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Chapter 188 Preparing The Remedy

“Hope… There is hope” Sun Dongheng quivered and said, “Is there really any hope Is this true”

“Of course its true.”

Zhao Feng replied in a deep voice.

He also knew that curing cancer was inconceivable to anyone.

He, however, knew that since his master dared to say it, he had full confidence.

As he watched Sun Donghengs eyes slowly regaining their vitality, Zhao Feng slightly patted him on the arm and said, “Youre really lucky to get help from the boss.

I can only tell you that our boss is a very powerful person.”

“Erm, really Really Does my father really have a chance to recover” Sun Dongheng was extremely nervous and excited, so he asked again.

“Mmm.” Zhao Feng nodded and said, “You have come into contact with a good benefactor and your father is a nice man who brings small gifts to Mengmeng every time he comes, which caused Mengmeng to favor him and earned the kindness of the boss, so dont worry.

Since my boss has spoken, he must be quite certain.

I cant tell you the details without the bosss permission.

You should take his advice and bring your father here this afternoon.”

“Okay, okay.

Ill go back and bring my dad here at once!” Sun Dongheng was terribly excited as he took the car key from his pocket and got ready to depart.

“The boss isnt free right now since there are still so many people in the restaurant.

Youd better go back to have lunch with your family and then come back later, after 2 oclock.” Zhao Feng reminded him.

“I see.

Thank you, Brother Feng!” Sun Dongheng walked to the car door and gave Zhao Feng a serious look.

“All right.

Go,” Zhao Feng answered with a smile.

“Ill go back first, Brother Feng.” Sun Dongheng opened the door and got into the car, then drove away at a high speed.

It was easy to see how eager he was.

With his inner despair being turned into hope all of a sudden, he naturally had mixed feelings.

“This fellow” Zhao Feng shook his head with a chuckle and turned back towards the restaurant.

Zhao Feng had seen him before.

When he was still part of the Forever Harmony Association, he would occasionally go out with some of his men when he had some free time.

Since Sun Dongheng had money, he would treat people.

Together with his outgoing personality, he was a popular fellow.

And, since he enjoyed chasing girls, he was a regular visitor to the nightclub that was managed by Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng saw this fellow taking girls to the hotel four or five times.

More importantly, the female companions he brought each time were totally different.

However, he had gotten his mind on track and had also been working.

At first, Zhao Feng was a little curious, but now he knew the reason was because his father was seriously ill.

Half an hour later, Sun Dongheng returned to the General Hospital in the Southern District.

After parking his car, he rushed to the ward with the boxed lunches.

“Dad, mom, I have good news…”

When he entered the room, he only found an empty ward.

Where were they

Sun Donghengs heart began to beat faster as he turned and ran out in a hurry.

He came to the service desk and asked hastily,

“Where is the patient in Ward 04 The patients name is Sun Ming.”

“He went to the 07 operating room for chemotherapy.”

“What! Didnt the doctor say it wouldnt start until three oclock this afternoon”

“The patient fainted just now and we couldnt procrastinate, so we sent him to the operating room about ten minutes ago.”


Sun Dongheng hurried to the operating room.

When he reached the door, he saw his mother with a haggard expression.

“Mom, why didnt you call me before sending father in to start the chemotherapy” Sun Dongheng said in a rush.

Before Suns mother could reply, he ran to the door of the operating room and knocked with all his might, “Open the door! Open the door! Open the door now!”

About 20 seconds later, a man in a white coat and mask opened the door, then stared at Sun Dongheng and said in discontent with his eyebrows scrunched, “What are you doing Dont you know that there is an operation in progress Dont make noise here!”

“Im sorry, doctor, my fathers chemotherapy needs to be stopped!” Sun Dongheng said.

“What are you saying This isnt a place for you to make jokes! If you are going to keep making noise, then get out!”

“Dongheng, knock it off.” Suns mother stood up and stepped towards Sun Dongheng.

She took him by the arm, looked at the doctor, and said apologetically, “Im sorry, doctor, the child is in a bad mood…”

“Im not messing around! Mom, dont interfere.” Sun Dongheng said, “Doctor, Im sorry, Im a little worried, My fathers chemotherapy should be stopped for now! Please send my father out at once.”

“What are you saying Do you know what happened to your father Hes already so weak!” After glaring at Sun Dongheng, the doctor looked at Suns mother and said, “Please take care of your son and dont let him make any noise.”

Having finished speaking, he was going to close the door, but Sun Dongheng grabbed him and said loudly,

“Stop the chemotherapy.

Stop the chemotherapy and send my father out right now…”

“What are you doing Let me go!”


The commotion at the entrance affected the attending doctor inside.

He glanced at the door in disbelief, put down his tools, and walked over.

“Whats the matter” The attending doctor asked.

“Doctor, stop the chemotherapy.

Please send my father out,” Said Sun Dongheng.

“Ah…” The attending doctor sighed softly and said, “You should take a moment to calm down first.

You know your fathers condition, so you know the result of not doing chemotherapy.

He woke up after he fainted this time, but next time he faints, I cant guarantee that hell wake up.”

“I know, doctor, weve already considered it and decided not to do chemotherapy for now.

Please send my father out.” Sun Dongheng said in a deep voice.

“Dongheng, what are you doing” Suns mother said painfully.

“Mom, Ive found someone who can help dad.

Well be going there this afternoon, so the chemotherapy should be stopped for now.

