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Chapter 195 Flowers and Leaves as Weapons

Zhao Feng stood up and stepped towards the door.

An Sen took the lead and shoved the door open as he entered.

After glancing around the room, he found out that the first target, Zhao Feng, and the second target, the boss, were both present, which caused the three peoples eyes to flicker.

However, after seeing the lovely Mengmeng, He Feng and Leng Yue curled their lips.

Since there was such a cute girl here, these two did not intend to get tough with them.

But An Sen ignored her.

He stared at Zhao Feng and Zhang Han while speaking in a loud and rough voice.

“You two, come with me!”

Hearing what he said, Zhang Han looked at them levelly.

Mengmeng, who had been playing with her toys, glanced at An Sen, then pouted and leaned against Zhang Han after sensing his aggressive attitude.

“Who are you” Zhao Feng arched his eyebrows as his face clouded over with an air of dignity.

“It doesnt matter who I am.

Come with us and dont talk nonsense.” An Sen gave Zhao Feng a dirty look.

“Are you here to cause trouble” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed slightly, emitting cold light.

At the same time, his muscles tightened up and he prepared to make his move at any time.

Seeing Zhao Fengs appearance, An Sen became unhappy and sighed heavily.

When he was about to talk, Leng Yue quickly grabbed him by his bulky arm and stepped up to the side of An Sen, then looked calmly at Zhao Feng and said,

“Were not here to cause trouble, but we have some things we need to speak with you about.”

“Get to the point and dont talk nonsense, or get out of here.” Zhao Feng stared at the three people coldly.

“Huh” An Sen was positively furious and was going to fight with him, but He Feng grabbed his other arm and held him back.

“Lets talk first.” Glancing at Zhao Feng, He Feng said, “We are from the Security Bureau.

Zhao Feng, you know what you have done.

Now, you and the owner of the restaurant need to come with us.

Dont force us to take action.”

“The Security Bureau I…” Zhao Fengs expression suddenly darkened.

He knew what sort of place the Security Bureau was, and he had heard Instructor Liu mention it when he had been in the Special Forces.

He had said, “Compared with the Special Forces, the Security Bureau is a more powerful department, in which the staff are all true masters.”

However, as soon as Zhao Feng started to talk, Zhang Han, who was sitting on one side of the sofa, made a massive understatement.

“I have no time.”

The simple words revealed a sense of indifference and disdain.

No matter who you were and what your status was, he was not available just because you asked him to come with you!

These words apparently stunned He Feng and Leng Yue, while An Sens face was suffused with irritability.

Hearing his masters words, Zhao Feng instantly became solemn and directly showed them the door, “My boss said that he isnt available.

Please leave.”

“Leave Damn it.

Ill beat you until you agree!”

An Sen denounced him, then released a heavy punch towards Zhao Feng with his right fist.

This time, He Feng and Leng Yue did not stop him.

Zhao Feng was not afraid of the heavy blow, but answered him with his right fist as well, preparing to compete with the man in front of him.

The moment He Feng and Leng Yue saw this, a chilling smile appeared on their lips.

Besides the captain, An Sen was the most powerful man in their squad.

This boy, who had just entered the Obvious Strength Stage, had an exaggerated opinion of his own ability since he dared to fight against An Sen.

Under their gazes, the two fists collided.


With a rumbling sound, Zhao Feng drew back five steps, while An Sen only went half a step back!

The outcome was clearly seen within a single stroke.

Zhao Fengs eyes were imbued with astonishment and pain at this point.

In the past, when he had simply gone around with the underground forces, he had almost no rivals in the Southern District.

Now, since he had been promoted to a martial artist, he felt his strength was on the rise.

Perhaps it was a realm where the more you learned, the less you knew.

“Obediently come with us right now, or Ill beat you up!” An Sen waved his fist in the air.

His rough voice made Mengmeng slightly wrinkle her face.

“Papa, hes so scary…” Feeling a little scared, Mengmeng pushed hard into Zhang Hans arms and spoke in a low voice.

“Dont be afraid.

Theyre just ugly.” Zhang Han put his left arm around Mengmeng and stroked Mengmengs head with his palm, then chuckled.

When he turned to look at An Sen and the other two people, Zhang Han slightly frowned.

In his right hand was a palm-sized doll with a small red flower on its chest.

Zhang Han used his middle finger and forefinger to nip the small red cloth flower with six petals and pick it up.

The moment when He Feng heard Zhang Han saying they were ugly, he became reluctant.

He looked at Zhang Han and said in a blunt tone, “Who do you think is ugly Skip An Sen.

Why did you count me in I think your eyes are…”

“Its too noisy.”

Zhang Han spoke coldly.

Before he even finished speaking, spiritual force instantly gathered in his body and entered the small red flower between his fingers, then he gently shook his wrist.

Suddenly, the small red flower shot out like a meteor, deceptively drifting over at a slow speed.

