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Chapter 1388 Youre Too Noisy


The shadow let out a laugh that made the demons tremble with fear.

It was as if that shadow were a Great Demon.

As for the Demon Clain, their Demon General Mu Lunzes flustered reaction was a little strange.


What How could this be”

Mu Lunze didnt understand at all what kind of thing it was in front of him.

“Go to hell!”

He suddenly stretched out his right hand and made a palm strike.

Surging demonic Qi gathered into a magic seal.

It was a magic seal that specialized in suppressing souls.

Mu Lunze thought that such a strange thing was formed by a soul-related technique.

The magic seal he performed was round in shape.

It was about ten meters in diameter and appeared in the void in front of him.

His might was oppressive.

After Jinchuan and his men, as well as the Exotic Beasts not far away, sensed his aura, their faces changed slightly.

“What Mu Lunze actually reached the Integration Realm!”


Jinchuan couldnt help wiping his cold sweat.

They didnt think of this at the beginning.

Mu Lunze had been famous for a long time, but when he first made his fame, he was only at the Last Stage of the Void-refining Realm and was close to the Peak Stage.

They thought that after such a long time, he would probably be at the Peak Stage.

But to everyones surprise, he had reached the Integration Realm.

His vicious might surged.

Looking from the outside, the Fiend Cave Relic did not appear to be of a high level.

Therefore, it did not attract the high-position officials of many forces.

Almost none of the people who had arrived was in the Integration Realm.

It also resulted in the alliance of the three clans high-position officials.

Everyone had their own intentions, but who would have thought that Mu Lunze would become a master of the Integration Realm

“Well fail!”

An elder of the War Saint Abyss sighed.

“Mu Lunze will lead the battle and become the leader,” another elder said.

“We cant fight over the treasures anymore.”

“We can only let Mu Lunze kill those people.”

They knew that after Mu Lunze showed his strength, he became the one who dominated the whole place.

“Wait, look!”

“The man at the back has woken up.

Has he absorbed the phoenixs inner pellet”

“Its just right that hes awake!”

Jinchuan said coldly, “Come out now and go with us.

If youre smart enough and dont resist, Ill try to minimize the losses.

If it werent for you, there wouldnt be any problems.”

The humans were the first to notice what was going on.

Then, Mu Lunze and the other thousands of demons noticed it, and finally, the Exotic Beasts realized it as well.

They turned their heads in unison and looked at the imperial city behind them.

The person sitting with his legs crossed in the void slowly stood up.

He stretched out his arms and loosened his limbs.

“Ill get not only that Roc but everything!”

Mu Lunze looked at Zhang Han sinisterly.

The one who had drawn the sword had triggered abnormal signs.

No one knew whether it was the swords power or that it had triggered something, but everyone knew that after that strange phenomenon, the heads of the three great human sects had all come.

Almost all the eight Demon Lords and many giants of the Demonic God Temple were present.

But no one knew the specific reason.

The Demon Clan was very interested in Zhang Han, far more than the Human Clan and Exotic Beasts.

It was mainly because the Exotic Beasts thought little about this matter.

At this time, Mu Lunze began to show his ambition.

There came clacks.

In the imperial city, Zhang Hans body crackled.

The power of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements and a stream of dark energy were constantly changing in Zhang Hans body.


Zhang Han took a deep breath.

“Its so hard to take this.”


He kept inhaling.

Even his voice had become incomparably hoarse.

His entire body seemed to have been set on fire.

The Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma was running automatically, and the Great Demons Nascent Soul was breathing demonic Qi.

His entire body, including his meridians and blood, was filled with devilism.

The Immortal Body of the Five Elements also automatically displayed its power.

The things in his body kept colliding, breaking, and recombining as if they had fallen into some mysterious circulation.

That was why Zhang Han was in a weird state.

“Are you all right”

Yue Wuwei frowned slightly.

He found that Zhang Hans body was a little erratic through his divine sense.

It was as if Zhang Han were here now but in the next second, they were separated by several layers of space.

It was erratic and somewhat mysterious.

“Im fine.

“Elder Yue, you should go outside.”


Zhang Han took a deep breath.

He spoke intermittently as if he was enduring something.

He had not opened his eyes yet, which showed that he was restraining himself.

“Are you sure you can do it on your own”

After Yue Wuwei finished speaking, he hesitated for a moment, shook his head slightly, and retreated to the side.

He was ready to check the situation and protect those people outside the city.

At this moment, he ran his mind and released the two Demon Generals and their core subordinates.

“We, we can move now”

“Lets go back now! There are monsters here.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two Demon Generals immediately gave the orders and returned quickly with thousands of Great Demons.

