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Chapter 1380 Great Treasures

“Oh my god!”

“This aura…”

“Its powerful, so powerful.

Theres no way I can withstand it.”

“Whos that expert Could it be that Daoist Huang Long, Tianxingzi, and Brass Immortal have been hiding in the crowd”

“The Fiend Cave has attracted such powerful experts.

Is this happening”

The flying demons not only halted but also retreated immediately and even the whole team retreated several kilometers.

The Exotic Beasts of the Demonic God Temple fled in panic.

That was because that team was composed of humans.

The group of humans not far away only halted.

Some wanted to say something but couldnt.

Under everyones focused eyes, Zhang Han and his team flew toward the entrance of the Fiend Cave.

Soon, their figures disappeared.

“They entered just like that”

The old man said dully, “So thats what they meant when they said they would go to the Fiend Cave.

No matter how many people try to stop them, their ferocious might just cant be stopped.

So those peoples rules would just be nothing in some peoples eyes.

Thats so formidable.

Im truly impressed.”

Someone from the Demon Clan asked, “Humans, Whats going on”

“What do you mean whats going on We cant stop them, and neither can you.

The ones who escaped the fastest just now were you guys, and now youre trying to question us about what happened.

What do you want”


After a round of debate, everyone drew a conclusion.

“The ones whose cultivation reaches the Integration Realm can enter the cave.”

Of course, this rule was aimed at those present and they could not get the outsiders over.

If they did, the situation would become more chaotic.

They felt somewhat helpless.

The rules that had just been established had been violently changed.

Fortunately, after Zhang Han and his team entered, it became completely calm outside the cave.

Nothing else happened.


The scene in front of Mengmeng and the others changed.

They had a familiar feeling.

The same thing happened when they enter the Relic which was a special space attached to another continent.

“Its so dark here,” Chen Chuan said quietly.

“I cant see you guys.”

“Were in a cave now,” Chen Changqing said.

“Stop talking.”

When he heard that there were echoes everywhere, and the echoes were getting louder and louder, Chen Changqing immediately reminded him.


“Its so dark here.”

“So dark here.”

“Dark here.”

Gradually, the voices became louder and louder.

It was as if they were accompanied by some kind of rule attack in the dark cave.

The sound waves grew more and more intense, affecting everyones souls.

Zhang Hans expression changed.

He designated Voice-transmitting Technique to the ones present.

“Be careful.

This is a demonic sound soul attack.

The more we speak, the stronger the attack will become.”

“A demonic sound attack” Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes.

Before he could make a move, Zhang Han waved his sleeve.

“Grand Heavenlight Earthstar Formation.”


Tens of thousands of crystal stones appeared and formed a big formation that surrounded the crowd.

At the same time, several glowing places illuminated this place.

It was indeed a cave without any light, and it was completely pitch black with no end in sight.

That darkness made them terrified inexplicably, and it was as if they would walk to hell if they walked forward.

“The exit is ahead of us.”

Yue Wuwei said, “There are no other creatures.

Dont worry, lets go.

Its just some demonic sounds around formed by a kind of Demonic Soil.”

“Demon Soil.”

Everyone was amazed.

As for what kind of demonic soil it was, Yue Wuwei could not tell.

Although Zhang Han could tell that, he didnt say it.

Unexpectedly, Yue Wuwei asked with a proud face, “So Can you tell it”


Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Its the Blood Night Demonic Soil.

On the day of the full moon, an Exotic Beast of the darkness cast its supernatural power to form a blood moon.

The Blood Night Demon Soil is formed with the energy of the essence of blood.

I suspected before if there was really a treasure of a black phoenix here, but Im sure about it now.”

“You…” Yue Wuwei glared at him.

He hated the fact that Zhang Han knew more than he did.

“He can even describe it in detail.

It seems that he does know it well.”

“How did you guess that it was a black phoenix” Yue Wuwei retorted.

“You said that I was just guessing it, so why would you even ask that” Zhang Han glanced at him, thought for a moment, and explained, “According to the strange phenomenon they mentioned before, there must be feathers or claws of a black phoenix.

But now when I see the Demon Soil, Im sure that there are more treasures than I assumed.

As for what they are exactly, we need further inspection.”

“Daddy, youre so amazing.” Mengmeng gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up with a worshipful look.

He knew everything and was omnipotent.

“Oh, please.”

