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Chapter 164 The Violent Dahei!

In Zhao Fengs eyes, Dahei didnt walk along the street at all, but… went straight to the gate of Tang Zhans mansion.

“Hey, Dahei, you…”

Zhao Feng, with a nervous look on his face, whispered to a warning.

However, Dahei glazed at Zhao Feng with disdain.

As if Dahei was saying to Zhao Feng, “What the fu*k are you afraid Just follow me!”

This scene frightened not only Zhao Feng but also the dozens of people who were observing here.

At first, when Zhao Feng and others got off the car, the dozens of people said with amazing.

“What the fu*k! Why did a giant come”

“What a big man he is!”

“Hell, look at his explosive muscles.

Its amazing.

His strength must be extreme.”

“Dont just pay attention to that big man.

Look at the dog next to him!”

At the reminder of several people, people looked at Little Hei on one side, and their exclamation followed on.

“Why is the dog so big”

“Why does Zhao Feng bring a dog”

“Is it thathe only has one dog at the beginning, while get equip by fighting (a famous game AD in China) Does he think he is playing a game”

The next moment, when people saw the big man walking straight to the front door of the luxury house, people held their breath.

“What is he going to do”

“Does he intend to hit directly”

Dozens of people on the spot and those watching from across the screen thought with surprise.

However, what they thought was the truth.

In peoples eyes, Dahei swayed around and stepped closer to the front door of Tang Zhans mansion.


Among the six security guards from the Black Water International Company, the short-haired man who took the lead, said in a cold voice.

Seeing that Dahei didnt stop, the short-haired mans face sullen, and he stepped up.

Seeing this scene, the other five sneered.

The irascible captain hadnt hit someone for a long time.

At present, such a disobedient man was in front of him; he perhaps must let the man remember this lesson.

In Zhao Fengs complicated eyes.

Under the gazes of the dozens of people around.

In the surprised staring from people on the other side of the screen.

The captain of the Black Water security group was getting closer and closer to the strong man.

Two meters left.

The captains eyes cooled down.

They were so close to each other.

But the big man ignored his words and still came to him, which could be called provocation!

Well, he didnt mind letting the man in front of him know the power of a security man from the Black Water Security Company!


The captains left foot leaped a meter forward, stepped on the ground with a muffled noise.

This move made Zhao Feng surprised and thought “What an explosive force; Im afraid that who I was before might not be his opponent!”

Tang Zhans bodyguards from the Black Water Security were some hidden talents!

At the moment of Zhao Fengs meditation, the captains moved forward and his right leg swept up.

He was so fierce and so fast that his trousers clanked.

It was a fierce kick.

If it kicked on ordinary people, it might kick off arm directly.



The captain kicked once, but the big man in front of him grabbed his ankle in hand without any effort.

The slight muffled noise showed that… his powerful kick did not cause any trouble to the big man.

“How is that possible”

The captains eyes grew wide.

In his eyes, the big man in front of him grinned at him.

The captain looked at the big mans face as if it were a beast!

Next moment, the captain felt his body became light, and then his body became whirl.

He was whirled up.

“How could this happen”

Dozens of people around them were staring and tongue-tied.

They wondered, “Could a man weighing at least 80 kg could be swung only with just one arm”

However, the shocking scene just started.

In the crowds eyes, Dahei swung the captains body around and threw him in the direction of the distant woods!


The captains body was thrown five meters high, flying more than twenty meters.

With a bang, his body hit the trunk of a big tree and then fell to the ground.

No one knew he was dead or alive.

“Is this big man too powerful”

Dozens of people around them lost their voices in horror and never thought they would see this amazing scene.

Even the corners of Zhao Fengs mouth trembled slightly.

It seemed that Dahei was merciful when he just threw Zhao Feng away.

But Zhao Feng was cautious at the next moment because he knew that they were going to face a vicious battle.

“Enemy attack!”

Five other security guards in front of the door were shocked and quickly picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted.

They looked warily at Dahei in front of them and slowly approached in a semi-encircled formation.


At the same time, they each pulled out a foot-long knife from their legs.


Dahei shouted at them and rushed forward.

When Dahei moved, the five men moved, too.

The knives in their hands emitted cold light and attacked Dahei from all kinds of tricky angles, stabbing, splitting, hewing or scratching.

Zhao Fengs scalp was a little numb.

Their knives were famous for their three-edged edges.

Not only was the blade of the knife sharp, but the wounds it caused could not be closed.

If not handled in time, people would die of excessive blood loss!

