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Chapter 1356 Chu Qingyi Starts Getting Stunned

“What a sumptuous dinner,” praised Yue Xiaonao as she looked at the delicious food.

“Lets eat.”

Everyone took their seats and began to have dinner.

They chatted while eating.

They had a happy time.

Then, every day, Zhang Han would go to the Department of Body Cultivation to train in the Gravitational Room and the nerve reaction training room.

In the beginning, no one disturbed Zhang Han when he came, but later, many tutors from the Department of Body Cultivation came to watch for a while when he was training.

Gradually, more and more people watched as he trained.

“150 times the gravity”

“How stunning! So it turns out that Mr.

Treasure is a formidable Body Cultivator as well.”

“Last time, it was still the dean of our department who could withstand 120 times the gravity and maintained the record for 30 years, and now its finally broken.”

“Its mainly based on Mr.

Treasures reaction.

He seems to be rather relaxed and without any pressure.

I feel that his limit should be 170 times the gravity.”

The crowd chatted while observing the Gravitational Room.

After the lunch break, everyone followed Zhang Han to the nerve reaction training room in the afternoon.

The surrounding tutors were all stunned.

“He managed to dodge all of these concentrated attacks”

“What an exquisite body movement! Mr.

Treasure is too awesome!”


Experts would be the center of attention wherever they went.

From one oclock in the afternoon to five oclock, Zhang Han felt hot all over from his training, but he also felt great.

“Using triple speed, I can remain completely unharmed in the face of bullets and raindrops.

This should mean that I have initially mastered the sense of the will.”

After taking a shower, Zhang Han went back to the manor.

Zi Yan and the others were shopping.

After making a phone call, Zhang Han prepared a hot pot.

After dinner, they took a walk.

Then, they returned to the manor.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han finally controlled his will to surround their room.

After that, he pushed Zi Yan down on the bed…

Time passed, one day after another.

When all the people on his team were cultivating, Zhang Han had completely adapted to his body without a soul sense sea.

With the disappearance of the soul sense sea, the power of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements had increased a little.

At the same time, his will had endless magical uses, which gave Zhang Han a brand new experience.

In essence, the will was vastly different from the soul sense, but some functions were similar.

That night, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were taking a walk in the manor.

“Honey, its mid-June.

Its almost time for Mengmeng to take the final exam.

Shall we go back” Zi Yan asked.

Zhang Han chuckled and then began to mutter, “Shell take the final exam soon.

Time passed so quickly.

Our daughter is going to high school soon.”

After thinking for a while, he said, “Everyones cultivation state has been very good recently.

As for the final exam, it wont matter whether she takes it or not, so she doesnt need to go take it.

Besides, even if she does, she will win first place in the exam.

Itll be easy for her to get admitted to high school.

We can stay a few more days before we go back in mid-August.”

“Okay then.

Since things are like this, shell… let nature take its course in her studies.” Zi Yan chuckled.

“Since I entered the Cultivation World, I knew that things would develop differently from what I imagined.”

Zi Yan had thought that even if they had entered the Cultivation World, they would live a normal life and Mengmeng would live like an ordinary person.

But now, they had all made it to Star Province.

“It may be a bit different from what you imagined, but the difference wouldnt be too great.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “If Earth were an ordinary planet, then we wouldnt go back after leaving.

However, thats not the case.

Earth is the Saint Warrior Planet with many hidden places that are unknown to people, including Sir Mysteriouss will.

Also, Mengmeng is the Heavenly Lord, so we must go back often.”

Mengmeng, the young Heavenly Lord, was only at the beginning of cultivation.

In addition, their Thunder Yang Treasure Land had been constantly growing on the Saint Warrior Planet.

There were Thunder Yang Crystals, Thunder Yang Flowers, and so on, as well as sixth-tier spiritual herbs and gems.

They needed to get those things regularly.

Of course, the more important reason that they wanted to go back was that their home was there.

Zi Yan and Zhang Han had too many memories on Earth, such as their home, their old classmates, and so on.

Although Zhang Hans and Zi Yans appearances were still the same as before…

Zi Yan might look even hotter than she was at that time.

She was graceful and curvaceous, very enchanting.

This kind of figure and appearance made many women envious.

Men admired her.

But she was still so young and beautiful after two or three decades, which would be a problem to others.

Therefore, during this period, Zhang Han planned to stay on Mount New Moon often.

After this period, it would not be too late for them to go to a larger place in the Cultivation World.

The path of cultivation was a long one.

There was no need to rush for success.

Two months passed in the blink of an eye.

At Dragnet Academy, the crowd studied all kinds of knowledge every day, especially Zhao Feng and the others, who practiced various occult arts and almost forgot the time.

There was even a time when Liang Mengqi wore a revealing dress, which showed her graceful figure.

However, Zhao Feng was immersed in the occult arts as if he had not seen her.

Liang Mengqi was furious.

“All you do is cultivate.

You can go spend your life with occult arts from now on!”

So Zhao Feng rested for two days and hung out with Liang Mengqi before he went on practicing.

As for Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran, needless to say, Liu Jiaran liked to hang out more and was pretty clingy.

Zhang Li and Liang Hao were cultivating together.

The others were all busy with hard cultivation.

The crowd concentrated on cultivating during these two months.

