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Chapter 1396 Taking the Way to the Sky


Stone Demon Kings pupils rapidly contracted.

He seemed to have sensed something, and his eyes flickered with terror.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Everyones gazes were fixed on the location of the clash.


Some Demon Lords exclaimed in surprise.

“He blocked a punch”

“Not bad, not bad.

He does have some skills to be able to come here.

However, that Stone Demon King is simply a freak.

With his tough bones, not to mention injuring him, even if we were to make him feel pain, we would not be able to do it, much less a mere newcomer.”

“That mans name is Zhang Hanyang, and hes called a Demon Monarch.” Some Demon Monarchs sneered.

“It would be fine if he acted wildly in the human territory.

Since he dared to come here, it seems that hes prepared to die.”

They chatted and laughed.

Some were mocking, and some were disdainful.

The Demon Clan in the Domain of Seven Desolations was born to be superior.

It was very difficult for others to be acknowledged by them.

Even Tianxingzi and the others didnt have much say in the matter.

When the Taoist Lord of Dragon saw this, he let out a soft sigh.

“He truly is a good talent.

What a pity.

He really shouldnt have come over.”

“What is he trying to do by acting so stubbornly” Brass Immortal said, “One day, he will surely become a great character.

Should we…”

“Well…” Tianxingzi hesitated, trying to say something.

Everyone knew what Brass Immortal meant.

He was asking if they should keep Zhang Hanyang by force.

However, the Taoist Lord of Dragon directly said, “Itll be too difficult, and the price will be too high.

We should not bear the consequences of his actions.”


The Exotic Beasts discussed a lot.

For a few seconds, the three clansmen seemed to have different ideas and even said a lot.

But there were no exceptions.

All of them were shocked that Zhang Han could resist a punch, but no one thought that he would be a match for Stone Demon King.

However, they soon turned out to be wrong.

In fact, a Demon Lord even said in front of everyone, “Stone Demon King, kill him now!”



An astonishing crisp sound rang out in the field.

It was deafening like thunder.


“What is that sound”

“Shit! Something is happening! Everyone, look at Sky City!”

Everyone looked up, but nothing changed.


There came another shocking crisp thunder-like sound.


A Demon Lords face changed drastically.

He suddenly looked forward and stared at Zhang Han and Stone Demon King.

Zhang Han was still raising one finger.

The Stone Demon King maintained his pose.

However, the crisp sound, more like the sound of cracking, came from the Stone Demon Kings body.


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

More and more gazes shifted over.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han said lightly, “Stone Demon King, your Body Cultivation is not bad, but unfortunately, you met me.”


A clear crack appeared on Stone Demon Kings back and shattered a large number of stone shards.

“No, no! This is impossible!”

Several Demon Lords were shocked.

“Somethings wrong with the Stone Demon King”

“How could this be It shouldnt be!”

“Stone Demon King! Retreat!”

Some of the Demon Lords and many Demon Monarchs were dumbfounded.

Taoist Lord of Dragon was stunned.

He never wouldve imagined that this would happen.

Tianxingzi, Brass Immortal, and others all opened their mouths wide and looked at the scene in disbelief.

The scene was so beautiful that they even thought it was fake and illusory.

But it was real.

The Stone Demon Kings body continued to shatter.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Those continuous sounds were deafening.

More and more cracks appeared on Stone Demon Kings body.


Zhang Han raised his finger.

As soon as his suppression ended, the Stone Demon King stumbled back several steps.

He widened his eyes and used all the energy in his body to say these words in despair.

“Ive cultivated my body all my life, yet Im no match for your one finger.



After he finished his words, his body was torn into pieces and turned into powder.

Along with a breeze, the pieces scattered slowly like withered flowers.

Stone Demon King was dead.

But his words still rang in the field.

“Ive cultivated my body all my life.

“Yet Im no match for your one finger.


The first part was filled with emotion and pride.

As a Demon Lord, he had immense power.

However, the second part showed that he was questioning his cognition.

As for the final part, he seemed to be asking the heavens why it was so unfair.

“How old is this brat in front of me He managed to kill me with one finger.

“This is so unfair.”

At this moment, everyone was silent.

One could even hear a pin drop.

No one could have imagined such a result.

Even Mengmeng, Nina, Chu Qingyi, and the others were a little stunned.

Stone Demon King, one of the Eight Demon Lords of the Demon Clan, had been killed by Zhang Hans one-finger strike.

“How could this be How could this be!”

Taoist Lord of Dragon came back to his senses, and he was so excited that his entire body was trembling.

“A Demon Lord is dead! He can kill a Demon Lord! Will the Human Clan finally rise to prominence Hahaha, the heavens bless us! Fellow Daoist Zhang, come over here!”

Zhang Han was absolutely a top master since he could kill Stone Demon King with one finger.

Taoist Lord of Dragons tone and words were completely different from before.

“What level is he at” Tianxingzi was rather puzzled.

“So powerful! Hes so formidable!” Brass Immortal gasped.

