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Chapter 1385 Hes the One Who Drew the Sword

“Stop this crap.”

Zi Yan couldnt help mocking him.

“We dont know each other, so why are you trying to worm your way into being friends with us Its just a lie.

You just recognized us.

Is it because of what happened at the Sea Eye last time Youre trying to get the sword from us and targeting us since you saw my husband in the imperial city.

Do you think youre smart Its just an excuse for you to put on a righteous act.

We all know it.

Please leave.

We wont cooperate with you.”


Her words made Elder Jinchuans face turn red.

He was furious.

While everyone was well aware that what she said was true, he got mad because it made him embarrassed.

“How many contributions has the Myriad Mountains Palace made to the Human Clan”

Jinchuan sighed and said, “As a fellow human, I just want to protect you.

The treasures you mentioned are in the Fiend Cave.

All treasures humans get must be handed over and distributed in accordance with contributions.

I have no selfish motives, but there is one thing that I must do as an elder of Myriad Mountains Palace.”

At this point, Jinchuans aura became cold.

“Protector Hong, the City Lord of Hanchuan City, Protector Ma, Supervisor Wang, and the seven others all died in the hands of the elder from your team.

I would never forget this, and neither would the Myriad Mountains Palace.

You must give us an explanation about this matter.

Now, go with me, and youll still get to survive.


Before Jinchuan finished his words, Zi Yans pretty face darkened.

She said coldly, “Get lost!”


Jinchuans pupils shrank slightly.

His face also completely darkened.

“Are they shedding all pretenses


Just as Jinchuan was about to retreat and use other means to threaten the other party, some of his subordinates said angrily, “How dare you disrespect the Myriad Mountains Palace It is the greatest taboo under the heavens.

Just wait!”

“You will be severely punished.

The honor of our Myriad Mountains Palace cannot be harmed.”


While they were talking.

“Fuck you!”

A rough voice rang out.

There came dozens of loud bangs.

With a loud muffled sound, a black figure suddenly flew over.

At the front of the group.

Jinchuan and the others were stunned.


Under everyones gaze, that mini-ape suddenly grew in size.

It grew from 10 meters to 20 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, and then to 120 meters.

It was huge and much taller than Yuan Yi.

It was like a mountain.

It widened its round eyes, which were filled with flames of anger.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

It pounded its chest with its huge fists as if it was venting its anger.

It roared.

Zi Yan and the others showed no attitude behind Dahei.

Right at this moment-


Plop! Plop!

A bolt of black lightning came quickly.

At the edge of the crowd were three God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage Dao Seeking Cultivators who got themselves killed accidentally.

Their corpses fell to the sand and were slowly devoured.

Little Hei killed them with one strike.

It returned to the team and looked ahead coldly.


The disciples on the edge were shocked and angry.

“How can it be so insanely fast”

Before they could react, dozens of people took out all kinds of Defense Treasures.

Some of them retreated quickly, not daring to get too close to the opponents.

“How dare you!”

Jinchuan was furious.

His aura soared.

He was already extremely mad.

A pearl appeared in his right hand and soon turned into a long scythe, like the scythe of a death god.

He was utterly angry.

It seemed that he was going to attack.

“What are you doing”

Yuan Yi led dozens of clansmen and walked in front of Dahei.

Although Dahei was big, it was no match for Jinchuan.

But Yuan Yi was different.

It was also very powerful.

Beside it was the second king of the White Dog Clan, who was eyeing the other party covetously.

“Who do you think you are to put on airs in front of me”

With nearly 100 clansmen, the second king of the White Dog Clan surrounded the crowd in front of them.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”

Since Dahei advanced, it had not had a good fight.

It rolled its eyes.

It took the dozens of nearby God Transformation cultivators as its targets.

It could feel that it could still fight with those people.

“Senior, Ill leave that big idiot to you and deal with those lackeys!”

After Dahei said that, it was about to rush over and fight.

Seeing this, Jinchuan felt a bit frightened.

“Ive only seen humans holding onto the leash in the past.

But I guess nowadays even dogs get to do so.


Jinchuan waved his hand and knew that his hundreds of people were no match for their opponents.

He just wanted to see if he could bring those people back.

“Since you wont come with me, dont blame me for being rude.”

Jinchuan smiled coldly.

He led his team to retreat slowly.

Zi Yan replied indifferently, “Youre just a clown.”

Her contemptuous look annoyed Jinchuan.

He was a famous Elder of the Myriad Mountains Palace.

Normally, he would be respected wherever he went.

But now it didnt work on these people.

Jinchuan and the others left.

Dahei stared at them for a while and then slowly shrank.

“We didnt get to fight.”

It scratched its head.

Back in Mengmengs schoolbag, it stuck its head out and said, “Alas, they wouldnt defeat me.”

“Do you still want to fight them” Mengmeng couldnt help asking.

As for Chu Qingyi, she looked at Dahei repeatedly.

She kept feeling that it was strange.

“Its a King Kong that can control its size.

What kind of supernatural power is that”

“Jinchuan is not bad.”

Yuan Yi said, “I may not be able to defeat him.”

“I wont argue with you about this,” said the second king of the White Dog Clan.

“Jinchuan is a famous elder in Myriad Mountains Palace.

He is powerful and not easy to deal with.”

“As one of the three human powers, the Myriad Mountains Palace has many famous figures.”

“Those famous people gained their names after experiencing numerous battles.

Well stay here and be safe.”

Both the second king of the White Dog Clan and Yuan Yi thought so.

Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han were doing their business in the imperial city.

