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Seeing what he did, Zhang Li shook her head blankly.

Her eyes were fixed on Zhao Feng.

She had not expected Zhao Feng, who seemed so easy-going when he was in the restaurant, to be so fierce.

It was his rakish movements, casual posture, and his slightly handsome appearance that met all her requirements for the role of prince charming, in her mind.

In fact, the contrast indeed brought a greater surprise.

Nobody would not be shocked when they saw the man they knew for a period of time, who was usually very easygoing, suddenly driving a brand-new Mercedes-Benz in high spirits, with a large number of people following him.

Even Luo Qing did not blink at this time.

She stood there with her mouth open and her expression was more exaggerated than Zhang Lis.

As for Zhao Feng, he nodded his head slightly and said,

“Are they all these people here”

After he finished talking, he waved to Ah Hu and other his men and said casually, “Take them aside and handle them.”


Ah Hu and other 20 his team members gathered together in an instant, and were ready to take action.

“Wait! We are on Zhang Lis side!” Dahe and his companions quivered in fear as they approached Zhang Li and Luo Qing.

The remaining ones paled, especially Wu Xiaoleis friends.

They trembled and felt limp with fear at this moment.

“Who are you Calm down!”

Out of the more than a dozen of Xia Shanhaos men, a man with a brush cut, gulped but managed to reply, “We are Xia Shanhao, Boss Xias men.

Boss Xia is drinking inside, and he asked us to bring the two girls to meet him.

I am advising you to think twice!”

“Xia Shanhao” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed.

He sized up the man and did not reply.

He looked at Zhang Li and asked softly, “It means that theres still someone else involved.

Ill deal with all of them later.”

“I, I dont know.” Zhang Li shook her head and looked at Dahe.

“Indeed, some others are involved, including Boss Xia and Boss Wu, who is this guys father.” Dahe pointed to Wu Xiaolei, whose collar was still in Zhao Fengs hand.

“Oh” Zhao Feng grabbed Wu Xiaoleis collar with an air of detachment, then dragged him to the entrance of the Starry Sky Bar.

At this point, all the people in the hall were constantly looking outward.

When they saw a large number of people walking in, their faces changed.

It was obvious that something terrible had happened!

People burst into an uproar and pointed at the ones in the corner.

“Isnt that the person who chased the two ladies just now”


Hes being carried by the man, like a dead dog.

Why was he beaten up so badly since he was just chasing the girls”

“Who are these people Their suits look very upscale!”


There were some security guards in the crowd, but they didnt move, for their director, Dahe, was in the group.

Therefore, they did not take any action, and in fact, they would not have dared to intervene with this aggressive looking group, if Dahe had not been there!

Generally speaking, everyone has his own kind of temperament.

For instance, some white-collar workers who wore suits, gave off a sense of success in their looks.

Some professors would have refined temperaments.

Of course, it had something to do with peoples habits and expressions.

But these people in front of them, gave the people the feeling of such coldness!

Although they were all expressionless, people could feel the chill in their eyes.

They were like wolves eyes, in the midst of a crisis.

Fortunately, they just passed by in a hurry.

They entered smoothly into the night show.

“They are sitting at the biggest table in front.” As they were about to approach the table, Dahe pointed towards the table and stepped back at the same time.

At this moment, he did not dare to be seen as leading the other people, for fear that he would cause trouble to elder brother Long.

Zhao Feng walked forward with vigorous strides.

Xia Shanhao and Boss Wu were drinking and chatting at the table.

When Xia Shanhao saw them approaching, he froze.

“Why is he here”

Xia Shanhao was a little confused as to why he was stirring up trouble here, since he had already retired.

As for Boss Wu, he just stared at the person Zhao Feng carried.

“Isnt that Xiaolei”

Elder brother Longs expression did not change at all.

He felt somewhat surprised and confused, so he waited for the outcome.


Zhao Feng threw Wu Xiaolei onto the tea table casually, much like throwing rubbish, knocking the drinks off the table.

“Er, er, er…”

Wu Xiaolei groaned in pain.

Once they had a clearer view of Wu Xiaolei, the expressions of the people present, changed.


Boss Wu was frightened and came forward quickly to assess Xiaoleis condition.

After finding that Wu Xiaolei was seriously injured, he picked up a bottle of wine, smashed it on the ground, then challenged Zhao Feng.

“Are you courting death”

“Youre really trying to court death!” Zhang Lis eyes widened, “Dont you know the kind of person your son is He deserves it.

He actually wanted to kidnap others.

Who is he It is the fathers fault for not teaching his son well, so you should be beaten up too!”

“What are you saying” Boss Wu gritted his teeth, picked up a bottle of wine and was about to throw it at him.

But just as he was about to make a move, Zhao Feng took two steps forward and kicked Boss Wu in the stomach.


Boss Wus body curved like a shrimp and he flew backwards.

He knocked over the sofa, fell to the ground, and clutched his stomach, with cold sweat streaming down his body.

Although he could move, he did not dare to, at this time.

This scene completely stunned elder brother Long.

“Damn it.

What happened”

“Who is this man He actually dared to beat up someone in front of Xia Shanhao Sh*t! Zhang Li is standing by him.

