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Along with the commentaries, many places fell into a discussion.

Many of those who were watching the live broadcast complained.

“Isnt it a waste of time for them to fight like this The strength of the people on the list is not much different from each other.

Even if they win, they will be injured.

If everyone chooses to take a five-hour break, wont they have to fight for another half month”

“The live streaming site charges crystal stones every day.

My crystal stones dont grow on trees.

This is too much.

I need a refund!”

“I need a refund!”

More and more people were voicing that, but soon after, they broke their words.

On the one hand, they thought it was a waste of crystal stones.

On the other hand, they wanted to watch the battle.

Their feelings were very complicated.

“The list of the top 100 is as follows – First place, Ye Qingchen.

Second place, Alex.

Third place, Youyou.

Fourth place, Chu Qingyi.

Fifth place… 96th place, Zhang Hanyang… 100th place, Locoza.”

“Lets welcome the top 100 on the Earth Dragon List of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province to get on the stage.”


The place grew noisy.

On the list of top 100 contestants, the forces behind them were all excited.

“Come on.

Take it easy.

You can do it.

You can do it.”

“As long as you perform normally, you will definitely rank higher.”

“Youll start your challenge by fighting the ones who rank behind.

When you get into the battlefield, you must make stunning victories in the first few battles, especially the first one.

Although your opponents are very powerful, you also have got your trump cards.

But dont wait to use them on Ye Qingchen, Chu Qingyi, or Alex.

As long as you can make an eye-catching performance, the major sects of the Astral Domain will take a fancy to you and youll have a promising future!”

“You represent your family in battle.

Your victory will be the honor of the family.

Fight! Your name will definitely be in the top ten!”

On Headmaster Shans side.

He glanced at only seven or eight people present.

“No, no, no!”

He shook his head repeatedly.

His face was a little cold, and even his tone was very cold.

“Only seven people of our academy have entered the top 100 This is the worst overall performance ever.

Youre from the Dragnet Academy and you have cultivated in the academy for so many years, but only seven of you have advanced Those who are eliminated are just too disappointing! The ones who have advanced, listen to me.

I need you to all enter the top 50.

Do you understand”


Several trainees answered with great effort.

Their eyes were full of fighting spirit.

Of course, the pressure in their hearts also doubled.

Headmaster Shan didnt want to put too much pressure on them, but now that the number of people of the Dragnet Academy who had advanced was so small, he would rather put some pressure on the last seven people and squeeze out their potential so that they could have a better performance.


Many trainees who were eliminated sighed, and some of them complained.

“Ye Qingchen is too strong! He locked onto us.

We arent his match at all!”


A cold snort full of majesty came from Headmaster Shan.

He frowned.

“Dont find any excuses.

You lost.

This was a glorious defeat.

You might have lost, but my Dragnet Academy still has representatives!”

After that, he snorted again and left.

As for where he was going, he must be going to Zhang Han.

After all, Zhang Han was from Dragnet Academy.

If he gained some prestige by fighting, it would also increase the reputation of the academy.

When he came to Zhang Han, the latter was about to go to the ring.

“Dad, go get them!” Mengmeng said in an aggressive manner.

“The commentator underestimated you several times, Master.” Mu Xue snorted and said, “This time, after seeing your strength, Ill see what else he can say.”

“He will definitely be scared to death!” Instructor Liu said with a smile.

He seemed to have pictured a scene in his mind where the host and the three commentators were stunned and didnt know what to say.

“Good luck, Uncle Zhang,” Nina said with a smile.

“Uncle Zhang will definitely be number one,” Felina said.

“Honey, you can fight as much as you want.

Dont spare any effort because of me,” Zi Yan joked.

After the virtual city battle and Zhang Han coming out of the simulated cabin, Zi Yan noticed displeasure in his eyes.

Although he talked normally, she just found that he was unhappy.

Later, she learned from Leng Yue that Zhang Han needed some points to advance to the top 500.

When Leng Yue found him, she let him gain points by having him kill her.

It was a good deed, and she could feel Leng Yues attitude.

But this was the problem.

Because she would feel wronged, unhappy, and uncomfortable.

Why would Zhang Han need to kill his subordinate for his promotion

Zi Yan knew very well that although Zhang Han didnt care much about cultivation, he was a very proud man.

“Boss, go get them!”

“Hahaha, Young Lord is going to fight.

Im so excited.” Wang Xiaowu shouted.

“Ive been looking forward to the real battle for a long time.

Weve been waiting for this moment, waiting for you to shine.” Zhang Mu nodded with a smile.

“Go ahead.” Rong Jiali smiled gently and tidied Zhang Hans messy hair.

“Im going.”

Zhang Han glanced at the crowd.

He understood their expressions and meanings.

He nodded slightly, smiled gently, and turned to walk to the ring.

At this moment, Headmaster Shan was waiting in the front.

“How do you feel” Headmaster Shan asked with a smile.

“I feel okay,” Zhang Han said calmly.

“Will you take the first place with ease” Headmaster Shan asked with a smile.

