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Chapter 219 A Few Words Make a Splash

After a little silence, Zhang Han spat out those simple but meaningful six words.

Hearing what he said, Zi Yan shuddered as her heart gradually melted.

She was so worn out that she just wanted a solid pair of arms to hold her now.

Although Zhang Han was not around, his words made her feel much better.

“No.” Zi Yan gently pursed her thin lips and muttered, “I dont want to give up halfway, and I believe a rainbow always follows after the rain even though Im facing a difficult situation right now.”

“I can also give you the biggest and best rainbow once you come back,” Zhang Han said in a low voice.

In Zhang Hans eyes, even if Zi Yan did not sign on with a company, she could easily claim the top spot as a movie queen with his support,

Zi Yan, however, did not understand.

She certainly did not realize how formidable Zhang Han was, so she snorted softly at this point and said,

“I dont want to talk about work.

Lets chat about something else.

Is Mengmeng being obedient these days Did she miss me Have you prepared anything delicious for her”

Although Zhang Han did not say that the stars were players recently, Zi Yan always believed that Zhang Han looked down upon the Entertainment Circle.

Therefore, she did not like to talk about her job when she was with Zhang Han, or perhaps she subconsciously avoided the contentious topics.

However, Zi Yan did not know that Zhang Han was not just disdainful to the Entertainment Circle.

It was the same for other things as well.

After hearing Zi Yans question, Zhang Han shook his head, then smiled and said,

“Mengmeng has always been a good girl and misses you every day.

Recently I made roast duck for her…”

After chatting for about ten minutes with Zi Yan in this way, Zhang Han went downstairs to give Mengmeng his mobile phone so the two of them could chat.

Zhang Han went back upstairs, sat in front of his laptop, and opened his Weibo.

At this moment, the number of Zhang Hans followers had stabilized at 60 million, which meant that he was a rare super-popular user.

But Zhang Han was calm when he saw it.

He pressed his right hand on the wireless mouse and forwarded the full version of the video with the following words,


Do these stupid pigs think they have an ear for music”

Then he posted it.

It was the second message released by Zhang Han, which was very conspicuous on the main page.

What did having 60 million followers mean In fact, nowadays, most influencers only had three to five million followers.

The top influencers would have 10 to 20 million followers, and the numbers of some popular stars followers ranged from 30 million to over 90 million, but no more than 100 million.

It was understandable that a person who had more than 60 million followers was indeed outstanding.

Therefore, when Zhang Han posted this message, large quantities of people instantly saw it.

“My gosh.

Hanyang posted a message on Weibo.”

“My god.

He finally posted his second message.

I thought Hanyang had stopped using Weibo.”

“Hey Isnt this from that farce from that program on the Jiang Yuan TV Station”

“Puff… Master Han said the three mentors were stupid pigs!”

At first, people paid significant attention to the fact that Hanyang posted a message.

After watching the video, however, they began to attach great importance to the content of the video.

“Hanyang is so imposing and straightforward.

I like him! Those three men are really like silly pigs.”

“Thats true.

I have never heard of the three men.

Have you heard of them” Under this message lied a long line of the same replies: No!

“Since Master Han said that these mentors did not know music, their evaluations are likely nonsense.

They should be banned for their malicious comments.”

“Thats correct.

Master Han is someone who knows music very well.

His words show that the three mentors are useless.

Maybe they pulled a few strings to get their positions.

Well, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

Its funny to see them criticizing others when they dont even understand music.”


Nearly 100,000 comments and 300,000 likes were left on Zhang Hans Weibo within about ten minutes.

However, it was still morning and the netizens were not active.

Around twelve oclock, when people were having lunch or taking a break, the people who saw the message at this moment tore into it.

After watching the video carefully for a few minutes, they understood that Zi Yan was the one who had actually been treated unfairly.

So those who had denounced Zi Yan before all got angry.

“I misjudged them.

Theyre nobodies.

How did they become mentors with poor abilities”

“Its obviously questionable.

The three of them arent good people.

Bad guys always cause trouble.”

“Are tutors so conceited these days Jiang Yuan TV Station is really powerful! It invited three unknown but arrogant people.”


Everyone not only had their own point of view, but also had an understanding of the rise and fall of people.

Therefore, after watching the edited version of the video in the morning, they denounced Zi Yan.

As beautiful as she was on the outside, everyone preferred to see the beauty on the inside.

But when they saw the full video and found out the video by the three mentors was edited on purpose to cause a misunderstanding, the balance in their hearts began to shift.

