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Zhang Han played a piano piece, which made Wang Yihans eyes lit up, bulging her chubby palms and said:

“Mengmeng, your daddy is so good!”

“Uh-huh, my PaPa is the best.” Mengmengs face was written in large letters: Super proud!

“I remember that my daddy is quite good too!” Wang Yihan felt that his father was okay.

She looked at Wang Jiawen and said, “Daddy you come to play one piece.”


Wang Jiawens mouth quivered, and felt helpless in his heart:

How could I play this thing

However, he definitely would not say this.

He had all kinds of ways to deal with this small and fat girl.

Wang Jiawen softly coughed, glanced at his watch and said, “Its five oclock, should we go home”

“Go home” Wang Yihan was stunned.

She quickly turned her head around and refused.

“I dont want to go back.

I also want to play with Dahei and Little Hei.

Daddy you have never seen them before, they are so big and handsome.”

“Are they” Wang Jiawen made a hesitant expression.

After seeing this, Mengmeng lifted her head and said with a straight face, “Super big, super handsome, Big Heihei and Little Heihei are my good friends.”

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, shall we go there to play” Wang Yihan looked at Mengmeng to discuss.

“Well, okay, PaPa, lets go to play in Xanadu!” Mengmeng reached out her two small arms to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han held her up and nodded and laughed.

“Yes, lets go to the mountain to play.”

The scene was seen by the three ladies sitting on the sofa.

“Zi Yan your husband really spoil the baby.” Su Yu said with a light smile.

In a popular word, Zhang Han was the kind of parent who would spoil children.

But Zi Yan was a little silent.

Over the past few years, she taught Mengmeng to be like a little princess, gentle and elegant, but now when she looked at her, although she was much more cheerful, why was it a little different

Zi Yan pondered and understood the problem.

When Mengmeng said that she wanted to go to Xanadu to play, she did not ask with the tone of pleasing and requiring, which seemed like an order.

To put it in a more appropriate description, Mengmeng was sure that her PaPa would not refuse, so she directly said it.

However, the expression of Zhang Han of being so compliant had proved it!

“This couldnt do! It was not good for the childs future to spoil them like this.

Zi Yan softly murmured in her heart.

She knew that if she blindly agreed to the childs request, she would form a habit.

When she met something she could not do later, refusing again would surely lead to the childs rebellious behavior.

It was like a family shopping at the mall, and the child saw a toy but the parent didnt want to buy since they had the same one in the home.

Then the child cried.

If parents followed the child and buy the toy at this time, it would make the child think that crying would help him to succeed and he would do the same thing next time.

However, if they took another way like taking the child away and making some sermon, he would gradually realize that crying was useless.

If it was more severe, the parent would spank the child if he cried and he might not be able to talk about it next time when he saw it.

But they should avoid to use violence if they could talk to them, since every time they beat, they might leave him with a psychological shadow and did more harm than good though they might remember to not be self-willed.

Zi Yan knew this very well.

She thought that Zhang Han might spoil the child too much.

It was the children who should be obedient and they should promise to behave, how could Zhang Han be such an obedient PaPa

No way!

Zi Yan stood up and looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, you cant go yet.

Its five oclock, its time for your PaPa to cook.

You can go only after he is free.”


What Zi Yan said slightly shocked Mengmeng.

The little princess pondered over them and said with her little mouth pouted, “But, Mengmeng wants to go now.”

“You dont obey Mengmeng” Zi Yan slightly smiled, but there was seriousness in her eyes.

She wanted to see if Mengmeng really had a tendency to become a bad child.

If so, she would take Mengmeng back.

She couldnt leave her with this obedient bastard everyday!

As a result, Mengmeng thought about it, and directly said,

“Well…okay, then, then wait until PaPa finished his work, PaPa, let Mengmeng down.”

While speaking, Mengmeng wriggled in Zhang Hans arms.

Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng and put her on the ground.

The little fellow took her friend to the side of the sofa to play with toys.

Zhang Han gaveZi Yan a strange look and thought for a moment.

He probably knew what she was thinking, but he didnt say anything and went to the kitchen to prepare some egg fried rice.

They should know that if it wasnt for Zi Yan, those diners had nothing to eat at night, but in fact Zhang Han did not intend to cook.

Zi Yan, however, looked a little confused in her eyes.

Was it because I was oversensitive

Facts had proved that Mengmeng was still very obedient.

Even so, Zi Yan was a little uneasy.

It was fine now.

If time went by, it would definitely be a problem.

It was all because of that smelly bastard, he had no fathers majesty!

Thinking about it, Zi Yan moved her eyes, and quietly looked at Zhang Han for several times.

This made Zhang Han a bit confused.

Now it was already on the stage that she would rolled her eyes to him no matter what he did.

Well, it seemed that the childs mother still had feelings for me.

Zhang Han gently smiled and prepared egg fried rice in the kitchen.

