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Chapter 1363 Thought It Would Be a Reward

“Go out to the sea”

Mengmeng thought about it.

They would go see the mysterious island of the Level S Relic.

Mengmeng was also full of curiosity about Level S Relics.

Adventures always made people nervous and excited.

Jeffreys words stunned the surrounding students.

“Damn, this guy is so cool.

He invited four pretty girls at once to spend a weekend with him.

Doesnt that mean that they will spend the night out there together”

“He must not be able to do that.”.”

“Whats the fun about going out to sea Well, it depends on whom to go out to sea with.

He will go out with those four pretty girls.

Oh my! Think about how they will look in swimsuits…”

Several students thought to themselves.

They stole a few glances at those girls figures.

They looked slightly immature, but now their breasts had developed, and they were very attractive.

They also became targets of many peoples unrequited love.


With a thought from Nina, Jeffrey was bewitched.

The girls packed up their school bags and walked out of the classroom.

Jeffrey followed them from afar.

They walked to the school gate and continued walking for five minutes after taking a right turn.

They came to the side street and got in an extended car.

“Is he the one you talked about”

Zhang Han looked at the rearview mirror and found that Jeffrey was still trapped in the illusion.

Now Zhang Han could sense it immediately with his powerful will.

Although he had lost his soul sense, it was just like the saying – “God closes a door for you and opens a window for you.” Zhang Han got his achievements through his own struggle.

He didnt lose his soul sense but was raising something more terrifying.

Zhang Han was looking forward to seeing how powerful his Thunder Body would be.

On Rain-falling Star.

At this time, lightning and thunder were still flashing, and dark clouds were still lingering.

Loshanwu looked at the sky a bit sadly.

After a while, he sighed.

“Zhang Hanyang is right.

Its time to move to another planet.”

There was no way for him to continue living like this.

He knew that there was a change in the planets core, and something had been moved by Zhang Hanyang.

Because of this, Rain-falling Star was now trapped in a bad environment.

In just a few days, not only there was great rain and lightning, but also the rain couldnt stop and the sea level steadily rose.

The 100-meter-high waves became a common occurrence.

The land also shook frequently.

Now, five giant peaks had collapsed.

“Foamy Blue Star.”

Loshanwu turned on his communication device and looked through a planet, which was arranged by Zhao Feng.

There was a series of modifications on the planet, and it took place very fast.

The scale was roughly the same as that of the Rain-falling Star.

Loshanwu thought for a moment and wanted to move there.

In fact, even he did not know what was in the center of the Rain-falling Star.

Even Zhang Han had never owned a Thunder Body, let alone gotten to know one.

He was also looking forward to having a Thunder Body.

However, he didnt think too much about it right now.

If there were no changes, it would probably take quite some time for Thunder Body to be born.

It could take decades or even centuries.

It wouldnt solve the problem he had right now.

As the Sixth Mind had said, the fluctuations would be very powerful, and the impact would be greatly significant.

Zhang Han had to treat it seriously and familiarize himself with his body as soon as possible.

With the departure of the Thunderbolt Mark, Zhang Han could no longer feel the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

He could not perform it either.

When he comprehended the Great Void Thunder Scripture, he could sense its profound mysteries.

After it was lost, even if he knew what its essence was, he still wouldnt be able to use it.

As for the Great Demons Nascent Soul, it was now refreshed and quieted down.

When the situation was within his control, Zhang Han could do whatever he wanted.

This was his true self.

At this time, in the car.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Nina nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Yes, he is the one who offered to take us to the Level S Relic, and thats also what he did this time.”

“I see.”

Zhang Han nodded.

His soul sense could cover the whole of Xiangjiang, but he could only scan one kilometer around with his mind.


Zhang Han said, “Activate the Space Portal when there is danger.

I can only sense it when you activate it.”


Got it.” Mengmeng laughed and said, “Now with them around, Im also awesome.”

“Of course, I feel reassured.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “Im doing this just in case of an accident.”

With Mengmengs identity as the Heavenly Lord, there was no danger for her here.

But there were no absolutes in the world.

Zhang Han was like an ordinary parent, and he would worry when his child went out.

“When will you be back” Zhang Han asked.

“He said well go out for two days, so well come back on Sunday.

Maybe in advance,” Mengmeng said.


You can go out and have fun.”

Zhang Han was a parent who spoiled his child.

He said with a smile, “Where should I drop you, girls”

“Maybe at Deepwater Bay” Mengmeng looked at the other girls and said after thinking for a while, “Lets go to the Deepwater Bay and rent a yacht to go out to the sea.”

Zhang Han drove all the way to Deepwater Bay.

He remembered that when he brought Zi Yan here, they didnt get a warm welcome because they drove a panda car.

In contrast, he drove a luxury limousine this time.

The staff of that place hurried out to welcome them.

“Daddy, you dont need to make the arrangements for us.

He will do it.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Hahaha, okay.”

Zhang Han got in the car.

Nina reduced the effects of the illusion.

Jeffrey could not tell if it was real or illusory.

At this moment, he waved his hand.

“I want the best yacht.”

“Okay, please come in.”

The procedures were handled quickly.

They got on the yacht.


Jeffrey grinned.

At the same time, he used his ability to release a little energy, as if he was trying to influence Mengmeng and the rest.