Zi Yan said, “Were still in a secret realm.

If you dont want to be a makeweight, you need to get serious.”


I wont be a makeweight this time,” Mengmeng muttered and looked around with her big bright eyes.

When she looked to the right, she suddenly saw two small light spots in the darkness.

“Whats that

“Judging from the size, it seems to be the eyes of some creature!”


She used the Fireball Skill.

Mengmeng exclaimed and immediately launched the Fireball Skill with all her strength.


The white flames from the Fireball Skill lit up the surroundings.

Everyone saw that in the darkness, there was a black bat hanging upside down.


In the face of Mengmengs attack, the bat calmly dodged and turned into a stream of light to attack her from another angle.


However, before it could take action, Little Heis figure flashed.

The bat was doomed.


The bats corpse fell onto the ground with a dull thud.

“What a big bat.”

“Oh my god.” Yue Xiaonao widened her eyes and said, “Dad, you just told us that there is nothing here.

Did you lie to us”

“I didnt lie.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard and said seriously, “You all got startled.

Do you think its safe just because I said it is This is a secret realm here, and anything can happen in this place.

If you dont wish to rely too much on us, you have to stay vigilant.”

“Got it.” Nina nodded in response.


I think its just that you didnt discover it.” Yue Xiaonao grunted.

Zhang Han didnt mind making a scene and said directly, “Its true that you guys didnt find it, because Elder Yue blocked the smell of the bat.

He was just trying to frighten you.”

“You brat!” Yue Wuweis eyes widened.

“Do you still want my help”

“Lets go now.

The environment here is nice with bats flying past from time to time.

Those fellows feed on human blood.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Elder Yue and I, as well as Chu Qingyi and Felina, wont take action.

The rest of you guys, stay cautious.

There are quite some bats here.”

He cast a formation to block the demonic sound attack, which was relatively mysterious.

If it injured the soul, it would be terrible.

As for those bats, the crowd could use them for practice.


Dahei patted its chest and said, “Ill transform and trample them to death.”

“You cant do that.

If you transform, it will make the cave collapse,” Mengmeng said.


In the end, Dahei and Little Hei didnt take action.

Chen Chuan, Liang Mengqi, and other weak family members ran to the middle of the line.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

They didnt expect that there would be so many bats.

Along the way, they saw light ahead and were about to leave the cave.

These people had killed more than a thousand bats, each of which was about at the Early or Middle Stage of the Yuan Ying Realm.

“This is it.”

After Yue Wuwei said that, everyone sped up.

Up ahead, there seemed to be a door of light.

But that was only some sunlight.

Although they were in darkness, they were determined to search for brightness.

They walked in the darkness until they entered the light.

“Wow! What beautiful scenery.”

What came into view was refreshing and amazing.

The grass was soft, the trees were lush, and the river was gurgling.

It looked like a painting full of vitality.

The sun hung in the air ahead, its light nourishing the earth.

It didnt look like a place of the Fiend Cave but simply a paradise.

“The scenery is so beautiful,” Zhang Li said in a daze.

Many others were the same, staring blankly at everything before them.

The reason why they were astonished was because of the great contrast.

They had just been in a swamp and a dark cave within the Fiend Cave.

Suddenly, they came to a beautiful place with pleasant scenery.

This kind of difference was just stunning.

“When things reach their limits, they reverse.”

Zhang Han said, “Its normal.

Although the scenery is beautiful, there is a hidden danger.”

“Thats right.” Yue Wuwei nodded with a dignified look and said, “More than 90% of the grassland within a radius of five kilometers consists of poisonous grass.

As long as one gets ones skin cut by the sharp grass leaves, even a God Transformation Realm master would die within three seconds.

The lush trees are a kind of special life form that can devour the passing creatures.”


Everyone was shocked.

Although they all had a basic level of vigilance, it was inevitable that they would relax a little at this moment.

If they were to recklessly go to the grassland, they would still suffer.

“Our destination should be at the back mountain.

Those guys should be heading for another end of the mountain,” Yue Wuwei said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Mu, Chen Changqing, and Mu Xue looked at each other.

Some of them said, “Elder Yue is amazing.”

The surface of this mountain was relatively broad.

In the Fiend Cave, the extension of soul sense was greatly limited, which could not even reach one-tenth of the mountain.

However, Yue Wuwei could see the other side of the mountain.

His great strength was enviable.

