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Chapter 211 Mengmeng Security

“Practicing skills I will have to think about it.”

Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng and noticed that she was focused on watching cartoons.

So, Zhang Han took two cans of beers out of the refrigerator, then sat down at the dining table with Zhao Feng and began to think.

Which skills should Zhao Feng practice Zhang Han realized it was a difficult topic.

After Zhao Feng realized that it was possible for him to learn kung fu, his eyes lit up and he sat with his hands on the dining table like a clever student.


under his eager gaze, Zhang Han still had no answer, even after drinking the can of beer.

So, Zhao Feng could not help asking in a low voice, “Master, is it too difficult to choose a skill that suits me well”

“Its a little difficult.” Zhang Han sighed lightly, then shook his head and said something that startled Zhao Feng.

“I cant think of any lower-level skills that you can practice.”

“Ah” Zhao Feng froze, “Cant I practice some basic skills”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Once you meet the minimum requirement, you will be able to practice some basic, low-level skills.”

“Master, whats the minimum requirement” Zhao Feng asked with a vacant expression.

“The early stage of Qi Refining.

My current level.”

“Puff…” Zhao Feng almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Master was at the minimum requirement.

If this news was heard by the staff from the Security Bureau, they were likely to be shocked.

Qi Strength Masters were already high-ranking roles in their mind, but they were actually the lowest level in his masters eyes.

Only the people who reached this level could learn some basic, low-level skills.

Zhao Feng inwardly sighed with emotion while giving a wry smile.

The people in this world, no matter how formidable they were, were like frogs at the bottom of the well.

Only his master was capable of admiring the scenery outside the well!

But Zhang Hans next words caused Zhao Feng to be excited again.

Zhang Han said,

“Let me think about it.

Considering your current level, you can practice some martial arts, but I have to simplify them, or your body wont be able to handle it.”

Zhang Han knew a lot about body techniques and had used them in the past.

However, in Zhang Hans eyes, there was no need for Zhao Feng to learn things like body techniques, because he was not like Dahei, who followed the route of body refining, so he did not need to learn those techniques.

He could start learning martial arts once he entered the Qi Refining Stage.

Although he could not pick up Zhang Hans Treasure-searching formulas, Zhang Han knew a lot of high-level martial arts from the Cultivation World.

However, since Zhao Feng wanted to learn, Zhang Han could teach him some skills, but what Zhang Han intended to teach him was advanced body refining techniques.

Zhao Feng should take the path of improving his strength and refining Qi, which was also the current route in the martial arts world.

The body refining techniques and martial arts would serve him well in the city.

“All right master, then Im relieved,” Zhao Feng said with happiness.

Then, he closed his mouth, shook his head, and said, “Ye Han, Dong Tianpeng, and Xia Shanhao were all involved today.

If I show up, Ill give them the reason to fight against me.

As long as I learn your martial arts, I can solve the problems by myself next time.”

“Them” Zhang Han smiled faintly and said, “Do they have the guts”

“Dahei can frighten them if he takes action.

However, as Dahei doesnt appear for several months, they may be tempted.

Those people all attach great importance to benefits.” After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng said, “Master, why dont I lead Ah Hu and the others to dominate the territory of New Moon Bay.

If that succeeds, we wont be influenced no matter what the others do.”

Originally Zhao Feng wanted to ignore these trivial matters.

However, since he took part in the ten people fight, his previous retirement had already turned into a joke.

In that case, it was better to directly lead Ah Hu and his men to dominate the underground forces in New Moon Bay.

This was also indirectly beneficial to the restaurant, the boss, and Mengmeng.

For instance, it would be more convenient to handle small issues.

When Zhao Feng came here in the morning, the seed for this idea had taken root in his mind.

“Do whatever you want,” Zhang Han answered.

“Master, I have an idea.” Zhao Feng took a gulp of beer and said with his eyes glinting, “In the end, the underground forces arent aboveboard.

I think it would be better to set up a company, that way we can make all the arrangements in advance when you need something.”

“Set one up if you want,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Ill start a bodyguard company!” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed slightly as he thought about it, then he said, “When you take Mengmeng out to play, the staff can clear the path.

Moreover, when your wife goes out to work, I can send several women to protect her.

It will be much more convenient to do things.”

Once making arrangements for Zi Yan was mentioned, Zhang Han finally showed some interest on his face.

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Han nodded and said,


Do what you just mentioned, create a security company.

Its a good idea, so you can start making plans.

After handling the treasure on the mountain, you can set out to deal with this matter.”

“Okay.” After seeing Zhang Hans expression, Zhao Feng suddenly felt a sense of purpose.

He smiled and said, “What do you want to name the security company, master”

“Just call it…” Zhang Han thought for a moment, then simply said, “Mengmeng Security.”

“A Good name!”

Zhao Feng thought it was an appropriate name.

It made perfect sense for the security company that was serving the little princess— Mengmeng, to be named Mengmeng Security.

