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Chapter 1369 A Highly Difficult Assessment

“Thats not cheating.

Its a matter of course.” Zhang Han said helplessly, “The activity is originally prepared for you.

Otherwise, how could I give others a seventh-tier spirit treasure”

In the current situation, it was indeed impossible for him to give away a seventh-tier spirit treasure to others casually.

It should be noted that the seventh-tier spirit treasures were ranked the top in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It was the first time for one to be presented as a reward in Dragnet Academy and even in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

In the past, Zhang Han had given away his seventh-tier spirit treasures many times, but he was not allowed to do whatever he wanted at this stage with his current strength.

“It wont be proper, will it” Mengmeng thought about it again and felt a little guilty.

This was not fair to others.

As if he knew what Mengmeng was thinking, Zhang Han said with a smile, “There is no absolute fairness in the world.

It was originally prepared for you.

Besides, the rewards for the second to the tenth places are not bad and also very tempting.

Its just that theyre not so attractive as a seventh-tier spirit treasure.”

“Got it.” Mengmeng thought about it and thought that he was right.

Her father offered a seventh-tier spirit treasure and would give it to her indirectly.

Then, he would give a lot of treasures to the people who participated in the activity.

It was a nice thing.

“What is the pellet formula I need to study it and practice when I go back,” Mengmeng said.

“Why bother doing that Ill teach you step by step.”

Zhang Han laughed.

He came to the courtyard with Mengmeng and began to refine various medicinal pellets.

The strong foundation of the Dao of plants and vegetation that Mengmeng had learned began to appear.

With the help of the method of refining pellets and the attainments of plants and vegetation, she had mastered how to refine pellets and naturally become more skilled at it.

Zi Yan, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and others all watched the scenes aside.

Now, they wouldnt be surprised about what they saw.

It seemed that Zhang Han got used to spoiling his daughter.

It had little impact on the crowd.

They were used to it.

The news of the seventh-tier spirit treasure, Fairy Furnace, gradually spread among some forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The trainees of Dragnet Academy told the news to their families.


“A seventh-tier pellet furnace spirit treasure Is the news true”

After they confirmed the news, many families got excited.

“Xiaoan, since those powerful seniors have all left, only a few trainees are skilled at pellet refining as you do.

If you can fight for our family and get the seventh-tier Fairy Furnace, we will reward you with a million crystal stones, and we will train you well so that you can go to the Star Dragon Area for further cultivation.”

“We must get that seventh-tier furnace spirit treasure!”

“Why would Dragnet Academy give out such a valuable reward”

Some people didnt want to get involved in this matter.

The disciples of their families couldnt even get the tenth place, let alone the first place.

They didnt think that their disciples would win.

As for those who had a chance, their families had great expectations of them.

But they didnt know that the first place had been determined.

There was even a funny thing.

After learning the news, Loshanwu was surprised for quite a while and then sighed.

“Alas, Zhang Hanyang is such a good buddy.”

He directly called Zhang Han through his communication device.

After the call was connected, he said with a smile, “Zhang Hanyang, our living on the new planet is nice, and we didnt have much trouble moving.

Why would you be so courteous Im so grateful for your nice gesture…”

“What are you talking about”

“The Fairy Furnace.” Loshanwu said, “The best trainees of the senior year have been taken away.

Now Lilis pellet refining skills are almost the best among the trainees.

So the Fairy Furnace you offered will be…”

While speaking, Loshanwu suddenly felt that something was wrong, so he stopped talking.

“Thats for my daughter.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “She will take first place.”

Loshanwu suddenly coughed.


So thats how it is.

I get it now.


He exchanged pleasantries with Zhang Han before he hung up.

Loshanwus face was slightly red.

After a moment of silence, he finally said, “Its so embarrassing!”

And just like that, the eye-catching event held by the Pellet-refining Branch in the Dragnet Academy began.

Almost everyone signed up for this pellet-refining event.

Even many new trainees signed up for it.

The ones from the other branches had come to watch.

The first place would be prized with the seventh-tier pellet furnace, and the others in the top ten would be offered sixth-tier spirit treasures.

In addition to the tempting rewards for the top 10, the ones ranked 10th to 100th would be prized with fifth-tier spirit treasures.

One seventh-tier, nine sixth-tier, and ninety fifth-tier treasures could be obtained from participating in the competition.

The contestants didnt need to gain points, nor did they need to take risks.

It was simply an enormous benefit.

“What a huge offering.”

Many tutors exclaimed repeatedly, “Even I want to participate.


Treasure is really generous.”

“This is unprecedented, and its so stunning that it attracts so many people to watch.

There will probably be even more people coming to the Pellet-refining Branch to study and cultivate.”

