulated cabin door was opened.

She got up and floated into the flower petals basket, sitting down to rest.

“Senior sister, why didnt you kill them later” Ye Longyuan asked.

“I didnt need to,” said Chu Qingyi indifferently.

Ye Longyuan gave her a thumbs-up and flattered her.

“Older Martial Sister, youre amazing.

Youve just killed the players for one day, and youre ranked in the top few.”

Yan Chen looked at the ranking list and suddenly said in surprise, “Hey, thats strange.

Zhang Hanyang is ranked 493rd.

Is it true”

“He has advanced.”

“With Old Demon Zhangs strength, he didnt take the first place”


They muttered a few words in surprise.

They didnt notice that when Chu Qingyi heard their discussion, she smiled slightly.


You called yourself a Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord and shut me out.

This is what you deserved.”

After giving him a lesson, Chu Qingyi was in a good mood.

On Dragnet Academys side.

“There are 56 of us who have entered the top 500, and it is estimated that more than 13 people can enter the top 100.

“Not bad.” Headmaster Shan nodded.

“Its just that why is Mr.

Treasure only ranked 493rd


Treasure is so powerful.

Could it be that he wants to keep a low profile for a while”

Dean Shan glanced around and didnt understand what was going on.

After saying that, he came to Zhang Hans side.

“Why are you only ranked 493rd”

Headmaster Shan said, “This ranking of points will affect the ranking of the real challenge matches.

If you rank low, you will have to participate in more duels.

It will be very troublesome.”

He knew very well that Zhang Han didnt enjoy trivial things, so he was a little curious at this time.

“So be it.

Theres nothing I can do about it,” Zhang Han said helplessly.

“He is at the early stage of the God Transformation Realm.

In the simulated city, he is like Mengmeng.

He is at a disadvantage, and he is not strong enough,” Zhang Guangyou said.


Headmaster Shans eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“What Hes just at the early stage of the God Transformation Realm Thats impossible!”

“Hows that not possible” Gai Xingkong said, “Zhang Han has just broken through to the God Transformation Realm.”

“No, no, no, you cant lie to me.” Headmaster Shan shook his head stubbornly and stared at Zhang Han without blinking.”

During this period, he muttered, “How did he kill Hu Tiandao at the early stage of the God Transformation Realm ”

“How did he kill Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon at the early stage of the God Transformation Realm”

“You want to lie to me I am Headmaster Shan.”

“Its absolutely impossible.”

Twenty minutes later.

“Its real… Oh my god, hes at the early stage of the God Transformation Realm, but he has the power of the Shadow Refining Realm.

Thats unbelievable!”

“His combat capability is so terrifying!”

“Ive never seen such a powerful person.”

“He is in the God Transformation Realm, and he was able to pass the 100 levels on the Mysterious Tower.”

Headmaster Shan was shocked for ten minutes.

It was not until then that he accepted it and commented, “The virtual city battle is indeed unfair to a master like him.”

“Alas, itll be enough to make it through the next round.

He will shock the world!”

After saying that, Headmaster Shan left in a daze.

It was as if he had suffered a blow.

In an aircraft not far away.

Shi Fenghou exhaled a long breath and opened his eyes.

“I dont think theres anything I can do in the next round.

Im at the last stage of Yuan Ying Realm.

Its enough to prove myself to be in the top 100 of the Rankings.

“Why is Zhang Hanyang ranked behind 490th

“It should be very easy for him to get first place.

“Thats strange.”

Shi Fenghou couldnt figure it out either.

After training for such a long time, he found that there were quite many crystal stones in his pocket.

On the other side, Lo Shanwu was also a little dazed.

“He did it on purpose”

“Yes, he must have done it on purpose.”

“Ill go to Uncle Zhangs place to have a look,” said Lorry.

She then went out and went to the aircraft on Zhang Hans side.

On the huge stand of the main arena where Yan Bo and dozens of people were seated.

“Ye Qingchen is indeed amazing.”

Some people praised him repeatedly, “At such a young age, he has reached such a level of comprehension.

Hes a talent rarely seen in a hundred years.

Not bad.

He is my first goal.

Everyone, dont be angry if you lose to me while we all fight over him.”

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