But… Zhao Feng was only concerned that other people would feel like this name sounded a little girly.

Anyway, suffice it to say that his master liked it.

Besides, Zhao Feng also liked the name very much.

Their fondness for it came from the lovely little princess— Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng Security,” Zhao Feng murmured and laughed in a low voice.

Since his formidable master threw his full support behind this security company, he could already picture the company becoming famous in Hong Kong.

But he was wrong.

Zhao Feng did not expect Mengmeng Security to become the most powerful security company in the world within a few months.

It became famous throughout the world, so much that it was difficult to compete with the bodyguards of this company!

With Zhang Hans permission, Zhao Feng was able to do things at ease, so he got in touch with some others in the morning.

How to deal with those treasures was also a problem.

After all, not just anyone could broker a deal that exceeded one-billion-yuan, and few people would dare to buy such unknown treasures.

Zhao Feng, however, still wanted to give it a try.

He called several people before finally getting a reply from the last person.

“I do know an old master.

Hes the owner of an antique shop in the Wanqing Group.

I can make a call for you.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Ten minutes after he hung up the phone, a strange number appeared on the screen.

Zhao Feng answered the phone.

“Hello, this is Zhao Feng.”

“Yes, I heard that you have a batch of treasure to sell Worth more than a billion yuan”

“Thats right.”

“What do you want to sell”

“There are tons of gold, some antiques, and some diamonds,” Zhao Feng answered truthfully.

“When will it be convenient to let me inspect it”

“You can come anytime.”

“Whats your address”

“New Moon Bay”

“New Moon Bay.” After a pause, the person who was speaking on the other end of the line said, “My lady is at New Moon Bay.

Ill inform her about this.”

“Fine.” After he finished speaking, Zhao Feng hung up the phone.

The other sides words showed that he had a chance selling the treasure.

Zhao Fengs cell phone rang again half an hour later.

A woman with a sweet voice called this time.

She asked about some details.

After making an appointment with her, Zhao Feng drove out and met the woman, who was waiting for him at the gate of a large shopping mall.

“Hey Is it you” The woman suddenly let out a little cry.

“Excuse me, who are you Zhao Feng said in doubt.

“I came to Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant for the first time a few days ago.

As a result… you know, Ill be going there to have lunch at noon.” The woman stuck her tongue out.

She was Lin Xue, the daughter of the chairman of the Wanqing Group.

After tasting the dishes at the restaurant, she also indulged in them.

Since she was free in the morning, she came to New Moon Bay to go shopping and planned to have a delicious meal at noon in the restaurant.

“Oh, it seems that the restaurant has attracted another fan,” Zhao Feng replied with a chuckle.

“A fan Ha, thats right.

Its all because the owner of the restaurant cooks such delicious dishes.” Lin Xue twisted her lips into a smile and said, “I noticed you sitting at the members table, but you also cleaned up the restaurant after you finished eating…”

“I used to be a member, but now I follow the boss, so Im like a waiter in the restaurant.”

“Oh.” Lin Xue nodded her head gently, then glanced at her watch and said, “Its half past eight.

Lets get to the point first.

Where are the goods you mentioned Ill check them.”

“Come with me.” Zhao Feng turned towards the parking lot.

“You lead the way and Ill follow you.” Lin Xue responded and got in her red Audi R8, then followed Zhao Fengs car to Mount New Moon.

After parking at the foot of the mountain, Lin Xue followed Zhao Feng up the mountain.

After passing through the jungle, Lin Xues eyes gradually widened.

“Wow, what a beautiful place!”

“These flowers are really beautiful, the grass is so neat, and that tree is very tall.”

“Huh Why is there a chimpanzee So many animals…”

Zhao Feng had already anticipated this situation.

Staring at the back hill, he smiled and said, “This paradise was created by my boss for his daughter.

The ingredients used at the restaurant are all produced here.

Everything here is organic.

No, to be precise, its much better than organic food.”

“Thats so great!” Lin Xue said with amazement.

“Ill show you the goods,” Zhao Feng said.

Then he led her to the thunder yang tree.

He had thought the two of them would draw the attention of the two Heihei powers, but they were lying lazily on the grass in the pet area.

They did not want to move at all, so they ignored them when they caught sight of them.

However, when Dahei saw Lin Xue pick up the treasures to inspect them, he stared, then quickly got up and came running over.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei let out a cry.

His expression seemed to say: Stop! Dont move, and put that down!

After yelling, Dahei angrily ran over with Little Hei.

Looking at Daheis posture, it seemed like he planned to attack Lin Xue.

Zhao Feng walked forward in a hurry and quickly said,

“Hey, hey, hey! Dont be impulsive.

Shes one of us.

Dahei, calm down.

Shes a person that was invited by master.

If you attack her, the master will punish you cruelly!”

His words were enough to stop Little Hei, who was already approaching Lin Xue!


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