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Chapter 148 Zhao Feng Took the Mission Initiative

Zhao Fengs expression was rigid for a moment.

Although he knew that the Boss might not take Tang Zhan seriously, he did not expect that in the eyes of the Boss, Tang Zhan, who was in high status, was regarded as a nonentity!



Zhao Feng smiled bitterly in his heart, and his eyes were full of helplessness and complication.

Just as he was about to say something, his cell phone rang.

A minute after he answered the phone, his face became grave.

“Well, I see.”

Zhao Feng answered, hanging up the phone, and looked at Zhang Han.

“Whats wrong Tang Zhan asked you to tackle me” Zhang Han asked casually.

Looking at his expression, it seemed that he didnt worry about what Zhao Feng would do at all.

“No…” Zhao Feng shook his head with a bitter smile and said in a deep tone, “Tang Zhan is going to hold a meeting at 1:00 p.m.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han nodded.

He was not interested in what Zhao Feng was going to say.

After drinking the last sip of beer, he went to the sofa and sat down with Mengmeng to play with toys.

Zhao Feng sat at the dining table and fell silent.

Hesitating for a long time, he finally took his wallet out from his carry-on bag and removed the button on it.

With a gentle turn, the switch of the size of a fingernail was unscrewed.

There was a little mobile phone card within the small space.

Zhao Feng took off his cell phone card and put the cell phone card taken from the button on.

Then he dialed a phone call.

The phone rang only two times before it was connected, but no sound came from the other end of the line.

“Tang Zhan is going to buy a raft of high-quality ice.” Zhao Feng said directly.

“How many”

“Two hundred kilograms!” Zhao Feng said slowly.

Two hundred kilograms drugs might be the largest quantity ever recorded in Hong Kong.

If such a large amount of goods went to Hong Kong, the consequences were unimaginable.

There must be lots of families would be destroyed as a result.

“What How many” A hurried and unbelievable voice sounded from the phone.

“Two hundred kilograms!” Zhao Feng answered heavily.

For 200 kilograms of goods, Leng Feng, Tang Zhans adviser in charge of the drug transport business, had been planning for a long time.

This time he finally got the chance.

These goods were the reason why Tang Zhan held a high-level meeting.

Two hundred kilograms drugs cost nearly twenty million dollars.

After selling, the net profit could be about forty million dollars.

Tang Zhan, who was very greedy for money, certainly allowed his men to plan this action.

The other end of the phone was silent for a while.

Although no one spoke, Zhao Feng clearly heard his short and urgent breathing.

“I see.

Keep in touch and report information at any time,” the other person said and hung up.

Zhao Feng unloaded this cell phone card and put it back in place.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Then he got up and went to the side of the sofa.

He grinned and said,

“Boss, I am going back.

Mengmeng, bye!”

“Uh-huh, big brother, you, you are not eating here” Mengmeng said and turned her head with confusion in her clear eyes.

She clearly remembered that the big brother would have meals here every day and clean up.

He had been absent for several days.

Why did he have to leave without eating

“I… will have a meal next time,” Zhao Feng smiled and turned away.

As he went out of the door, Liang Mengqi and her friends arrived.

They came quickly after they saw Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, what have you been doing these days I have to clean up on my own without you.

Thats too tired,” Zhao Dahu wriggled and said in a delicate voice.

“Im busy these days,” Zhao Feng said, shaking his head slightly.

“Busy Hey, Zhao Feng, you must have no idea that our Boss cooked a big meal the other day.

They were the spiced goose, Brine-soaked goose liver, and Pan-Fried goose liver.

Wow, they were delicious.

You must regret it since you didnt taste them!” Yu Qingqing joked tartly.

“Its very delicious.

Fortunately, we all got a little more because you didnt come.

Hee hee,” Liang Mengqi said with a laugh.

During the words, she deliberately put out her tongue to lick her red lips, as if she was intentionally made Zhao Feng envy.

However, she did not know that this action made Zhao Feng covet her red lips.

Zhao Feng cooperated very well that his stomach was growling.

At the moment, his mind was full of delicacies in restaurants, and he even had the idea of staying here to eat without concerning anything of the world.

But he managed to hold back after all.

He sighed softly and said, “I envy you so much that you can eat Boss Zhangs food every day while I cant.

Im supposed to be busy for a few days.”

“What are you up to Are you busy collecting rent” Liang Mengqi said with a hum.

“Er…” Zhao Fengs expression paused ,and he smiled helplessly.

Then he got in the car and left, heading for the private mansion of Tang Zhan.

Liang Mengqi and other two people entered the restaurant.

Zhao Dahu and Yu Qingqing sat in their usual chairs, while Liang Mengqi skipped to the back of the sofa and took out the ice cream from behind to Mengmeng.

When she handed it to Mengmeng, she smiled and said, “See! Mengmeng, I bought you an ice cream.”

Liang Mengqi realized that if she wanted to get along well in the restaurant, she must serve the little princess well first.

It seemed that since she knew Zhang Han, as long as Mengmeng asked for something, the Boss would hardly refuse.

“Wow!” Seeing the ice cream, Mengmeng cheered with her clear eyes shining.

She put down her toys to take the ice cream and said childish, “thank you, sister, haha.

