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Chapter 1379 Breaking the Rules

“What did you say Little brat, you have bad intentions!”

Suddenly, a voice came from somewhere, and no one knew who said those words.

The old man looked slightly embarrassed.

“Well, Im sorry that our kid isnt sensible,” Zhang Mu said.

At this time, Zhang Mu was like a peacemaker and was trying to smooth things over through communication.

His appearance matched his character indeed.

“Im not a kid!”

Now, the old man finally heard the source of the voice.

He fixed his eyes on Mengmengs schoolbag and saw two eyes in there.

It seemed to be a small thing.

“Is it an Exotic Beast And its speaking in the human tongue”

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly.

He felt that it was extraordinary.

“Mind your words.”

The old man glared at his grandson again.

He then looked at Zhang Mu and said with a smile, “Our child is spoiled and has little experience in the outside world.

I have specially brought him here to help broaden his horizons.”

“I see.” Zhang Mu smiled.

“Im not a child either, Im already fifteen years old.” The boy said, “In the future, Ill be as powerful as Prince Feng!”

“You think you can be someone like Prince Feng” The old man suddenly laughed.

“If thats your goal, you need to work hard on your cultivation.”

Zhang Han and his team had heard of the title, Prince Feng of Illusory Mansion, last time.

“Now, Prince Feng and Dai Wentian of Illusory Mansion also came here.

My grandson admires Prince Feng.”

The old man smiled and said, “Soul Expert Qin Jun from the Myriad Mountains Palace will also come over.

They are all the most famous characters.

Many influential figures from the three great powers, the War Saint Abyss, Myriad Mountains Palace, and Illusory Mansion have arrived.

Normally, they would exchange moves with each other, but at this time, they will work together to fight against the Demon Clan.”

What he said was quite straightforward.

However, one of the disciples of the Illusory Mansion refuted him.

He turned his head, glanced at Zhang Han and the others, and said, “whether the human race is united depends on the situation.”

That was all he wanted to say.

He was not interested in saying anything else.

Although he was interested in those pretty ladies, he did not dare to say anything since the supervisor of the Illusory Mansion was there.

“Apart from the three great powers, the remaining powers possess very little fame,” the old man kept talking.

On the way to the Fiend Cave, the crowd learned a lot about the cave.

The demons had been able to enter the cave precisely because of the Bounded Domains.

But the entrance was inland.

It wasnt convenient for the demons to come in an imposing manner.

This was the beginning of the war.

There were many battles, but they were just tentative attacks, which belonged to small-scale fights.

Only after the humans and beasts could enter would the middle-level officials of the three parties reach an agreement to fight for resources at the same time.

Demons were confident in their own strength.

They didnt care about humans or the Demonic God Temple.

As for the latter ones, they were only planning on seizing resources from the Demon Clan, which would depend on their own luck.

The Fiend Cave was a secret land in the Domain of Seven Desolations, and there would be energy fluctuations in it.

Like the Relics, the energy fluctuations of the Fiend Cave were not strong.

Therefore, the higher-ups of the three parties were not alarmed.

They all knew about it, and some of them paid attention to it but did not care.

If they were to fight for some trivial martial arts heritage, it would be too embarrassing.

Finally, the crowd arrived at their destination.

It was an enormous lake.

In the middle of the lake, there was a deep pit, which was extremely dark.

The water flowed downward.

Under the careful perception of the crowd, they could clearly hear the sound of running water.

The black mist in the deep pit was swirling, and faint evil spirits were soaring into the sky.

This was the Fiend Cave.

The energy fluctuations were neither high nor low.

It wasnt strange for such secret realms to appear in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

Human Dao Seeking Cultivators, the Demon Clan, and Exotic Beasts of the Demonic God Temple formed a tripartite formation.

They stood in three directions.

Amongst them, the Demon Clan numbered the highest with close to a hundred thousand clansmen.

Humans numbered between forty to fifty thousand, whereas the members of the Demonic God Temple numbered between sixty to seventy thousand.

There were so many that they seemed to fight here.

It could be seen that almost all of those who came to the Fiend Cave had some prestige in the Domain of Seven Desolations but were not so powerful.

Zhang Han and his team had heard of many famous ones, such as Qin Jun, Prince Feng, and so on.

They were all peerless figures among the younger generation of the Human Clan.

Demon Clan were mostly Deep-sea Beast Demons.

There were only a hundred thousand of them here because they were limited.

The Demonic God Temple and the Human Clan wouldnt agree to let the demons enter the inland area on a large scale.

As for the Demonic God Temple, Yuan Yi and the second king of the White Dog Clan were amongst the top Exotic Beasts of the force.

Zhang Han and his team stood in the crowd.

