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Chapter 141 Chaoshan Spiced Goose

Why Pearson came with these two people

That was obviously on account of Pearsons “professionalism”.

He noticed that although 10 membership cards had been sold, only nine members were coming here recently.

So he inquired and learned that Wang Qiang had three cards, one of which belonged to his granddaughter or grandson who came here for dinner occasionally.

Pearson, therefore, came up with a new idea.

After importuning, he succeeded in persuading Wang Qiang to lend him the membership card when he did not bring his grandchild to dinner.

However, it still required Zhang Hans approval.

So Pearson went straight to Zhang Han after entering the restaurant and whispered with embarrassment,

“Boss, I want to ask you a favor.”

Pearson did not have to say anything once he identified himself in other restaurants at other times.

His identity did make him an honorable guest.

But he knew that a food agent was similar to an “idle agent” in the bosss eyes which he didnt care at all.

“Go ahead.” Zhang Han responded casually.

“Erm… I consulted with Uncle Wang, a member of the restaurant, who has three membership cards.

Can I use his free membership card to have dinner when he came without relatives” Pearson said with a very uneasy look.

He begged Wang Qiang for a long time to get this opportunity for the membership card.

If the boss did not agree, his days of efforts would be brought to naught.

Besides, Pearsons heart would ache if he could not enjoy the members delicacies.

Zhang Han stood emotionless under his gaze.

He glanced at Wang Qiang distantly and nodded his head, saying, “Okay.”

“Yes!” Pearson laughed, seeming to have won a battle, and thanked Zhang Han repeatedly, “Thank you, boss.

Thank you.”

After finishing speaking, he walked back to the dining table with a smile and sat on the side of Wang Qiang.

He thanked Wang Qiang and Wu Liying again, which provoked Wu Liying to laugh.

She thought this foreigner was really interesting.

In the kitchen, Zhang Han put three lion-head geese on the chopping block and prepared to clean them.

Pearson looked over as soon as Zhang Han moved.

“Huh These look like lion-head geese, but why are they so big Im wondering what kind of dishes the boss will cook with these three lion-head geese.”

Pearsons eyes lit up.

He was sure that the taste must be extraordinary considering the lion-head geese presentation.

This scene also attracted the attention of people in the restaurant and they even put down their mobile phones.

Zhang Hans cooking process was a feast for the eyes.

Some people still remembered the first time when Zhang Han stretched noodles.

His hands, which seemed like drawing Tai Chi circles, and the noodles that gradually became as thin as hairs, were like miracles!

Under peoples gazes, Zhang Han pulled out a boning knife casually.

The knife turned a circle in Zhang Hans hand and was held by Zhang Han with his backhand.

He made a cut in a gooses chest with the knife tip but did not hurt any viscera.

This was a technique of power control.

Then Zhang Han reached into the gap and carefully took out the goose liver which was bigger than his palm!

“What did I see”

Pearson suddenly stood up.

He attached his eyes on the goose liver and exclaimed, “How can it be so big This goose liver is probably more than 1,000 grams, isnt it Is the liver of a lion-head goose so big Hows it possible”

“Hey, hey, enough.

Whats there to be surprised at Hum, how can you, a negligible agent, understand the ingredients brought out by our boss” Zhao Dahu said with a snort.

“Thats right.

Thats not a big deal!” Liang Mengqi said.

“Well, you dont know what it means.” Pearson sat back in his chair, exclaiming with a wry smile, “The worlds top-three great delicacies, goose liver, caviar, and truffles, are incomparable in taste and as valuable as gold in price.

The goose liver mentioned is French goose liver, which has a reputation as the king of green food in the world.”

“Each of French goose livers weighs between 700g and 900g in general and sometimes could be heavier or lighter.

Apart from weight, their color is also significant.

Some are light pink ivory, some are light gold, and others are light cyan yellow.

Theyre not sanguine.

So the goose livers in such a high-grade cuisine are not the ordinary ones.”

“However, this goose liver should be more than 1,000 grams.

Judging by its softness and color, it is obviously an ingredient in high quality.

Ive eaten Chaoshan lion-head goose several times, but none of the goose livers I have eaten is as plump as this one.”

Pearson kept his eyes on the goose liver.

He realized that the goose liver was unusual only by seeing this.

“Well, our boss is good at raising everything.

Hee hee, just watch, little agent.” Liang Mengqi laughed and said.

“Thats right.

Its just a goose liver.” Yu Qingqing said, curling her lips.

“Its indeed a surprise.

Since you dont understand, Ill tell you.” Pearson shook his head repeatedly when he heard this, saying, “French goose liver is world-renowned and its price is extremely high, between 200 and 300 euros.

