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Chapter 1343 Zhang Han Gasping

“I still have something to do, so Ill excuse myself now.”

Zhang Han, however, was not in the mood to entertain these guests.

He directly left.


Many people looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

They had said that Zhang Hanyang was arrogant before, but now he seemed to make whatever he did a matter of course.

“Chu Qingyi, your strength is truly surprising.”

Quite a few people ran over to Chu Qingyi and began to make connections with her.


No one could expect that Chu Qingyi would be even more straightforward.

She just flew away while she seemed to be in a hurry to leave.

“Hes here.”

Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han, who had entered the aircraft, with a smile on his face.

“The show is about to begin.”

Looking at everyones weird faces, Zhang Han asked in confusion, “Whats going on with you”

“Well, haha, nothing much.”

“Yeah, nothing much.

Well, congratulations, Brother Han.” Chen Changqing quickly warmed up the atmosphere, “You won first place again.


Its amazing.”

“Master is invincible!” Mu Xue cried.

“Daddy, youre the best!” Mengmeng gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up and then blinked at him, indicating to her mom.

Zhang Han soon noticed it.

Right at this moment…

“Hey, our great hero is back.”

Zi Yan smiled.

She quickly got up and said with a sweet smile, “Honey, come and sit down.

You must be tired.

Would you like some water Ill give you a massage.”


Zhang Han gasped in astonishment.

He finally knew what the problem was and didnt know how to react.

“Im doomed.

My wife is jealous.”

“Well, Im not tired.” Zhang Han forced a smile.

“Are you sure Youve fought so many battles…” Zi Yan said with a smile, looking pure and innocent.


Ill discuss something with her alone.

Wait a minute, everyone,” Zhang Han said.

He then ran into a room not far away with Zi Yan.


Yue Wuwei laughed out loud.



Everyone laughed, including Mengmeng.

They found it very interesting.

They didnt need to think to know that it was very easy for Zhang Han to pamper Zi Yan.

While Zi Yan was outside the room, she was full of smiles.

When the two of them arrived at the room, she ran directly to the bedside and sat down without looking at Zhang Han.

“Hey, babe, whats the matter” Zhang Han asked in a hurry.

“Youre still asking when you already know the answer” Zi Yan snorted and said, “You flirted with her while you fought in the ring.”

“When did I flirt with her This is not true!” Zhang Han became serious and said, “I only have you in my heart.

Why would I flirt with someone else”

“How would I know what you were thinking back then Well, even your moves are exactly the same as hers.

Judging from her smile, no one can know if she is your former lover.”

“I swear I didnt flirt with her, and I dont have a former lover.” Zhang Han didnt know how to react.

“I told you about my previous relationships long ago.”

“It wouldnt take long for you to finish the battle, but you chose to exchange moves with her.

Just lie about it if you want.

Men are all liars!” Zi Yan shook her shoulders and sat closer to the end of the bed.

Zhang Han was speechless for a while.

“Its not like that.” He immediately came to the opposite side of Zi Yan and said, “I dont know Chu Qingyi.

She should have obtained one of my previous cultivators abodes, so she knows some of my moves.

I was not exchanging moves with her.

Her strength is great.

Although shes a Void-refining Realm Early-Stage expert, even a Middle-Stage Shadow Refining may not necessarily be her opponent.

And we were only fighting in the ring.

If she fights outside the ring, she may even kill someone at the last stage of the Shadow Refining.”

“Huh” Zi Yan snorted.

“I wasnt talking about her, was I Look at you.

Now you keep talking about Chu Qingyi.

Youre quite familiar with her, arent you”

For a moment, Zhang Han felt greatly troubled.

But he knew how to solve it.

He pounced forward and pressed Zi Yan down on the bed.

“What are you doing Get off me.

Let go of me.

Um, mm…”

Two minutes later, the long kiss was over.

“Tell me, exactly what happened”

Zi Yans attitude softened by eight levels.


Zhang Han sighed softly.

He lay on the bed, held Zi Yan in his arms, and said softly, “As I just said, she is a member of the Devil Shadow Clan, which is very powerful.

Among the Human Clan, it is the favorite of the first echelon of spatial forces, whose assassination attribute is the first class.

The Devil Shadow Clan is born with the talent to reach the Tribulation Stage First Tier.

Since I was trying to defeat her, I needed to use other hidden moves, so I fought for a long time.

She also discovered this, but she admitted defeat before she made the last move.”

“She always smiles at you as if she wants to seduce you.

Thats so annoying,” Zi Yan said discontentedly.

“Well, maybe thats because she found out about the fact that she got martial arts heritage of my adobe.

I was called Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord for some time, and my adobe should be left during that period.

I used the title of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord in the Dragnet Academy, and thats why she would come to me.

Also, after the fight, she discovered what happened to a greater extent.

Thats all I know,” Zhang Han replied.

“Im not happy, so what happens now” Zi Yan snorted.

“Its simple.” Zhang Han immediately said, “I will just ignore all women except you in the future.”

“Youre so glib.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“Mom is also a woman, and our daughter is a girl.