The members of the Illusory Mansion who led the way met with the main force.

Among the teams of the Human Clan, there were the great troops from the Myriad Mountains Palace, War Saint Abyss, and Illusory Mansion.

The rest were all idle forces, gathering together to keep each other safe.

Zhang Han and the others were among the idle forces and were not eye-catching.

Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and other girls all wore caps, and their brims were lowered to hide parts of their peerless appearances.

“Which force are you from”

When they came to the main force, the old man who brought his grandson to experience the world asked this question.

“Were just from a small sect,” Zhang Mu shook his head and said.

“Grandpa, even small sects have names,” the chubby kid said.

The old man glared at him again.

“Ill send you back if you keep talking.”

The chubby boy got dejected again.

“Since hes not willing to talk, I shouldnt keep asking.”

The old man smiled.

“Its his first time out.”

“It doesnt matter.

Children say what they like.” Zhang Mu waved his hand.

At this moment, a young man flew over quickly from the side.

“Second Uncle.”

The young man wore the battle clothes of the War Saint Abyss.

His skin was a bit dark, and his appearance was ordinary.

He cupped his hands toward the old man and said with a smile, “Ah Man, why are you here as well”

“Grandpa brought me to experience.” The chubby boy was rather naughty.

He ran to the young man and touched his battle clothes with a longing expression.

“Youll just watch the fun outside.” The man glanced around, hesitated for two seconds, and then said, “The situation here is not optimistic.

You should pay attention to it and be cautious.”

“Whats the matter” The old man was stunned.

“There are treasures in the Fiend Cave.

Five hours ago, there was a strange phenomenon.” The man lowered his voice and said, “Three black phoenixes giant figures emerged for 30 seconds and their momentum was overwhelming.

There may be treasures that attract the Demonic God Temple in there.

If there is a fight, the Demon Clan and the Demonic God Temple will definitely fight each other first.

Of course, this would be the most ideal situation.”

When shepherds quarreled, the wolf would have a winning game.

Humans could also wait for an opportunity to strike when the demons and the members of the Demonic God Temple fought.

“Three black phoenixes”

When Zhang Han heard that, his eyes lit up.

The black phoenixes were one of the top clans among the ancient demonic beasts.

They had great talents.

It was rare for them to show a reflection.

Above the Fiend Cave, the strange phenomenon of the black phoenixes indicated that there was either a strand of a black phoenixs soul or things like its feather.

“With the black phoenixes level, the dark energy in a feather will be enough to allow my Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma to break through the third chapter, the Devil Scripture Chapter!

“As long as I break through the third chapter and officially cultivate the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma, my bodys compatibility will be very high.

After that, I can go find the true Land of Sealed Demons.

“Could this be fate”

Zhang Han looked up at the sky.

He felt as if Sir Mysteriouss mind was controlling this place.

Or perhaps it was because of his appearance that these changes occurred.

“Did Sir Mysterious specially prepare the Land of Sealed Demons and the sealed Great Demon for me Or is it that the things placed here are more important”

Zhang Han felt that he was getting closer to the truth.

“Be careful.

Its not that simple this time.”

The mans voice trembled slightly, and his eyes flashed with fear.

“Three Demon Generals of the Demon Clan have arrived.

They are determined to get the treasures in the Fiend Cave!”


The old mans expression changed drastically.

“The Demon Generals are here”

In the Devil Palace, the holy place of the Demon Clan, there were eight great Demon Lords, thirty-six Demon Monarchs, and seventy-eight Demon Generals.

Without a doubt, the Devil Palace controlled the strongest group of demons.

Since they were able to barge to the forefront from all the demons and become the top force, they were indeed very powerful.

Old Ape had once said that ordinary Demon Generals were at the Last Stage or even the Peak Stage of the Shadow Refining.

“On the surface, there are three Demon Generals, which are Orloff, Fank, and…”

The mans face became even more serious.

He was about to say the name that terrified him.

Under everyones gaze, he slowly said a few words, “Mu Lunze!”

“Who Demon General Mu Lunze Third Demon General.

Why, why is he here”

The crowd gasped.

“Third Demon General once slaughtered a million humans in a single night.

Countless geniuses died at his hands, and even five Last-Stage Shadow Refining experts died at his hands.”


“Third Demon General Mu Lunze reached the Peak Stage of the Shadow Refining fifty years ago.”

“Its been 50 years since that.

Who knows if he has reached the Integration Realm by now”

“Why would Mu Lunze come here”

Hearing the exclamations of a few people in the crowd who knew the situation, the man from the War Saint Abyss took a long breath and said, “Thats how we know that the Demon Clan still values this place.

It will be difficult for us to win this war.”