Many human high-position officials cried in shock.

“He isnt a Demon Monarch, hes a Demonic God!”

The demons were shocked as well.

“Stone Demon King has been killed.”

“Who can stop him”

“If he wants to kill us, he can do it with ease.

A single finger strike will be enough.”

“Is our clan going to fall”

However, when they heard that someone from the Human Clan called Zhang Han a Demonic God, it gave them a reminder.

“Right! We still have Lord Demonic God on our side!”

“With Lord Demonic God taking action, this man will surely die.”

“But it has been two centuries since the Demonic God showed up.”


The remaining three Demon Lords all designated Voice-transmitting Technique and said to each other.

“Who can contact Lord Demonic God The current situation is beyond our expectations.

Only his emergence can suppress that man.”

“I dont have a way to contact him.

Do you”

“I dont have it either, but I do know that Demon Lord Tonghai can contact the Demonic God!”

“Call Tonghai over now.

Whats going on with him Is he not coming back”

They seemed to see hope, but at this time, a Demon General ran over in a hurry.

Before he arrived, he designated Voice-transmitting Technique and said to the three demon masters, “Not good! Demon Lord Tonghai…hes been smashed to death by that old man!

“Without any ability to resist, he was grabbed by the foot and beaten to death.”

Upon hearing his words-


It was as though a bolt of thunder had struck the hearts of the three Demon Lords.

How many years had it been since they felt at a loss for what to do

Now, they were feeling it, to the extent as if they were caught between a rock and a hard place.

They wanted to say something but didnt dare say anything at all.

Confused, one of the Demon Lords said in self-mockery, “Aha, I have good news for you.

Stone Demon King was killed as well by a finger strike.

However, it wasnt the old man who did it but the young man.”

Usually, he wouldnt pay attention to a Demon General.

At this time, he was really quite frightened.

“Once a task is accomplished, get rid of those who accomplished it.”

Five Demon Lords have come over.

However, two of the Demon Lords who had ruled for so long died in just a few days.

“Great changes are about to take place in the Domain of Seven Desolations!”

Tianxingxi looked up at the huge city in the sky and wondered what existed there.

“Lets go and have a look.”

Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and shook his head slightly.

“Im so exhausted.

“This brat is usually quite violent.

“This time, he killed the Stone Demon King with a single finger.

“He is simply peerlessly powerful.

“Hes amazing.”

Looking at Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, Mu Xue, and others shining eyes, he knew that they looked up to Zhang Han.

This sense of shock was even more pleasant than the blow hed delivered to Demon Lord Tonghai earlier.

Thinking about it, Yue Wuwei decided not to dwell on it.

He led the team to advance.

After walking hundreds of meters, they stepped onto the ice.

The sky changed.

They were able to see the enormous palace floating in the sky.

How should they go up to the mysterious Devil Palace

In fact, everyone was curious.


Zhang Han seemed to be able to hear something.

He exhaled and looked up, ignoring the others.

As if he was talking to the people behind him, he murmured, “Ive told you that I have the final say here.”

“Others cant fly here because they arent powerful enough.

Theres no way to go up there just because I havent reached it yet.” He looked around coolly.

“Demon Lords, Demon Monarchs, and the entire Demon Clan.

“Taoist Lord of Dragon, Tianxingzi, Brass Immortal, as well as the other humans and the Exotic Beast army.

“You cannot go up there even with all your strength combined.”

At this moment, Zhang Han looked down on all the people present.


A strange wind blew and sent Zhang Han up.

“Heaven Road will be under my feet.”

As Zhang Han stepped out, a black sidestep suddenly appeared under his feet.

Then followed the second step and the third step.

Before the crowds gazes, steps began to appear naturally one after another.

“I cant believe this is happening!” Tianxingzi gasped.

“Has this place really been waiting for his arrival Who the hell is he” Taoist Lord of Dragon had always been quite calm and indifferent, but now he was no longer able to suppress his shock.


One of the Demon Lords was stunned.

“Those two Demon Lords just died for nothing”

“That guy came here to go to Sky City, but the two Demon Lords went to stop him and got themselves killed.

“Thats so uncalled for.”


After taking dozens of steps, Zhang Han suddenly turned around and said to his little princess with a smile, “Lets go.

Ill take you up there to enjoy the scenery.”


Mengmeng responded with a smile.

She jumped on the steps and soon caught up with Zhang Han.

She took her fathers hand and walked with him.

“Come with us.”

Zhang Han smiled gently at Zi Yan.

With a thought, Zi Yan flew straight over.

The others didnt say anything.

Elder Yue led the team as everyone followed Zhang Han one after another.

They stepped on the steps Zhang Han had created and went all the way to the mysterious palace in the air.

“What should we do”

“Should we follow them and go up there”

The problem was that some others also wanted to go up.

But the three Demon Lords didnt dare to do it.

The Exotic Beasts did not act rashly either.

Only the Taoist Lord of Dragon said, “Were all humans.

Even if we wont get anything, well just go take a look.

He wont stop us.”

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