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Chapter 139 Mr.

Zhang Is Really A Man of God

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Then Dahei shouted at Zhang Han and gesticulated for a while, showing that there were still two roast geese in the thick forest.

Zhang Han understood, waved his hand and said, “Go quickly.”

“Hum hum…”

Dahei ran off with Little Hei, laughing.

A moment later, they came back with two roast geese and wanted to share them with Mengmeng.

Zhang Han, however, didnt let Mengmeng eat them.

Although the fragrance of pure meat could send out, and adding some condiments, they were much better.

Furthermore, the two were likely not to clean the geese carefully.

“Have you seen the wood over there Adding a little powder on meat every time will make it better.” Zhang Han said to Dahei.

Relatively speaking, Dahei was quicker in uptake than Little Hei.

Little Hei could find out the meaning of Zhang Hans expressions and gestures, while Dahei could understand what he said directly.

After finishing speaking, Zhang Hans cell phone rang and he picked up Zhang Lis call.

“Elder brother, Ill arrive at the restaurant in about half an hour.

Anna is off today, so I bring her together.”

“Oh, Im not at the restaurant.

Youd better come directly to Mount New Moon.

By the way, buy me a laptop and a network card.” Zhang Han said casually.

“Ok, then Ill go and buy them when I pass by a mall.

Just wait for me.” Zhang Li replied and hung up the phone.

Zhang Han decided on a whim to buy a laptop by which Dahei and Little Hei could see the movies and enrich their lives.

Meanwhile, on the way from Causeway Bay to New Moon Bay.

Zhang Lis Maserati was leaping forward.

“Anna, remind me when we pass by a mall.” Zhang Li said casually.

“Ok, fine.

Ill just buy some gifts for Mengmeng.” Li Anna nodded.

“Youll know how delicious food my brother cooks by noon.

But I should remind you of not falling in love with my brother.

I have a sister-in-law.” Zhang Li said with some vigilance.

“No, I merely admire Brother Zhang Han.” Li Annas face was suddenly flushed.

Judging from her countenance, Zhang Li was sure that she had become quite amorous.

“Lili, Brother Zhang Han is really formidable.

Cant you imagine that he could send a man into the air with one punch Wow, he was like a prince charming at that time and saved me.

Hes so handsome,” said Li Anna, with extraordinary splendors in her eyes.

“Come on, stop saying.

Im tired of listening to these words.

Ah, what a flirt! I really shouldnt have brought you!” Zhang Li said repentantly.

“Oh, Lili, dont worry.

I know what to do.” Li Anna said blushingly.

“Ah, Anna, Im not kidding.

Its impossible for you to be with my brother.

Please dont have any illusions!” Zhang Li could not help adding.

Since Li Anna came back from the bar that day, she had asked about Zhang Hans previous deeds and extolled Zhang Han for many.

Her behaviors like a fan totally frightened Zhang Li.

In Zhang Lis mind, Zi Yan was her sister-in-law, so she had to stop her best friend from falling in love with her brother.

However, she could only warn Li Anna because she had no right to control others thoughts.

“I have no illusions…” Li Anna pursed her lips and her eyes shone again, saying, “You cant imagine, Brother Zhang Han was too handsome at that time.

The scene was just like the picture in the movie.

Ah, he was even more handsome than a prince charming in the movie…”

“I think you are quite hopeless.” Zhang Li helplessly shook her head.

How troublesome! Why her best friend suddenly became so crazy

“I am not hopeless and I can find salvation.

Brother Zhang Han can save me.

Lili, if you witnessed what has happened, you would know how powerful Brother Zhang Han was…”

“Fine, hes awesome.

Brother Zhang Han was very handsome at that time, just like a prince charming in the movie.

Come on, Anna, stop talking about that.

Youve repeated it hundreds of times, madam.”

“You cant imagine how handsome Brother Zhang Han was even if you heard it a thousand times.



As the grievous conversation continued, the two arrived at New Moon Bay.

Zhang Li bought a laptop in a mall while Li Anna bought some toys.

After arriving at Mount New Moon and seeing the surroundings, Li Anna was astonished at first and then became intoxicated.

For people who lived in metropolitan cities all year round, it was amazing for them to see a place with such a sound environment.

They even regarded it as a fairyland on earth!

Accompanied by Li Annas admiration, the two came to the back mountain.

“Wow, Brother Zhang Han, its so cool.

There are so many cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and dogs.

Oh, brother Zhang Han, why is a chimpanzee over there”

“Right, brother, where did the chimpanzee come from” Zhang Li rounded her eyes too.

She looked at Zhang Han and said, “Why does a chimpanzee live here Why is it so big”

“Is aunt coming Dahei, carry me over there quickly.” Mengmeng was picked up by Dahei and sat down on its shoulder.