“What do you think” Zhang Han looked at him sideways.

“Hahaha, I look forward to the battle between you and Chu Qingyi.” Headmaster Shan laughed out loud.

After sending Zhang Han to the entrance passage, he stopped and watched Zhang Han and the other top 100 contestants enter one after another.

Many contestants looked at the high-ranking people in the crowd with vigilance.

However, they merely glanced at Zhang Han because only a small number of them had heard of Zhang Hanyang, which was a little strange.

The others simply ignored him.

“Who is he”

“I dont know him.”

“There is no need to get to know anyone below 50th place.”

It could be said that the majority of the 100 contestants were cheering.

They came from various aristocratic families, a small number of them from the Star Area.

There were very, very few lone wolves.

It was very difficult for a free cultivator without the support of his familys resources, but there was one who ranked in the top 20.

The contestants followed the passageway to the enormous arena.

They had seen the place from the projecting pictures.

The arena had changed slightly compared to before.

At this moment, an entire 100 rings were lined up successively in the arena.

There was a stone platform suspended in the air above.

On top of it were the powers from the Astral Domain and some sects that were headed by the Zhenlong Faction.

They looked at the contestants and nodded from time to time, talking about something.

When they saw Ye Qingchen, Alex, Chu Qingyi, and others, they got greatly excited and all would pay a high price for these talents.

That was to say, they would offer satisfactory welfare to recruit talents for their sects.

As the contestants walked to the arena, Chu Qingyi glanced at Zhang Han and said in a bland tone, “Ha, you are so lucky.”


Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly as if he was thinking about how to punish her.

Alex was nearby, and he still remembered this contestant with bad luck.

When he saw Chu Qingyi talking to Zhang Han, he couldnt help but say, “You are indeed lucky to be able to advance to the top 100, but you need to be careful.

If you meet me again, my axe will be much sharper than in the virtual city.

Your little body movements are just too weak.

The virtual city battle is just for fun.

In the real battle, there will be no chance for you to launch a sneak attack.”

As soon as Alex, who was ranked second, spoke, several people nearby became silent.

Some of them looked at him with great vigilance, and their hearts sank.

Zhang Han ignored him.

On the surface, Alex was talking about Zhang Han, but in fact, he was talking to Chu Qingyi.

He felt that Chu Qingyi killed him with a sword strike by using a sneak attack.

He felt unconvinced and was very unhappy.

He wanted to win back a victory in the real battle.

“Do you think Im a pushover”

Zhang Han turned his gaze to the rings.

There was a ranking and names above each ring.

For example, Zhang Han would be in the 96th ring with the name Zhang Hanyang displayed above.

“All contestants, please get into your rings quickly.

The challenge match is about to begin.”

The commentator urged them again.

The contestants flew up to the battle stage.

During this period, some people complained, “This kind of competition will last many days.

Is there a need for all of us to stand in the ring”

The one who spoke was relatively high-ranking.

He felt that it was unnecessary to wait in the ring now.

“Well fight for many days”

Zhang Han looked in the direction of the floating stone platform and then landed in his ring.

At this time, the commentators began to make passionate introductions.

“The first one to fight will be the one ranked 100th place, Locoza.”

“According to the information, Locoza is a powerful spiritual cultivator.

His attainments in illusions are profound, and he has studied Spirit Battle Methods for a long time.

According to the comparison between the virtual city and reality, his strength, in reality, is at least twice as much as that in the virtual city.

He is now at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.

With his strength, I dont think it will be a problem for him to enter the top 70,” a commentator explained passionately.

“Is that so Your guess is that hell rank 70th place, then Im guessing its 80th because this kind of competition rules belong to continuous battles.

The contestants can rest for up to five hours.

If he fights with others and gets injured, although hell have the recovery medicinal pellets provided by Zhenlong Faction, he may not be able to maintain his peak state, so I guess hell rank 80th place.”

“What will be his exact ranking Lets wait and see.”

“Locoza is about to fight.

Please step onto the 99th ring.

His opponent is from the Star Area…”

“As I expected, Locozas attacks are extremely fierce.

He is about to win using close combat techniques without even breaking a sweat.”

Along with the comments, Locoza won the competition amazingly, which even make the supervisors of the sects from the Astral Domain nod one after another.

“Locoza isnt bad.

His potential is nice.”

“If he can stay at peak condition, he might be able to make it into the top 60.”

After he won, he chose to rest for an hour.

During this time, the ranking list also changed.

The one that originally ranked 99th place now ranked 100th place.

Furthermore, the color of the font was red.

This meant that his ranking had been determined.

The man who lost was pale and his body trembled.

He looked at the list in a daze.

“Locoza is too strong.”

Recalling the process of their battle just now, he knew that he wasnt Locozas match even if he was twice as strong.

Many top contestants were also watching the battle carefully.

But there were also a few people who didnt seem to pay much attention to it.

“Locozas next opponent is from the 98th ring…”

“Another victory.

Locoza is so strong, defeating his opponent in just twenty seconds.

He really doesnt give others any chance.”

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