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Chapter 1359 High School Era

“Great devil…”

Chu Qingyi was slightly absent-minded and her eyes shone with a strange light.

She imagined the scene and was rather stunned.

There were hundreds of thousands of corpses, and her Master looked down on the world alone.

His sword-wielding figure was still as charming as ever.

“But Master, in reality, is different from what I imagined,” Chu Qingyi said after thinking about it for a moment.

“Whats the difference” Mu Xue was stunned.

“What kind of person did you imagine Master is”

“A swordsman.

A lone wanderer who transcends the mortal world and travels the world alone.

Well… I thought that he would be the kind of carefree person who doesnt have any worries,” Chu Qingyi said.

“Hahaha.” Mu Xue chuckled and said, “Hes not a swordsman.

Swordsmanship is just a means of our Master.

He has countless means.

You cant even imagine how many he has.

He was unworldly before, but now he is different.

A lone wanderer would be too independent.

Our Master cares most about his family – whether its his family of three or the whole family of Mount New Moon.

But you are right about one thing – Master is very casual and carefree.

We have all witnessed his rise.

He has been fighting all the way until now.

No matter where he is, he would be the most dazzling one.”

Judging from Mu Xues expression, she looked like an admirer who had completely fallen for Zhang Hans might.


Mu Xue sighed faintly and said, “Among the four disciples of Master, only the two of us are single.

You can just wait and see.

After staying with Master for a long time, well become picky about men and cant get boyfriends.”

Chu Qingyi shot an indifferent glance at Mu Xue and snorted disdainfully at her words.

“Among the four disciples, only I know the tip of the iceberg of Masters true identity.” Mu Xue suddenly lowered her voice as if she had said something taboo.

“Our Master may be a super expert who has returned from the Cultivation World.

I thought that he may have been injured or something so he needs to be recovered little by little through cultivation.

Your arrival has confirmed my thoughts.”

“I think so too,” Chu Qingyi said with a nod of her head.

“When I obtained the martial arts heritage, the supreme being in the image was at least at the Mastery Realm.”

“The Mastery Realm.

Thats formidable.” Mu Xues eyes lit up.

“Im only at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage now.

Im not powerful enough in the Cultivation World.

I need to enter the God Transformation Realm as soon as possible.”

“How long have you all been in the Cultivation World” Chu Qingyi asked.

She never chatted with others for such a long time.

If Ye Longyuan saw Chu Qingyi at this time, he would be quite surprised and wonder why Older Martial Sister Chu would start to chat with others face to face.

The most important thing was that she couldnt help but be curious about her Master.

“A few years ago, we first went to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

At that time, we felt that the Sea Dragon Star Area was really big, but in less than a year, under the leadership of Master, we destroyed the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and established the Heavenly Group.

Now, you have seen the scale of the group, which is the largest force in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Later, Master took the time to destroy eight of the Eleven Families in the Chaotic Region, which terrified the whole Star Area.

After that, he went to the Domain of Seven Desolations.

That place was really high-end, dominated by the Demon Clan.

Many people there were in the God Transformation Realm and Integration Realm.

There were also many Great Devils and Demonic God Temples,” Mu Xue said.

“The Demon Clan” Chu Qingyi frowned.

“There were a lot of Earthfiends, Blood Demons, Stone Demons, and Deep-sea Giant Demons, but Master got a sword from a place in the depths of the Sea Eye called the Seven-star Sword.

He killed millions of Demon Clan members with that single sword.

At that time, Master was like a Demonic God, unstoppable and invincible in the world.” Mu Xues expression was full of admiration.

“Where is the Domain of Seven Desolations” Chu Qingyi asked.

“Its not easy to find it.

Its in the depths of the Chaotic Region.

One would need to go through a specific Space Passage to get there.

Now that passage cant be found.

Only the Seven-star Sword of Master can find that place.” Mu Xue said, “And then we went to the Star Province to kill the Peacock King and the Iron Armor Dragon.

We also ate more than a hundred ancient demonic beasts.”


Chu Qingyi was stunned.

“How many ancient demonic beasts did they eat

“More than a hundred”

“This…” Chu Qingyi was shocked.

“Young lady, dont be too shocked.

Youll slowly find out in the future.” Mu Xue stopped at the right time.

Without saying anything else, she lay on the chair, picked up her mobile phone, and flipped through the websites casually.

As for Chu Qingyi, she grew silent as she looked out of the window, thinking about something.

In the restaurant, Mengmengs party went very smoothly.

The classmates chatted and laughed happily until the party ended.

The sky had already darkened.

Li Muen followed them shopping and was sent home at nine oclock.

It could be said that Mengmengs junior high school era had ended.

On September 1st, it was the start of school.

“My daughter is going to high school.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “She has grown up and is powerful now.

She doesnt need my protection here.”

“Ill protect Daddy in the future.” Mengmeng clasped her hands behind her back and looked calm.

“Youre such a smug.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at her.

“Stop showing off.”

The family of three had just finished breakfast.

Mengmeng was wearing a white T-shirt with a yellow duck pattern printed on it and a pair of light blue denim shorts.

Her legs were straight and slender.

