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Chapter 140 Zi Yan Change

“Im not in a position to reveal the details, because Mr.

Han Yang… is a man whos indifferent to fame and wealth.” Xue Qian shook his head.

“Indifferent to fame and wealth!” Candy narrowed her eyes and said with a smile, “Its really rare for such a talented songwriter not to compose for fame, but to keep his faith.

Well, put aside his identity, lets talk about something else.

For instance, how old Mr.

Han Yang is Does he have a girlfriend Is he handsome Hows his personality I wish you to answer these questions to satisfy the fans curiosities.”

“Ha, ha, ha, OK.

Then Ill tell you.” Xue Qian smiled and shook his head, saying, “I havent been in touch with Mr.

Han Yang for long, but I know him to some degree.

First of all, Mr.

Han Yangs talent is beyond any doubt.

Hes the most… special songwriter I have ever seen.”

“Hes a very handsome man who is at about 26.

I dont know if I am right.”

“Wow, hes a young and handsome man, does he have a girlfriend” Candy pretended to become intoxicated and asked with a smile.

“He… doesnt have a girlfriend.” Xue Qian shook his head and chuckled.

But he changed the subject the next moment and said, “But he has a wife.

Ive never seen his wife, but Ive met his daughter.

Shes the most beautiful and lovely girl Ive ever seen.

Moreover, Mr.

Han Yang still dotes on his daughter, which may make other children jealous.”

“Is he Hes a real warm man.” Candy exclaimed.

“Secondly, Mr.

Han Yang is a very casual person.

He has written Actress for me originally.

When I visited him later, after chatting with me amiably, Mr.

Han Yang spent an afternoon writing to me two more songs, and then… the story ended.” Xue Qian laughed, extending his hands.

“Two songs were written in an afternoon Really Was it possible” Candy did not believe it.

She uttered doubtfully, “As we all know, songs cant be written casually and even the process of making them is proven difficult, not to mention accompaniment, rhythm progression, emotion control, word filling and so on.

“However, thats the truth.” Xue Qian extended his hands with confusion and amazement in his eyes.

He did not believe such a thing before, but seeing was believing.

After thinking for a while, he added,

“Let me tell you one more thing.

I said at my concert that Mr.

Han Yang was going to surprise you and now the surprise is unveiled.

Last night, four musicians messages under Mr.

Han Yangs blog have been picked out and today their songs were produced.

I listened to them and you should have a try.

The songs are called Wasted Love, 9420, No Contact and Bridge of Peace.”

“Really So… lets play one of them now.

Console, please search for Wasted Love and we can listen to it first.” Candy said.

The program recording was different from what people watched on TV.

The program could only be played after being made, so the recording was quite casual.

After hearing what Candy said, the staff on the console directly searched for the song and played it.

“Knowing that loving you has no result, Im still crazy for hoping you will give me sweetness.”

The cheerful rhythm and elegant lyrics intoxicated hundreds of people at the scene.

After finishing listening, Candys eyes widened.

She said skeptically, “Really Is this song made in one night Are you sure it wasnt written before”

“Ha, ha, ha.

Of course, Im sure.

If I havent seen it with my eyes, I wouldnt have revealed the details with confidence.

Besides, I dont have to lie, right”

“Yes.” Candy nodded and looked at the audience before she said, “I want to listen to the other three songs.

What do you think”



People cried out at the same time.

They were besotted by the song they had heard.

In fact, they were motivated by their beloved music to come here, so it was natural for them to be intoxicated when hearing good songs.

Then it was time for playing the other three songs.

After listening to the three songs, Candy sighed softly and said with a mixture of feeling, “There are a small number of geniuses in the world and I think Mr.

Han Yang is one of them.

He could produce such excellent songs in such a short time.

Hes so powerful.”

“I was also shocked for a long time…”

Then Candy talked with Xue Qian for a while.

Finally, Xue Qian sang Actress on the stage, ending todays interview.

This program would be shown on Jiangcheng TV at 6:00 p.m.

after being edited and the climax of the four songs were all included in the show after editing.

As this program was broadcast, the search rates for the four songs increased dramatically.

These songs ran from mouth to mouth and became popular all of a sudden.

At first, the songs were ranked 500 or so on the music list.

Only 10 minutes after the program was broadcast, these four songs were all into the top 500 at the same time.

One hour later, they ranked the top 200.