All three of their faces changed at this moment.

They could obviously see that the small red flower was getting closer and closer to them, but their bodies could not keep up with the speed of the attack.

Under their gazes, the small red flower was getting closer and closer.

They could even hear the beat of their hearts and their own breathing.

Even before they blinked, the small red flower had already arrived in front of them.

An Sen was the first to bear the brunt of the attack.

Under An Sens trepid gaze, the small red cloth seemed to turn into a sharp sword as it raked his arm.

He only felt a cool sensation at the place where the flower passed by.

The small red cloth flower seemed like a weapon that contained coldness.

Then, the momentum of the small red flower did not decrease as it quickly flew across the skin around Leng Yues neck and He Fengs right cheek.


With a very soft sound coming from the rear side, the three people turned their heads at a loss.

They saw the small red flower piercing through the glass of the gate and flying two meters away.

After its energy dissipated, it turned back into a normal red cloth flower and slowly fell to the ground.


An Sen did not know what was going on as he stared with huge round eyes and a doubtful look.

He hastily glanced at his arm, only to find that his clothes had been slashed and he had a very shallow cut on his skin.

Leng Yue touched her neck and found that there was a small painful cut on it.

However, after looking at her fingers, she realized there was no blood.

As for He Feng, he quickly took out a mirror and glanced at his cheek.

He was relieved when he noticed that it only left a red mark.

In that instant, all three of them froze! The scene began to replay in their minds.

Could a piece of cloth cause the same amount of damage as a hidden weapon

The three of them shivered and their eyes widened.

Looking at each other, they all saw the obvious amazement in each others eyes.

“Poof…” He Feng choked on his saliva and sprayed it all over An Sens face.

He cried out involuntarily, “Flowers… Flowers and leaves can be used as weapons”


“A Qi Strength Master!” Leng Yue trembled while feeling unwell.

“Oh, my god.” Finding that he was too weak to stand, An Sen directly plopped himself down on the ground, stunned.

He Feng and Leng Yue looked at each other again.

They were all at a loss this time.

Didnt their superior tell them that… the owner of the restaurant was just an Obvious Strength martial artist

An Obvious Strength martial artist Could an Obvious Strength martial artist easily turn a small red flower into a sharp weapon that could hurt them

The ability to hurt people with flowers and leaves typically belonged to Qi Strength Masters!

They really wanted to start cursing!

Why did he cheat them in this way That was really a scam! They would die if they infuriate a Qi Strength Master!

What should they do

At this moment, all three of them, including Leng Yue, who had always been calm, wanted to cry.

They did not know what to do.

Two of them were standing like blocks of wood, while one was sitting on the ground like a bear, without saying a word.

Zhang Han, however, did not intend to wait for them.

He picked Mengmeng up with one hand and took the toys with the other, then got up and walked towards the door.

Zhang Hans move frightened the three people.

They all looked at Zhang Han and were immediately covered in cold sweat.

Oh my god! Is he going to attack us

What should we do A Qi Strength Master can defeat us with a simple wave of his hand.

It was pathetic! They did forget to look up the almanac when they went out.

The Obvious Strength martial artist, who could easily be defeated in their mind, was a hidden prehistoric tyrannosaurus rex!

Damn it.

Even if their captain came, all he would just be serving himself up on a platter!

Qi Strength Masters were formidable and unrivaled in any place! They adopted such a condescending manner that average people like them could not see.

Although they met one master today, they offend him.

However, at this point, Mengmeng started to talk and the childish words of the little princess eased their tension.

She said,

“Papa, why arent they moving The way they are looking at you is strange.”

“They must be feeling ill.” Zhang Han chuckled at Mengmeng, then glanced at the three people calmly.

Ignoring them, he walked straight past them and went out.

Zhang Han noticed them when they drove up to the restaurant and guessed they were official personnel judging from their postures.

Zhang Han, however, was not aware what department were they from.

Using the small red flower was also to show them the strength of a Peak Strength Master.

Zhao Fengs words made Zhang Han realize that a Peak Strength Master was equal to a martial artist at the Qi Refining Stage, and he was already a master with some arrangements in this city.

Moreover, Zhang Han also knew that the authorities were bound to take action once Zhao Feng and Dahei took those treasures.

Zhang Han could comprehend all this in a single instance, but he did not care much.

As long as he displayed his skill and showed them his strength, then asked Zhao Feng talk to them, everything would turn out all right.

Besides, it did not matter if the authorities found the masters who could defeat him, because Zhang Han attached no importance to those treasures.

If the authorities were willing to compromise, their staff would discuss the details with Zhao Feng.

Although Zhang Han paid no attention to other things, he understood them very well in his heart.

Moving back to the point.

Under the gazes of the three people, Zhang Han sat down inside the seemingly ordinary panda car and slowly drove away.


As soon as the tyrannosaurus rex walked away, the three exhaled deeply.



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