“Then, would the Demon Clan…” The old man was slightly afraid now.

He felt like he wanted to leave this place.

“I dont think they will.

There are only 100,000 demons here.

Even if they have three Demon Generals with them, it wont matter.

Im afraid that there are still some hidden Demon Generals.

As human Dao Seeking Cultivators, we will not let the demons do whatever they want.

Now, our War Saint Abyss has sent two elders over.

Jinchuan, the leading elder of Myriad Mountains Palace, is also very powerful.

The Illusory Mansion has sent three elders over, as well as many outstanding figures of the young generation.

Our human forces are not bad either.

There are also tens of thousands of Exotic Beasts.

Together, it will not be difficult for us to take down 100,000 demons.” The man gave reassurance.

“But there arent many people who get to enter the Fiend Cave.

The Demon Clan has ten thousand warriors, the Demonic God Temple has ten thousand Exotic Beasts, and the Human Clan has ten thousand men.

Our three sects each have three thousand people, and the remaining one thousand will be negotiated and decided by other forces.

“The news will be passed down soon.

“I need to return to the main force now.

Second Uncle, be careful.

Dont enter the Fiend Cave.”

After saying this, the man cast a glance at the team of War Saint Abyss and left hastily.

“It seems that I have underestimated the Fiend Cave before.” The old man smiled bitterly.

“They have three Demon Generals.

The Human Clan has sent over several famous elders as well.”

“Things are getting complicated.” Zhang Mu touched his beard and looked serious.

“Well, I wont go over.” The old man shook his head.

“The Human Clan has ten thousand people, and the three great secs have nine thousand while its one thousand for the other sects.

In total, we have about ten thousand people.

Theyll need to choose a thousand men by their status and arrangements.”

Hearing this, Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and the others looked at each other.

If that were the case, then the matter of the quota would have to be solved later.

After Zhang Han had learned enough about the situation, he designated Voice-transmitting Technique to Yue Wuwei and said, “I might need your help after we enter the Fiend Cave later.”



Yue Wuweis expression changed slightly, and his eyes lit up.

“Hes finally begging me.”

“What could possibly trouble you, Zhang Hanyang

“Youre so powerful, yet you need my help

“Boy, whether to help you depends on my mood.

Im not in a good mood now.

What should I do”

Hearing Yue Wuweis series of voice transmissions, Zhang Han twitched the corner of his mouth.

He glared at Yue Wuwei angrily.

“Just speak, kid,” Yue Wuwei said with a smug look.

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly before he suddenly said, “Elder Yue, your beard has grown longer.”

Seeing Zhang Hans expression, Zi Yan rolled her beautiful eyes as if she had found something.

She had a great tacit understanding with him.

Zi Yan added, “Yeah.

It doesnt suit you well.”

“Yeah! It looks ugly!” Yue Xiaonao said bluntly, “Dont worry, Ill fix that ugly beard tonight!”

Yue Wuwei was dumbfounded.

“This is how you ask me for help”

He glared at Zhang Han and snorted.

“Roughly how long will it take to open the Fiend Cave” Zhang Mu asked.

The old man next to him replied, “Soon.

Itll be just in a few hours.”

During this period, something happened.

The three sects sent their people to pass down the news of the quota.

The other sects would assign 1,000 people in total to enter the Fiend Cave.

That was not enough.

Some sects wanted to send dozens or even hundreds of their men in.

A thousand spots were simply insufficient.

But that was the rule.

With a total of thirty thousand people from the three clans entering the Fiend Cave, the rest would remain here.

Anyone who dared trespass would be killed without mercy.

So the quota of people had become a problem.

More than 10,000 people formed a huge team.

“I dont care about other people.

Our Seven Wings Sect needs 30 spots.”

“The Three Light Sect needs fifty spots.”

“The Heaven Earth Sect needs twenty spots.”


One by one, large powers started talking.

They directly gave orders to the people within those chosen candidates to go to the front.

One hundred, two hundred, five hundred, and seven hundred people had gone over.

It seemed that as long as they were fast enough, they can get the spot.

Many powers reacted and asked their candidates to quickly move forward.

Some sects had a clear conscience.

They were restrained and didnt send many candidates.

Some strong sects took eighty spots.

Zhao Feng stood aside and asked in a low voice, “Master, what about us”

Zhang Han waved his hand slightly.

He smiled and said, “Theres no hurry.

Well just let them have it.”

Rules were meant to be broken.

“Why would I bother to choose candidates with those people here”

In the end, the list of a thousand candidates was finalized.

Some sects clamored so much that their faces turned red.

They were all unwilling to accept this, but the overall situation was set after they concluded their selection.

