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“Im no longer young, and I want to be happy for the rest of my life.


Zhang, thank you for saving my life.

In fact, Im really reluctant to leave Mengmeng.

Therefore, I came to visit even though the plane will depart at 1:30 this afternoon.” Sun Ming said with a smile.

“Oh.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “Just stay for lunch then.

What do you like”

The Sun family was somewhat flattered when they heard Zhang Hans words.

In general, if someone was praised by a serious person, who seldom complimented others, he would feel extremely proud and happy.

That was, a thing was valued if it was rare.

At this point, Sun Ming and his family realized the meaning of that sentiment.

“Ill enjoy whatever you cook.” Sun Ming said, waving his hands repeatedly.

“Youre welcome.

Tell me what you want to eat and Ill make them for you.” Zhang Han said mildly.

Sometimes relationships were built in this way.

Once a person got along with another who was pleasing to the eyes, he would be much more friendly to that person.

Realizing that Zhang Han had asked the second time, Sun Ming did not turn down the offer anymore.

After thinking for a while, he said with a smile,

“I cant wait.

Um… my wife prefers cold noodles.”

“Mengmeng likes cold noodles very much too.

I really like the one made by Papa.” Mengmeng pouted and said.


Ill make cold noodles at noon.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head, then said.

“Thank you, Mr.

Zhang.” Sun Ming and his family were very moved.

On the other side.

In front of the ocean park, there was a brand-new Mercedes and a brand-new Bentley parked in the parking lots.


Zhao Feng got out of the Mercedes alone, while Gu Chen, stepped down from the Bentley, followed by two men, who walked steadily ahead of him.

“Did you change your car”

As they approached one another, Zhao Feng chuckled and said, “Should I call you Boss Gu now”

“Er” Zhao Feng, its not advisable for you to make fun of people, face to face.

In fact, you can become the boss whenever you want.

If so, I will make way for you immediately.” Gu Chen jokingly said.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Zhao Feng shook his head, and had a wide smile on his face.

He patted Gu Chen on the arm and said, “All right, you know Im not interested in the position and I wont, in the future too.”

“Ah, you are actually tough enough to become a boss.” Gu Chen sighed lightly, but he inevitably felt relaxed.

Gu Chen was not a saint, and he also attached great importance to power and wealth.

If Zhao Feng truly wanted to be the boss, he would hold a grudge against him because of this.

Zhao Feng had not promised to go against him, and now he managed to succeed by himself.

Moreover, he did enjoy and was very intoxicated with the idea of being the boss.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng showed no interest in the powers of the “underground” society at all and wanted to be friends with him still.

Besides, it was rare for Gu Chen to follow his heart, after his status grew.

“Zhao Feng, now I find that Mr.

Zhang is really strange.

He is actually going to reserve the whole amusement park so that he can bring his daughter there to play.

Hes indeed a man with great freedom!” Gu Chen laughed and said.

“Great freedom Thats right.

My boss does whatever he wants.” Zhao Feng replied with a chuckle.

“Lets get down to business first.” Gu Chen said, as he took the lead in walking toward the park.

There were a large number of people coming and going in front of the park, but Gu Chen took the route leading directly to the staff entrance.

He did not have to say anything.

When they were about to approach the entrance, one of his men dialed a number and walked several steps ahead quickly.

The doorman, after hearing what the man said on the phone, became attentive and saluted them.

At this point, some people in the queue were surprised.

It seemed that they were either big shots or people who were familiar with the park management since they did not need to queue.

However, judging by their clothes, they were likely to be big shots!

They were accustomed to peoples curious gazes.

Gu Chen said while walking, “By the way, is that strong man Mr.

Zhang brought the last time, his man Is he a foreigner and does he live in Hong Kong”

He said this casually, as if he was merely curious.

However, Zhao Feng was stunned after hearing his question.

He answered,

“He is hardly around, but he makes himself available for my boss.”

Gu Chen would not have asked these questions in the past, but now, because he cared about his men and matters happening in his own territory, he did.

That was to say, he paid more attention to those who were a threat to him or intended to find some powerful allies.

“I hope that you wont be overwhelmed by power and wealth.”

Zhao Feng sighed in his mind.

“Oh, I really want to get acquainted with such talented people, who lie low, like Mr.


I am asking out of curiosity.” Gu Chen smiled and said.

“My boss likes peace and quiet.” Zhao Fengs expression became colder.

Gu Chen changed the subject, when he saw Zhao Fengs expression and said,

“The person I contacted this time is called Zhang Hongbo, who is the senior management here.

Hes a slippery fellow and likely to demand an exorbitant price.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“I asked someone to calculate the turnover here.

Its monthly income is between 250 million yuan and 350 million yuan, while its daily revenue is between 8 million yuan and 11 million yuan.

If you want to reserve the whole amusement park for one day, normally you need to spend something like 8 to 11 million yuan.

But it also depends on the one we are going to talk with” Gu Chen said.

“Where are we meeting” Zhao Feng asked.

“At the Blue Bay Teahouse.”

“Lets go.” Zhao Feng said.

He somehow found that Gu Chen was not the same person as he used to be.

But he could not make out what the specific changes were.

Perhaps he was somewhat scheming, and not as candid as before.

Zhao Feng also felt that Gu Chen had a superior manner now.