They also sent voice transmissions to Mu Lunze.

“I was controlled just now.”

“I dont know what kind of power it was.

We couldnt resist.”

Mu Lunze answered them coldly, “I really want to kill you.”

“My apologies.”

They immediately admitted their mistakes.

Mu Lunze was a candidate for a Demon Monarch, and he was also those two peoples superior.

Not every Demon General had the same status and there were great differences between each of them.

Mu Lunze was almost one of the top three Demon Generals.

He had been ruthless before, and he would be even more brutal from now on.

He would likely be called Demon Monarch Mu Lunze.

Mu Lunze glared at the two fiercely.

He didnt say anything more and planned to punish them afterward.

The two Demon Generals were also well aware of them.

They exchanged looks but had no way to tell their sorrow.

In fact, even though they wanted to remind Mu Lunze about what happened, they did not dare to say anything.

What should they even be saying

Could they tell him that this place was weird and they should retreat

If they irritated Mu Lunze for real, he might kill them on the spot.

“The demons are back.”

The elders of the Illusory Mansion looked solemn.

At the back of the crowd, Dai Wentian from the Illusory Mansion said seriously, “In the current situation, everyone wants to get that Roc, which belongs to Zhang Hanyangs team.

I dont know what treasures Zhang Hanyang and the other man got in there.

They are in the most dangerous situation.

If they rely on the Human Clan, they may have a 30% chance to survive.”

“However,” Prince Feng shook his head slightly and said, “Mu Lunze is in the Integration Realm and is difficult to resist.

Moreover, Jinchuan is too hostile to them.

Last time, only his men were killed…”

“I actually have doubts about that.” Dai Wentian did not wait for Prince Feng to finish before continuing, “Jinchuan craves for the treasures more than anyone else.”

Jinchuan would be a fool if he thought others were stupid.

Everyone was well aware of the facts.

But since he had a good reason for waging a war, no one would say anything about it right in front of him.

Whether it was for business or for personal reasons, Jinchuan could do it.

“Zhang Hanyang! Come back now! Only by making it here will you get to survive!” Jinchuan loudly said, “Dont forget that youre from the Human Clan!”

In a hurry, he said those words to show his attitude that he would punish Zhang Hanyang, but at this time, he also claimed to protect him.

“We are all humans.

Come here first before we settle the other matters.”

Two elders of the War Saint Abyss took a glance at each other and started talking one after another.

“No matter what grievances we had in the past, now since Mu Lunze is very powerful, we can only resist him if we join forces.”

“Thats right.

The White Dog Clan, Giant Ape Clan, and several other big clans of the Demonic God Temple are with us, which is enough to withstand the rest of the demons!”

It could be said that everyone had shown their attitudes openly.

The giant apes and white dogs outside, as well as the races that had a good relationship with them, could be gathered to form an alliance to resist the alliance of the giant pythons, wind scorpions, and the Demon Clan.

The three armies were about to separate and become two alliances.

“Do you want to play”

Mu Lunze sneered and said, “Ill give you time to prepare yourselves!”

He was full of confidence.

The Dao Seeking Cultivator in the Integration Realm overlooked the entire crowd.

“Hiss, hiss.” The giant python flicked its forked tongue.

“Ill take the Rocs inner pellet.”

“Ill take half of its blood,” a flaming lizard said.

The other races also expressed their opinions.

Mu Lunze looked on coldly.

A new round of allocation was almost completed.

“Protect them!”

Jinchuan secretly designated Voice-transmitting Technique to several elders and said, “I only want the Roc.

As for the other treasures, youll have them, and the Myriad Mountains Palace will also give you some more.”

“Well negotiate whom the Roc belongs to later.

Lets stop Mu Lunze first.”

An elder replied indifferently.

“You want to take away the best stuff

“How could it be decided so easily”

The situation was extremely complicated.

Everyone had their own thoughts, but the general trend grew clearer and clearer.

“Alas, what a group of greedy people.

Theyre just pathetic.”

Yue Wuwei touched his beard and shook his head slightly.

He had seen this kind of situation too many times before.

He was worried about Zhang Han right now.

Zhang Hans breath was still erratic and hard to detect, but he could feel that the energy around Zhang Han was getting more and more chaotic.

“He seems unable to suppress it”


All of a sudden, the space around Zhang Han vibrated.

Wisps of black energy that could be seen with the naked eye but could not be felt, seemed to be floating around him through multiple spaces.


He suddenly opened his eyes.



Yue Wuwei was shocked and gasped.

Zhang Hans eyes looked stunning.

They were entirely pitch-black.

It was the sort of shiny pitch-black color that was incomparably deep.