Will you ignore them as well”

“Youre always finding fault with me.

This isnt nice.” Zhang Han waved his hand and slapped Zi Yans butt.

The beauty in his arms rolled her eyes at him.

“Do I get jealous too easily” Zi Yan suddenly said, “I cant control myself when I see you two muttering.

Chu Qingyi always smiles when she fights you.”

“It happens.” Zhang Han said, “If you were in the ring with another man and that man was flirting with you, I would have rushed to the ring and sent him flying with my palm strikes.”

“Haha.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“That sounds right.

Well, thats what I thought as well.”

“A man should keep a proper distance from women,” Zhang Han said, “Its normal.

After getting married, one should keep a distance from the opposite sex.

Friends Womens besties Mens besties Thats just bull**.

Everyone should have a sense of propriety.

Its my fault this time, which made you angry.

Ill practice hard when we go back.

Next time I meet a powerful female Dao Seeking Cultivator, Ill defeat her in one move.”

Zhang Han was indeed very good at pampering Zi Yan.

“Its easier said than done.

There are so many powerful female Dao Seeking Cultivators, and you cant defeat all of them in one move.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Im not angry with you.

I just felt uncomfortable when I saw your interaction with her.”

“Do you feel better now”

“Yeah, Im fine now.

Lets go out.

They are waiting outside,” Zi Yan said.

“I think those people outside are happy to watch the fun.” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and came up with a bad idea.

“Thats right.

We need to find a way to prank them.” Zi Yan grinned.

As they spoke, the two of them walked out of the room.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyone looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan with strange expressions.

Soon, many people looked in another direction, where three people were standing.

Those three were Ye Longyuan, Yan Chen, and Su Beimu.

They were chatting in a low voice with Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and others.

After Zhang Han and Zi Yan came out of the room, they stopped chatting.

“Well… Zhang Hanyang.” Ye Longyuan swallowed and said with some embarrassment, “My Older Martial Sister invited you to talk about something with her.”


Many people turned their gaze to Zi Yan again.

“Huh, the rival in love is here.” Mengmengs face changed slightly as she watched the fun.

If it were when she was a child, she would have been unhappy and made trouble.

Now she knew that her parents were very close to each other, and she didnt need to worry about their relationship.

“Why would she look for me I dont have time to meet her.” Zhang Han refused directly.

“Poof… Ahem, ahem, she has something important to talk to you about.” Ye Longyuan almost choked on his saliva.

Before Zhang Han could respond, Zi Yan suddenly said, “Since she has something to talk about with you, you should go and have a look.” Her expression was calm and her tone was indifferent.


Zhang Hans mouth moved as if he wanted to say something, but he didnt.

“Okay then.

This way, please.”

Ye Longyuan did not notice anything special and led the way with a smile.

“Lets go.”

Yue Wuwei led the crowd to follow behind them with a look of a bystander.

Their pace was very fast, but they still walked for more than ten minutes.

They finally arrived at their destination, a black aircraft.

They followed the cabin door and entered the aircraft.

In the largest lounge, they saw a petal hanging basket.

A lady was leaning on it.

From the side, it could be seen that there was a pile of books on the right side of the Mistress, but the most attractive thing was her white legs.

She was barefoot and wore a light pink dress.

Her long hair reached her waist, which made her look like she had been specially dressed.

Previously, Chu Qingyi had been a female warrior in the ring.

But now, she looked like a pure little beauty next door.

Zi Yans eyes flickered slightly.

After she got here, she didnt say a word and even pinched Zhang Hans arm secretly.


Zhang Han gasped.

He felt that something was wrong.

He had to deal with it seriously.

There were still so many people watching the fun.

When they came near the hanging basket…


Chu Qingyi immediately jumped down from the basket.

She was still barefoot, but she hovered in the air three or four centimeters above the floor.

She pursed her lips, blinked, and looked at Zhang Han.

Suddenly, her face turned red.

She was extremely shy.


Ye Longyuan was shocked.

“Oh my god, is she still Older Martial Sister Chu, who has always been so indifferent to others

“She couldnt be having an affair with Zhang Hanyang, could she”

Even Ye Longyuan had this doubt, not to mention the other outsiders.

On the contrary, Zhang Guangyou and the others were just a little surprised and curious.

They had complete trust in Zhang Han.

Seeing that Zi Yan didnt say anything, they kept silent.

Zhang Han looked at Chu Qingyi with a red face in front of him.

He didnt know how to react.

“Whats going on”

“Why did you call me here” Zhang Han had no choice but to ask.

“I, I…”

Chu Qingyis face was utterly red, and her heart was beating violently.

She was extremely nervous and excited.

In fact, during the time just now, she had been preparing herself for Zhang Hanyangs arrival.

She planned to call him master.

But just as she was about to do so, she couldnt say it out loud.

She was very embarrassed.

All of a sudden, she got nervous.

She felt so hot on her cheeks.

“Am I blushing”

Thinking of this, her cheeks became even hotter.

In the end, she lost control of her composure and ended up like this.

At this moment, Zhang Han spoke and broke the awkward atmosphere.

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