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Chapter 228 Zhang Han

“Mmm.” Lin Jie nodded gently and followed Jia Dong to his seat.

After getting the signal from Jia Dong, the television hosts gave up their seats to the five people who just entered.

During this period, everyone greeted him with great respect, “Childe Lin.”

Zi Yan, however, just sized up Lin Jie for a while with her beautiful eyes and pursed her lips.

She did not even greet him in the end.

Lin Jie was a very fair and somewhat feminine man with thin eyelids and small eyes, who looked like a gigolo, which gave off a very scheming impression to Zi Yan from the beginning.

But the instant Lin Jie spoke, his hoarse and rough voice greatly dispelled his effeminate temperament.

His gaze swept over the red wine on the table, then he waved to the waiter and said, “Four bottles of 1982 Lafite and put them on my tab.”

“Okay.” The waiter breathed hard all of a sudden, then nodded with excitement and hurried to place the order.

The 1982 Lafite cost 170,000 yuan per bottle, which was 680,000 yuan for four bottles.

This increased her commission by a large amount.

Experts were indeed generous when they placed an order.

Everyones eyes lit up when they realized how generous Lin Jie was.

They sighed inwardly: He is certainly a scion with great influence in Shang Jing!

Four bottles of Lafite quickly arrived.

Upon seeing the red wine, Jia Dong took his goblet and said, “Come, lets drink the wine in these goblets first and propose a toast to Elder Brother Lin together to thank him for his enthusiasm.”

This time, in addition to the five people who came after them, everyone, even Zi Yan, raised their goblets and drank some of the red wine.

During this period, the hosts, Xiaoling, and the male stars who had appeared on the same stage with Zi Yan all flattered him.

“Thank you for your hospitality Childe Lin.”

“Thanks, Elder Brother Lin.”

“Elder Brother Lin is so generous.”


In the face of praise, Lin Jie stayed calm, for he was accustomed to such occasions.

Suddenly, he looked at Zi Yan who had remained quiet this whole time with amazement in his eyes, then raised his glass that was filled with Lafite, took a sip, and said with a smile,

“Zi Yan is really much prettier than she was five years ago.”

Hearing what he said, everyone present looked at Zi Yan.

They realized that Lin Jie came here for Zi Yan, otherwise he would not have come in person.

“Thank you.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and gently nodded her head.

“Miss Zi is as elegant as usual, and I like your personality very much,” Lin Jie said with a smile.

“Childe Lin, Im not worthy of such praise,” Li Yan replied while staring at Lin Jie.

“I have never lied.” Lin Jie shook his head and said, “I remember that Miss Zi was in the limelight and had a good chance to win the title of best actress five years ago, but to my surprise, you retired.

In fact, Im quite curious about the reason, because the average person would not choose to retire under those circumstances.”

Zi Yan, however, did not want to talk about this topic.

After witnessing what happened, Zhou Fei quickly said with a smile, “Zi Yan retired because she had some private affairs at home, and she did not intend to come back until recently.”

“Oh, I see.” Lin Jie had a look of enlightenment on his face as he stared at Zi Yan and slowly said, “I believe Miss Zis comeback will be a great success, so I would like to gild the lily.

I have a friend whose name is Wei Chao.

He is preparing a high-quality movie recently and Im one of the investors.

I wonder if Miss Zi is interested in it.

If so, Ill arrange a drinking party later so all of us can talk about the details.”

When he stopped speaking, the faces of the hosts and the other two stars changed slightly.

Wei Chao was a well-known director.

He had already produced two films of high quality which grossed more than 500 million yuan even though he had only started his career three years ago.

Besides, the investment must have been rather large since Childe Lin considered it to be a large-scale movie.

Once Zi Yan took part in this film, she would have a promising future.

Everyone looked towards Zi Yan enviously at the thought of this.

As for Lin Jie and Liu Feng, their eyes gleamed with amusement.

Regardless of the part she would have, as long as Zi Yan promised to take part in the movie then their object would be complete.

In this era, how could it be possible for someone to succeed without paying a price Now, it all depended on whether Zi Yan was willing to pay the price.

However, Jia Dong, who was standing on the right side of Lin Jie, had a wry smile as he sighed inwardly: Childe Lin has proven that he came here for her.

If she agrees…

Everyone gradually quieted down.

They stared at Zi Yan, waiting for her answer.

Even Xiaoling could not help saying,

“Elder Sister Zi Yan, promise him now.

This is an opportunity!”

“Oh.” After hearing her words, Zi Yan glanced at Xiaoling, then looked at Lin Jie.

Staring at his playful smile, Zi Yan said directly,

“Thank you for your kindness, Childe Lin.

However, I have already booked a plane ticket for tomorrow because I have other matters to attend to.”

“Really So…” Lin Jies eyes became smaller as he narrowed them slightly.

When he was about to speak, Zi Yans phone rang.

After taking out her cell phone to have a look, she stood up directly and said, “Sorry, I have to step out and accept this call.”

After she finished speaking, Zi Yan walked out.

In front of the restaurant was a small platform for admiring the scenery, with several tables, chairs, and umbrellas.

“Excuse me.”

