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Zi Yan rarely showed this cavalier side of her in public, she rolled her eyes to Zhou Fei, and then looked at Zhang Han, with her sparkly big eyes and mouth opened.

She slowly said,

“Idiot, are we going to stand here all the time”

“Ah, lets get on the car first.” Zhang Han chuckled and headed for the panda car.

Zi Yan held a handful of flowers and leaned forward her head to sniff at the flowers, commended:

“It smells so good, and so beautiful, I love it.”

What she said made Zhou Fei, who was next to her, pout.

Since she barely looked at other people when they sent her flowers, but now··· she was being an anthomaniac.

It was actually, what she said: the flowers were beautiful, but it was not important, what was important was··· who sent the flowers!

“It seems that Elder Sister Yan really likes the brother-in-law, which is really good.” Zhou Fei looked at Zi Yan with a happy smile on her face, and she felt very happy in her heart.

In fact, she did not expect Zhang Han to be so excellent either.

At the beginning, she scolded Zhang Han behind his back for countless times and scoffed at him all the time.

However, she only knew after contact that he was a typical good man, who could wash clothes, cook, take care of children, make money and loved to stay at home.

It was just that there was always the imperfection and there was no perfect.

In romance, the brother-in-law still had a lot to work on!

Zhou Fei sighed inwardly.

She knew that when Zi Yan standing in front of Zhang Han just now, he could just say a few gentle words and gave her a hug, wouldnt it be convenient to win Oh, she was worried for him!

However, Zhou Fei did not know that Zhang Han was enjoying this gradual increase in his feelings.

Arriving at the side of the car, Zhou Fei first opened the door in the back seat.

As soon as the door opened, they heard MengMengs immature voice coming from the inside.

“Ninety-five, ninety-six, its already ninety-seven, why havent MaMa come back Hum, ninety-eight···”

This voice also moved Zi Yans eyes away from the bouquet and look into it.

She was suddenly in distress situation.

She saw that MengMeng was sitting on the left side of the back seat, with two white tender little hands covering her eyes, and counting numbers one by one with her little pouted mouth.

“You can really fool a child!”

Zi Yan rolled her eyes towards Zhang Han.

“Uh-huh, 99, 100, finished!” After counting, MengMeng put down her small palms, blinked her big eyes, which were very similar to Zi Yans, and looked aside to see that Zi Yan was really there, the little princesss big eyes suddenly lit up.

“Ah! MaMa is really here.

MaMa, MaMa, hug!”

MengMeng stood up from the back seat and stretched out her small arms for a hug.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Zi Yan quickly sat in from the sideways and sat in the middle of the seat.

She carefully put the flowers on the side, then turned around and held MengMeng in her arms with a big smile, and then kissed the little princess on her pink cheek.

“MaMa, I miss you so much.

Do you miss MengMeng”

“Yes, I miss you every day.” Holding MengMeng in her arms, Zi Yan was very happy and satisfied.

She smiled and said, “Do you miss MaMa”

“Yes, yes, yes.” MengMeng put close her pink little lips and kissed Zi Yan on her cheek.

After Zhang Han and other people got on the car with other people watching.

Many people shook their heads and sighed with emotion:

“Handsome man and pretty woman, what a great couple.”

“The beautiful woman was in such a good shape and its so curvy.

She looked very thin, but why does she still have such big breasts” A woman said sourly.

“It doesnt matter.

What matters is that her face is really beautiful.

Its a pity that we cant see her eyes when she wearing sunglasses.”

“Well, they are just driving the panda car which only worth about 40,000 yuan, isnt it also quite good Sometimes, it doesnt necessarily mean happiness by a lot of money.” A man said to his girlfriend beside him subtly.

“Drop it, stop talking about that, open your big eyes to have a good look, there were a total of 20 Mercedes S600,” With a light snort, his girlfriend said, “hes obviously rich, and he was just playing the low-key game when driving a panda car.”

“This···” The man looked intently.

He found that after the panda car had taken the lead for a few meters, seven of the Mercedes cars on the rear side sped forward sharply and crossed the panda car to clear the road ahead.

When the seven cars drove out, six more were driven out from the rear, three from the left and three from the right, surrounding the seemingly panda car which was worth of 40,000 yuan in the center.

Even a fool could tell from the scene that the man with the colorful bouquet of roses just now was a big boss!

“Fine, forget what I said.” The man replied as if he was in distress situation.

Looking at the brand-new Mercedes cars that havent even been listed, he thought the man was must a son of a rich man who came to Hong Kong for vacation or starting a company.

These cars were bought by Zhao Feng before he went to the beach for training.

Each car was top-matched, and with the payment of local taxes and other money, they were just worth of over 3 million yuan.

The 20 cars worth a total of more than 62 million yuan, which was also a high cost, Zhao feng also even planned to customize some other limited edition of the cars, after all, he was pretty confident since there were 1.3 billion yuan he could freely dispose.

But now he only had 200 million, which was the advance payment of Boss Lin, and the remaining 1.1 billion should be paid according to the contract time.

Zhao Feng knew that he could not just blow them out so quickly, so he planned to solve the problem of the companys address first.

It was very easy to choose if it was a simple company building, but the master said at the beginning that a bar could also be used.