They argued for a while but to no avail.

The overall result satisfied everyone.

“None of you are going”

The old man who took his grandson here looked at Zhang Mu and others curiously.

“Well, well go.” Zhang Mu nodded.

“Then why dont you go join the selection Its over now.” The old man was a little stunned.

“What are they doing

“Could it be that they arent strong enough, so so they dont dare enter the cave”

He didnt ask too many questions.

Another two hours passed.

“Times up.”

Jinchuan, the presbyter of the Myriad Mountains Palace, said majestically ahead of the human team, “Lets go into the Fiend Cave! The rest of the Human Clan will guard here, and the rest of the Myriad Mountains Palace will be responsible for maintaining order.

After we enter there, no one is allowed to go in.”

“Yes, sir!”

The remaining thousands of disciples from the Myriad Mountains Palace responded in unison.

“Disciples of the War Saint Abyss, disciples of the Illusory Mansion, and the other human powers will all maintain order here.”

Some elders from the three powers spoke up.

Among the three forces that came here, only Myriad Mountains Palace had sent over one elder, who was Jinchuan, and he was very famous.

As for the other two sects, each of them had sent over more than one elder.

Ten thousand humans had gathered together to proceed toward the Fiend Cave.

At the same time, the ten thousand Demon Clan members were also moving forward.

The three leading Demon Generals were terrifying.

Among them, the most famous one was Mu Lunze.

After all, he had slaughtered cities and killed millions of people.

He was a great enemy of the Human Clan.

The Demonic God Temple had sent over ten thousand Exotic Beasts.

Amongst them was the second king of the White Dog Clan, Yuan Yi, the Giant Pythons, Blue Foxes, and so on.

The Demonic God Temple had sent out many of its core clans.

There was no dispute.

The White Dog Clan and the Ape Clan had sent only dozens of their clansmen over while the Giant Python Clan sent out more than 10,000 Giant Pythons here.

The three groups, combined with the ones behind, rapidly approached the Fiend Cave.

“To the Fiend Cave!” Jinchuan said.

“Lets get it started then.” The Demon Generals took the lead.

A small number of them were in the form of humans, especially Mu Lunze, who was dressed in armor and had a bloodthirsty look in his eyes.

He smiled and said in a low voice, “The game is about to begin.

Im afraid that not all the humans and the goblins will get to walk out of here alive.”

“Mu Lunze, dont be too arrogant,” Dai Wentian of the Illusory Mansion said lightly.

“Since when did people like you dare to talk to me” Mu Lunze smiled.

But it made people feel cold all over.

His killing intent was too strong.

“Stop dilly-dallying,” said the second king of the White Dog Clan.

“Whats the point of saying all this Lets go in now.”


Mu Lunze didnt say anything more.

He led the group and rapidly entered the Fiend Cave from a corner.

Jinchuan and the others also led their team to enter from another corner.

As for the forces of the Demonic God Temple, they were somewhat idle and entered the Fiend Cave from two different corners.

It formed a square.

Everyone had some scruples toward each other.

They all wanted to enter smoothly, which led to this scene.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

It only took a few minutes for 10,000 people to get in.

The rest was about 10,000 meters away from the Fiend Cave.

Their groups scattered, which narrowed the gaps between them.

No one was allowed to enter the cave again.

“We can only wait here.”

The old man sighed softly and looked at Zhang Mu.

At this time, he was sure that these people beside him were also here to watch the fun.

At first, they said that they would go in, but it turned out that they were just watching here.

Even if they wanted to go now, it would be too late.

Mengmeng suddenly asked, “Dad, when are we going”

The little girl knew Zhang Han well.

“Why would we come here if we wont enter the Fiend Cave

“Daddy couldnt be bothered to watch the fun.”

Zhang Han said, “Lets go.”


Dozens of people on his team left the human troop and flew forward.

“What are you doing!”

“Stop there!”

“Which force are you from How dare you break the rules here”

The supervisors and even the protectors of the three forces spoke up in fierce voices.

“These people are breaking the rules, and thats not allowed!”

“It seems we can unleash a massacre.”

Some demons were already near.

In fact, there were quite a few Exotic Beasts from the Demonic God Temple, howling loudly as they quickly drew near.

“Anyway, its boring to stay there.

We can kill the ones who broke the rules to relieve boredom.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Members of the three human sects rushed over at an alarming speed.

Some of them had terrible looks on their faces.

“Werent they aware that this would easily trigger a great battle”

Just as people from all three sides were about to rush over, Yue Wuwei raised his eyebrows slightly and put his hands behind his back.

His gaze was indifferent.

“How imprudent.”


Like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, an extremely enormous aura suddenly emerged and swept in all directions.

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