So Zhao Feng rushed forward a few steps and attacked two men at the same time to share the pressure of Dahei.

However, he didnt know if Dahei was under pressure.

Dahei saw the enemy hitting him with a knife.

He was not afraid.

He hit the man on the far left with a straight punch.

However, the mans move was dexterous.

He moved sideways to avoid Daheis punch.

But Dahei also had a hind movement, and he swept away with his left leg.


This kick was right in the mans abdomen and made the mans body bend into a bow of shrimp.

Flying over a dozen meters, he fell on the ground and lost his consciousness.

By this time, the attack of the other two men had approached.

Dahei didnt care, and he just kicked the guy in front of him.

“Go to the hell!”

But that was a cruel man.

He didnt hide from the kicked by Dahei.

He intended to get himself hurt to exchange Daheis death.

He thought, “Its no big deal that you kick me, but I could stab you and kill you.”

Although he thought so, when the knife pierced Daheis chest, he suddenly found that the extremely sharp knife did not penetrate Daheis skin!

It felt like stabbing a piece of elastic cowhide.

Although the knife pierced a little deeper, the skin did not break!

“How is that possible”

Gradually, his eyes grew round!

The next moment, Daheis feet hit his stomach.


The man was kicked by Dahei and flew nearly ten meters away.

He bumped into the iron door with a heard of a violent beep.

Although the knife did not hurt Dahei, it made Dahei feel pain.

Dahei seemed a little irritable…

At that moment, the knife of the man on the right had cut on Daheis arm.


The man heard a rubbing sound clearly, but the knife did not cut Daheis skin, leaving only a pale red mark!


Dahei became irritable.

He grabbed the mans arm and swung him in a circle on the opposite side of the ground.

This ground was not the soft grass ground of Mount New Moon, but the real cement ground.

As a result, the man ended in tragedy.

His body fell firmly to the ground.

It could tell from that big muffled noise that he fell heavily.

Dahei hit him once, but Dahei didnt let him go.

He hit the man twice and kicked him off.

Looking at the paralyzed body of the man flying out, people knew that this man was cripple even if he was immortal!

The other two escaped from the deadly attack because being attracted by Zhao Feng.

Zhao Fengs attack was fierce, but he didnt kill them.

He just knocked them out with speed and strength.

“Dahei, lets go.

Lets find Tang Zhan!”

Zhao Feng felt refreshed and looked glowing at the mansion on the inside.

Once, this was the place that could be breakthrough only in his dream.

But now, they quickly broke through the defense of the door!


Dahei shouted angrily, looked at the iron gate and ran straight to it.

Running, he used his right shoulder to collision ferociously the gate.


Dahei slammed open the iron door and stepped into the luxury mansion inside.

This scene stunned people around.

“How is this possible”

“Is he still human He must be a beast!”

“Where did Zhao Feng find him He is fu*king awesome”

“So strong, fu*k.”

It was not just the onlookers on the scene who were shocked.

At this time, Xia Shanhao, who was watching through the screen, saw the previous scene and suddenly stood up with a dull expression.

“Where did this monster come from”

The people in the room were amazed.

Xia Shanhao, took a deep breath and said slowly.

“Originally, I thought that I could have a good laugh at Zhao Feng, but who knows… I saw such an incomprehensible scene.

“This beast-like man is terrible.

Its horrible.

“I have a presentiment… Im afraid I might have a good laugh at Tang Zhan today.”

The scenes like this also happened in Dong Tianpeng and Ye Han.

Such views would have been shocking.

However, they had previously estimated that Zhao Feng had come only to seeking himself doom.

So the shock caused by this contrast was far higher than usual.

But to their surprise, the drama had just begun.

The security guards from the Black Water Security Company were worthy of the world-renowned.

Almost 30 security guards were alerted after they learned of the warning from the front door.

Fifteen people of the front yard gathered in front of the mansion, while others swept coldly around to ensure the safety of the mansion.

The scene in front of the door just happened in a split second.

Dahei and Zhao Feng rushed to the main house quickly.

The fifteen security guards did not reach either side until they ran fifty meters.

This time, instead of fighting by close combat, the security guards took out pistols directly from their waists.

“Hide! Hide quickly!”

Zhao Fengs face changed, and he hid behind the next car, calling Dahei in a hurry.

But Dahei did not listen to him.

Dahei looked at the security groups on both sides and roared.

“Fire!” One of the security groups shouted.

The next moment, a very dense gunshot sounded.

Their attention was all on the strong man in front of them, but a dark shadow hidden in the dark was slowly approaching them!



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