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Chapter 138 Their Secret Was Discovered

The next day, Zhang Han cooked breakfast as usual.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei stayed overnight in the restaurant again yesterday, for she felt tired of the pressure of work and did not want to make round trips at night.

Now that she stayed overnight in the restaurant, she must have been with Zhou Fei.

She was not ready to stay here alone.

In Zi Yans words, the nasty bastard did not figure out our relationship and did not say anything.

I, therefore, had no intention to stay here for no apparent reason.

In fact, up till now, if Zhang Han sincerely invited Zi Yan to stay here, Zi Yan probably would not refuse, but he did not even ask Zi Yan.

“Zhang Han, I would like to eat cold noodles.

You can add more shredded cucumber, which is cool and refreshing.

And more tomatoes.

By the way, its much better to add more pepper.

I can eat spicy food very well.”

When Zhang Han snatched a few minutes to go upstairs, Zi Yan said to him quickly.

The cold noodles she had eaten yesterday were very refreshing and had become a favorite of Zi Yan.

Zhang Han glanced at her after hearing this and nodded his head.

Their conversation made Mengmeng, who was having her MaMa comb her hair, look at Zhang Han with her limpid eyes.

She said childishly, following Zi Tans tone,

“Uh-huh, Zhang Han, I want to eat cold noodles, too.

A little more shredded cucumber, which is cool and refreshing.

A little more tomatoes and chili.

I can eat spicy food.

Youd better add them all a little more.”

“Ha ha…”

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei burst into laughter.

Even Zhang Han could not help laughing.

“Ahem, brother-in-law, I want a bowl of cold noodles, too.

I like the sour taste.” Zhou Fei also did not miss the opportunity to order the meal, so she added before Zhang Han went downstairs.

Zhang Han walked to the first floor, nodding.

After he finished the noodle soup, he began to make cold noodles.

Liang Mengqi and several other people also ordered a serving of cold noodles per person.

After finishing cooking, Zhang Han took their food upstairs.

“Hum, it smells good.” Zi Yan gasped in admiration and began to eat with chopsticks.


its so fragrant.

PaPa is really great.” Mengmeng pouted and kissed Zhang Han on his cheek, then also started to eat it.

After the meal, Zi Yan reclined on the sofa, giving a lazy facial expression.

She was determined to rest for a few minutes before going to the company.

“Its delicious.

The meal cooked by my brother-in-law is absolutely amazing.” Zhou Fei had become a loyal fan of Zhang Han.

After finishing eating, she gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up sign and said, “Ill look for a boyfriend like you in the future.

Until now, I realize that eating here is a great enjoyment in life!”

“Its a shame for you to act like this only on account of a bowl of cold noodles!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“Exactly! Aunty Feifeis belly has become bigger.

How shameful!” Mengmeng was sober-minded and made fun of Zhou Fei, following Zi Yan.

“Ouch, Im not the only one who ate a lot.

Ahem, just now someones sound of eating cold noodles was louder than mine.” Zhou Fei curled his lips and said.

“Bah, nobody is match for you.” Zi Yan spat slightly.

Knowing she could not gain the upper hand, she quickly turned to other matters and said, “By the way, Feifei, how long have we not had hot pot”

“Hot pot”

Zhou Feis eye lit up and she knew that Zi Yan was reminding Zhang Han, so she echoed, “Its probably been a long time, ah, I dont know when I can have delicious hot pot, eh I remember someone should have known that Elder Sister Yan loves hot pot very much.

Perhaps something is wrong.

Why doesnt he grasp this opportunity to show himself Hum.”

In fact, Zhang Han understood what they said.

He smiled and did not answer.

The Ujimqin Sheep in Mount New Moon was an excellent ingredient for the hot pot.

He had planned to cultivate them in Mount New Moon for another few days, which could improve the quality of meat.

Actually, there was no need for Zi Yan and Zhou Fei to remind him because he originally planned to take advantage of the ingredients in Mount New Moon to cook meals for Mengmeng.

“Well, someone doesnt care about me.” As a whimsical thought crossed Zi Yans mind, she said in a strange tone.

“Uh” Mengmeng looked up and blinked her big eye covered with “I didnt know what was going on”.

She said, pouting, “MaMa, Mengmeng cares about MaMa.”

“She isnt talking about you.” Zhou Fei wanted to laugh and weep all at once and said, “Shes talking about your ungrateful father.”

“PaPa” Mengmeng snorted softly, “Hum, PaPa isnt ungrateful but very good.

He also sang Mengmeng nice songs.”

“Thats what I mean.

Your father only treats you well, but not others.

You see, he doesnt care about your mother,” Zhou Fei said with a snort.

“No, Aunty Feifei, youre such a nuisance and I dont like you anymore,” the little princess said reluctantly.

She looked at Zhang Han with limpid eyes and said childishly, “PaPa, do you treat MaMa well”

“Well, well, well.” Zhang Han nodded helplessly.

“Ah, he treats Zi Yan well Hes even averse to making her a hot pot.” Zhou Fei spoke out Zi Yans aspiration.