Dahei was over two meters high and naturally pressured people once he stood upright.

Even Zhang Li and Li Anna were a little scared when they saw it coming.

Fortunately, Zhang Han said,

“Its name is Dahei, the housekeeper to look after Mount New Moon.”

“Housekeeper Can a chimpanzee be a housekeeper” Li Anna was puzzled.

However, a moment later, she believed that Dahei, which acted like a human, was the housekeeper.

Especially under Zhang Lis guidance, Daihei succeeded in opening the laptop and getting into the video software.

This did make Li Anna repeatedly admire Daheis IQ.

While they were playing in the pet area, Zhang Han snatched a few minutes to take three big geese, put them in bags, and take some cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and other ingredients for dinner.

After taking all the ingredients, they went back to the restaurant.

Zhang Han made egg fried rice and noodle soup at noon, serving cucumber with garlic source and Szechwan style potato strips as side dishes.

Still, Li Anna stuffed herself and praised Brother Zhang Han for a long time.

It came to the afternoon.

After these days, the three new songs of Xue Qian had won the top-three of every major music software.

They directly occupied the top three of the new songs list, the clicking list, the scoring list and so on, having a commanding lead.

Actress, in the first place, scored over 100 million, while Tyro and Ambiguity scored over 90 million.

These three songs scores were almost the same.

However, the score of the fourth song decreased dramatically, which was only over 60 million.

That song was also sung by a popular singer, who had been in the top position for two months.

Considering its tendency, it could occupy the top place in the third month.

However, these unpredictable songs violently took over the top three positions!

Of course, all the achievements were attributed to the large number of fans.

Four new songs were quietly released in the afternoon.

One was Wasted Love, one was Bridge of Peace, one was 9420 and the other was No Contact.

Almost… no one noticed these four songs.

Sometimes although the songs were melodious, they probably would not become popular soon.

Even some of them only became popular after six or twelve months.

Therefore, speculation was a very significant part of a song.

It was too absolute to say that no one had seen the four songs certainly.

These singers also had a small number of fans.

After listening to the songs, they would share it and let more people hear.

This process was really slow.

However, a kind-hearted person multiplied the process.

He was Xue Qian, who was about to show on a TV show.

In the backstage lounge, Li Fan was playing with the mobile phone casually and saying,

“Old Xue, Mr.

Zhang chose four people and prepared to write songs for them yesterday.

I just searched for them.

In fact, when it was over 3 oclock, all four songs came out.

Do you want to hear them”

“Then listen.”

“First listen to the song named Wasted Love…”

So Li Fan played the four songs directly with his mobile phone in succession.

When they finished listening, both of them looked mysterious.

“Ah, Mr.

Zhang is really a man of God!” Li Fan shook his head repeatedly and said, “I indeed think highly of him, for he spent a few hours in the afternoon writing you two songs and one day writing another four fine songs.

Hes really awesome.”

“This is also the first time I have seen such a talented person as him.

I think two words can be used to describe him, namely… demon talent!” Xue Qian said in a low voice.

While speaking, a staff knocked on the door and came in to inform that the program would start soon, so Xue Qian and the staff were ready to go to the stage.

Before he left, he could not help looking at Li fan and asking, “What are the names of those songs Say them again.”

“Wasted Love, 9420…” Li Fan replied.


Xue Qian nodded and came to the edge of the backstage.

After the introduction, he went on the stage.

This program called “Talking about Entertainment with Joy” was an interactive interview program with stars.

It was not only broadcast on Jiangcheng TV, which had high ratings, but also on all the major video software.

In conclusion, it was a relatively popular program at present.

Candy, the host, was a 30-year-old woman who had released several albums five or six years ago.

Later, she gradually moved up to work as a hostess and joined in a popular program after several years of hard work.

“Lets give a warm welcome for Xue Qian.” Candy led the applause.

Nearly 200 audiences clapped at the same time and the applause burst out at that time, accompanied by a few screams and cheers.

After both of them were seated, Candy said with a smile, “I heard that Xue Qian made a success of your concert in Linhai, which was definitely a sell-out.

I wonder if you have any feelings about this concert.”

“This concert…” Xue Qian thought for a while and replied with a smile, “Referring to this concert, I think its success was related to my three new songs.

I also want to show my appreciation to Mr.

Han Yang for his strong support.”

“Actually, we have seen your concert and are all curious about Mr.

Han Yang.

May I ask you what kind of person he is Is it convenient for you to reveal” Candys eyes sparkled with curiosity.

She, a music lover, was also very curious about the person who could write three excellent songs at once.



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