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Chapter 151 Throwing High

After they looked at each other for a few seconds, Zi Yan looked away, feeling her rapid heartbeat.

“He… wants to tell me a secret What is he doing Does he want to pursue me”

Zi Yan felt a little unutterably nervous and her eyes glittered.

She knew that when a man shared his secrets with a woman, it meant that they had a close relationship in this mans mind.

“Soon after.” Zhang Han said with a chuckle, “You will witness this place turning into a fairyland.”

Hearing what he said, Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han.

When she was about to speak, a huge figure came running down from the top of the mountain all of a sudden.

As Zi Yan looked over, her eyes gradually widened.

“What… what is that”

“A chimpanzee Why is it so big”

“Ah, its coming.”

Zi Yan subconsciously put her hands around Zhang Hans arm and leaned over him, pressing her bosoms against him.

The touch did make Zhang Hans heart beat faster.

But the next moment, Zi Yan immediately released her hands.

She quickly ran to the front of Mengmeng and looked at Dahei, who was running towards them, with fear.

“Oh! MaMa, get out of Mengmengs way.

Dahei is coming to pick me up.” Mengmeng quickly ran away from Zi Yan.

Zi Yan was surprised after witnessing what happened.


What happened

When she was in a trance, Zhang Han came to her side, patted her on the back and said, “Dont worry, its name is Dahei.

It is the butler here and it is Erheis Brother, as well as Little Hei.”

“Uh” Zi Yan felt shocked, looking at the scene in front of her with a glazy stare.

However, after seeing the giant chimpanzee playing with Mengmeng carefully, Zi Yan let out a sigh of relief.

Zi Yan did not felt Zhang Hans hand stroking on her back until she calmed down and immediately the places which had been touched got hot.

She quickly took a step forward, rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and said with shyness,

“Who is afraid Hum, its all your fault.

You havent told me in advance that theres a chimpanzee here, scoundrel.”

“You didnt ask…” Zhang Han was speechless.

“Why dont you tell me though I dont ask you I think you did it on purpose.

You dont treat me as the hostess!”

As soon as Zi Yan finished speaking, her face suddenly turned red, and she turned her head away from Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was stunned the moment when he saw her shyness and his heart sped up.

“MaMa, come over here.”

Fortunately, when she felt a little shy, Mengmeng called her.

Zi Yan walked over to Mengmeng.

Zhang Han chuckled, following her.

It seemed that he and Zi Yan, together with Mengmeng, became more and more like a family.

“MaMa, you havent seen Dahei yet.

Uh-huh, Big Heihei, this is my most beautiful MaMa.

Greet her.” Mengmeng said seriously, looking up at Dahei.


Dahei pouted, thinking about how to greet.

A little while later, it scratched its head and wanted to reach out its hand to touch Zi Yans fist.

However, catching sight of the grease on its own palm, it hastily withdrew hand and rubbed it against its hair.

Then it offered its hand to Zi Yan again.

“Whats it doing” Zi Yan stumbled briefly.

“Oh, MaMa, youre so stupid.

Just use your hand to touch Daheis fist in this way.” Both of Mengmengs small fists bumped each other a few times.

Zi Yan understood.

She stretched out her fist with a smile and touched Daheis enormous fist.

Since Dahei did not exert itself, its fist was quite soft.

Even Zi Yan stroked its hair on the arm and felt it was very smooth.


Dahei grinned crookedly, hitting in its own chest several times with left hand.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

He was very happy.

“Big Heihei, you see my MaMa this time.

Is my MaMa beautiful” Mengmeng asked in a childish tone.

Little Hei eventually seized an opportunity to show up.

It nodded its head repeatedly, acting like a little fan.

While Dahei was taken aback at first.


It stared at Zi Yan carefully for a moment, as if it was thinking seriously, and muttered.

Although it boggled at the thought, it still shook its head, following its heart.

It wondered, Shes not beautiful and too skinny, and is not as charming as female gorillas.



Zi Yan and Mengmeng were astonished at the same time.

Zi Yan had not expected that Dahei shook its head! What did it mean Didnt it think she was beautiful

“Hum!” Mengmeng pouted, put her hands on her hips and said indignantly, “Big Heihei, what do you mean Dont you think my MaMa is not beautiful Why did you shake your head”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

The moment Dahei heard what she said, it shook hands quickly, nodded and reached out its hand to give her a thumbs-up sign!

“Huh, its too late!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

She realized that Dahei did not think so at all from the reluctance on its face.

However, Daheis aesthetic appreciation was certainly different from people.

“Uh-huh, it sounds fine.” Mengmeng was satisfied when Dahei nodded, so she directed, “Dahei, uh… throw high!”

