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Chapter 144 A Meeting

“Were they all written by one person Hanyang I think I heard the name somewhere.”

Zi Yan said doubtfully, searching for the information of Hanyang in her mind.

She just could not remember the name.

“Dont you remember Hanyang The old witch referred to him on the meeting last time and even reprimanded our songwriters on account of him!” Zhou Fei reminded her.


Zi Yan did a double-take and covered her mouth with an outcry.

She looked at Zhou Fei with eyes widened and said, “Is that Hanyang who wrote three fine songs for Xue Qian”

“Yes, its he! Oh, my god.

Never did I think he was a master of songwriters.

He produced four excellent songs in one day.

Its virtually beyond my imagination!” Zhou Fei repeatedly exclaimed.

“Its amazing.” Zi Yan was surprised.

She did appreciate such versatile people.

“Ill leave a message on his Weibo.

If he can write you a fine song, itll be great!” Zhou Fei grinned and said with fantasy in her eyes.

She was imaging that Hanyang wrote ten excellent songs for Zi Yan, and then… Zi Yan would become a famous star again, backing to what she used to be a few years ago!

“OK, then just leave a message.” Zi Yan nodded and said.

“By the way, look at this video.” Zhou Fei came back to earth and played a video clip of Xue Qians introduction to Hanyang.

“Look, hes acquainted with Hanyang and says Hanyang is a 26-year-old man who has a lovely daughter and is both versatile and easygoing.

Hes similar to your prince charming in your dream.” Zhou Fei said with a chuckle.

“Prince charming I have a daughter already.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhou Fei.

“Hum, Elder Sister Yan, you are only 26 years old and still can enjoy a romantic relationship.

Why cant you have a dream! But you already have my brother-in-law.

Eh” Zhou Fei exclaimed all of a sudden while speaking.

She said, “Elder Sister Yan, I find that the man is similar to my brother-in-law according to Xue Qians description.

Theyre all casual and have a beautiful daughter.


“Dont be jumpy.” With a snort, Zi Yan said grumpily, “Zhang Han takes care of Mengmeng all the time and absolutely has no time to do other things.

Besides, he doesnt know music.

What are you thinking of”

“Well…” Zhou Fen said in a helpless tone after a pause, “Youre right.

Its a pity.

If brother-in-law is also good at music, hell be… be… a perfect match for you.

Anyway, you and brother-in-law are well suited to each other! But brother-in-law cant write songs.”

“Come on; you are mentioningbrother-in-law all the time.

Ill go to see Mengmeng.” With a snort, Zi Yan got up and went out.

However, Zhou Feis conjecture was the truth.

Generally speaking, the things that people thought were impossible might happen under their very eyes.

Such phenomena were caused by peoples inertial thinking.

After Zi Yan walked out of the room, Zhou Fei dived into bed, took a laptop and logged on to Weibo to search “Hanyang”.

After glancing at the messages, Zhou Feis eyes widened and the corner of her mouth quivered.

She said,

“Oh, my god.

He has already 500,000 fans in such a short time.

My gosh!”

“There is only a Weibo for selecting singers My god, more than 100,000 messages Will my message work”

“Liu Wufeng Liu Si So many B-list singers have also left messages”

“Therere also some C-list singers and free musicians.

Ah, my message must be submerged soon! Can Hanyang see it”

Zhou Fei was a little bit depressed.

After thinking for a while, she finally left a message on his Weibo,

“Hello, Mr.


Im the agent of Zi Yan.

Im amazed to hear your masterpieces and hope to obtain Mr.

Hanyangs songs.”

This message was instantly overwhelmed by large quantities of messages.

Only the messages at the top which gained relatively lots of likes could be noticed.

The latest comment changed every minute.

After the broadcast of Xue Qians program, the four songs became popular at once.

Although they were not the latest hits, they occupied the top of various lists at an extremely high speed.

In the meantime, many B-list singers, C-list singers and a large quantities of free musicians left their messages on Hanyangs Weibo.

Zhang Han gained 500,000 followers on Weibo because of all these factors, and the number was still increasing rapidly.

It seemed that his followers would exceed one million within one day.

At the same time, this matter had also received a lot of attention from the Entertainment Circle.

Almost all media companies heard that a man named Hanyang wrote seven excellent songs in a few days.

Furthermore, as long as you left a message, you would have a chance to get a song.

This was a great thing!

The next day, in the conference room of Royal Entertainment Company.

There were more people at the meeting this time.

Meiqi sat at the head of the table, looking around at those songwriters and tapping the table with her fingers.