At this time, the Weibo message from Zhang Han was like throwing a bomb into a lake that already had some small waves.

It completely raised huge waves.

Many people learned about this and followed the large force to denounce the three tutors.

This message rose to the 8th place on the most searched hashtags in a short period of time, namely: the divine songwriter Hanyang angrily criticizes the three mentors involved in the matter of the Jiang Yuan TV Station.

The news spread fast, and Zhou Fei, who was concerned about the event, also noticed.

When she saw this message, her eyes gradually widened,


Zhou Fei suddenly let out a cry.

“Whats wrong with you Why are you so excited” Zi Yan was startled and gave her an angry stare.

“Elder Sister Yan! Look! My God, an important person has stepped forward to help us!”

Zhou Fei quickly handed over her mobile phone.

When Zi Yan saw the message, she was also shocked.

“Hes Hanyang! He said I did a good job! Ha, ha, ha, thats so great! Hes a man with discerning eyes.

Its so kind of Hanyang and Ill be his loyal fan in the future because of this message!” Zhou Fei said, dancing with joy.

“Youre exaggerating.” Zi Yan was also relieved.

While looking at the ecstatic Zhou Fei, she grinned lightly.

“My reaction is no exaggeration.

Elder Sister Yan, look at the following comments! All of them support us.

The three swines will have to be worried now.

This is great!” Zhou Fei threw back her head and roared with laughter.

Compared with the atmosphere here, the situation at the Jiang Yuan TV Station on the other side was quite relaxed.

The three men were still sitting and chatting with each other.

“Tutors, I… think you should look at Weibo first.” A staff member suddenly came over all of a sudden and said that to them after a slight pause.

“Whats happening on Weibo” The obese man said inexplicably and took out his mobile phone.

upon checking Weibo, he was shocked.

When he saw a lot of denunciations below his message, his face took on a ghastly expression.

“Whats the matter” The man with glasses asked in a hurry.

“You should check your Weibo.” The obese man said, waving his hands.

After hearing his words, the two men took out their cell phones one after the other.

They both fell silent after they finished checking it out.

“What the **.

Whos Hanyang Isnt it an insult to say that we are stupid pigs We should sue him!” The man with cropped hair cursed in rage.

“We will definitely sue him, but public opinion is currently against us.

If it isnt stopped in time, it will continue to get worse and will even affect us in the end,” The man with glasses said with furrowed eyebrows.

“It doesnt matter!” The obese man was daring as he solemnly said, “Hanyang only emerged recently.

When we were engaged in music, he was probably playing in the mud! Ho, we should call our friends at this point.

He just denounced us, so lets compete with him on the number of people involved in this battle who support us.”

The obese man sneered as he made several phone calls.

So did the man with glasses and the man with cropped hair.

They called their friends and told them the details.

After a moment, some noteless figures denounced Hanyang on Weibo,

“How can Hanyang, as a junior, evaluate seniors in this way I can see what kind of person he is since he saidstupid pigs.”

“Young people shouldnt be so arrogant.

He just gained some popularity.

Complacence and arrogance will be his downfall.”

“I really dont know why Hanyang is so confident.”


Most of these people were engaged in the music industry and had some fans.

However, compared with the number of Zhang Hans followers on Weibo, the number of their total followers was less than one-tenth of his.

Even so, their comments spread.

These comments made Weibo lively today.

It was obvious that a cyber war was about to start.

However… they completely underestimated the power of the name “Hanyang”.

It did not take long for more and more people to pay attention to find out about this incident after Zhang Han posted that message.

At this point, in a hotel in Ice City.

“Old Xue, take a look at Weibo.” Li Fan said to Xue Qian, who was looking a music score.

“Whats the matter” Xue Qian took out his mobile phone in curiosity.

After he spent some time checking it, his brows gradually wrinkled up.

After digesting the information, Xue Qian closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes, then typed and posted a few words without hesitation,

“Although the songs sung by Zi Yan in the TV station arent top quality, it showed her outstanding singing skills.

I dont know why she got such unbelievable evaluations.

Have the mentors of the program been hoodwinked by outside interests”

This message could be said to be very simple and straightforward.

When he posted it, Li Fan commented with some hesitation.

“Isnt that too straightforward Do you mind if I post a euphemistic reply that hints at what you want to say”

Fan Li thought that this straightforward message would offend the three mentors directly and might even cause dissatisfaction from Jiang Yuan TV Station.

If he posted a more euphemistic reply, they would turn a blind eye to it.

But Xue Qian shook his head directly and said, “No.”

“Erm… Well.”

Li Fan shook his head helplessly.


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