He clearly knew that she loved hot pot in particular, but he did not make it for her.

Wasnt he like a log

“Hot pot Mengmeng also likes hot pot, PaPa.”

“Okay, Ill make a hot pot for you in a few days.” Zhang Han helplessly smiled.

Now Zhou Fei was wiser than before and even knew the strategy of “Saving the nation through twisted means”.

“Hum.” Zi Yan gave Zhang Han an angry stare, stood up and said, “Mengmeng.

Kiss MaMa, MaMa is going to work.”

“Mua.” Mengmeng gently kissed Zi Yan several times.

Zi Yan contentedly put on her hat and sunglasses and left under diners gazes.

For the diners here, they had also been accustomed to watching the enchanting lady wearing hat and sunglasses as she left at around 8 oclock every day.

Beautiful women were joys to behold.

However, Liang Mengqi never got a chance to see Zi Yan in her true colors though she was desired to.

After breakfast, although Zhao Dahu had something to do, he took time to clean up the restaurant.

After everyone left, Zhang Han went out with Mengmeng, heading for Mount New Moon to have fun.

On arriving at Mount New Moon and crossing the jungle to the lawn, Mengmeng cried childishly,

“Heiheihei, Da Dahei, Er Erhei, Im coming! Where are you”

At this time, the two were on a huge rock in the thick forest on the back hill, under which was a bonfire.

Two big geese were being roasted above the shelves.

When the roast geese were about to be done, Daheis saliva flowed out.

Its bright eyes kept staring at the roast geese, as if it were looking at its lover.

Of course, Little Hei acted almost as same as Dahei.

It, which had been principled before, took a fancy to meat since Dahei came here.

Besides, it could eat more than Dahei.

Faced with two big geese, he was able to eat one of them plus bones of another.

Well… bones were also delicious for Little Hei.

However, when the roast geese were going to be well-done, Mengmengs voice suddenly came over.

“Oh oh!”

Daheis eyes dilated with fear and shouted to Little Hei, “Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

It seemed to say: What should I do Is host coming Our secret will be discovered, what should we do


Little Hei quickly grubbed with its claws and covered the fire with soil.

Dahei understood that Little Hei was to bury the crime scene, so it scooped up the soil with its big palms.

After the fire was extinguished, they could not bear to throw away the roast geese and just left them behind.

Then the two turned and ran towards the grass.

Finally, when Mengmeng reached the top of the mountain, the two had rushed over.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei ran closer, throwing Mengmeng high in the air, and at the same time it looked at Zhang Han carefully out of the corner of its eyes.

Seeing Zhang Han looking at the forest, its heart beat faster.

When it saw the smoke floating above the forest, it was frightened.

Terrible! Their secret was discovered!

It even forgot to catch Mengmeng, which made Mengmeng fall to the grass.

When it came back to earth, it was so scared that its face knitted together.


Fortunately, Little Hei was quick.

It took a leap and let Mengmeng fall on his belly.

“Hum, Dahei, why didnt you catch Mengmeng!” Mengmeng patted Little Hei on its belly, stood up with her hands on her waist and said to Dahei in a childish voice.

“Whoa whoa…”

Dahei scratched his head and looked as if it had been wronged.

“Enough, stop pretending.” Zhang Han felt both funny and annoying, saying, “Did you steal chickens, ducks, and geese”

“Whoa…” Dahei sat down on the ground and nodded its head.

“Ow woo.”

Little Hei did not do anything else but ran to Zhang Hans front and sat on the ground, acting as tractable as it could be.

It even reached out his paw and pointed to Dahei, barking a few times.

It meant: It was all its fault.

It ate them, not me!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei was annoyed and gesticulated, revealing the fact that “Little Hei also ate”.

Moreover, it was Little Hei that stole the fowls every time.

Zhang Han shook his head helplessly, glanced at the direction of the flock and found that the chicken shortage was the most serious.

Hence, Zhang Han became solemn and said, “You two can only eat one fowl a day for the time being.

Besides, dont just eat chicken.”

Zhang Han considered it didnt matter for them to eat livestock.

He planned to buy some small cubs every once in a while to make up for consumption.

If people in the restaurant knew about this, they would beat their chests in agony and complained that the food they ate was not as good as theirs.

After hearing Zhang Hans words, Dahei and Little Hei widened their eyes.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… hum, hum…”

Dahei cheered up all of a sudden.

It ran towards Zhang Han, grabbed and threw him into the air.

For it, no matter who treated it well, it would throw him up.

What it did made Zhang Han smile helplessly.

“Ho ho ho, PaPa is also flying up…” Mengmeng laughed nearby.

After Dahei threw Zhang Han a few times, the little princess was a little worried and said, “Oh, Big Heihei, its my turn, its Mengmengs turn.”

At that time, Dahei put Zhang Han down and played with Mengmeng.

After playing for a while, Little Hei suddenly barked a few times to Dahei.

Dahei stopped and put Mengmeng on the grass, looking at Little Hei with a confused look.

After seeing Little Heis signal, it also remembered that there were still two roast geese in the thick forest.

The delicacies would be cold if they did not go to eat!



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