Ill tell you the details later.

Dont ask me now,” Sun Dongheng said sincerely.

After seeing the look in his eyes, Suns mother nodded and said nothing.

As for the attending doctor, he just shook his head repeatedly.

A person who can cure diseases Can he cure cancer Does a person like that exist

After thinking for a while, he said, “Okay, well send Sun Ming out.

If you decide to continue with the chemotherapy, you should bring your father back here by tomorrow night.

Once you go past the time limit, the situation will definitely be out of our control.” While speaking, he glanced at Sun Dongheng and reminded him, “Theres no hope for people who are in the terminal stage of cancer, and I mentioned the two results earlier.

So, you should be prepared.

Next time, I dont want to hear any noise outside the operating room, ok”

“Okay, okay, doctor, Im so sorry.” Sun Dongheng responded, nodding.

With the permission of the attending doctor, Sun Ming was sent out a few minutes later.

They came back to the ward, but it wasnt until five minutes later that Sun Ming finally woke up.

“Has the chemotherapy been completed” Sun Ming asked weakly.

“No…” Suns mother replied, looking at her son.

At this time, Sun Dongheng began to explain.

He said with a smile, “Dad, there might still be a way to save you.”

“Really I am still very lucky, ha, ha…” Sun Ming did not believe it, but he still catered to his son with a chuckle.

“Whats going on, Dongheng” Asked Suns mother.

“What I said is true!” Seeing his fathers skeptical appearance, Sun Dongheng anxiously said, “The owner of the restaurant, Mengmengs father, asked me to take you to him after he heard about your situation.

After that, Brother Feng told me that the illness which couldnt be cured by the hospital might still be able to be cured by others.

He said that the boss was likely to be able to cure your disease.

Dad, Brother Feng never tells lies.

Theres definitely hope since he said so!”



Sun Ming paused, but even deep in his heart, he could not believe such an inconceivable thing.

He shook his head with a smile and said, “When it comes to the restaurant, I really miss Mengmeng.

That little girl is both cute and beautiful.

She always reminds me that when you were young, you were much naughtier than her.”

“Although Mr.

Zhang cooks very well, can he really treat an illness” Suns mother sighed.

She might believe that he could treat colds and fevers, but Sun Ming had cancer.

“Anyway, well know when we go there later! Brother Feng asked us to come after two oclock, so theres still some time left.

Lets have a meal first.

Oh, by the way, sausage fried rice is for lunch today.”

Sun Dongheng took out several lunch boxes, which contained four servings of sausage fried rice and three glasses of milk.

“Ill be satisfied if I can have a few more meals from that restaurant…” Sun Ming smiled and shook his head.

“Dad, dont say that.

There must be hope,” Sun Dongheng muttered discontently.

After they finished lunch, it was almost 2 oclock, so they would be able to arrive at a good time if they left now.

Therefore, Sun Dongheng went and got Sun Mings clothes.

After Sun Ming changed his clothes, the three walked out.

When they passed by the front desk, the nurse who was in charge of this area was about to question them, but the attending doctor stood behind her and patted her on the shoulder.

“Forget it, let them go,” Sun Mings attending doctor murmured.

They would understand later.

There was no way he could be cured because he had terminal stage cancer.

Sun Dongheng drove towards the restaurant, but when they passed the shopping mall, Sun Ming wanted to stop in and buy Mengmeng a small gift.

Because he was weak, Sun Dongheng was the one who ran to the gift shop and bought some small toys.

When they arrived at the restaurant and sent toys to Mengmeng, she was really pleased.

After looking at the toys for a while, she put them down and stared at Sun Ming with limpid eyes, then asked in a childish tone,

“Er… Uncle Sun, why are you sick You even went to the hospital.

Does it hurt”

“Im not in pain, ha…” Sun Ming said and laughed.


If youre not in pain, then Ill go play with the toys.” After finishing speaking, Mengmeng took the new toys and went to play with them on the sofa.

“Boss…” Sun Dongheng looked at Zhang Han, saying in a low voice.

He was confident on the way, but when he got here, he was a little unsure and gradually became nervous.

“Come here, let me see your wrist.” Zhang Han got up from the sofa, walked to the round table and motioned for Sun Ming to sit next to him.

Seeing Zhang Hans posture, Sun Ming and Suns mother were both a little curious.

Did he really know how to cure illnesses

Zhang Han pressed on Sun Mings wrist with his fingers.

He closed his eyes, then used the spiritual force in his body to explore Sun Mings body and check out his current condition.

At this moment, the whole room was silent except for the sound of Mengmeng playing with her toys.

Even Sun Dongheng and Suns mother felt their heartbeat speed up.

They were too anxious.

One minute, two minutes…

Soon, five minutes had passed.

Finally, Zhang Han opened his eyes.

“Boss, hows my father” Sun Dongheng asked in a hurry.

At this point he was already nervous to the point of suffocation.

This moment was indeed the tensest moment of his whole life so far.

It was said that the atmosphere would be contagious.

Even Sun Ming, the person this was about, was a little nervous.

He had a bold idea that his illness probably could be cured.

Under these peoples gazes, Zhang Han was as calm as ever.

He opened his mouth and spat out some words,

“Bring me one centenary ganoderma lucidum, one centenary wild ginseng, one pound of Ambergris, one centenary snow lotus and one centenary polygoni multiflorum before 12 oclock tonight.”

“Then I can prepare the remedy.”



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