She said coldly,

“You have already known what happened and listened to the songs.

So I would like to ask if you still consider it as a coincidence.

He has written seven excellent songs in succession! Seven songs.

Almost catch up all your achievements over the past six months, and you have more than 40 people!”

“What can we do Were also very helpless!”

“And we also suspect that Hanyang is not a certain person.

As is known to all, the style of the songs of a songwriter wont change dramatically.

But Hang Yang produced a sweet 9420 and a deep Bridge of Peace.

His songs style completely changed!”

“I think it makes sense.

Its likely to be a studios Weibo.

They want to be popular with the songs they saved over the years.

Lets be cautious and cant let the leading entertainers leave messages.

We shouldnt publicize them for free.”


While the songwriters were complaining, they began to view the situation again.

During this period, several people made excuses.

Meiqi frowned slightly while hearing what they said.

She thought for a moment and finally said in a deep voice,

“I hope you can feel a tension.

Other people released fine songs continuously, while our Royal Entertainment Company didnt.

Well be laughed at.

Whats more, entertainers present who are interested in his songs can also try to leave messages and see if you can get songs.”

Meiqi did not want the A-list popular performers to leave messages, because there was no A-list performer of other companies leaving a message.

Once they did so, it showed the incompetence of the company.

Her idea was similar to what these songwriters said.

However, Meiqi also found many B-list performers leave messages, so there was nothing wrong when their entertainers at the same level left messages.

After Meiqi finished speaking, Xu Ruoyu smiled and glanced at Zi Yan.

She said in a voice dripping with sarcasm,

“I think some people indeed should ask for songs.

Ah, the achievements of her album are worse than a newcomer.

Its so difficult for a has-been to succeed.”

Even so, Xu Ruoyu still decided to leave a message after going back.

What if the elder brother Hanyang wrote her a song

As soon as she spoke, the agent beside her and her several friends laughed uncontrollably,

“Ruoyu is right.

Performers have to be conscientious and shouldnt release an album casually.

The fans are all smart.”

“Ho, ho, ho… achievements mean everything.”

“So performers are bound to work hard.

Cheating will give rise to failure!”


A few words brought an outburst of laughter.

People looked at Zi Yan involuntarily, for they all knew their remarks were obviously intended for her.

Zi Yans expression was as cold as ever, but she was wronged and angry.

Although there were also a few people feeling sorry for her, Zi Yan still felt that she was an outsider.

She felt like she did not belong to this company.

While Zhou Fei on one side got angry.

She even dared to quarrel with Meiqi face to face, let alone Xu Ruoyu.

So she arched an eyebrow and said,

“Someones face is getting all twisted.

Did she inject hyaluronic acid Its so disgusting.

I feel nauseous.

Ouch, I havent been back to Royal Entertainment Company for several years and it has changed a lot.

I can hear a few dogs barking every day.

Gee, she also spouts dung and is afraid of others not knowing shes a dog.”

Her words made all the people present become quiet.

They were looking at Zhou Fei with admiration.

Even Meiqi froze at that time and did not know where she learned so many cruel words.

Xu Ruoyu and her friends were really angry.

Everyone would be mad if being called “dog” by others.

Xu Ruoyus agent patted on the table and snarled,

“What are you talking about Cant you be polite Dont you know we are having a meeting I dont think people like you deserve to work in Royal Entertainment Company!” .

“Ouch, why did I hear a dog barking” Zhou Fei simply picked her ears and looked at Zi Yan without glancing at her.

She said doubtfully, “Elder Sister Yan, did you hear a dog barking Did I have hallucinations Does Er Sha, the dog I once lost, return Their voices sound quite similar.”

“Its possible.” Zi Yan replied solemnly.

“You!” Xu Ruoyu pounded the table and stood up with anger.

She seemed to lose her temper.

“Thats enough!” Meiqis face darkened and she said, “Were having a meeting! What do you want to do Do you want to rebel Youre impudent.

This is the company! If you want to quarrel, get out here!”

As soon as Meiqi spoke, people all quieted down.

She fixed her eyes on Xu Ruoyu and Zi Yan and said with a snort, “Dont be proud of the small success.

You arent even an A-list performer, so what you are proud of Without achievements, why are you so arrogant Go back home and reflect yourself! The meeting is over!”

A meeting eventually broke up.

Although this kind of meetings was common, every media company held much more meetings these days because of Hanyang.

It was difficult to write fine songs, but Hanyang was like a base for producing excellent songs and released seven masterpieces in succession.

Therefore, no one would look down upon him.



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