He thought that he shared equal status with Zhao Feng, but now, as a boss, he became arrogant on account of his growing status.

“Oh, by the way, how did you deal with Lao Biao and Meng Wu” Zhao Feng suddenly asked.

“The two of them” Gu Chen was stunned.

Then he chuckled and replied, “I sent them to Europe and they wont be back.

Besides, I didnt transfer their savings.”

“Thats good.” Zhao Feng said, “You will be the new leader in the Southern District in future, and I hope that you will keep away from any gray areas of businesses.”

“I can handle that.” Gu Chen said bluntly, as he did not want to talk about such things.


“Will you arrest me if I cross the line” Gu Chen asked.

“I No.” Zhao Feng burst out laughing and shook his head, then said, “Im no longer a member of the system.

Even if I were, I wouldnt care about these things.”

“And will you save me if I get into trouble” Gu Chen asked again.

Zhao Feng paused for a few seconds, then shook his head and answered, “No.”

“All right.” Gu Chen chuckled and said, “Anyway, we used to be brothers.

If you need my help in the future, just call me.

Maybe we can have a drink together.”

“Of course.” Zhao Feng patted Gu Chen on the arm, and smiled.

“Here we are.” Gu Chen said while looking ahead.

Then he did not talk anymore but sighed, his mind full of thoughts.

He had to keep a distance from Zhao Feng, Ah Hu and some of his brothers.

Although they would not be close brothers, they were still good friends.

As time went on, their feelings would gradually fade away, for now, they had taken totally different roads.

Gu Chen, however, did not feel any loss, because this was the reality.

They walked into the Blue Bay Teahouse.

The Blue Bay Teahouse was located at the edge of the amusement park on the mountain.

Sitting in it, people had a good view of the attractive scenery of the bay and even the island far away.

It was a good place to have afternoon tea while they were off.

After giving their names at the entrance, the waiter welcomed them with a warm smile.

At a table on the edge of the tearoom, sat a thin, bespectacled man.

“Hello, Mr.


Sit down please.” The man got up and greeted them.

Gu Chen greeted him and introduced, “This is my brother, Zhao Feng.”

“Hello, Mr.



After shaking hands with him, Zhao Feng sat down.

Zhang Hongbo felt slightly unhappy when he saw Zhao Fengs indifferent look.

“Why is this underground gangster putting on airs with me”

He was not afraid of these people in front of him, for the board of directors of the amusement park also had strong connections.

In his opinion, it definitely could not be provoked by underground forces.

But he overlooked it since these men were magnates.

He maintained a warm smile on his face and said,

“This is the top Maojian Tea I have brought, which has just been brewed.

Please try it.”

“Thank you.” Zhao Feng nodded, took a sip of tea and said without preamble, “You should know my intention.

Im going to rent an amusement park next Sunday.

Please give me a quote.”

“Er…” Gu Chen froze at this moment.

“Youve really gone directly to the point.

It would be better to chat with him first!”

However, what was done was done.

After thinking for a while, Gu Chen looked at Zhang Hongbo and said, “Mr.

Zhang, since were all friends, please give me a lower price.”

“We arent friends at all.”

Zhang Hongbo laughed scornfully in his mind, but he smiled and said with enthusiasm, “No problem.”

After saying that, his expression was a bit upset.

He said as he looked at Zhao Feng, “It would be easier during off-peak seasons.

But now we are at the peak season and I cant give you a substantial discount.

After all, Im not the boss.”

“Just give me a quote.” Zhao Feng shook his hand and said.

“12 million yuan.” Zhang Hongbo said directly, “Ten million yuan for renting the amusement park and two million yuan for paying off the staff.

As you all know, the park isnt usually rented out for the day, and its also the first time…”

“Deal, give me your account number.”

“Okay.” Zhang Hongbo was slightly shocked and wondered why this man was so straightforward.

While he was taking out his bank card, Zhang Hongbo thought and said, “But I have to warn you that I cant make sure that the event will go well.

If I fail, I will refund the money to you.

But I cant give you back the money for paying off the staff.”

“Hmm” Gu Chen frowned.

Catching sight of his expression, Zhang Hongbo said hastily, “The success rate is above 90%.

Im only talking about any unforeseen circumstances.”

“Ive transferred the money.” Zhao Feng took out his mobile phone to transfer, then glanced at Zhang Hongbo flatly and said, “I dont want anything terrible to happen.

Sorry to bother you, Mr.


I should leave now.”

Then Zhao Feng got up and left.

After a pause, Gu Chen did not follow him but chatted with Zhang Hongbo for about ten minutes before leaving.

After they left, Zhang Hongbo looked at the message and broke into a smile filled with avarice.

He made several phone calls at the same time,

“Hello, Xiaoguang, send a report to the superior to say that we need to test all the equipment on Sunday, now.

Moreover, tickets for Sunday are no longer available online.”

“Boss Li, I plan to buy the Ghost which I chose the last time, and Ill make a one-time payment.

Well, we can make a deal within these few days.”

“Honey, didnt I promise to buy you a car last time What about the new Jaguar Ill buy it tomorrow, ha, ha, ha.

Ill come and see you in the evening.

In the afternoon No, Im going to settle something for my wife this afternoon.

Just wait for me in the evening.

Give me a kiss.”


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