Dahei poked its head out of Mengmengs bag and said to Little Hei, “Second Brother, explore the way and find us some treasures.”

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…”

Little Hei said nothing.

It moved its nose and sniffed in all directions.

Seeing this, Zhang Han shook his head secretly.

“This should be the real Treasure-sniffing nose.

“Dogs have great noses.

I did the same when I entered the Relics or secret realms, sniffing nonstop.”

“Master, there are not many treasures here.

I smell three kinds of spirit treasures within 100 kilometers on the left, namely, the fourth-tier, the fifth-tier, and the sixth-tier ones.

The six kinds of spirit treasures on the right are all below the sixth tier,” Little Hei said.

Chu Qingyi had never seen Little Hei do this, and she was stunned.

“What kind of dog is it”

She looked quite dumbfounded.

She thought it was an ordinary black dog, but it turned out to be a clever one that could find treasures.

“You can smell the things that far Not bad.”

Zhang Han praised it.

Little Hei puffed out its chest and raised its head, revealing a proud expression.

“This is freaking absurd.”

Yue Wuwei was speechless for a while.

“Zhang Han gets all the good credits.”

He said dejectedly, “Lets go.”

He felt a little depressed.

“I cant surpass him.

“I cant surpass Zhang Han.

“He knows more than I do, hes smart, and he reacts much faster.

“Zi Yan is a big shot in the higher world.

“Mengmeng is the Heavenly Lord.

“This family of three is all absurdly powerful.

“Life is so hard.

“Perhaps someday, his cultivation level will even catch up to mine.”

“Lets go now.”

Seeing Yue Wuweis expression, Lisa held his hand and led the way with him.


Behind them, Dong Chen shook his head repeatedly.

Didnt he experience the same thing back then

However, his strength was relatively low.

He didnt hold on for long and could only look up to Zhang Han, while Yue Wuweis strength was still high.

It was just a small episode.

Everyone was still nervous and excited except for Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei, who looked calm.

They turned around and walked up the mountain where there were cliffs with no end.

It took them an hour to reach the top of the mountain.

It was cloudless for thousands of miles.

Standing there, one would be able to overlook all the mountains at the summit.

“How, how could this be”

When the crowd saw the scene in front of the mountain, their expressions changed.

“This side looks like hell while the other side looks like heaven”

Behind them was a pleasant scenery.

But in front of them, it was desolate.

Trees died and mires could be seen everywhere.

Additionally, those mires would occasionally bubble up.

It was unknown what was beneath them.

It was as if this place were the Main World.

Only a few dozen kilometers away from the back mountain could be seen a place filled with vitality, which was almost like an oasis in the desert.

All around the crowd were mires and withered trees.

They could also see the end of the three teams of demons, humans, and Exotic Beasts.

Those people seemed to know where to go.

“Lets follow them.”

Yue Wuwei stopped bantering.

He took the lead in flying quickly and following those teams from a distance.

“This place is filled with Yin souls, which might be the dead people back then.”

Yue Wuwei said, “Especially in the air, there are even Demonic Ghosts at the Peak Stage of the Shadow Refining.

There are more of them under the mires.”


Zhang Han suddenly sighed.

“Whats wrong” Zi Yan froze a bit.

Everyone looked at Zhang Han.

Hesitantly, he said, “Not long ago, I fed Tiny Tot with quite some treasures.

It fell asleep after having them.

If I had known that there would be so many Yin souls here, I wouldnt have fed those treasures to it.”


You shouldnt have done that.” Zi Yan chuckled.

“It wouldnt be a waste anyway,” Rong Jiali said with a smile.

“Thats right.” Zhang Han nodded.

As the crowd sped up and got closer to the huge group in front, they could not help stopping talking.

They flew at a low altitude.

With Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei around, they didnt need to worry about being discovered by the team ahead.

During this period, they had been attacked by the Yin souls in the mires several times.

Zhang Han did not intervene, and Yue Wuwei did not take action either.

Everyone was experienced and got alert.

Those Yin souls were wiped out before they could get close.

“Its been five hours and we still havent arrived.

How big is this place”

Chen Chuan, was not experienced enough.

On the way, he would occasionally play a video game on his tablet and watch the time.

“Its only been five hours, yet youve grown impatient” Chen Changqing raised his leg and kicked Chen Chuans butt.

“Stop playing games.

Just watch and learn.”