It was as if those eyes were capable of sucking ones soul out, causing one to involuntarily feel fear.


Under Yue Wuweis gaze, Zhang Hans body became illusory, especially his face, which was partly hidden and partly visible.


Yue Wuweis heart skipped a beat.

“Are you all right” he asked in a suspicious tone.

“Is Zhang Han possessed

“Is it that his soul is corroded, his will is devoured, and he has become a peerless ferocious demon”


An illusory and hoarse voice came out of Zhang Hans mouth.

He seemed a little unaccustomed to his current body.

His arms and legs all moved.

He slowly lifted his right hand, and the palm suddenly vanished then reappeared.

“It feels horrible.

“But its very strong,” Zhang Han said slowly.

His hoarse voice sounded frightening, but it helped Yue Wuwei relax a little.

Because he could feel Zhang Hans independent consciousness.

Zhang Han was still conscious.

However, Yue Wuwei would have to wait and see if he was possessed.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han walked slowly to the imperial citys Bounded Domain.

Stepping into the void, he swayed like a zombie.

“Whats, whats wrong with Daddy” Mengmeng was shocked.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” The second king of the White Dog Clan narrowed its eyes and saw Zhang Han clearly.

“Maybe its that something goes wrong with his cultivation”

“I dont think so.” Zhang Mu didnt want everyone to worry, so he said, “He has always been able to control the situation.

Maybe the energy he has just absorbed has not been completely refined, so its normal for some unusual situations to happen.”

“He does seem normal.

Lets keep observing for now,” Jiang Yanlan said.

She clearly wanted to comfort others, but her trembling voice expressed her nervousness.

“Theres nothing wrong with him.”

Zi Yan said those words in a very determined tone and gave everyone confidence.

She believed in Zhang Han.

“Why do I feel that Master is about to… start that” Mu Xues face changed drastically.

She didnt see Zhang Han clearly, but the scenes she had peeped at back then appeared in her mind.

In those scenes, corpses littered the ground while he stood there alone.


Just thinking about it made Mu Xue gasp.

“None of you knows how powerful Master is.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As Zhang Han advanced, a wind quietly blew around.

A light wind roared, blowing toward the imperial city from all directions.

This breeze was inconspicuous.

It was slightly strange.


Yue Wuwei was suddenly stunned.

The soul of the black phoenix that he was suppressing started trembling.

“What is it doing”

Yue Wuwei slowly lowered the suppression power until it finally dissipated.

The soul was still shivering and didnt dare to move at all.

“Whats going on”

Yue Wuwei was confused.

He looked around vigilantly and found that more energy was covering Zi Yan.


Zhang Han finally came to the front of the Bounded Domain.

“How did he get in there”

“Come out now!”

“Youll only be safe after you get here!”

Many human high-position officials started saying those words.

Many Exotic Beasts were roaring.

Many demons snickered as they were about to launch the impending slaughter.

Among them, the Human Clan was the closest to Zhang Han.

Even an elder of the War Saint Abyss couldnt help but stare at Zhang Han with eager eyes, afraid that he would run away.

Seeing that Zhang Han was coming out, he moved quickly and approached him.

“Come here! Dont resist!”

“So noisy!

“Too much noise!

“Stop this!”

Zhang Han shook his head.

It was as if he had an unbearable headache from the noise.

A strange light was reflected in his pitch-black eyes.


Just like that, he stepped out of the Bounded Domain.

The elder of the War Saint Abyss looked delighted.

He said with a kind face, “Come here now.

Well protect you!”

His words, spoken in front of everyone, had a hint of urgency in them.

He acted like a gentleman.

But in fact, he sent a voice transmission to Zhang Han.

“But you have to hand over something that will please me!”


Zhang Han appeared outside the Bounded Domain.

“So much noise!

“You guys are too noisy!”

The elder shouted, “Go with me now!”

Without vouchsafing an explanation, he stretched out his big hand and dared not approach Zhang Han.

He made a move with his energy palm as if he wanted to grab Zhang Han and leave.

The elder also wanted to see if Zhang Han would resist.

However, he was doomed.

The energy palm dissipated before it reached Zhang Han.


The next second, Zhang Han appeared directly in front of the elder.

“Youre too noisy.”

He suddenly reached out his right hand.


As if breaking the sound barrier, an explosive sound rang out as the elder of the War Saint Abyss was grabbed by the neck.

“How dare you!”

The elder was shocked.

His eyes widened and his pupils rapidly contracted.

In the reflection of his eyes, he could see that Zhang Hans figure was changing from time to time.

It looked real at this moment but illusory the next second.

His dark eyes and flickering face were flashing like the screen of a short-circuited TV.

