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Meanwhile, Zhang Long, Lin Jie, Zhang Yuan, and a few of their men were busy appreciating the antiques in Zhang Long\'s office.

Antiques were one of the hot topics in their circle.

Although they lacked professional knowledge, they were discerning enough to appreciate them since they had been handling them for a long time.

While they were sizing up a porcelain vase, a one-eyed man rushed into the office all of a sudden.

Brother Long. The man glanced at Lin Jie and seemed to be somewhat hesitant.

What\'s wrong Zhang Long gave him a queer look.

The man named Dong Lang was a martial artist who was at the late-stage in Obvious Strength and would reach the Inward Strength stage soon.

He was responsible for the management of club as a groundskeeper and took charge of a nightclub.

In general, when Zhang Long came, he would not take the initiative to come over to speak out unless Zhang Long called for him.

But Dong Lang actually came in person.

In Zhang Long\'s view, he probably wanted to ask him some important questions.

However, his face fell on account of Dong Lang\'s words.

He slowly said,

Thirty people are causing trouble on the golf course.

Each one of them is very skillful and dressed in a uniform that costs more than 150,000 yuan.

They came in from the main entrance and have knocked down over 50 security guards on the golf course.

What Zhang Long frowned and asked, Where did they come from

At this point, all of their faces also changed, and Lin Jie put on a strange and playful look.

He had not expected that he would get to see a fight today.

I don\'t know who they are and I\'m not familiar with them.

However, they... At this moment, Dong Lang glanced at Lin Jie and said, They came here for a lady called Zi Yan.

Hmm Li Jie was stunned, but his eyes began to shine.

For Zi Yan Zhang Long\'s expression softened, then he gave Lin Jie a queer look and said, It seems that Zi Yan\'s escorts have arrived.

What the **!

Zhang Yuan stood on the side and laughed, then swore, How dare they cause trouble here.

They\'re so bold!

Zhang Yuan\'s behavior made Zhang Long frown.

His cousin seemed to become more and more arrogant.

Let\'s go have a look Lin Jie directly ignored Zhang Yuan, then looked at Zhang Long and said,

Let\'s go and see for ourselves where these bold people came from! Zhang Long smiled and said while taking the lead in walking out.

It\'s difficult to be escorts.

Childe Lin, don\'t worry.

Since they\'ve stepped into my territory, I won\'t stand idly by.

I\'ll have to thank Brother Long for his kindness, Lin Jie replied with a chuckle.

If they were Zi Yan\'s escorts, Lin Jie should be the first to take the blame.

However, he could not keep out of it since they were causing trouble in his club.

All Lin Jie wanted was to ask him to stand with him.

Only in this way could they defeat the unknown enemies.

Moreover, Lin Jie was unable to refuse.

When they walked out of the office, Lin Jie dialed a number and simply said,

Nan Tian, take your men and wait for me at the entrance of the golf course.


On the golf course.

Wei Chao had already eaten the contract, which was hard to swallow.

But when he glanced at the people in front of him and saw their indifferent demeanor, Wei Chao could not help shaking.

He had to swallow it.

However, he realized that he was not in danger while he was busy eating it, so his thoughts drifted.

These people are really awesome! If only this could be made into a movie.

It would be a big hit at the box office!

Where did these malicious men come from

Fortunately, I did not offend Zi Yan.

Otherwise, I would be facing a dreadful situation today.

It seems that Zi Yan is not an ordinary person since she is being protected by this group of people.

Alas, she\'s unusual.

While reflecting on everything, Wei Chao ate the whole contract.

Before he returned back to his senses, he subconsciously looked at Elder Meng and said, I\'ve finished!

Hmm Elder Meng was somewhat shocked.

What are you doing You could have just stayed there after eating the contract, so why did you come over and inform me

Are there any other contracts Take them out and let me have a look! Elder Meng\'s eyes narrowed as he looked at Wei Chao and spoke.


Wei Chao suddenly returned to his senses.

He shivered and repeatedly said, No.

no, no, there\'s definitely no other contracts.

Besides, Miss Zi\'s contract wasn\'t made by me.

It really has nothing to do with me...

These men in front of him were all thugs that could strike down 50 or so people with only one move.

How dare he provoke them

All right, get away from me! Elder Meng was tired of talking nonsense with him and waved in disgust.

Wei Chao was relieved and repeatedly whispered, Thank you, thank you.

While speaking, he quickly stepped back.

After looking around, Zhao Feng walked over to Zi Yan with a smile and whispered, Boss\'s wife, are there any other flies My boss said that these flies should be swatted.

Whoever dares to bully you, we\'ll beat them.

His voice was so low that Zhao Feng, who had just seemed cool, looked somewhat funny now.

Ha, ha... Zi Yan burst into a rare bout of laughter.

There was a happy and interesting look in her eyes, and it was all because of Zhao Feng\'s words, and Zhang Han\'s attitude, which was revealed by Zhao Feng\'s words!

Hum, beat the people who bully me Why is he so bossy

However, at this moment, Zi Yan felt sweet, and the suppressed anger caused by the unfair treatment these past few days also dissipated.

Zi Yan smiled, curved her lips, then shook her head slightly and said, There\'s no need to beat them.

Let\'s go.

Is this all Zhou Fei grinned.

What more do you want Zi Yan gave Zhou Fei an angry stare.

Let\'s go.

Let\'s go back to Hong Kong. Zhou Fei smiled widely and headed for the entrance.

Zhao Feng walked along at Zi Yan\'s side, while Ah Hu and others followed beside or behind her with great vigor.