“Our branch is getting more and more popular.”

“Its all thanks to Mr.


The square was also decorated with various venues that could accommodate more than 10,000 people refining pellets at the same time.

Several empty areas on the side, and even the wide streets, had been arranged with venues just because there were too many participants.

Soon, Headmaster Shan and the others also arrived.

“Headmaster Shan!”

“Headmaster Shan!”

Many people greeted him.

Not only Headmaster Shan, but also five of the other seven presidents came, and the remaining two were busy with their own affairs.

The Pellet-refining Branchs activity seemed to have become the Dragnet Academys event.

“Has Mr.

Treasure arrived yet” said a president.

“He hasnt arrived yet.

He has always been punctual.

Its only 7:30 a.m.

while the event will start at 8:30 a.m., and we may be a bit early,” Headmaster Shan said with a smile.

“Indeed, we did arrive a bit early,” said someone.

The president of the Spirit Branch even shook his head lightly.


Treasure is indeed punctual.

I heard that when he worked as the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department, he would get to his classes right on time.”

“The eight branches are supposed to hold their own activities.

I thought that the Pellet-refining Branch wouldnt host one because Mr.

Treasure hadnt returned, but I never expected it to become the largest event.”

“Look at the trainees in Grade Three.

They are so excited as if they have been intrigued.”

“The rewards are indeed very tempting.”

While they were chatting, many trainees were also chatting.

“Theres no hope for us to take first place.

Those terrifying guys in the Pellet-refining Branch have left, but there are also many people with profound attainments in pellet refining.

For example, Lorry of the Lo family is in Grade Two, but now her attainments in pellet refining are almost at the top.

Also, theres Xing Feng in Grade Three.

Hes also a very powerful person.

There are sects in the Star Dragon Area who wanted to recruit him, but he didnt go.

He wants to go directly to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven and cultivate for a few more years before he can enter the Four Great Sects and be an outer disciple.

In this way, he will still be more powerful than the core disciples of the Star Dragon Area.”

“Hes coming.

Hes coming!”


Treasure is here!”

Half an hour passed quickly while they were chatting.

At nearly eight oclock, Zhang Han walked up the stage from the side.

Zi Yan and the other people who were watching also had their seats arranged on the stone stage on the side.

“Zhang Hanyang.” Headmaster Shan greeted him with a smile.



The other presidents also greeted him with smiles on their faces.

The strongest ones in the academy now were Headmaster Shan and Zhang Hanyang.

They did not know which of them was more powerful, but Zhang Hanyang was ranked first on the Earth Dragon List, which brought him great fame, and in the future, he would definitely work in the Astral Domain.

No matter what, the three champions on the Dragon Lists would develop quite well.

“Its time to start.”

Zhang Han nodded with a smile and walked to the side of Headmaster Shan.

He glanced around before he finally fixed his eyes on Mengmeng, who was dressed nicely in a corner.

She was wearing a cap and waiting to refine pellets.

“Since the eight branches are all supposed to hold events, the Pellet-refining Branch wouldnt miss the chance to hold one.”

Zhang Han said, “The rewards for the event have been announced.

As for the rules, there are no rules.

Youll take challenges during the whole process.

The first challenge is to refine a third-tier Starlight Pill, which is required to be above medium grade.

Refine it in three hours.

The ones who succeed will advance and the ones who fail will be eliminated.”


Zhang Hans words caused waves of discussion.

“Whats a Starlight Pill Never heard of it!”

“Were only given three hours to refine a third-tier medicinal pellet, and it should be above the medium grade Thats too difficult!”

“Can trainees in Grade One reach that level”

The trainees were shocked.

Even the tutors smiled bitterly.

“We were bewitched by the rewards, but we overlooked the fact that the rewards are nice, but its not easy to get them.”

This was indeed the case.

Not even they knew what the Starlight Pill was.


Zhang Han waved his hand casually.

A pellet formula appeared in the air.

“A third-tier Starlight Pill had the effect to break through the barrier between realms.

It applies to those at the Peak Stage of the Elixir Realm to break through to the Yuan Ying realm.

The pill displays the greatest effect if used at this stage.

It displays 70% of its effect for those at the Yuan Ying Realm Early Stage to break through to the Middle Stage.

It displays 50% of its effect for those at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle Stage to break through to the Last Stage.

It wouldnt work for those at the Yuan Ying Realm Last Stage to break through to the Peak Stage and above.”

After reading the pellet formula and the Starlight Pills effect, Headmaster Shan smiled.

The other tutors faces froze.

“This… is a valuable pellet formula.”

If a third-tier medicinal pellet could have such an effect, it would absolutely be worth more than thousands.