“Oh,” Dahei replied and bent down, reaching out its hands to Mengmeng.

However, the instance its palms reached the front of Mengmeng, she wriggled and ran back two steps.

Meanwhile, she pouted and said discontentedly,

“Oh! Dahei, how stupid you are.

Throw MaMa high, not Mengmeng.”


Dahei awkwardly scratched its head with its face creased up, and stretched out its hands to Zi Yan.

As Zi Yans eyes gradually widened, Dahei picked her up all of a sudden and throw her up.


The sense of weightlessness made Zi Yan a little scared and she screamed.

Dahei was bewildered: Why is the hostess screaming The little host didnt even shriek.

In the meantime, Dahei did not stop but threw Zi Yan high in the air again and again.

Mengmeng stood nearby, skipping and giggling.

The little princess was really delighted because her MaMa was enjoying this game.

While Zhang Han was looking at Zi Yan, who was being thrown up, with a chuckle.

However, Zhang Han was suddenly stunned.

Zi Yan was wearing a white dress and leaving her black long hair loose today, which made her look neat and fresh.

But when she was thrown up by Dahei, her dress… was lifted by the wind.

From Zhang Hans angle, he could just see a light pink unspeakable lace hidden inside.

Zhang Han stood rigid and felt a little hot at this time.

Apparently… it had been a long time since he had sex.


“Ok, ok, its Mengmengs turn! Dahei, its my turn.

Throw me high.” Cried Mengmeng, holding up her small arms.


Dahei replied and finally put Zi Yan down.

Zi Yan stepped on the grass, only to find her legs were so weak that she could hardly stand.

However, Zhang Han stared at her all the time.

When Zi Yan was about to fall on the lawn, a masculine body held her in his arms.


Zi Yan let out a cry and looked up at Zhang Han, whose masculinity made her dizzy and even suffocated her.

She dropped her head in panic, and a blush spread from her slender neck to her ears, finally suffusing her delicate cheeks.

Only after taking a few deep breaths did she recover.

She looked up at Zhang Han who was smiling.

“What are you laughing at Its all your fault.

Let me go.” Zi Yan stood up and pushed Zhang Hans arms away.

She acted like a bashful young wife.

“Why are you so scared” Zhang Han said, helpless.

Dahei did not throw her very high and she could experience the feeling of free fall.

Isnt it only a little exciting

“Whos afraid Im just… just unprepared.” Zi Yan was still stubborn, looking at Mengmeng who was having fun and saying gruffly, “Mengmeng is the reverse of my expectation.”

“Ho, ho, ho…” After playing for a few minutes, Mengmeng laughed and cried childishly, “Thats enough, thats enough, its time to put me down.”

Dahei put Mengmeng down on hearing her words.

At that time, Little Hei was already a little depressed.

Swinging its big tough back and forth, it thought, “Damn it.

Dahei is good at flattering!”

“MaMa, is it interesting to be thrown high” Mengmeng ran to the front of Zi Yan, lifted up her head and asked.

“Yes.” Zi Yan agreed with Mengmeng and the corner of her mouth quivered.

“Do you want to play a little longer, MaMa” Mengmeng asked innocently.


Zi Yan was suddenly stunned.

She shook her head repeatedly and said, “We cant play this game all the time.

We need to have a rest.”

Zhang Han could not help laughing.

Never had he expected that Zi Yan also had her soft sweet side.

“Well… okay.” Mengmeng managed to comply with her and said, “So lets go and play with the puppies.

Lets go, Big Heihei.

Let me sit on your shoulder.

Little Heihei, just lead the way.”

Dahei stooped down and wanted to pick Mengmeng up after hearing what she said, while Zhang Han and Zi Yan were leading the way forward.

After seeing this, Mengmeng avoid Daheis palms and ran to the front of Zhang Han, saying childishly,

“Oh, PaPa, MaMa, its wrong of you not to hold hands.”

While speaking, Mengmeng held Zhang Hans and Zi Yans hands respectively.

She did not sit contentedly on Daheis shoulder until putting their hands together.

The little princess glanced at Zhang Han and Zi Yan, feeling very happy.

That was right.

Only in this way were they like a loving couple.

Holding Zi Yans hand, Zhang Han only found her skin was tender and smooth.

He and Zi Yan looked at each other, and he saw the shyness in Zi Yans eyes.

They two walked forward first.

When they reached the thunder yang tree, Dahei and Little Hei passed them and quickly headed to the pet area.

“Dont you let me go” Zi Yan blushed slightly.

She gently pulled away her hand but failed, so she replied shyly,



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