When the rice was cooked and he was just about to cook the egg fried rice, Zi Yan went to the kitchen bar, since the customers had arrived one after another, so Zi Yan put on her sunglasses and cap again.

She looked at Zhang Han and whispered, “Zhang Han, is there a flower shop nearby”

“Yes, why do you ask about the flower shop”

“Buy a vase and put that bunch of roses in, or they will wither in a few days.” Zi Yan glanced at the flowery roses on the tea table, with some blurred colors in her eyes.

Flowers were very beautiful, but the beauty was very short.

“There is a flower shop 500 meters away on the left side of the restaurant.

Why dont you wait for me to go with you later” Zhang Han said as he accelerated his movements.

“No, Feifei will accompany me.” Zi Yan grinned and went out with Zhou Fei.

About 20 minutes later, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back.

They were followed by a florist holding a large round flowerpot.

“Just right.” Zi Yan placed a bunch of flowers on the vase, which was just the right size.

“The bunch of roses is really beautiful.


Zhang is very romantic.” Wang Jiawen sighed with emotion and felt that he should also be romantic with Su Yu from time to time.

“Hum, do you think sending flowers is just enough” Su Yu gave Wang Jiawen a look and said with a smile, “These flowers were planted by Mr.

Zhang himself, in the place Shiwaitaoyuan I told you last time, if you really want romance, you can also build a Xanadu for me and Yihan.”

“Ahem, Ahem···” Wang Jiawen coughed twice and wryly said, “Later, I will when I have time.”

After putting away the flowers, Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “We should put some water in it.”

Then she stepped into the kitchen, her eyes swept up everywhere, looking for tools to hold water.

“Use this water.” Zhang Han washed his hands and picked up a large bucket of Yang Qing Water.

“Is this okay” Zi Yan asked while being a little skeptical.

“Of course, it will keep the flowers live longer.” Zhang Han smiled and answered.

When carrying the bucket to the front of the flowerpot, Zi Yan quickly took two steps forward, saying.

“Ill water it.”

Then she held the bucket, slowly poured a third into the flowerpot, Zi Yan got up and took a clap, said,

“Its done.”

“MaMa, when shall we go to Xanadu to play” At this time, Mengmeng asked with her mouth pouted.

“Go now.” Zi Yan walked over and touched Mengmengs little head.

“Good! Go to Xanadu to play! ”

“Thats great.

We are going to play high throwing!”

The two little girls happily jumped up.

Then the two families went out and left, the restaurant was watched by Zhao Feng.

Seeing the way he chatted with Liang Mengqi, he didnt seem want to go either.

Mount New Moon, the scenery was charming after this place was rebuilt.

Anyone would be amazed for a while if they were here, as well as Wang Jiawen.

He looked a little stunned when he saw such a big and beautiful Xanadu, this project was too big!

Not to mention Wang Jiawens admiration, they came to the pet area at backside of the mountain.

The two little girls went to play with Dahei and Little Hei.

The four adults stood by, walking with a little distance from each other.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu held hands, while Zhang Han and Zi Yan were shoulder to shoulder.

“Come move here” Suddenly, Zhang Han said so.

“Move over” Zi Yan slightly lowered her forehead, and went silent.

Moving here Was he going to officially pursue me I, I was not ready yet, but Mengmeng···

After a struggle in her heart, Zi Yan looked up at Zhang Han and opened her mouth gently and said, “Then Ill move here, but you need to sleep in the second bedroom!”

“Uh··· okay.”

“Hey Listening to your tone, do you still want to share a room with Mengmeng and me” Zi Yan slightly opened her beautiful eyes.

This made Zhang Han a bit speechless, if her said that he didnt want to, it was in contrary to his original intention, if he said yes, and she would not promise now.

Seeing Zhang Hans embarrassment, Zi Yan bursted out laughing with a sniff.

Her face turned reddish and she rolled her eyes to Zhang Han.

“It was nice try to try to win me over with just a bunch of flowers!”

“Ha ha···” Zhang Han gently smiled and shook his head.

“Where should Feifei sleep if I move here” Zi Yan pondered.

“She could stay in Yunyin Garden.” Zhang Han casually replied.

Upstairs was the formal pattern of two rooms and one living room.

There is no room for others in such situation.

“No, then she has to drive every morning and evening.

She would be too tired.” Zi Yan slightly shook her head and thought for a moment, then said, “Forget it, forget it.

She could just rent a house nearby.”

“If I move here, I will go back to Yunyin Garden this evening to get some clothes and daily necessities.” Zi Yan said while thinking, glancing at him, and suddenly saw Zhang Han smiling.

She suddenly felt a little shy, then compressed her lips and said.

“Zhang Han, I can tell you that I moved here not to live with you, but because I am worried about Mengmeng.

Dont think too much.”

These words, as if to remind, if in some circumstances, that this sentence represented the meaning of··· Heh heh heh.


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