She was wearing white sneakers while the edge of her purple socks was revealed.

She was dressed like a sweet young student with a schoolbag on her back and a pink cap in her hand.

She was ready to go.

“Lets go,” Mengmeng said.


Lets go, but hear me out.” Zhang Han felt that he needed to instruct her, so he said earnestly, “If there are any boys wooing you, just drive them away.

I dont need to send anyone to protect you girls, but I will occasionally go over and watch.

As long as you dont date someone, you can do whatever you want.

You are still young…”

“Oh, Dad, why are you nagging me” Mengmeng said grumpily, “Ive told you that I wont date anyone.

Dont worry, Father.

As long as you dont bully me, I wont do it.”

As she spoke, she even made a small threat.


Zhang Han laughed awkwardly.

If he repeated it a few more times, she would be brainwashed.

This was a tactic.

“Youd never worry me.

Lets go.”

Zhang Han took the lead to go downstairs.

“Its time to go to school!” Mengmeng called out.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina jumped out of their villas.

Because there were too many of them, Zhang Han drove a black, extended Hummer this time.

The six tires were like Violent Dragons that were on the road.

They attracted everyones attention.

The crowd went all the way to the No.

1 High School.

The gates of the Junior Section and Senior Section were respectively located on the sides of the north and south.

The gate of the Senior Section was more magnificent, and the overall scale of its buildings was much larger.

In the Senior Section, there were not only students from the schools Junior Section but also many students from other schools who got admitted.

The number of students in each grade was double that of the Junior Section.

“Daddy, stop here.

We need to keep a low profile.

There are too many people at the school gate.” Mengmeng blinked her big bright eyes, observed secretly, and decided to get out of the car while they were still far from the school gate.


Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

He parked the car by the side of the road.

“Well go to school.” Mengmeng waved her hand and blew Zhang Han a kiss.

“See you, Uncle Zhang.”

Yue Xiaonao and the other two girls also bid farewell to him.

Although they were far away from the school gate, many people still noticed that a few beautiful girls got out of the cars including some adults.

They were envious.

“Its obvious that theyre rich, but why are they so good-looking as well

“Well, since theyre rich, their mothers might be beautiful.

As for how their fathers look, thats uncertain.”

On the girls way to school, the closer they were to the gate, the more students came and went.

At the beginning of the new semester, many students were excited and looked around.

They were freshmen.

Some students had arrogant expressions on their faces as they glanced at the surrounding crowd.

They seemed a bit interested.

They were all senior students.

“Look over there.

Those girls are so pretty.”

“Holy crap.

Are they freshmen”

“Im doomed.

Im in love.

I like the girl wearing a pink hat.”

“Shes so beautiful that shes way out of my league.

I like the tallest one.

She will suit me better.”

If the girls heard these peoples words, they would probably want to beat them up.

Fortunately, they were used to being observed secretly, so they didnt care about what others said.

They came early and entered the school from the school gate.

For many new students, even the air was fresh since they were about to enter a brand new environment and start their high school life.

At this time, in their hearts, it was not about dull learning but meeting new students and making new friends.

New things would make people nervous and excited.

It was as if they hadnt realized that the most important period of their study had begun.

“We need to gather up on the playground.”

“We will be in Class 21.”

Mengmeng and the girls were also chatting.

“I need to study these days.

I havent read the high school textbooks yet.”

“We have to get good results in our first exam so that next time we hang out, we will have nothing to worry about,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“You should worry about yourself instead,” Felina suddenly said.

Hearing this, Yue Xiaonao raised her eyebrows immediately and said, “If you dont know how to speak properly, talk less.”

Felina was speechless.

The teaching building in front of the gate had six floors.

It was large in area, with teaching buildings on both sides.

There were a total of three teaching buildings.

In the middle of the back was the playground, and behind the teaching buildings on both sides were all kinds of venues, such as the basketball gym, the football field, the canteen, a few dormitory buildings, teachers buildings, and so on.

It was the most powerful high school among all the public schools.

As for the top-tier university admission rate, approximately 63% of the students who majored in science got admitted to top-tier universities every year while 60% of the students who majored in arts did that.

Some major high schools had a top-tier university admission rate of almost 100% because there were not many students in those schools.

And because the No.

1 High School had too many students, some of them who didnt focus on studies lowered the top-tier university admission rate.

The schools overall strength was very famous.

Yue Xiaoxiao looked over and said, “I saw a few classmates.”

“Practically everyone in the Junior Section got promoted to Senior Section.

Some of them went to other schools.

They can still get to see quite a few familiar faces,” said Nina.

They walked all the way to the playground.

There was no doubt that the four gorgeous girls attracted great attention.

Those who saw them were stunned.

“Mengmeng, over here!”

Li Muen waved her hand not far away.

“Its not like well go to the same class.

Why would I go over to you”

Mengmeng waved her hand to say hello and then continued to walk to the area for Class 21.

There were more than 40 people in her class lining up there.

Six or seven boys were chatting at the end of the line.

When Mengmeng and the girls walked over, the boys stopped their discussion abruptly.

“Holy **! Four pretty girls”

Some of the male students were shocked and amazed, but they were wondering how to show themselves and get to know the girls.

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