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Chapter 174 The Enjoyment of Taste Bud

Then Mengmeng muttered, “You dont like me and I dont like you either.”

After that, Mengmengs big bright eyes shone as if she was about to burst into tears.

But the next moment.


A loud cry broke out.

Wang Yihan cried and writhed her little body on the sofa.

“Er…” Mengmeng was stunned.

She wondered why Wang Yihan was crying so much.

Wang Yihans crying attracted the attention of all the people in the restaurant.

Even Zhang Han, who was stir-frying the vegetables, stopped his cooking for a moment.

“Bring her here,” Wang Qiang told Wu Liying with a frown.

Wang Qiang thought, “How come every time I bring a child here, the child would cause trouble Last time it was his grandson who wanted to kiss Mengmeng.

Now its my granddaughter who was playing with Mengmeng for a while and then started crying.”

Wu Liying went over to the sofa.

As she passed the kitchen, she smiled apologetically at Zhang Han and said, “Im sorry that my granddaughter is creating a scene.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly to show that he didnt mind.

“Okay, Yihan, dont cry.

Grandma will bring you back.

Well eat later.

Stop crying.” Wu Liying walked up to the sofa and tried to hold Wang Yihan.

Who knew that Wang Yihan wriggled even more intensely and her cries became louder.

“Well, no, I dont want to be held.

No, I dont want to eat.

No… ”

Mengmeng was a little overwhelmed to see her crying so much.

Her big eyes looked over at her PaPa, as if asking for help.

Zhang Han smiled at Mengmeng, indicating his support for her.

Mengmeng pouted and after thinking about it, put the remote control in Wang Yihans hands.

Mengmeng patted her on the shoulder and said, “Oh, please dont cry.

You make me want to cry too.

Ill let you to play with the remote control car”

“Owww, er” Wang Yihan stopped crying instantly.

She reached out her fleshy hand and wiped away the tears from her eyes.

“Really” she asked.

“Yes.”Mengmeng nodded.

“Hey, hey… ” Wang Yihan giggled, put out her palm and wiped away her tears.

She picked up the remote control and said in a somewhat excited tone, “Mengmeng, you are my good friend.

I will show you my driving skills.”

“You are my good friend, too.

You certainly can change your moods fast.” Mengmeng had some doubts.

How could Wang Yihan stop crying so quickly She felt puzzled.

So the two girls played happily again.

For Mengmeng, this was the first time she experienced the joy of sharing.

Wu Liying, standing on the side, wanted to bring her granddaughter back, but her granddaughter seemed to be enjoying herself, playing with Mengmeng.

She smiled in embarrassment at Zhang Han, worried that her granddaughter had been rude.

“Let them play,” Zhang Han answered with a light laugh.

“Okay.” Wu Liying nodded and walked back to her seat.

This time, the two little girls had more fun and there was no problem with the sharing of toys.

When there was only one toy, Mengmeng played with it for a while and then let Wang Yihan play with the toy.

They had fun playing with each other.

Ten minutes later, the last two dishes came out.

Zhang Han glanced over at Zhang Li, who was chatting with her friends.

“Well, Xiao Li, you can serve now!”

“Can we eat now I cant wait anymore!” Zhang Li came over to serve the dishes with a smile.

Zhao Feng was not idle either and helped to serve all the dishes prepared by Zhang Han at the round table.

“We will help to serve the dishes too!” Liang Mengqi was eagerly waiting.

She got up and led the way to the kitchen counter.

“Today, I will have a good tasting experience!” Pearson laughed and said, “Thank you, boss.

Thank you for such a wonderful dinner!”

Pearson stood up as he spoke.

He was about to walk by.

Wang Qiang stopped him and said, “Well, Xiaopi, wait a minute.”

“Ah Whats the matter, sir” Pearson asked curiously.

“It seems that you will not able to have dinner here today.

I only have three membership cards, the third one is for my granddaughter,” Wang Qiang answered.


Pearson felt so stunned as if he had been hit by a thunderbolt!

Todays dinner would have been the most sumptuous one in the restaurants history.

There were a total of eight dishes!

But now he was told he couldnt eat it!

Oh no!

Pearson was desperate and it seemed that even his brain had stopped functioning.

He felt dull and leaden with despair.


Pearson looked at Zhang Han with trembling lips and said, “Boss, I must have a taste.

Please dont turn me away!”

“Ha-ha-ha…” Zhang Han looked at him in a quizzical way and answered.

“Then Ill give you a chance.

You mentioned the Hungarian sheep-pig.

If you can bring me ten pigs, you can join us for dinner today.”

“Ten… ten pigs” Pearsons mouth was quivering.

Even if the pigs were easy to come by, ten pigs would cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

He didnt have that much money.

Seeing his expression, Zhang Han added, “Ill pay you double the price and for the transportation and all other expenses as well.”

“Well…” Pearsons eyes rolled and he thought for a moment.

He gritted his teeth and answered, “Okay! Ill go and check.”

He turned around, went out and started calling some good friends of his who were food agents.

Three minutes later, Pearson came back with a happy face and said, “Boss, I couldnt get ten pigs, but I can bring you five.

Three males and two females, all of them are in excellent condition.

