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Chapter 1335 The Man Who Breaks the Rules

The contestant who said that was standing in the 10th ring, and he had long been dissatisfied with Zhang Hans attitude.

As soon as he spoke, two of the dozen contestants nearby echoed.

“Thats right.

I think he is making a show of power.

He clearly knows that the rules have been set, but he still said that.

He wants to disturb the minds of the people who are going to confront him.”

“Haha, he is a smart person.

Maybe he can have further success in this way, but those at the top of the ranking are firm-minded.

How can they be swayed by a few words from him”

Those words hit the nail on the head.

Some people nodded slightly to show that the one who said it was right.

But many spectators were fanatical.

Zhang Hans attitude exceeded the expectations of everyone.

Theyd utterly never imagined that someone would say such words on the Earth Dragon List and break the traditions of the past.

Even if it was the previous number one expert, that person hadnt said this.

Therefore, they felt that Zhang Hanyang, who was in the ring, had inspired their inner rebellion and passion.

“So powerful!”

“Its so exciting.

I wonder what kind of further success Zhang Hanyang will have.”

“He cant possibly challenge his way to the top ten, right That will make him the strongest dark horse in the history of the Dragon Rankings.”

It could be said that in addition to the venue, there were also many people watching the live broadcast shouting excitedly.

They discussed with each other and vented their emotions while expressing their thoughts and attitudes.


He won his challenge in the No.

93 ring.

The next contestant is in the No.

92 ring.” The commentator had learned his lesson.

He didnt say much and didnt introduce the contestant.

He just said the ring number directly, lest Zhang Hanyang would end the competition before he could finish speaking.

That would be so embarrassing.


Before Zhang Han could move, the contestant in the No.

92 ring immediately raised several layers of defense.


His eyes were fixed on Zhang Han.

All of a sudden, the scene seemed to tremble.

In his sight, Zhang Han quickly flew to the ring and performed shocking supernatural power.

He seemed to have transformed into a giant dragon.

He opened his mouth and carried supreme power.

The terrifying pressure he exuded was like a real dragon head.

His cold eyes seemed to want to kill the contestant.

At that moment, the contestant felt as if his heart had stopped beating.

“How terrifying of a move is this

“I have to defend myself.”

He operated his powerful defensive moves and turned them into a solid shield to resist the bloody mouth.

But in the next second…


A huge force transmitted into his brain from the side of his body.

The tearing pain instantly engulfed his consciousness.

“Ive been hit!

“Hes using illusions!”

This was the last thought in his mind, and then he fell into darkness, commonly known as unconsciousness.

“Another seriously injured contestant”

The commentators trembled and couldnt help glancing at the floating stone platform.

If things went on like this, they would need to use a lot of medicinal pellets.

One person might not use many of those, but if everyone was seriously injured, it would require a lot of medicinal pellets.

“Now begins the challenge in the No.

91 ring.”

At this time, the commentators didnt ask if Zhang Han needed a rest.

They felt that this special contestant didnt need to rest.



A figure quickly landed in the No.

91 ring.

In less than two seconds, another figure flew out of the ring and fainted.

“Now begins the challenge in the No.

90 ring.”


The commentator just said one sentence every time.

He didnt even give a detailed explanation of the contestants or the situation in the ring.

His talking speed could not keep up with Zhang Hans speed of eliminating others.

“Are we really going to let him keep fighting like this”

Someone in the stands finally could not remain calm and said, “Chief Supervisor Yan, I dont know why you arranged such competition rules.

How should we deal with such a situation Originally, the competition would take a few days, but now, according to his fighting method…”

“Theres nothing we can do about it.

Its not something we can control.” Yan Bo sighed.

“Zhang Hanyang is very strong, but his ranking is low.

This is too unfair for the low-ranking people.

In terms of the competition rules, while every one of them is seriously injured, they cant start over.

Some of them could have ranked higher, but because of this, they have their good rankings ruined.” Someone said, “Why dont we change the competition rules so that Zhang Hanyang can skip several people to challenge In this way, we can see his real strength soon.”

“When would the Dragon Rankings change the rules because of one person” A senior supervisor said discontentedly, “Well watch him fight.

Strength matters the most.

Those who are seriously injured are not as good as him, so whats there to say about this Id like to see how long Zhang Hanyang can fight.

Wont he be tired”

“I think its better to think about it.

Now there is only one exception for Zhang Hanyang, which is a special treatment.

Its normal.” Someone said, “But hes fighting in the No.

83 ring now, and he fights in each ring for an average of more than ten seconds.

It wont work if it goes on like this.

We should hurry up and try to settle this.”

“Alas, this is so troublesome!”

Even the people from the Star Dragon Area began to hesitate.

“It wont do if things go on like this.

“If he wins all the way, the battles of the Earth List will end in a short while.

“Will we just watch him perform alone and look down on the whole place

“The Dragon Rankings arent a game for one person.”

That was what many disciples of the Star Dragon Area were thinking.

“Hes already fighting in the No.

80 ring.