Zhang Han said, “The pelleted formula is now provided, and the academy provides all the spiritual herbs required.

You have three hours to refine it.

Now, begin.”

The pellet-refining competition officially began.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

All the trainees moved immediately and prepared the required spiritual herbs.

Many of them looked at the pellet formula again and began to work in order.

But some people remained motionless.

Lorry and Xing Feng, whom the crowd had been discussing, as well as quite a few of the others, were looking at the pellet formula, simulating the pellet refining process in their minds, and comprehending it.

Ten minutes had passed.

It wasnt half an hour later that they began to move one after another.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

All kinds of furnace explosions could be heard everywhere, which rang out one after another.

Nearly half of the trainees looked numb.

“It has only just begun, yet Im about to be eliminated”

One hour passed.


Mengmeng also got her furnace exploded once, but fortunately, she was fast enough and succeeded the second time.

Looking at the middle-grade medicinal pellet in her hand, she raised her hand in Zi Yans direction.

Two hours later, Lorry, Xing Feng, and others all got their medium-grade medicinal pellets refined.

Three hours later, some trainees finished their work successively.

Zhang Han said, “Times up.

The trainees who havent finished can go to take a rest.”

Many tutors flew down at once and asked all the trainees who had been eliminated to leave, but they didnt.

They stood on the side and watched the competition with disappointment on their faces.

Forty percent of the trainees finished the challenge.

Sixty percent of the contestants had been eliminated.

It was just that their basic strength was too weak.

Zhang Han said briefly, “Second round would be refining a fourth-tier Dryclear Pill.

It needs to be above medium grade, and the challenge time would be three hours.”

“They need to refine the fourth-tier pellets now” Many tutors were surprised.

“Would the next round be refining the fifth-tier pellets”

If so, the difficulty of the competition was quite high.

Even the tutors might not be able to refine a fourth-tier pellet in three hours.

A pellet formula of the fourth-tier Dryclear Pill appeared in the air.

Almost everyone noted it down immediately.

This was a benefit given by Mr.

Treasure, and the pellet formula was shared with the public.


The remaining forty percent of the trainees began to refine pellets again.

They needed to refine fourth-tier medicinal pellets.

Fortunately, those with strength such as Lorry and Xing Feng werent worried.

However, most of the people present who had advanced looked worried.

While they might be able to refine a fourth-tier medicinal pellet, they might not be able to refine a medium-grade Dryclear Pill within three hours.

As for Mengmeng-

“Ill get started then.

“My success rate of refining a Dryclear Pill is 30%.

I can refine one every 40 minutes.

This is too easy for me.”

Mengmeng muttered and began to fiddle with the spiritual herbs.

She was serious about pellet refining.

She devoted herself to it.


She succeeded in one attempt.

Holding the medium-grade medicinal pellet, Mengmeng sat there and saw her father looking at her.

She raised her eyebrows and made a face.

Zhang Han laughed.

“This girl is very talented in pellet refining.”

Soon, three hours passed.

70% of the contestants had been eliminated.

The remaining 30% were mostly trainees in Grade Three.

Their faces were filled with joy.

“I passed another round.”

Zhang Han said, “Take a rest for an hour.”

He did care about these trainees because he knew that pellet refining would be exhausting.

An hour later.

Zhang Han said, “The third round would be refining a fifth-tier Huayang Pill.

It needs to be above the medium grade.

You now have three hours to refine it.”

Many people were shocked at what he said.

“Three hours.

Isnt the time too limited”

“I dont think many can advance by this round.

I doubt if even 100 people can make it!”

“Even the tutors may not be able to refine that within three hours.”

Many trainees shouted and wanted Zhang Han to give them more time.

However, their efforts were in vain.

Helplessly, the trainees could only accept reality and begin refining pellets.

“My success rate of refining a fifth-tier Huayang Pill is 30%.

Im most confident about this.”

Mengmeng felt no pressure at all.

In fact, the success rate depended on ones mentality, mood, and luck.

Mengmeng was very confident about the idea Zhang Han imparted to her.

After she got serious, she failed on the first attempt and got the furnace to explode.

Mengmeng didnt waste time.

She hurried to refine the pellet for the second time and finally succeeded.

It took her two hours to make it.

As for the others, Lorry had got her furnace to explode twice, and she still had one last chance.

Her forehead was covered in sweat.

Refining a fifth-tier medicinal pellet depended on ones luck and state.

Even so, some trainees succeeded in succession.

It took Xing Feng over ten minutes than Mengmeng to finish it.

He was indeed an expert who knew the way of Tao.

Three hours passed.

Most of the contestants were eliminated with only a few over 200 people left.

Looking at this scene, Headmaster Shan said with a sigh, “This competition goes on so fast.”