“How despicable.”

Mengmeng performed a spiritual occult art casually.

Jeffrey once more sank into chaotic consciousness.

A few hours later.

The crew member who drove the yacht came over and said that they had arrived at the destination.

Only then did Jeffrey return to normal.

“This is it”

His aura was slightly weak.

He was exhausted in his soul.

“Go down now.

Follow the direction I instructed you.”

Sitting on the recliner, Jeffrey held onto a walkie-talkie.

He said, “Move forward first.”

“There are clouds and rain ahead.

The sea here is relatively deep.

If theres a storm, things will be rather unpredictable.

I think its better for us to go back,” the staff said.

“Cut the crap!”

Jeffrey performed his techniques to affect the staff members below.

The yacht continued to move forward.

Two hours later, Jeffrey suddenly took out a token from his pocket.

It was a third-tier spirit treasure.

“This is something I stole from my Second Grandpa.

Its a guide medallion that combines the treasures over there.

It has some formations as well.

Its a very mysterious thing.”

Jeffrey said clearly, “Youll be with me, and you will come into contact with more of these things in the future.

In the outside world, you will see things more clearly.

This is the benefit of being my girls.”

Mengmeng and the others watched coldly.

They were already tired of him.

“I think Uncle Zhang is right.

Such a person will be a scourge in the future.”

Felina suddenly designated Voice-transmitting Technique to the others.

“After this matter is finished, I will cripple his cultivation,” Nina said via Voice-transmitting Technique.

Just like that, they chatted through Voice-transmitting Technique for a while before silently looking around.

Sure enough, a storm was about to arrive.

Black clouds loomed over the city.

Great mists surged, waves overflowing into the heavens.

It seemed to be darkness ahead.

Right at this moment, Jeffrey turned his head and smiled.

“Dont be scared.

Youre safe with me.”


It seemed that the yacht couldnt be controlled while in the wind and waves.

Gradually, there seemed to be a trace of energy in the waves.

Dozens of waves almost smashed the yacht into pieces.

“He truly overestimates his capabilities.”

Yue Xiaonao designated Voice-transmitting Technique and defused the restlessness in the waves.

With Jeffreys level, there was no way that he could arrive safely, and the ocean could swallow him whole.

Mengmeng found it a bit weird.

She sensed the surroundings carefully and said, “Why do I feel that the sea here is like the Boundless Sea”

They moved forward for two hours.

In front of them appeared a huge whirlpool in the sea.

At first, they only felt the rhythm of the water flow.

Later, when their vision became wider, they found that the yacht entered the edge and was quickly swallowed up by the whirlpool.

“Heaven Gate, open!”

Jeffrey controlled the guide medallion.

A stream of faint white energy emerged more than a dozen meters below the whirlpool.

The yacht went in and crashed the whirlpool.

“A clear and sunny sea”

The Heavenly Pearl appeared in Mengmengs palm.

After detecting for a while, she said, “Is it a Space Passage That cant be right.

It turns out that the Level S Relic is still in the process of taking shape.

Is that why I cant detect it It may be so.”

“Lets go and have a look.” Yue Xiaonao said, “It should be the island ahead.”

The place was like a paradise with parallel seawater all around.

The water was very blue, and the sky very blue.

There was only one island in the distance and nothing else.

“Were here!”

Jeffrey shouted happily ahead.

The yacht moved forward quickly.

Just when they were halfway there-

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Four people flew over quickly.

Among them, there was an old man, two middle-aged men, and a man in his early twenties.

The old mans face darkened.

“Jeffrey What are you doing here How did you get here”

A long-haired middle-aged man asked, “How did you get here with no one leading the way”

“Great-grandpa, I…I…I came with the medallion,” Jeffrey said weakly.

He seemed to not understand why they were so infuriated.

“You dare to bring outsiders here” The short-haired, middle-aged mans eyes flashed with a cold light.

He wasnt angry at Jeffrey, but at the others on the yacht.

But when he saw Mengmeng and the girls sitting in the back, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Great-grandpa, Im currently staying in Xiangjiang.

Well, they are my girlfriends, so I took them here to look around.

They will never tell anyone about this place.

As for the ones who drive the yacht, since Im here…” Jeffrey did not continue, but his meaning was very clear.

“Since Im here, is there a need for the irrelevant ones to exist”

“Theres no hurry in this.”

The man in his early twenties said with a smile, “Jeffrey, I know youre very filial.

You know that were bored here, so you brought a few young pretty girls over.

How do you know that they are my favorites”

“No, Second Uncle.

They are…” Jeffreys expression changed.


His Second Uncle interrupted him with a smile.

“With your cultivation method, you cant have sex, not in at least a few decades.

All right, we appreciate your kindness.

If you have nothing else to do, go ashore and have a rest.

As for them, youve brought them here, so they cant be sent out.

The news here cant be known by outsiders.

In this case, it shows the will of heaven.

They are still virgins, so its reasonable for us to enjoy them first.”

“I…” Jeffrey was at a loss for words.

He wanted to cry but had no tears.


The old man smiled faintly and shook his head slightly.

Before he could finish his words…


A mist of blood suddenly drifted around them.

“One of us is missing”

Jeffreys Second Uncle who had spoken had disappeared.


“A blood mist!”

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