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Chapter 1341 The Battle in Ring No.


“I, I got beaten up”

Ye Qingchen was still a Body Cultivator, in the end, so he could handle the beating.

Even though he was dizzy, he was still able to maintain a comparatively clear-headed state of mind.

He was unable to accept this fact.

“Oh my god.”

A commentators mouth gaped open while his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Who would have thought that Ye Qingchen, who was publicly acknowledged as number one earlier, would actually be tragically beaten up at this moment

Another commentator said in shock, “Too violent! This is simply too violent!”

The one being beaten was still Ye Qingchen on the scene of violence, making ones adrenalin flow.

Things went chaotic, and the scene was a mess.

Even on the viewing platform, many people couldnt help but stand up to watch the scene.

They were also dumbfounded.

A big shot from the Star Dragon Area exclaimed, “Fiend King.

Hes the Fiend King on Earth Dragon List!”

“Since when there would be such an expert on the Earth Dragon List”

“He slayed the Earth Dragon List.

I thought he was boasting about challenging all the contestants.

Now, it looks like he has every right to do so.”

“No wonder, no wonder Chief Supervisor Yan kept sending people to contact him.

No wonder he has a bad temper and even rejected those people.

With his strength, perhaps he belongs to the first class among us.”


The shock in the hearts of these people was like tempestuous waves as they couldnt be more stunned.

On the other side.

Headmaster Shan laughed.

The dozen or so people at his side shouted, “Mr.

Treasure is formidable!”

On Yue Wuweis side.

“This kid is so brilliant.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard.

“Wow, Daddy is the champion again!” Mengmeng cheered.

“Master is invincible!”

“Brother Han is too awesome.” Chen Changqing shook his head repeatedly.

“Young Lord is the best in the world.

No one can compare with him.” Wang Xiaowu sighed with emotion.

“My son…” Zhang Guangyou was very happy and proud.

Zi Yan was also happy as she smiled quietly.

She didnt need to praise Zhang Han because he had always been so excellent.

Of course, Zi Yan didnt care about strength.

What she cared about was Zhang Han.

Now, she still seemed to be a bit jealous.

But as Zhang Han won first place, she was in a better mood.

“Oh my god!”

Ye Longyuan also roared, “Zhang Hanyang won again and again.

He is the No.1 on the Earth Dragon List! He won all the battles Ive watched.


“Why is he so strange” Yan Chen said bitterly, “Im quite confused.

At that time, we were equally as famous as Zhang Hanyang, but now he is ranked first on the Earth Dragon List.


“Well, hes now ranked first.

Just now, Older Martial Sister Chu seemed to be able to take his moves, but she failed to do so.

Next, it will be the normal challenge, but the contestant in the No.

1 ring has been replaced.

I feel that Older Martial Sister Chu and Zhang Hanyang can still carry out a world-shaking battle,” Su Beimu analyzed calmly.

“Zhang Hanyang is like a plug-in on the Earth Dragon List.

The normal challenge will only proceed after he finishes his battle,” Yan Chen said.

Actually, everyone understood this.

The formal battles of the Earth Dragon List finally began.

“Next will be the challenge for the contestant in Ring No.


“The battles will start over again”

“Heavens, how much time will that take”

“The No.

96 contestant seems to be very powerful.

His moves are not bad.

He is now ranked 95th, and these people have all been sent flying by Zhang Hanyangs palm strike.

They have just woken up, and they are still injured.

Fortunately, everyone is injured, so the battle is limited to a certain extent.”

“What a pity.

The contestant lost to Hu Dian in Ring No.


“Hu Dian succeeded in his challenge.

Hes come to Ring No.


“He failed.

He rested for five hours and recovered some of his energy, but he was still no match for his opponent.”


These challenges were the normal kind.

After each of the contestants took their challenges for a while, they would be defeated.

Zhang Hanyangs situation did not happen again, and at most, a contestant would only defeat five people in succession.

This kind of slow tempo irritated many of the onlookers.

“Theyre just stalling it.”

“He rested for five hours after a battle”

“I need a refund!”

“Look at Zhang Hanyang.

He didnt take a break at all.

He directly defeated all the people present, but look at these contestants.

Humph, they need to rest, which shows that theyre weak, theyre not confident enough, and theyre not strong enough!”


Everyone was recalling Zhang Hanyangs battles.

All the people, including Loshanwu, Lorry Headmaster Shan, and even Qin Changxiao and his master, were also shocked.

They thought that they had overestimated Zhang Hanyang, but it turned out that they had greatly underestimated him.

However, no matter how much they disliked him, they would not miss the grand gathering.

Just like that, the challenge battles went on from Contestant No.

90 to Contestant No.

70, then the top 50, the top 30, and finally to the top five.

“Next will be Chu Qingyi challenging Contestant No.


“The challenge begins.”

Chu Qingyi, who had closed her eyes to rest, opened her eyes.

The first person she saw was Zhang Han.

After looking at him for two seconds, she looked away and got into Ring No.


“It will just be a knock between us.” The contestant in Ring No.

5 cupped his hands to this beautiful woman.

Chu Qingyi returned to the state where she only spoke a few words with others.

Before she made a sword strike, she merely said, “One sword strike!”

A large amount of Sword Qi swept across Contestant No.

5 and sent him flying backward.

“Well, this seems to be a very familiar scene.” A commentator said embarrassedly, “The battle ended as soon as I announced that its started.