The picture looked extremely cool when compared to the more than 50 people who were lying on the ground.

In the meantime, dozens of people who were standing beside the entrance sighed repeatedly,

It seems like they are aren\'t normal! They\'re so awesome!

It\'s the first time that people have caused so much trouble in the Fengtai Club.

I didn\'t imagine that they would be able to leave safely.

Who said they can leave A voice suddenly came from the crowd, Look! Zhang Long and Lin Jie are coming! It will definitely be impossible for these people to leave.

They\'re coming! The best part is about to begin!

When everyone saw more than 30 people walking towards the entrance of the golf course, their hearts beat loudly and they quickly moved to one side.

They expected the entrance to turn into the second battlefield today.

Judging by their disposition, they probably wouldn\'t concede!

If they did not concede, the two sides would fight with each other again!

But, would they be able to win with so little effort this time

Perhaps these people will have a tough time! Who can stop Dong Lang, Nan Tian, and their men A middle-aged man in the crowd sneered.

This man said what was on many people\'s mind.

Although they had trembled in fear because of Zhao Feng and his companions just now, once they returned to their senses they realized that things were about to get worse.

Those who dared to cause trouble in the Fengtai Club were bound to face Zhang Long\'s anger, and the Zhang family stood behind him.

Few people could contend against the Zhang family in Shang Jing.

Zhao Feng and his men took a few steps forward.

Right after they finished passing the people who were lying on the ground, they saw Zhang Long and his companions approaching.

The two sides looked at each other several times as they walked towards each other.

When they were only slightly more than ten meters away, they stopped in succession and looked at each other without saying anything.

At that moment, Zhou Fei put on a worried look.

Despite enjoying themselves just now, this matter would not necessarily be easy to end since the people at the top had arrived.

As for Zhang Long and Lin Jie, they were still calm, and Zhang Long didn\'t even intend to speak.

At this point, Lin Jie felt a little helpless, but he had to take the lead as this had something to do with him.

So, Lin Jie took a step forward, looked at Zi Yan, then smiled and said,

Miss Zi, aren\'t you satisfied with my arrangements I don\'t think I\'ve treated you badly so far.

Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

When she was about to speak, Zhao Feng chuckled and said,

You know what you\'re thinking, so stop talking nonsense.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Jie widened his eyes.

At this point, he would feel humiliated if he let them leave.

Not to mention that he had not intended to let them go at the beginning, only he who could decide whether to send them away if they had some background!

Lin Jie, therefore, slowly said,

Then I won\'t talk nonsense with you.

Miss Zi can leave, but not now.

I won\'t let you take her away.

I will discuss the matter regarding when she can go back with her superiors at the Royal Entertainment Company.

After saying this, Lin Jie waved to the people behind him and said, Nan Tian, take Miss Zi to the hotel to rest.


Nan Tian gave a bland response and took the lead as he walked towards Zhao Feng and his companions.

Although they had fewer people, only ten, they were full of vigor, as if they had not care about the large number of opponents.

Ha, ha.

At this moment, Zhang Long chuckled.

In his view, he had completely gained the upper hand.

These people would be afraid of Lin Jie if Nan Tian succeeded in taking Zi Yan away.

In that case, he would be able to defeat them easily.

If the two sides fought with each other, Lin Jie would try his best to defeat them.

At that time, he could watch from the sidelines and would have room to maneuver.

However, even though what he imagined was beautiful, reality is cruel.

Upon seeing Nan Tian and the other nine people approaching with vigorous strides, Ah Hu and his companions moved.

But, at this moment, Zhao Feng raised his right arm and motioned for them not to take action, then he walked forward alone.

My gosh! He\'s going to fight alone! Ah Hu and some others curved their lips and did not say anything.

But many people\'s faces changed when they saw Zhao Feng move.

Maybe I underestimated their courage! Zhang Long gradually became serious.

As for the people watching this battle from the sidelines, they burst out into an uproar,

That guy is facing them head on! Fuck, he\'s so awesome!

His opponent is Lin Jie\'s ace bodyguard, Nan Tian!

I think that man will be defeated in one move...


How\'s that possible

Under everyone\'s gazes, Zhao Feng and Nan Tian continued drawing closer and closer.

Upon seeing Zhao Feng\'s movement, Nan Tian hardened his eyes and rushed forward.

As he approached Zhao Feng, he lifted his right leg and launched a full power attack straight at Zhao Feng\'s face!

Even the trouser legs rattled on account of his high speed and great strength.

Everyone clearly knew that if Zhao Feng was kicked, he would have a concussion.

What was worse, he would become a vegetable!

However, Lin Jie could smooth things out even if Zhao Feng became a vegetable!

However, things always deviated from what was imagined.

In the face of Nan Tian\'s attack, Zhao Feng sneered, then raised his right leg to meet Nan Tian\'s movement.

You\'re courting death!

When Nan Tian realized that he was determined to struggle, he became angry and expended all his strength.


As the two legs met with each other, a rumbling sound came out.

The next moment.


A crisp sound was heard.

Under Nan Tian\'s appalling gaze, his calf was bent to the side at an angle of 90 degrees.


Before Nan Tian could even feel the pain in his leg, he saw the man in front of him kick him in the abdomen.

Nan Tian was kicked upside down and ended up laying on the ground more than ten meters away from his original position.

Too weak.

Zhao Feng faintly yelled out those two words.

The next moment, his looked at the several people who followed Nan Tian, then moved and rushed forward.


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