As for the others, they would just stay outside and wouldnt ask for many treasures.

They just needed to keep things smooth.

Jinchuan and his men were silent on the way back.

Many disciples looked indignant.

“Those people look down on the Myriad Mountains Palace.

We will teach them a lesson!”

That was what many people thought.

As disciples of the Myriad Mountains Palace, they were used to being superior to others.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When they were halfway to their destination, intense fluctuations appeared up ahead.

“Theyre attacking the Bounded Domain again”

“Lets hurry back now.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They hastened their pace.

To their surprise, when they got closer to the imperial city, some of those kinds of Yin soul creatures appeared in the houses around them again.

“Can they be resurrected”

“This is quite troublesome.”

“Heaven Devouring Soul!”

Jin Chuans divine sense surged.

He cast an occult art to destroy the dark Yin Spirits that had just shown up.

A few minutes later, they returned to the team.

The Exotic Beasts were attacking the Bounded Domain.

More than half of the Demon Clan army was attacking the Bounded Domain at the same time by casting spells, which was truly powerful.

The humans were still quietly observing the situation.

Jinchuan asked with a serious face, “How is it going”

“Its been confirmed that the treasure pearl above the palace is the inner pellet of a very powerful creature.

It is the essence of its entire body.”

An elder of the War Saint Abyss said, “That person is absorbing the energy of the inner pellet.

But whats more precious is the suppressed soul over there.

If one can refine that soul, one can get the power of the bloodline.

Judging from the level of the Bounded Domain here, that soul is very strong and has a high limit.

Thats the most precious supreme treasure.”

“A phoenixs soul.” Jinchuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

This thing was not easy to fight for.

Even if someone were to obtain it, they would have to pay a considerable price.

In fact, if the humans obtained it, it would belong to the Myriad Mountains Palace, and the sect would definitely take out some treasures in exchange.

Regardless of whom it was that obtained it, it would be the same situation.

Not to mention, there were demons eyeing the treasure as well.

Such as Demon General Mu Lunze.

“Its very difficult to get it.”

Jinchuan thought to himself, “Well, with the phoenixs soul, most of the peoples attention will be attracted.

Zhang Hanyang… That sword and the treasures in it may be obtained.

“We must keep him.

“The Myriad Mountains Palace cant take down those people outside.

“The War Saint Abyss and Illusory Mansion must have known this as well.”

He thought about it before he directly designated Voice-transmitting Technique to the elders.

He said, “To tell you the truth, the man absorbing the inner pellet in there is Zhang Hanyang.

He killed the protectors and supervisors of my Myriad Mountains Palace.

The Taoist Lord of Dragon got furious upon hearing this news.

I suggest that the three of our sects join hands and suppress the white dogs and giant apes outside the city before we take those people away.

What do you think”

The elder of the Illusory Mansion was stunned.

After a moment of silence, he designated Voice-transmitting Technique and said to the others, “Everyone knows what happened in the Sea Eye.

Some people of the Myriad Mountains Palace have indeed perished.

It is not appropriate for humans to kill each other.

But now, the most important thing is the unknown phoenixs soul.

If it is at the middle level in the Phoenix Clan or above, then the value of this soul would be immeasurable.”

“Thats right.”

Some elders of the War Saint Abyss also said, “The most important thing now is to fight for the soul.

As for the grudge between Zhang Hanyang and Myriad Mountains Palace, can Elder Jinchuan solve it later”

After talking for a long time, they were all trying to persuade Jinchuan.

It would be bad if they went out and attacked the white dogs and the giant apes, which would cause a war between the Demonic God Temple and the Human Clan.

No one wanted to take the risk.

Jinchuans plan couldnt be realized.

“Alas, I just went out to persuade them.”

Jinchuan sighed deeply and said, “I wanted to take them back here.

At least I could ensure their safety in that way.

Then, I asked for an explanation.

I didnt expect that they not only didnt appreciate my kindness but also insulted me.

They disrespected me and Myriad Mountains Palace.

I really cant stand it.”

His words stunned everyone.

“Could it be that…”

They were secretly shocked.

When Jinchuan of the Myriad Mountains Palace went mad, it would be very terrifying.


Jinchuan suddenly laughed and said, “Mu Lunze.”


Mu Lunze glanced at him coldly.

“Who does he think he is with such little strength Yet, he dares to address me in such a manner”

Originally, he was annoyed, but after hearing the news, he was suddenly surprised.

“The man who is absorbing the inner pellet in there is called Zhang Hanyang.

He was the one who drew his sword from the Sea Eye!”

Jinchuan sneered and said, “Outside the giant city, there are dozens of people guarded by the Giant Ape Clan and the White Dog Clan.

They are all Zhang Hanyangs men.

If we want to get the treasure, why dont we join forces to take down the white dogs and the giant apes first before we use those dozens of people to restrain Zhang Hanyang Otherwise, how long will it take before the Bounded Domain breaks”

“You said hes the one who drew the sword”


The aura of Demon General Mu Lunze suddenly soared.

He looked at Jinchuan and said contemptuously, “You think youre qualified to join forces with me

“Someone bring those people outside the city here!”

Mu Lunze waved his hand.

“Yes, sir!”

The demons had five thousand of them mobilized and were marching out of the city in a formidable array.

“Is that really okay”

The Illusory Mansions elders face stiffened as he looked at Jinchuan with dissatisfaction.

“Haha, theres nothing bad about it.”

Jinchuan replied calmly.

He had a crazy idea in his mind.


The more chaos, the better.”

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