Zhao Feng felt that the bar was prepared for Zhang Li by the master, so he had to take time to make a good choice.

At this point, in the panda car, Zhou Fei, who sat in the passengers seat, saw these cars before and after, slightly pouted and said while sighing,

“Hey, brother-in-law, let me ask you something.”


“Who are they” Zhou Fei asked.

“They are former employee of Zhao Feng, and want to open a security company.” Zhang Han simply replied.

“Its, its Mengmengs.

Its the security guard of Mengmeng.

His name is Mengmeng.” Mengmeng nestled in Zi Yans arms and added with immature voice.

“What does it mean by his name is Mengmeng” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“The companys name is Mengmeng Security.” Zhang Han said casually.


Zi Yan was slightly stunned.

She looked at Zhang Han curiously and asked, “Is this company yours”

“Sort of.”

“No, then, where did you get so much money” Zi Yan said doubtfully.

Since Zhang Han was almost penniless some time ago, and he came to Hong Kong to rent a mountain and sell his house.

Now··· looking at these cars, Zi Yan knew that they were worth more than 50 million.

Where did he get the money

“Didnt I tell you that if you want to make money and come back, then you dont have to, because Im here and you dont have to think about these issues.” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan from the rearview mirror and said with a light smile.

Although the money was obtained by coincidence, Zhang Han could still make some money if he wanted to go to antique street for some time.

“No, its for my dream.

Hum.” Zi Yans lips slightly tilted, and slightly snorted.

While speaking, Zi Yans beautiful eyes glanced at the flowers on the right side again, with a sweet smile in her eyes.

Since the smelly wood also knew to be a little romantic.

“So brother-in-law, have you thought about a problem” Zhou Fei interjected appropriately.

“What problem” Zhang Han said strangely.

“You see, so many security guards drive Mercedes S600, and Elder Sister Yans car is also a Mercedes S600.

So its··· , its weird.” Zhou Fei subtly said with a crooked mouth.

“Then change it.”

“Oh, its easy to say···” Zhou Fei said as if she was reminding him something.

“Ha ha.” Zhang Han was amused by Zhou Feis strange appearance and said, “If you want to change any car, tell Zhao Feng and he will buy it for you.”

“Change to what How much does it cost to change a good one “Zhou Fei looked at Zhang Hans expression and said.

In her eyes, Zhang Han shook his head gently and said, “Thats up to you.

As long as you can buy it, it doesnt matter how much it costs.”

“Wow! Local tycoon! Brother-in-law, how much money do you have “Zhou Fei said with a frightened face.

“Zhou Fei!”

At this moment, Zi Yans voice with slight blame came over.

“Aha, I was kidding” Zhou Feis retracted her head and responded with a smile.

She knew that she was just talking about it, because she knew that Elder Sister Yan was very stubborn in some aspects, such as independence.

So if she didnt get together with Zhang Han, she certainly would not accept this gift, however ···

It was not far for the brother-in-law to be the real brother-in-law.

Zhou Fei thought so.

She and Zi Yan had known each other for some years, she felt that Elder Sister Yan and Zhang Han were going to be together from all aspects of Zi Yans emotions and words, and there was only a layer of paper between them!

If the brother-in-law kept up his momentum and made a series of moves, he would surely achieve great merit and won the beauty.

Oh, no, won the mother of the child!

While Zi Yan, involuntarily glanced at the bouquet on the sideways with her beautiful eyes after saying something, she could not help asking.

“Its so beautiful, Zhang Han, how did you tie it So neat, with so many colors, so beautiful.”

“I···” Zhang Han smiled and said slowly, “I tied it with my heart.”

“Hissing···” Zhou Fei joked with an exaggerated face, “oh, goose bumps all over my body.

I cant stand it!”

“Hum, glib.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes towards Zhang Han with sweetness and happiness in her eyes.

“Uh-huh, PaPa youre glib, huh.” Mengmeng learned MaMas tone and said with her childish voice while stretching out her hand and pointed at Zhang Han.

“Hahaha” Zi Yan was amused by Mengmengs lovely appearance.

In general, Zi Yan only smiled, and the melodious sounds like silver bells were rare to hear from her.

Zhang Han also laughed after seeing this.

He felt that Zi Yan of this kind was at the most relaxing time in both body and mind.

Zhang Han stared at Zi Yan from his rearview mirror.

At that time, he was a little stunned and felt his heart was stirred by something.

And Zi Yan also inadvertently looked at the rearview mirror.

After finding Zhang Hans eyes, they looked at each other a few times.

Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat~

Zi Yan suddenly felt her heart beat faster, her face turned red, and her beautiful eyes were filled with something extraordinary splendour, she said cavalierly,

“Idiot, drive carefully.”

“PaPa is not an idiot.

PaPa is the most handsome PaPa.” Mengmeng retorted with her mouth pouting.

This sentence made Zhang Han shake his head and kept smiling.

After driving for about 40 minutes, a convoy returned to the front of the restaurant.

At this time, in the parking space in front of the restaurant, the lights on a Porsche Cayenne turned on a few times.

Wang Jiawen with Su Yu and Wang Yihan came out of the restaurant with helpless faces, when they were ready to leave, he suddenly saw the panda car in the center of the cars coming ahead, which was the least impressive, he immediately froze.


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