Hurry up and make your decision.”

Some people were very uneasy as if what they were going to face next was their subordinates or someone they valued.


Yan Bo was silent for a few seconds.

Then, he looked at Zhang Han with shining eyes, waved his hand to set up a soundproof cover, and talked to the people beside him, who seemed to be discussing the rules.


The contestant in the No.

79 ring was sent flying backward.


The contestant in the No.

78 ring was sent flying backward.

“This fellow is outrageously strong.

I cant even see how he attacked.”

“Wow! Zhang Hanyang lives up to his reputation.”

“Invincible! Invincible!”

Many people present turned into his fan.

Experts would be respected and worshipped by many people.

“Hes actually so powerful in the real battle.”

Chu Qingyi faintly knitted her eyebrows.

She had heard of the contestants in the No.

79 and No.

81 rings.

They were quite famous in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It was possible that they were especially ranked low to win more praise from Yan Bo and the others.

This was a method.

However, they used it in the wrong place and were knocked out by Zhang Hanyang directly.

Many of the situations were really unpredictable.

This also made Chu Qingyi a bit suspicious.

According to his strength, at the very least, he could fight with Alex and Ye Qingchen for a while.

“Hes quite skilled.”

Alex licked his lips and became more and more interested in Zhang Han.

He tightened his right hand around the axe as if he wanted to have a big fight with Zhang Han.

The battle in the No.

75 ring was over.

The battle in the No.

72 ring was over.

“Now begins the challenge battle in the 70th ring.

Please welcome Zhang Hanyang.”

The commentators simply said a few words and then stopped talking.

“Zhang Hanyang, you can defeat them in seconds, but you will never get to do that to me because I have a powerful defensive supreme treasure, a sixth-tier spirit treasure!”

This contestant was a little nervous.

He cheered for himself and took out a Defense Treasure as a trump card.


Zhang Han directly threw out a punch.

It was a Space-splitting Punch.

His punch landed on Zhang Hans defense.

The force behind it sent the contestant of the No.

70 ring flying.

He fell to the ground and fainted.

“Another loss Even a sixth-tier defensive spirit treasure wouldnt work”

“Zhang Hanyang is too terrifying.

Im No.


Its over.

Im no match for him at all.”

“Why do I feel like he can make it into the top five”

“In fact, its good to think in this way.

We lost to the great master.”

Many were afraid before their battles began.

“Zhang Hanyang, Im Rudolf.

Its an honor to compete with you.”

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han suddenly raised his right leg at a high speed and kicked him from the right.

The wind caused by the speed made his trouser leg rustle.


But a louder voice came from contestant No.


He was sent flying by Zhang Hans kick.

Looking at the contestants in front of him, Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“I dont know whats going on, but I dont have much patience now.

Well, I think Ive lost all my patience, so in the following battles, I will hit you ten times harder.

If you can resist it, you wont die.

If you cant, you will die in the ring.

As for which way youll choose, think about it carefully.”


Several contestants in the front rings were directly stunned.

“What should we choose It means that if we admit defeat, we can live.

If we dont, we may die.”

At this point, everyone wanted to put on a good performance.

But no matter how well they performed, they were afraid of dying.

“I admit defeat!”

“I admit defeat as well.”

“Haha, what a coincidence.

Me too.”


The contestants in the front rings didnt dare to face Zhang Han at all.

They admitted defeat one after another.

They were completely frightened.

“So domineering!”

“This is a real man! This is the attitude an expert should have!”


Would a truly formidable person play such a boring game with a group of little fellows”

“If it were me, I guess I would show my strength at the beginning and make those people who are about to fight me timid and afraid to face me so that they would admit defeat earlier.”

“Thats not true.

If it were you, you would have been eliminated long ago.”

The contestants were eliminated one after another, and the place fell into a suffocating atmosphere.

“When will we be able to see Zhang Hanyang exert his full strength”

“At least in his challenges in the top 20.”

This was a problem.

But the bigger problem was that with their admission of defeat, the faces of the people from all the major sects on the stone platform darkened, especially those from the Zhenlong Faction.

Yan Hang could hardly remain calm.

Finally, they reacted relatively quickly this time around.

“Next, Ill talk about the new rules.”

One commentator said while wiping his sweat, “Because Zhang Hanyang cant control his strength, the higher-ups in the stands have reached an agreement that they will change the rules for Zhang Hanyang.

Zhang Hanyang can skip nine people to challenge.

That is to say, after he finishes challenging the contestant in the No.

60 ring, he can directly challenge the contestant in the No.

50 ring.

And so on and so forth.

When Zhang Hanyangs ranking is settled, the rules will remain unchanged in the following challenges.”


It shouldnt have happened, but the fact surprised everyone.

More than 50 contestants breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

“Can I continue to challenge”

Seeing that Zhang Han was about to come to the No.

60 ring, the contestant in it hurriedly said, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, please listen to me.

Dont attack.

I admit defeat as well.”

Zhang Han chuckled.

He liked this fast way of challenging.

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