How time flies!

This was especially true for cultivators.

On this day, everyone gathered together again.

“Guangyou, hows your cultivation going recently” Gai Xingkong asked with a smile, “Ive learned three occult arts.”

“How dare you put on airs with only three kinds of occult arts” Zhang Guangyou snorted.

“Oh How many kinds have you learned” Gai Xingkong was stunned.

He looked uncertain.

“Ive learned nine,” Zhang Guangyou said calmly.

“How did you learn so many If you can only perform them, it doesnt count.

Ive mastered three occult arts,” Gai Xingkong added.

“Ive mastered those occult arts.” Zhang Guangyou looked at him strangely.

“Why would I say that Ive learned them without mastering them”

“All right.” Gai Xingkong looked convinced.

“Its okay, Gai.

Everyone has a different aptitude.

We cant feel inferior because of our low aptitude.” Zhang Guangyou pretended to persuade him.

Gai Xingkongs face darkened.

“Only you in your Zhang Clan…”

“Stop!” Zhang Guangyou glared at him fiercely.

“Are you trying to use that trick on me”

“He was just telling the truth.” Dong Chen said with a smile, “However, we need to work harder.

I think Young Master will soon surpass us in strength.”

“Im sure hell surpass you.” Zhang Guangyou snorted, “Dont take me as some lame man just because I havent shown you my might.

I used to be the lord of battle!”

“Zhang Guangyou, the lord of battle.” Mengmeng waved her hand and shouted not far away, “Hes surely strong.”

“Of course.” Zhang Guangyou laughed, “My granddaughter knows me better.”

On Zhang Hans side.

Headmaster Shan stood next to him and said with a smile, “Will you stay long when you go back this time”

“Im not sure,” Zhang Han replied.

“No matter how long youll be gone, itll be fine as long as you can make it back.” Headmaster Shan reminded.

“Dont worry, Headmaster Shan.” Zhang Han couldnt help laughing and said, “Even if I dont come back, they will take me back.

It feels nice to cultivate here.

I have to say that you have a great way of Tao by working in the education industry for hundreds of years.”

“Hah, Im flattered.”

Headmaster Shan grinned from ear to ear.

Everyone liked to hear nice words, but when their status reached a certain level, not everyones praise could make them happy.

Headmaster Shan was sincerely happy after hearing Zhang Hans praise.

Zhang Han and the others got in the aircraft.

After they left, Headmaster Shan waved in the direction of the space station with a smile.

One of his subordinates couldnt help reminding him, “Sir, hes gone.”

“Of course, I know that.”

Headmaster Shan turned his head and snorted.

He flicked his sleeves and left.

After eight days, the crowd returned to Dragon Base Star.

Now, the Heavenly Group had completely dominated the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

Almost all Dao Seeking Cultivators would be honored to enter the Heavenly Group.

Even the minor officials in many branches had extremely high power on that planet.

The locals usually referred to them as magnates.

The Heavenly Bank was like a mountain.

Even if others tried to start a bank similar to it, it would be difficult for them to follow the example of its basic functions.

The most secure bank was the Heavenly Bank.

The huge capital capacity was stunning when it was operated.

As for the branches, they were extremely famous in the surrounding Star Area.

The brand effect had begun to show its power.

It was assuring to cooperate with the Heavenly Group because they didnt lack money.

They were guaranteed in their conduct and had never cheated others.

Now, the Heavenly Groups coverage of the planets in the Sea Dragon Star Area had reached 90%.

In particular, the Heavenly Bank was distributed on many planets of power.

Like a spider web, it began to expand from the vicinity of the Dragon Base Star at a rapid pace.

As the system became more and more mature, and as the personnel increased, the Heavenly Group also became more and more deeply rooted.

They had too many projects and cooperations with many major forces, and now the group seemed to have become the overlord force of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Ill take a look when I go back this time,” said Lord Nan Shan.

Lord Liu, Si Nan, and the others also planned to go back.

Some high-position officials were on holiday by turns.

They set off with the main force and passed by the Lost Continent.

There were a lot of talents in the main base here, and the entertainment facilities on Dal Star were fully equipped.

Mengmeng blinked her beautiful big eyes and looked at the Dal Star for a while before she said, “When we come back, lets go to Dal Star to hang around.”


Zhang Han smiled.

“Ill drive this time!”

Mengmeng took a few steps forward, made an incantation gesture with her fingers, and controlled the route.


The fleet suddenly jumped into the Space Passage.

When they left the secondary space-


When Chu Qingyi saw the Screen Waterfall ahead, her pupils contracted.

It was too spectacular.

Even in the Astral Domain, she had not seen such a spectacle.

What she saw was clear water.

She couldnt see the edge on the left and right, and the top and bottom were like mountains.

The water flowed in the middle of the layer.

Such an enormous body of water was moving according to a certain pattern.

“The Screen Waterfall!” Chen Chuan shouted.

Right then, they came to the Clear Stream.

It was as though they could not see the surface of the water.

However, there were many Lords of the sea in the water.

Traces of flowing water could only be seen when they swam.

“Is that a Raging Firedragon”

Chu Qingyis eyes narrowed slightly.

“This creature is very powerful.

“What kind of place is this”

She was very curious about this world.

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