Thank you, sister!”

After that, Mengmeng wanted to start eating ice cream.

But she stopped, put the ice cream to Zhang Hans mouth, and muttered, “PaPa, you eat, too.

Well… PaPa, please take a little bit smaller.

Last time, last time you ate half of it.”

“Ha ha ha…” Zhang Han gave a light laugh and took a small bite on the ice cream.

Then Mengmeng satisfactorily enjoyed the ice cream.

“Boss, what are we going to eat at noon” Liang Mengqi asked.

Her eyes quickly swept around the kitchen counter, and no meat like goose or chicken was found.

“Were going to eat fried potato chips, eggplant sticks and cold cucumber salad,” Zhang Han answered.

“Hee hee, Im waiting for lunch,” Liang Mengqi said with a smile and returned to her seat.

Zhang Han looked at the time and found that it was almost time.

He got up and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng drove to Tang Zhans mansion.

Half-mountain mansions of the New Moon Bay road were extraordinarily expensive, and each one of them valued hundreds of millions of dollars.

A mansion in a good location could cost more than a billion dollars.

Originally, the New Moon Bay was called as a brownstone district of Hong Kong, which rich people were everywhere.

While the luxury residential area in the half-mountain was inhabited by real upper-class people.

From rich businessmen to famous veteran stars, even the gambling king of Macao, they all owned a luxury house here.

As a giant of the underground force of the southern region, although Tang Zhan couldnt compare with some family forces, his luxury house was in a better area.

Zhao Fengs car drove to the gate of the mansion, and eight foreign cold-faced security guards stood in front of the iron gate.

The outer fence of the mansion had a monitor every dozen meters.

There were several people patrolling around the yard.

These securities were all the masters that Tang Zhan recruited from Black Water Security Company with a lot of money.

Black Water Security Company, also known as Black Water International Company, was a private military and security consulting company and the largest security company in North America.

The company had abundant strength and was well-known all over the world.

Their professionalism was also very high.

Zhao Feng knew very clearly that the mansion of Tang Zhan was like a fortress.

If someone was sent to attack it forcibly, there would be only bullets and bullets in front of him.

Although the official investigation of the Tang Zhan lasted for a long time, there was nothing the official could do about him.

After all, there was no evidence.

Tang Zhan always secretly instructed others to do things.

Even if there were some minor mistakes, someone would answer for the crime.

In front of the yard of the mansion, two security personnel came to verify Zhao Fengs identity and then allowed him to enter the yard.

Zhao Feng got out of the car in the parking lot of the yard and went to the main house door for the last security check.

This security check was to confirm that he did not carry dangerous equipment.

Thus Zhao Feng was able to enter the main house finally.

Even Tang Zhans own men had to go through such security checks, which showed that the level of protection here was very high.

“Here comes Zhao Feng.

Sit down.”

Seeing Zhao Feng coming, Tang Zhan said with a smiled and waved his hand.

There were about sixteen or seventeen people in the living room.

Tang Zhan was sitting in the first place.

Three militaries were sat on his side, while the others were on the small chairs on the front.

“Yes.” Zhao Feng nodded and took a chair at will.

More than a dozen people were at the top of Forever Harmony Association.

The only one who was not here was Scorpion who was crippled by Zhang Han.

“Now that everyone is here.

Lets start,” Tang Zhan said slowly and his eyes glanced at the crowd.

“You must all know the reason for calling you here.

This action is the largest in the past two years and has been prepared for a long time.

Its ready now.

Because its extremely important, Ill send three people to do it.

Does anyone take the initiative”

Hearing this, the people in the house were fell silent.

As they all knew, this time the drugs were 200 kilograms.

Since the weight was so big, anything would happen.

And this mission required them to go to the Golden Triangle, where their lives were not guaranteed.

Even if they could survive in the Golden Triangle, the way home was dangerous because they might face the seizure of officials or even other forces.

Tang Zhan saw their expressions, smiled and said, “This time, Leng Feng will take the lead, and he needs three people to assist him.

Whoever can accomplish this mission, he can enjoy the glory and wealth.”

At this time, a few people in the room were tempted, but they did not speak anything.

“Lord Tang, I wonder if we should talk about Scorpion before the mission.” On Tang Zhans side, Leng Feng said with a smile.

“Oh yeah, I forget it if you didnt remind me.” Tang Zhan gave a light laugh, looked at Zhao Feng and said, “If my memory is correct, the time limit I gave you is coming over.

It seems that you havent done anything.”

With the words of the Tang Zhan, peoples eyes were looking at Zhao Feng.

Some people gloated; some people were surprised, and some people felt incomprehensible.

“Isnt it just a little restaurant” All of them were thinking about why he hasnt done anything yet

In the publics eyes, Zhao Feng slowly stood up and gazed at the Tang Zhan, saying word by word.

He said, “Lord Tang, that restaurant is what I promised to protect.

Scorpion, he deserved this.

He is paralyzed, but now you have me.

I can get more benefits for you.”

“Oh How can you bring more benefits” Tang Zhan asked with a smile.

“Count me in this mission.

I will try my best to deliver the goods back to you safely!” Zhao Feng answered quietly.



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