“Fine.” Chen Chuan put his tablet away immediately.

It was very safe on their way.

Mengmeng, Nina, and Felina all ignored him with serious looks on their faces.

He got a little bored.

He was only 11 years old, and he was still a playful boy.

Every now and then, he would secretly play video games.

Chen Changqing disciplined him twice, and then he dropped it.

He did not care.

Zhou Fei glared at Chen Chuan, and the boy immediately behaved himself.

Compared with Chen Changqing, Chen Chuan was more afraid of Zhou Feis supervision.

He would always say that he and his father together were no match for his mother.

Zhou Fei had a high status in her family.

Time flew.

Another five hours passed.

They had been advancing for 10 hours.

They talked occasionally, especially Little Hei, who often sniffed around.

Along the way, Little Hei mentioned 13 kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures and 36 kinds of fifth-tier spirit treasures.

However, Zhang Han didnt want those.

Hearing their conversation, Nina and Felina felt their hearts ache.

“There are so many treasures, but he doesnt want them What a pity.”

Little Hei could smell basic treasures, but in the secret realm, the crowds destination, it couldnt smell the aura.

“This is it.”

Yue Wuweis eyes narrowed slightly.

“They all stopped.

Eh Whats that Why cant I feel any aura”

From a distance, an enormous city appeared before them.

The city was shrouded in black fog.

From a low altitude, one could overlook the city.

In the middle of the city was a city, which was equivalent to an imperial palace.

They seemed to see that the roads in the city were filled with bones.

It was unknown how long those people had been dead.

The corpses and bones were everywhere.

This was a city that had been slaughtered and once bathed in blood.

As Yue Wuwei and the others approached, they could see that more than half of the buildings inside the city had been turned into ruins, except for the surrounding city walls.

There were also many swords and other weapons, almost rusted, and a few of them were still shining with their unique light.

Those were treasures that could be used.

There were a lot of them.

“I wonder how long this city has existed.

If the weapons in there are intact, they should be of good quality.”

Yue Wuwei said, “There are too many of them.”

“Daddy, what are the demons doing up ahead” Mengmeng suddenly pointed at the demon army.

Looking over, they saw Demon General Mu Lunze leading hundreds of demons forward to the gate of the city.

It was as if he was carrying out some kind of magic.

The other two Demon Generals led their army to keep an eye on the humans and Exotic Beasts.

No one disturbed Mu Lunze.

This expert of the Devil Palace cast a unique spell.


When Mu Lunze led the team to perform the magic arts, it seemed to stimulate the black energy around the walls.

A violent fluctuation rose around the city walls, accompanied by a beep.

Under all the nervous gazes, a huge black shadow appeared in the sky.

At the same time, a bright light shone from a pavilion in the imperial palace.

“Is that…”

Zhang Hans pupils contracted.

He said with joy, “Is that a black phoenixs inner pellet”

“Its an inner pellet indeed.” Yue Wuwei touched his beard and said, “Youre so lucky.

With the inner pellet of the black phoenix, your cultivation will be much faster.”

“Thats right.” Zhang Han nodded.

“I thought it would be a few feathers, but I didnt expect it to be an inner pellet, which is the most important.

It seems that a black phoenix has died here, or it was the expert that killed it and put the inner pellet here to offer a sacrifice to millions of living creatures.”

No one knew about the black phoenix, but they could imagine that what surprised Zhang Han must be a great treasure.

There was a problem.

“Shall we charge straight over”

Yue Wuwei said, “It seems that the whole city is guarded by some kind of energy.

We can let those people attack first.

When its almost time, well finish them off.”

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “I can feel that the inner pellet and energy of the black phoenix have combined with the huge city.

If we take away the inner pellet, the haven and earth will collapse.

We can only absorb it in there, which requires some time.”

Hearing this, Yue Wuweis face froze.

“Thats right.

I overlooked it.”

“But if we do that, things will be more difficult.” Zhang Guangyou pointed to the front.

“We cant attack the city in front of them.”

“Who said we were going to attack the city”

Zhang Han suddenly smiled mysteriously.

“How will we go in there” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

He couldnt guess what Zhang Han was thinking.

After careful observation, he found that Zhang Han seemed to inadvertently glance at Zi Yans wrist.

“I see.

“So he plans to use Tiny Tot, the Ancient Cursed Roc.”

“Can Tiny Tot do it”

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