It enjoys great popularity among the noble because of its high cultivation cost and rich nutrition.

Theres saying goes: You havent enjoyed the true French food until you eat French goose liver.

In France, if you do not know French goose liver, youre not an authentic food lover.

The status of French goose liver is evident.”

“The cultivation of geese is also extremely cruel because every goose has only a few hours of normal life, and is forced to overeat in the rest of its life to make its liver grow bigger.”

“Why French goose liver is world-famous Apart from taste, its breed is another reason.

There are three major varieties of French goose liver: Strasbourg goose liver, Landes goose liver, and Toulouse goose liver.

Each of them is good in appearance, large in size and rich in nutrition.

Theyre all full of aroma after being cooked and feature good taste.

The most famous goose liver among these three varieties is Strasbourg goose liver that Louis XVI tasted it in the past.”

“The appearance of goose liver is also an important factor.

The heavier a goose liver is, the higher its quality and price are.

As for a goose liver below 700g, its quality is relatively poor.

Of course, its color, integrity and variety are also of great importance.”

“So…” Pearson raised a finger and pointed to the goose liver on the chopping block, saying, “Now do you know how good this goose liver is It weighs more than 1,000 grams and is absolutely authentic on account of its color.

Moreover, the boss has a light hand and doesnt damage the goose liver at all.

But this variety… isnt fit to make a best-quality dish, or this goose liver is the ultimate.”

Pearsons words made all the people in the restaurant quiet.

Now they finally knew that this goose liver was worth a lot!

After being astonished for a moment, people whispered,

“I told you this restaurant is great.

Trust me and just wait for a while to enjoy the godly egg fried rice and the godly noodle soup! Im sure they taste good.

The man who spoke just now is a Michelin food agent, who can rate the restaurant! Hes a very formidable man!”

“What Michelin”

“Or what do you think Youll gradually find that the class of this restaurant is becoming higher and higher.

Every new delicacy will lead the trend.”

“Ive already believed it now, for the price of a membership card explains all! Who dares to overcharge if the food is not delicious”


Not only they but also Zhang Han listened to him with keen ears.

After hearing what he said, Zhang Han could not help saying, “You know quite a lot.”

He knew that goose liver, caviar, and truffles were the worlds three greatest delicacies.

Furthermore, he had tasted French goose liver and caviar, finding them delicious.

Zhang Han, however, was not acquainted with the stories behind these three delicacies.

At this time, hearing Zhang Hans words, Pearson finally found that the boss seemed to respect him.

So he said with pride, “Of course, just as a saying in China goes: Surgery industry to specialize.

Hum, hum, thats my specialty.”


Zhang Han responded distantly and began to make the spiced goose.

What Zhang Han said made Pearson so anxious.

“Thats all Any other compliment”

Pearson felt awkward for a while.

But when he saw Zhang Han cooking, he was gradually attracted.

A little while later, he eventually found out what Zhang Han was going to cook, so he said,

“Boss, are you going to make spiced goose”


“Ha, it seems that I have a sweet tooth today,” Pearson said excitedly.

“Do you know spiced goose very well” Zhang Han asked casually.

“Of course, Im familiar with the worlds delicacies.

Generally speaking, spiced goose made of lion-head geese is called Chaoshan spiced goose.

Ive had it twice before and I think it tastes great.

However, restaurants in China cannot apply to star-rated restaurants now.

Otherwise, Ill definitely sample the delicacies one by one.” Pearson said, shaking his head.

“Boss, what are you going to do with these goose livers” Pearson sighed with emotion and asked curiously.

“Brine-soaked goose liver.”

“Brine-soaked lion-head goose liver is great, but considering its high quality, I think you can try the Pan-Fried goose liver which is a traditional way to make French goose liver.” Advised Pearson.

“Sounds fine.” Zhang Han nodded.

So after he finished spiced goose, he sliced one goose liver and fried it.

It was the traditional way to cook.

And he made Brine-soaked goose liver with the other two goose livers.

While making the lion-head goose, he finished stewed potatoes with beans, tomato and egg soup, and cucumber with garlic sauce at the same time.

When the dish removed from the pot, Liang Mengqi, Pearson and others all looked at the spiced goose and the goose liver.

Pearson even could not control himself.

It was in top quality.

But he just did not know if it would be more delicious then French goose liver.

However, under his gaze, Zhang Han directly took two plates of goose liver and stepped towards the second floor.

“No, no, no!” Pearsons face changed.

He quickly got up and said, “Boss, why did you take all Dont you leave us some”

“Oh” Zhang Han gave him a look, joked him with a smile, “If you say a bit more, Ill take all the spiced goose.”



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