The president of the Senior Martial Arts Branch smiled and said, “Yeah.

Our branchs event last for three days before it ended, and we finished it the fastest among all the other branches.

I never expected Mr.

Treasure to be so straightforward.”


He makes this event more exciting.”

“It got me a bit excited.

I feel like participating in it.”

“Hahaha, we may not be able to do it better even if we take part in it.

I see that beautiful little girl at the back is always the fastest and very powerful.”

“She is Zhang Hanyangs daughter.”

As soon as those words were spoken, the crowd fell silent.

They seemed to have understood something.

They took a look at Zhang Han and smiled without saying anything.

“Its like he took his daughter out to have fun here.”

Zhang Han said, “Take a rest for an hour.”

He let everyone have a rest, which made many trainees breathe a sigh of relief.

Some of them closed their eyes to rest.

They were so nervous just now because they devoted all their attention to pellet refining.

But at this moment, they started to feel curious about what the next test would be.

They had just been required to refine a fifth-tier medium-grade medicinal pellet, and it was extremely difficult.

In fact, the majority of the 200 contestants present who had completed it got lucky to finish this round.

They felt that with Mr.

Treasures character, it was possible that he would require them to refine a fifth-tier top-grade medicinal pellet by the next round.

However, they were wrong.

Even the tutors and Headmaster Shan were wrong about it.

“This assessment would be the last round.

You need to refine a sixth-tier medicinal pellet, the Vast Magical Pellet.

You need to refine one above the medium grade within five hours.”

As soon as he finished speaking.


What he said was like a bolt from the blue that struck the hearts of the crowd.

“Who can do that”

“Even the tutors may not be able to do it.”

“I havent refined a sixth-tier medicinal pellet for once yet.”

“Could it be that Mr.

Treasure actually cannot give any of the great rewards he offered away”

“Thats right.

No one will give a seventh-tier spirit treasure to others, let alone sixth-tier medium-grade spirit treasures.

I dont think he will even give away a sixth-tier low-grade one.”


Zhang Hans words caused the entire crowd to burst into an uproar.

Many trainees kept shouting.

Lorry shook her head with a bitter smile.

Xing Feng also felt troubled and sighed.

“Its too difficult.”

Some of the tutors couldnt help but ask, “Mr.

Treasure, are you serious about it Even we would be unable to refine it in five hours.”


Isnt it a bit too difficult” Headmaster Shan looked hesitant.

Facing these questions, Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

“If they dont try, how would we know if anyone can succeed”


After that, Zhang Han conjured the pellet formula in the air with a thought.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

No matter what the trainees had said before, everyone was now focused on the pellet formula.

They would never turn down a free sixth-tier pellet formula.

After they read the formula, its complexity caused the scalps of all the contestants to tingle.

“Can that really be achieved How is that possible”

“I cant do it in five hours.”

“I feel like hes making things difficult for us.”


The discussion was heard again, and many trainees were in bad mood.

Zhang Han glanced at them and said, “Youll just need to try it.

The rankings of the top 100 will be listed.”

“Will it not affect the rankings”


“Are the rankings determined by the degree of fulfillment”

“It must be that.

How many of us can refine a sixth-tier medium-grade medicinal pellet Or perhaps it should be said that none of us can make it.


Treasure said that there would be a ranking and he offered rewards.

Hes doing this just to see our performance.”

“I shouldnt have said those things about Mr.

Treasure before.

How could someone as formidable as him have his reputation affected by these treasures”

“Lets get it started now.

We should perform well and strive for a high ranking!”

These people immediately became greatly cheered.

All of them got down to the business.

Some kept comprehending and thinking while some were making an attempt.

There were many spiritual herbs and within the examination time, each contestant only had three chances.

But was what they had been given really enough

It was also very difficult for Mengmeng to refine a sixth-tier Vast Magical Pellet.

If she could succeed, it would take her about four hours and 40 minutes.

That was to say, with the help of Zhang Han, it would take nearly five hours for someone with Mengmengs cultivation to refine one, and the competition rules said that the contestants had five hours.

Zhang Han didnt believe that there would be such a fast talent.

At the very least, a group of excellent disciples of the Dragnet Academy had passed the assessment of the Star Dragon Region before, and the rest were average.

To put it bluntly, there werent many powerful people present.

Mengmeng took action at the beginning.

She was focused as before.

She took the spiritual herbs in the sequence and began the pellet refining.

“She started just like that”

“She seems to be a master.

She was always the fastest when she refined pellets before.”

“This pretty girl will definitely get her furnace to explode.”


Mengmeng was the first to move, which attracted the attention of a lot of trainees.

Everyone was talking about it.

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