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Chapter 150 Relationship Is Warming Up

Zhao Feng came to the restaurant to have dinner.

After the meal, he didnt wait for people to leave to clean the tables.

He left alone for Tang Zhans mansion.

Before leaving, he called his most loyal servant Ah Hu, leaving only a few words, “Take care of the restaurant for a few days when I leave.

If there is any accident, you can take actions.”

Those words indicated Zhao Fengs determination.

He wanted to topple Tang Zhan in this case.

Now, he didnt want to have any scruples neither.

It seemed…its time to do something.

At ten oclock in the evening, Zhao Feng, Ning Xuan, Ze Long and “Leng Feng” as well as more than 20 subordinates boarded a medium-sized yacht.

Except “Leng Feng”, all personnel went through the security searches and turned over their mobile phones as well as any communication equipment before they were allowed to board the yacht.

The four sat in the same cabin.

Zhao Feng put on a mild expression, Ning Xuan lowered her head thinking something, and Ze Long was wearing a pondering smile on the corner of his mouth.

The three of them were on guard against each other.

Of course, they would occasionally look at Leng Feng who had the identity of “inspector”.

“Leng Feng” was wearing a coat, with a hunting cap on his head.

The brim of his hat was pressed so low that his eyes could not be seen.

The cap on his clothes was buckled on the hunting cap, which made him look somewhat dull.

Although Leng Fengs dress made them feel a little strange, they never expected that this “Leng Feng” was just a substitute.

The real Leng Feng was at the end of the cabin, watching a notebook computer which showed the picture from the micro-monitor on the hunting cap of the body double.

At the same time, at his side, there were six security guards with indifferent expressions on their faces.

Leng Fengs involvement indicated that this case was very important to Tang Zhan, which could be described as determined!

Back to Zhang Hans restaurant.

“Arent we going back to Yunyin Garden today” Zhang Han glanced at the time.

It was 10:30 p.m.

and Zi Yan had not intended to leave, so he asked.

“Why Am I not welcomed to live here” Zi Yans beautiful eyes rolled at Zhang Han and snorted softly.

“Hum, I think its me, the third wheel, who is not welcomed” Zhou Fei quipped.

“Not at all.” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry, saying, “Its getting late and Mengmeng will go to sleep soon.

It will be too late to return to Yunyin Garden.”

“You dont want me to stay here at all!” Zi Yans red lips slightly tilted and said, “I will go to the Mainland for business tomorrow afternoon and I want to go to Mount New Moon in the morning.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Ah.” After hearing Zi Yans words, Mengmeng put down her toy, looking at Zi Yan with her big shining eyes and pouting her small mouth and said, “MaMa, why are you going out again Mengmeng wants you to accompany me.”

“MaMa has to go work, making money to buy a lot of toys for Mengmeng.

I will bring gifts to Mengmeng when I come back.” Zi Yan said what she had already prepared.

Zi Yan knew that kids all wanted gifts when their parents came back from business.

After all, she had experienced this period before.

However, Zhang Han chuckled slightly.

If Zi Yans aim was to make money, then the job was not a must.

It seemed that the 50 songs written by him had just brought about payment of ten million yuan.

For a long time, Zhang Han never thought of making money intentionally, but the money in his bank card continued to rise.

Within a month, the deposit had reached about 15 million Yuan.

If adding the earnings from mountain rents, there was an income of more than 30 million yuan this month.

When Mengmeng heard about the gift, her big eyes lit up slightly, saying, “Really! MaMa will bring Mengmeng a gift.

MaMa is so great, but… ”

At this point, Mengmeng puckered up her mouth again and said, “But Mengmeng still doesnt want MaMa to leave.”

“Well, MaMa will be back in a few days.

It wont be long.” Seeing Mengmeng rely on her like this, Zi Yan was very happy.


In the end, Mengmeng agreed very obediently.

In fact, if Mengmeng said to Zhang Han that she wanted to go with Zi Yan, Zhang Han might take her on a business trip with Zi Yan.

While Zi Yan was working, Zhang Han and Mengmeng would watch her.

It was an interesting picture only by thinking about.

However, people might be shocked to find that Zi Yan already had a child of nearly four years old.

After chatting for a while, they went to rest.

When it came at four oclock in the morning, Zhao Feng and others arrived at the border area between Vietnam and China.

“Ten minutes to go ashore!” The people outside the cabin cried.

After hearing this, the four stood up and stretched their bodies, while Ning Xuan flickered her eyes slightly and said, “Ill go to the bathroom.”

“Mmm.” The substitute gave her a glance and nodded gently.

Ning Xuan came to the bathroom, taking out a miniature mobile phone from her hair.

She sent a message quickly and then put the phone inside back.


At this time, at the end of the cabin inside, the equipment next to Leng Fengs computer suddenly rang a few times.