Soon after, the ranking of these songs soared up and eventually ranked the top 30!

Back to the restaurant.

Zhang Han got a call from Zi Yan at about 5 oclock.

“Zhang Han, Ill clock off and arrive home at 6 oclock.”

After blurting out the word “home”, Zi Yan blushed and corrected herself, “Ill arrive at the restaurant at 6 oclock.

Is… Is there anything delicious for dinner I havent eaten at noon and Im really hungry.”

“Er…” Zhang Han thought for a while before he said, “Ill cook spiced goose at night.”

“Is that too greasy” Zi Yan pursed her lips.

She did not like to eat food which was too greasy.

Although the native chicken she had eaten last time tasted great, the goose seemed too fatty.

“No, you can try it when you come back.” Zhang Han answered with a smile.

“So Ill go back and try it.” Zi Yan said and then hung up the phone.

At that time, Zhou Fei, who was driving, was unable to hold herself back.

She asked in a hurry, “What shall we eat at night Im starving.

Is brother-in-law going to make the hot pot”

“No, its not hot pot.”

“Is there any meat I want to eat meat.

You just said it would be greasy, so he must be going to cook meat, right” Remembering the braised chicken in soy sauce she had eaten last time, she started drooling.

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then a loud voice came out.

“What a glutton.” Zi Yan wanted to laugh and weep at once and said directly, “You will enjoy the dinner.

Hell cook the spiced goose.”

“Ah Really Thats great.

Ha, ha, ha.

Brother-in-law is so awesome!” Zhou Fei laughed uproariously.

“Its enough.

Zhang Han isnt here, so no one cares about what youre saying.

Moreover, are you used to calling him brother-in-law now I have nothing to do with him yet!” Zi Yan said angrily.


“Elder Sister Yan,” Zhou Fei grinned and said, “Have you not noticed that your tone has changed when you are talking to brother-in-law these days.

And Elder Sister Yan, since you came in contact with brother-in-law, you smile more often and become more charming.

In a word, youre still attractive.

Thats incorrect, how can I describe you Oh, I forget that word.”

“Dont blab! It has barely started.” Zi Yan gave her an angry stare and could not help asking after a while, “Do I smile more often”

“Yes, you havent found it yourself Huh, I think its a smile of love.

Elder Sister Yan, you are going to fall in love.” Zhou Fei laughed, playing a joke on her.

“Youre more and more naughty.”

Zi Yan grunted, looking out of the window.

When she calmed down, she remembered Zhang Han.

“Do I smile more often”

“Do I fall in love with him”

“No, obviously I dont like him.

But I feel quite at ease with him.”

“In fact, hes a good man and isnt arrogant as others said.

Perhaps Mengmeng changed him.”

“Probably… his change was because of me.”

Zi Yan felt both entanglement and comfort in her heart.

She did not realize that Zhang Han could affect her mood.

If she had love experience, she would know that guesswork was the beginning of love.

On the other side, Zhang Han had already started cooking in the restaurant.

The first dish of dinner was spiced goose.

The geese bred in Mount New Moon had brown feathers and wings.

The color of the edges of their feathers and wings were relatively light, and their brown feathers from head to back of the neck were hard.

They had white underparts, square bodies, large heads and necks, and slightly high forequarters.

After Zhang Han took them back and searched on the Internet, he found that this kind of geese was named lion-head goose.

Lion-head goose was the largest fine breed of goose cultivated in the countryside in China and was also one of the large geese in the world.

A special dish made of lion-head goose was the spiced goose of Chaoshan cuisine, which could also be called Chaoshan spiced goose, and was a traditional famous dish in Chaoshan, Guangdong.

The spiced goose was in high quality, which was delicious, fragrant and smooth.

Zhang Han, therefore, was intended to have a try.

Zhang Han gave the three geese to the manager next door and asked him to clean up their feathers.

Of course, Zhang Han would leave 100 yuan for manual work every time he requested him to clean poultry up.

He only asked him to clean the feathers up because Zhang Han planned to dispose of the viscera by himself and make another world-famous dish.

At 5:30 pm, Zhang Han was going to tidy up the three geese.

At this time, some guests had come to the restaurant and the six ordinary seats were full.

Liang Mengqi and her companions also arrived early.

After realizing that Zhang Han intended to make geese, they became extremely excited.

Soon, Wang Qiang, Wu Liying and Pearson came to the restaurant.



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