After Zi Yan left the room, Lin Jie took his goblet, got up, and followed her.

Right after he had just walked out of the door, he heard Zi Yan say, “Zhang Han!”

Zhang Han

Lin Jie froze, then looked at Zi Yan in surprise.

As for Zi Yan, she took the phone and walked to the other side after noticing that Lin Jie came out behind her.

She did not say anything else until she ensured that Lin Jie was not still following her.

“I just finished recording the program, and now Im having dinner with the staff of the TV station.”

“Well, Mengmeng misses you,” responded Zhang Han.

“I miss Mengmeng too.

I will fly out towards Hong Kong at 3:50 p.m.

tomorrow and arrive at 8 that night.

I have already prepared a present for Mengmeng.

Youll never guess what it is.” Zi Yans tone became active when she talked with Zhang Han.

“Is there a present for me” Zhang Han said casually.

“You Nice try! Since you dont ever give me any presents, you shouldnt expect me to send you one either, bah!” Zi Yan snorted softly.

Listening to Zi Yans mellifluous and sweet tone, Zhang Han unconsciously broke into a smile.

“Oh! PaPa, why havent you finished yet Its my turn, its my turn, I want to talk to MaMa.”

As Mengmengs eagerness leaked out of the mobile phone, Zi Yans beautiful eyes arched like charming crescent moons.

Then Mengmengs tender voice was clearly heard as she said, “MaMa, MaMa, I miss you, why havent you come back”

“I miss you too…”

Zi Yan chatted with Mengmeng while standing on the right side.

As for Lin Jie, he stood on the left side, occasionally sipping his red wine as he stared at Zi Yan with a playful gaze.

He had been eager to get his hands on Zi Yan six years ago, but he had failed to find the time due to many trivial things regarding his family.

He, therefore, was filled with regret for a long time.

Since he finally met her again and had free time, he did not want to let her go easily.

But judging from the tone when she called Zhang Hans name, he thought Zi Yan might be quite familiar with Zhang Han.

Zhang Han…

He had not seen Zhang Han, who had been defeated by him, for years.

He had used some tricks to ruin Zhang Hans life and told Zhang Han : He isnt qualified to be called one of the four scions of Shang Jing and isnt even worthy of being his enemy!

The bullies were always dominated by the wise.

The phone call could have lasted for more than half an hour, but Zi Yan thought it would be disrespectful if she chatted for such a long time.

Therefore, she tried her best to persuade Mengmeng to hang up the phone.

When she turned back towards the compartment, Lin Jie stepped in front of her.

“Why did Childe Lin come out” asked Zi Yan.

“I followed you.” Lin Jie chuckled and said in a sincere tone, “I hope you can reconsider the matter I mentioned just now.

I think your appearance matches a role in that script.

If you feel it isnt proper to talk about it at night, we can talk it over tomorrow, during the day.”

His words were quite sincere, as if he really wanted to cooperate with her.

Zi Yan, however, hae been in the entertainment circle for several years, so she certainly knew the rules and regulations.

If he really wanted to cooperate with her, the news would have been sent to the Royal Entertainment Company, and he would not talk about it in this way the instant he saw her.

Zi Yan firmly believed that there was no such thing as a free lunch, so she shook her head slightly and said,

“Thank you, but my itinerary has been packed full and my time is limited.

So I cant make a decision and promise you without permission.

If Childe Lin wants to cooperate with me, you can contact the staff of the Royal Entertainment Company.

Im sure they will make arrangements.”

“Well, all right.” Lin Jie smiled helplessly.

“Mmm.” Zi Yan gently nodded her head and stepped towards the compartment.

“By the way, Miss Li,” Lin Jie suddenly said, “I just came out to make a phone call, but unfortunately, my cell phone ran out of power.

So, can Miss Zi lend your cell phone to me”

“Erm…” Zi Yan stopped and looked at Lin Jie with her beautiful eyes.

After thinking for a while, she finally nodded and agreed.


After she finished speaking, Zi Yan took out her mobile phone, clicked on the page for dialing, and handed it over.

Upon receiving the phone from her, Lin Jie secretly memorized Zhang Hans phone number, then dialed a number casually.


All of a sudden, a ringtone came from Lin Jies pocket.

“Well, here is my phone number, Miss Zi.

Im very glad to meet you.

If you have any trouble in the future, you can call me.” Lin Jie clicked on the screen of Zi Yans phone to save his name and handed it back.

“Your method is very special,” Zi Yan said coldly, then took the phone and turned to leave.

Perhaps this method might attract a single womans attention, but Lin Jie did not know that Zi Yan is already a mother and that the childs father was gradually being accepted by her.

Such behavior disgusted her to some extent.

Zi Yan returned to the compartment.

Lin Jie did not follow, but casually walked to the front side and sat on a chair with his legs placed on the table.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Hans number, which he had memorized just now, while looking at the surface of the lake in the distance and revealing a playful smile.


“Is this Zhang Han”


“Do you know who I am” Lin Jie said with a chuckle.


Listening to the bland reply from Zhang Han, Lin Jie no longer wanted to keep him guessing, so he said directly, “This is Lin Jie.”


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