“Release Elder Rongshe now!”

Another elder of the War Saint Abyss exclaimed.

“Too noisy.”

Zhang Hans hoarse voice spread.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Under everyones gaze, the elder whose neck was grabbed by Zhang Han suddenly turned black.

His body turned into a cloud of black mist, slowly faded, and dissipated.

A Last-Stage Shadow Refining elder was eliminated just like that.

“He, he killed Elder Rongshe!”

The human squadron was in disarray.

The facial expressions of the elders of the War Saint Abyss turned ghastly.

But two of them pretended to inadvertently glance at Jinchuan.

They seemed to be saying, “Didnt you claim a good reason to wage a war before

“What about now It is particularly the case for us now.

“A few protectors of your Myriad Mountains Palace died, but we lost an elder!”

Even if they had a good reason to start a war, they could only start it if they could defeat Zhang Han.

They knew that they were no match for him, so they quickly gathered together and retreated hundreds of meters.

Clap! Clap!

Demon General Mu Lunze applauded.

“Humans in the Domain of Seven Desolations are known to be a united clan, but now he first killed one of his peers.


His sarcastic words moved many people.

On the surface, he looked down on the others with contempt and disdain.

In truth, he was extremely vigilant.

“How did he do it

“What energy did he use

“Its very strange.

I cant let him get close to me.”

There was a dignified look in Mu Lunzes pupils.

But in the next moment, his body suddenly stiffened.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He was patted on the shoulder three times just like what happened before.

What was behind him

He knew it, but he didnt dare and was unwilling to admit it.

“Why are you so noisy”

A hoarse voice sounded in his ear.

“Damn it.”

Mu Lunze sighed.

He blurred.

Using the body substitution technique, he appeared a thousand meters away.

A black leaf drifted down from where he was.

That was a precious treasure.

Mu Lunze was a little distressed to have it consumed.

At the same time, he saw that Zhang Hans figure disappeared in the place where the leaf fell.

“It seems that Im no match for him.”

On the surface, Mu Lunze looked calm, but inside, he was in a panic.

“I think…”

He would do or say anything to save his neck at this moment.

He no longer cared about the Roc and the treasures.

But before he finished speaking.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His shoulder was patted three times once again.


Mu Lunze was stunned.

“Didnt I already set up 19 layers of defensive moves

“All kinds of energy barriers cant work”

Mu Lunze felt a chill spreading from his back, and his whole body was numb.

The hoarse and slow low voice sounded in his ear again.

“What you think doesnt matter, but mine does.”

An awl quietly appeared in Mu Lunzes right hand.

“Do you think I can live” Mu Lunze asked.

“I think you are too noisy.

Huh, you are just too noisy.”

When the weapon in Mu Lunzes right hand flashed with a cold light.


His entire right arm had been ripped off.

It turned into a mass of black mist and slowly drifted away.

“I thought…

“I, Mu Lunze…”

Did he die as a hero

He wanted to say something before he died, but he had no chance to do it.


“Something penetrated my chest”

Mu Lunze looked down and saw nothing.

The next second, a palm suddenly appeared, disappeared, and then reappeared.

At this point, Mu Lunze saw that his body began to become illusory.

Following that, his consciousness dissipated.

The long-famous Demon General Mu Lunze was killed just like that.

Without going through a battle, he was easily slaughtered by his opponent.

At that moment, with branches and leaves falling, Zhang Hans figure disappeared slowly.

The falling leaves represented the fall of a great expert.

Right then, there was dead silence in the field.

The demons, humans, and Exotic Beasts were all aghast.

While everyone was quiet, Zhang Han abruptly said, “Too noisy.”

What sound was he hearing


He looked at the thousands of demons closest to him.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The noise he made was low, but many demons in the demon troop turned into black mist in the next second.

When a black mist rose at a certain place, another one suddenly rose from hundreds of meters away.

Just like that, more and more places in the demon army began to show black mist that represented the death of demons.

There were more and more of Zhang Hans figures.

There were thirty of them until the entire demon army was wiped out.

“The entire demon army is slaughtered by him alone”

“Heavens, is this real”

Many of the humans were stunned.

They thought they were safe.

In fact, many of the Exotic Beasts thought that they were safe.

But they would never expect that when there was only one devilish figure left thousands of meters away, Zhang Han slowly turned around and looked over.

“So much noise.

“So noisy.

“Youre too noisy.

“Just shut up.


It was still his deep laughter that echoed across the area.

At this time, everyone, including all the Exotic Beasts, felt cold all over as if they had fallen into an ice cave.


Yue Wuwei swallowed and asked in a very confused tone, “Whats going on”

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