Did he come for Zhang Li ”

“Where did this fierce man come from”

Compared with elder brother Long, his expression was not that exaggerated.

However, Dahe and several people who were a few meters away from Zhao Feng, had their eyes and mouths open throughout.

It looked like they were about to drool.

If they were on the street, people would think that they were mad.

“Zhao Feng!”

At this moment, Xia Shanhao could not sit still any longer.

He suddenly stood up and glared at Zhao Feng, “Havent you retired”


“So why are you beating up others on my territory” Xia Shanhaos face fell.

“So what” Zhao Feng gave him a bland stare.

His attitude annoyed Xia Shanhao, but his endurance was strong.

He then nodded his head, and said while pointing at Zhao Feng, “You cant be unscrupulous just because you have an influential supporter.

Besides, Im not in a good mood!”

As soon as he finished speaking, elder brother Long and his men gasped.

Xia Shanhaos steeliness, was generally not shown to the public!

Moreover, judging from Xia Shanhaos comments, he obviously feared Zhao Feng!

“What did this mean”

It meant Zhao Fengs background was extremely intimidating!

But Zhao Feng ignored Xia Shanhao, which made Xia Shan Hao feel shocked and somewhat helpless.

Although Zhao Feng used to be a powerful man, Xia Shanhao looked down on him before.

But now, he thought he and Zhao Feng were on equal status.

After a pause, Xia Shanhao asked, “What the hell do you mean Speak out directly.”

“I dont mean anything.”

Under peoples gazes, Zhao Feng remained calm and did not turn around.

He just pointed at Zhang Li and said slowly, “Ill beat up whoever bullies her!”

Zhang Li felt a little shy when she heard him saying this.

At this point, Xia Shanhaos subordinate walked forward and nodded to him.

Hearing Zhao Fengs words, Xia Shanhao smiled faintly and said in a calm tone, “Are you serious”

“What do you think”

“Do you know who was the person you beat just now Do you know Boss Wus identity And do you know I can prevent you from leaving as soon as I give an order now” Xia Shanhao sat back on the sofa and said this slowly.

“Ah Hu, take these people away and deal with them.” Zhao Feng did not bother to talk to him any longer, but gave the order directly.

As Ah Hu and his group of more than 20 people gathered around neatly, the atmosphere on the court cooled down immediately.

What Zhao Feng did astounded Xia Shanhao.

“Dont you need to talk with me privately Are you going to take action directly Sh*t, why are you not complying with the rules

Xia Shanhao was so angry that he cursed Zhao Feng in his mind.

He thought Zhao Feng, who did not follow rules, was somewhat stubborn.

However, he felt really helpless.

He quickly stood up and cried out coldly,


“Zhao Feng, dont blame me for not telling you this! Boss Wu, named Wu Haiming, is the chairman of Lingao Group in Shen Zhen, and his uncle is Wu Shanxing from Jiansha District.

Do you think you can compete with Wu Shanxing And I have to tell you that there are more than 100 people waiting outside the bar at present, together with Boss Wus full-time bodyguard team.

If you dont give us a satisfactory response, you will not be able to escape!”

Xia Shanhao said this hurriedly, as he gave him all the details of Boss Wus background.

At this time, Boss Wu had recovered a little and leaned on the sofa, weakly, his eyes fixed on Zhao Feng in anger.

However, Ah Hu and his men did not stop, even though they had been warned by Xia Shanhao.

The veins on Xia Shanhaos forehead stood out gradually.

It was acknowledged that in gangs, brave people were afraid of stubborn ones, and the stubborn people feared the people who were not scared to die.

In his view, this group of people in front of him were not afraid of death!

Fortunately, when Ah Hu and his companions were ready to take action, Zhao Feng said,


His order stopped them and they stepped back.

Zhao Feng had never heard of Boss Wu, but he had heard a lot about Wu Shanxing, the distinguished person who was once the underground leader of Jiansha District.

Later, he invested in various industries and focused on the Entertainment Circle.

He became a famous entertainment tycoon in Hong Kong.

Besides, his strength was several times greater than that of Tang Zhan!”

“Whats wrong Are you finally afraid” Xia Shanhao breathed a sigh of relief and said with a chuckle, “It isnt too late to give Boss Wu a satisfactory answer.

If not, brother Wu Shanxing will interfere.”

The expression of all the people present at elder brother Longs side, changed, when they heard what Xia Shanhao said.

“Will Xia Shanhao and Boss Wu win at last”

Elder brother Long smiled bitterly.

Things were getting worse.

If they lost, Zhang Li and Luo Qing were doomed for life.

However, to their great surprise, Zhao Feng only replied with one word, which made Xia Shanhaos face changed dramatically.

Zhao Feng stretched out one of the fingers of his right hand and waved it at Xia Shanhao.

“Afraid Ha, ha.

Do you know who she is”

While speaking, Zhao Feng pointed at Zhang Li again.

“Who is she” Xia Shanhao became serious, then he sized Zhang Li up carefully.

“Shes my bosss sister!” Zhao Feng said flatly.


Xia Shanhao suddenly stood up, his eyes widened, and his voice became sharp due to extreme shock.

As he looked at Zhang Li, his heart sank gradually.


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