A red dot on the screen lit up for about two seconds.

After seeing this, Leng Feng narrowed his eyes, mumbling with a smile,

“Ning Xuan…you really have a problem, but…tip off at this moment She must be associated with some force in the Golden Triangle”

A few minutes after Ning Xuan returned to the cabin, the ship docked.

“Get off the boat.” The substitute of Leng Feng gently said.

They were in an area of mountains surrounded by trees.

It was dawn in the morning and the scenery was very pleasant.

Under the leadership of the substitute of Leng Feng, they went to the edge of the jungle, where five SUVs parked.

The substitute sat on the central SUV with Zhao Feng, Ning Xuan, and Ze Long, and the other subordinates sat on the front and rear SUVs.

Then the cars ran in the direction of the inside, stirring up a lot of dust.

They had to cross the border between Vietnam and Laos and might reach the destination by 3 p.m.

at this speed.

A few minutes later, there came another larger SUV.

Leng Feng got on the car with his subordinates unhurriedly, chasing like a ghost behind the SUV of Zhang Feng and others.

They were speechless all night.

The next morning, Zi Yan dressed up carefully.

Her sparkling eyes, moderately high nose bridge, red lips, and beautiful cheeks were frequently attracting Zhang Hans eyes.

It seemed that…Zi Yan was becoming more and more attracted to himself.

Zhang Han shook his head with a chuckle.

When they first met, Zhang Han did not feel anything about Zi Yan, but as time went on, they became more acquainted and Zhang Han found that Zi Yan was more and more beautiful.

Besides, she had a fine and gentle personality.

The occasional shyness from her cold look made Zhang Han somewhat fascinated.

He liked to see Zi Yan showing her slight shyness, graceful, gorgeous and charming.

With Zhang Hans eyes frequently looking at her, Zi Yan showed a little pride in her eyes.

“Hum, am I beautiful You are such a fool who treat me so insipid,” thought Zi Yan.

“Well, isnt it time for someone to deliver breakfast” Zi Yan reminded Zhang Han as she saw him sitting on the sofa, watching herself like an inspector.

“We still want to go to Mount New Moon after breakfast.”


Zhang Han nodded his head gently and went downstairs to make breakfast.

After the meal, the family of three went out, with Zhou Fei staying in the restaurant.

Since the guests had not left, the responsibility of taking care of the restaurant was handed to her.

After over ten minutes of driving, the three came to Mount New Moon.

Just as they stepped onto the lawn, Zi Yan took a deep breath and said, “The air is so fresh.

Its very good.”

While Zi Yan was speaking, Mengmeng shouted with an affectedly sweet voice as she ran forward.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Mengmeng has come to visit you.

Come and meet Mengmeng quickly!”

Mengmengs immature voice floated around the Mount New Moon, making this beautiful place full of vibrant atmosphere.

At this point, Dahei and Little Hei were in the forest behind the hills.

The two were enjoying their meat meal.

With the hosts words, the two foodies were completely free to eat unworriedly.

In particular, Dahei even got some fragrant wood to make the barbecue taste more fragrant and tender.

As soon as they had eaten half of the food, they heard Mengmengs immature voice.


Dahei was a little surprised.

It glanced at the half goose in its hand, then at Little Hei, with its big mouth uttering “Whoa, whoa, whoa”

It seemed to say, “The little host is here and we havent finished our meal yet.

What should we do

Little Hei was neat and agile.

It gave Dahei a look and shook its head to indicate, “Its all right.

Lets eat slowly!”

“Whoa…” Dahei received the signal, understood and ate slowly.

But after shaking its head, Little Hei ate up its half roasted goose with a few gulps.

It finished the meal hastily without thinking and ran past with a swish of its body.


Dahei got a little confused, with its big eyes giving a stare, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

It shouted a few times angrily, stood up and ran past while stuffing the roasted goose into its mouth.

If Little Hei saw its eye, it must know clearly the psychology of Dahei at this time, “Little Hei, you mother**er play with my heart.

Went to flatter the little host shamelessly and let me eat slowly.

You will lose your friends with this behavior!”

Little Heis speed was too fast after and it had disappeared under the thunder yang tree on the top of the mountain just as Dahei run out of the dense forest.


Dahei gulped down the roasted goose in its mouth.

With its front palm hardly pressing to the ground and its limbs pounding quickly, Dahei sped up much faster.

In front of the mountain, less than a minute after the call from Mengmeng, Little Hei came running like a tiger.

Its black and gold hair was flying with the wind which looked very handsome.

Even Zi Yan sighed with an emotional smile after seeing this,

“I really dont know where you got this dog, with such a big body, such a handsome face and such a good sense of humanity.

I find you seem to have so many secrets.”

Zi Yans beautiful eyes were shining at Zhang Han while speaking this.

“There are many secrets.

Do you want to know” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with very magnanimous eyes.



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