This is Zhang Hanyangs style! Then, lets welcome Chu Qingyi to challenge Youyou in Ring No.


“You are very strong, but I am not weak either!” Youyou said.


Chu Qingyis sword swept across.

She made the Cross Slash integrating with her divine ability, which violently sent Youyou of the ring.

Youyou was slightly injured, but the pain in her heart was more intense.

Was she sad Was she at a loss Or did she feel a sense of helplessness about her strength

Chu Qingyi was too formidable.

Youyou was no match for her at all.

“Alex in Ring No.

3!” said a commentator.

“Ill fight!” Alex roared furiously.

When he was beaten by Zhang Hanyang just now, he felt so ashamed that he wanted to get some prestige back from Chu Qingyi.


The light of the underworld came up from the sky, and the cold light of her sword illuminated the blue sky.

Chu Qingyi only performed one sword strike.

Alex was sent flying by the sword strike, just like how it was for Youyou.

He couldnt take her single move at all.

“Chu Qingyi is actually so terrifying”

“Even Alex was defeated in one move!”

“We seem to have underestimated Chu Qingyi.”

“I think she is neck and neck with Zhang Hanyang.

Did she lose to him out of the blue She seems to be much stronger than before.”

“Its time for her to battle with Ye Qingchen.”

Which one was stronger, Ye Qingchen or Chu Qingyi

Everyone felt that Chu Qingyi was stronger, but Ye Qingchen had previously been publicly acknowledged as the number one contestant, and he had stunning strength.

They assumed that Chu Qingyi would win, but would she lift Ye Qingchen and smash him with Zhang Hanyangs violent method

When they saw Ye Qingchen, the crowd couldnt help but recall that scene.

Not only everyone but also Ye Qingchen thought of the fear of being dominated by Zhang Han.


Another tough nut to crack.”

Ye Qingchen swallowed his saliva and looked at Chu Qingyi quietly.

Although he felt restrained, he was not afraid.


Ye Qingchen charged again.

When he arrived in front of Chu Qingyi, she merely put away the sword in her right hand.

She slammed forward with her palm.


A huge buzzing sound was heard.

Ye Qingchen suddenly felt a buzz in his head.

“Is she using illusions

“Haha, its just a little trick!

“Mind-clearing Technique!”

Ye Qingchen blocked the attack.

However, he suddenly discovered that he had been trapped in a dual illusion technique.


Ye Qingchen the Eyes Theurgy as his eyes shone with stunning radiance.

Finally, he saw the real scene.

“It seems like someone is flying.

“Oh no!”

Ye Qingchen felt a sense of floating.

His feet were lifted by someone.

“Am I about to be picked up and smashed again

“God, why would you do this to me”

Ye Qingchen suddenly felt like crying.

“This is terrible.

I want to cry.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

He was abused again.

After Chu Qingyi threw Ye Qingchen off the ring, she suddenly looked at Zhang Han with a hint of provocation, playfulness, and seemingly deep meaning.

“You beat him up like that, and so do I.

Next, its my turn to beat you up.”


On the other side, Zi Yan was breathing heavily.

“What is this woman doing”

Zi Yan frowned slightly.

“She cant let go of Zhang Han, can she”

The whole aircraft fell silent again.

Everyone had seen how good the relationship between Zhang Han and Zi Yan was.

Zi Yan was usually very gentle, considerate, cheerful, and optimistic, but sometimes she was also very fierce.

And now she was clearly unhappy.

Unexpectedly, a commentator said, “Not only the final duel between Chu Qingyi and Zhang Hanyang is equal in strength, but also their moves are similar, and they are a perfect match…”

Zi Yans face darkened.

Yue Wuwei stroked his white beard.

He didnt expect to feel a little scared.

He shouted at the commentator through Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, “Cut the crap!”


The commentator paused and stopped this topic, saying, “The competition of Ring No.

1, which we have been looking forward to for a long time, begins now!”


Chu Qingyi got into the No.

1 ring and looked at Zhang Han in front of her.

“Zhang Hanyang…”

Chu Qingyi asked, “What is your relationship with the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord”

“Huh And whats your relationship with the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord” Zhang Han asked.

He was already starting to doubt whether Chu Qingyi had obtained a cultivators abode of his in the past.

It was Zhang Hans hobby to leave behind some abodes, treasures, and martial arts heritages of predecessors.

“I think I was asking you that,” said Chu Qingyi.

“I dont have to answer your question,” Zhang Han replied.

Chu Qingyi was speechless.

Under Mengmengs influence, Zhang Han also roasted people with ease.

“If I win, youll answer my question.” Chu Qingyi said very seriously.

“Does it mean a lot to you” Zhang Han was stunned.

If she shared the same martial arts heritage of predecessors as him or got the same cultivators abode as his, then they were fated on a certain level.

They didnt know each other, nor did they have a certain relationship, but she seemed to care a lot about the Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.

That was why she rushed to Dragnet Academy right away after finding out that he was using that title.

Zhang Han found it strange.

But after thinking about it, he didnt intend to ask more, so he said directly, “Lets start the battle.

I dont want to waste time here.”

“As you wish.”


Chu Qingyis figure suddenly turned into 18 figures and attacked Zhang Han from all directions at a lightning speed.

What was strange was that even divine sense could not find out which figure was her real body.

The 18 bodies displayed 18 occult arts, making it hard for people to guard against them.

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