I have really tried my best.”

“Well, five pigs are ok.” Zhang Han nodded, hung his kitchen apron on one side, wiped his palms with a towel and left the kitchen for the dining table.

“Well, boss, the dinner tonight…”

“Enjoy it.” Zhang Han waved his hand over the dishes.

“Hahaha” Thank you boss, thank you boss!” Pearson was so excited that he rushed to the kitchen to help Wu Liying with the serving.

Once upon a time, wherever Pearson went, he was fawned upon by people in the catering industry.

Once upon a time, it took just a few of Pearsons good comments on the restaurants delicacies to create a lot of excitement and business for the restaurant owner.

Once upon a time, Pearson came to this up and coming restaurant and thought if he showed his identity, he would be…

However, now in this restaurant, he became so excited just because the boss promised him that he could have dinner.

Zhang Han was the only person who was able to win over a food critic classified at the Michelin level, in just a few days.

There were eight dishes in the evening, but in fact, members could only eat six dishes.

The members didnt have the Double Cooked Pork Slices and pork trotters.

The number of ribs was also minimal.

This dinner, like a regular restaurant, no longer served individual meals for everyone but had one serving for each table.

There were a total of four pork elbows, three of them were on the members dining table and the last one was on Zhang Hans round table

On the members table, the six dishes were Dongpo Elbow, Stewed Newly-butchered Pig, Braised Pork, Braised Ribs, Tomato Egg Soup and Cucumber with Garlic Sauce.

Every dish was so interesting.

The meat of the Braised Pork was fat but not greasy or overcooked.

The appearance of the Dongpo elbow was nice.

The fragrance of the Stewed Newly-butchered Pig was aromatic.

The shape of the Braised Ribs looked good.

“The ribs are delicious! Too delicious!” Yu Qingqing stuffed a sparerib in her mouth and gnawed at it instantly.

The pork ribs were very tender.

The part of the pork attached to the bone was very soft.

It seemed as if there was a fine membrane.

The meat surrounding the bone came off with one bite.

And there was a pure aroma of meat in ones mouth.

“A piece of elbow meat! Ha-ha, I like elbows best!” Yu Qingqing smiled and quickly used her chopsticks to grab the meat.

The cooking of Elbow meat was dependent on the mastery of the fire.

If the temperature was wrong, the meat quality would undoubtedly be reduced.

For example, the meat would not come easily off the elbow if the heat was not hot enough.

For instance, in a wedding banquet, if someone used his chopsticks to get a piece of meat, but couldnt get the meat off the bone after trying for some time, this would be very embarrassing.

But if the elbows were overheated, the meat would be too soft and the shape could not be maintained.

However, the elbow Zhang Han cooked was soft, tender and moderate, with an authentic glossy red color.

The meat could be taken off easily with one pull of the chopsticks.

When the meat was in the mouth, it was tender and chewy and that together with the delicious meat fragrance, made it an excellent meal to be enjoyed.

On the other side of the table, Pearson closed his eyes and reveled in the taste of each dish.

He dipped the white meat of the Stewed Newly-butchered Pig dish in a little garlic paste.

The fat but not greasy meat almost melted on his tongue.

He bit lightly into the Pig blood sausage.

It tasted incredibly soft and did not have any fishy smell nor was there any astringent taste.

“This is the first time Ive ever eaten such an excellent Pig blood sausage.

And the pigs liver is superb.

I cant imagine that.

Now I finally believe that the world has meat beyond 5A grade.

God, this is the best meal I have enjoyed in the world.” Pearson said intoxicatedly.

“The ribs are delicious.” Wang Yihan gnawed at the ribs.

She ate the food in her bowl and looked at the dishes of others on the table at the same time.

That was why she was fat.

She was too greedy.

“Aunt Wu, this Dongpo elbow is perfectly cooked.

The color, aroma and taste are better than any I have ever eaten.

Look at its texture, soft and tender.

Especially the skin of the flesh, it melts as soon as it enters the mouth.

Really soft, tender and fragrant.

Aunt Wu, you should eat a little more meat skin.

Its a wonderful delicacy and is said to be a beauty enhancer.” Pearson said as he savored the food.

If it were someone else, he wouldnt even bother to tell them, but Pearson felt he had to inform Wang Qiang and Wu Liying about its qualities.

“Really” Wu Liying smiled gently, took a piece of elbow skin and put it into her mouth.

After tasting it for a while, she said, “Its delicious.

Its excellent.

Since it enhances beauty, Ill eat a little more.”

Seated at the side, Zhao Feng heard this remark.

He looked at Liang Mengqi, who was gnawing away at the ribs.

He thought she was charming when she was eating.

He couldnt help but put a large piece of elbow skin into Liang Mengqis bowl and laughed, “Elbow skin is a delicacy that is good for beauty.

Mengqi, you should eat more.”

“Hum! I can get it myself.” Liang Mengqi glared at him and answered in a muffled tone.

However, she did not remove the elbow skin from her bowl, apparently accepting Zhao Feng as a friend.

At Zhang Hans round table, Luo Qing was stunned as she ate her meal.

She had no idea that the dishes her friends brother cooked would so delicious that it made her feel dizzy.



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