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Chapter 27 – Zhangs education

After Zhang Han left, Wang Juan dialed to Zi Yans phone number for a few time, and finally, on the sixth time, the call went through.

Wang Juan said bitterly, “Im sorry miss, I was not able to stop Mr Zhang, he brought Meng Meng out to play.”

“En, I got it.”

Zi Yan said, then hung up the phone.

She was currently walking back to her own office.

At Mei Qis office, she had confirmed about the matters regarding the shooting of the MV.

Mei Qi could arrange a team for her, but the team arranged could only be a secondary team, as the best team was currently helping Xu Ruoyu.

Furthermore, Mei Qi had also persuaded her to release her album a bit later on, there was no need to be in such a rush.

However, Zi Yan straightforwardly rejected it.

Sometimes, she was just like Zhang Han, both having their own obstinate, and wouldnt turn their head back even if they bumped into the south wall.

(南牆 – South Wall: South wall refers to the spirit screen, which is also called spirit wall or screen wall.)

(影壁牆 – Spirit Screen: Used to shield an entrance gate in traditional Chinese architecture)

When Zi Yan returned back to her office, she dialed Zhang Hans phone number.

At this time, Zhang Han and the little princess just came to the first floor.

Seeing that the phone call was from Zi Yan, Zhang Han straightforwardly rejected the call.

“En Reject my phone call” Zi Yan felt angry in her heart and continued dialing Zhang Hans phone number.

After ringing for less than 2 seconds, the phone call was once again rejected.

This time, when she dialed Zhang Hans phone number again, she was notified that the phone was turned off.

“Scoundrel, this rigid brain scoundrel!”

Zi Yan clenched her teeth angrily!

Since Meng Meng was already brought out, Zi Yan also did not want to say anything else, and only wanted to just remind Zhang Han to pay attention and not let the sun shine too much on Meng Meng.

After all, that Crescent Mountain was a large area of blank space.

Zhang Han was very straightforward, turning off his phone and placing the phone into his pocket with a calm face.

He thought that Zi Yan was calling him to criticize him violently.

Not caring about those, he intends to carry out Zhang Familys education to Meng Meng.

“Meng Meng, does that Aunt Wang treat you well normally” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Still, still okay.” Meng Meng answered.

“Then why did you call her old witch And even wanted daddy to beat her” Zhang Han asked lightly.

“Because, because she did not let Meng Meng go out play, so Meng Meng dont like her.” Meng Meng pouted her small mouth and said.

“Meng Meng.” Zhang Han looked at the little princess and said sternly, “You cannot be like this in the future, you have to learn to respect others you understand”

“I understand.” Meng Meng said with a somewhat gloomy tone.

This was still the first time daddy scolded me.

Humph, Im not happy.

“Daddy is also not scolding you.

Although they are all insects, but you have to respect those who treat you well.

Towards people who dont treat you well, you can scold them however you want.

Even more, you dont have to open your mouth and daddy will put that person in order for you.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Daddy, I understand.” Who knows if Meng Meng understood or not, Meng Meng pouted her mouth and nodded her head with a serious expression.

“Meng Meng is so obedient.

Daddy will buy an ice cream for you in a while.” Zhang Han patted Meng Mengs head.

“Alright! I want a big big icecream.

Meng Meng wants to eat it together with daddy.” Meng Meng giggled happily.

Zhang Han carried the little princess and placed her at the back seat, then drove the car, departing away from Yunyin Garden.

“Meng Meng, you have to remember what daddy told you just now.”

Zhang Han was scared that Meng Meng would forget and couldnt help but said it again, “There is a saying,people respect me 1 foot, I return them back 10 feet, which means that when people give you a foot of respect, you have to respect them back 10 feet.”

This was counted as Zhang Hans standard of conduct.

Back when he was at the Cultivation World, when other people show incomparable respect to Zhang Han, Zhang Han would tip them with enough money for them to spend for hundreds of years.

“However.” Zhang Han turned the topic and said with a trace of domineering aura, “At the back of the saying, there is another sentence, which ispeople destroy a grain of mine, I will destroy ten thousand dou of theirs! The meaning of this sentence is that, when people destroy a bit of your thing with malice, you should straightforwardly destroy a thing of theirs which is worth ten thousand times more!”

The original sentence was,people destroy a grain of mine, I will destroy three dou of theirs.

But at Zhang Han here, it straightforwardly becameI will destroy ten thousand dou of theirs.

(人敬我一尺,我還人一丈,人毀我一粟,我滅人三鬥: People respect me a foot, I return them back 10 feet, people destroy a grain of mine, I destroy three dou of theirs.)

(鬥:dou – 1 dou is roughly 7200gram)

Just like back when Zhang Han destroyed those 10 super sects, it was because those 10 sects corporate together to wipe out the treasures at one of Zhang Hans palace when he was not around.

At that time, because Zhang Han did not show his strength much in the Cultivation World, no one really knew how high his cultivation was.

Thus, Zhang Han let everyone took a clear look at his cultivation, destroying the 10 super sects with incomparable strength.

There were very few people who were able to attain this kind of accomplishment.

The sentence that Zhang Han said was quite profound and Meng Meng did not really understand the sentence, but she still nodded her head with a serious expression and said in her small voice,

“I, I understand, daddy.”

“En” Zhang Han smiled slightly and said, “Good.

However, you must also remember this sentence okay The sentence isYou insects, when you respect me 1 foot, I will return you 10 feet, but when you destroy a grain of mine, I will destroy ten thousand dou of yours.

Come, try saying it one time.”

“You insects!” Meng Meng remembered those two words quite clearly, but somewhat could not remember the words afterward and kept on en en ah ah, not being able to say out the words while having an anxious look on her face.

Zhang Han told Meng Meng word by word, Meng Meng then said in her small voice,

“You, you respect me a foot, I will return you 10 feet, you…destroy a grain of mine, I will…destroy ten thousand dou of yours!”

“Correct.” Zhang Han laughed heartily.

Just so happens that they were passing by a parking lot, Zhang Han thus stopped the car at the roadside and said, “Daddy carry you go buy an ice cream.

That is your price for being well-behaved.”

“Wah, alright, eat ice cream!” Meng Meng giggled happily while she raised and shook her small hands around.

Zhang Han carried the little princess and bought an ice cream.

Meng Meng ate two bites from the ice cream happily, then passed to her daddy to let him have a few bites.

Zhang Han straightforwardly took two bites and finished off 2/3 of the ice cream.


Meng Meng looked at the ice cream which was left with only 1/3 and went into a daze.

“Hmmm, so delicious, Meng Meng, you eat it too.” Zhang Han held in his laughter and said.

“Oh.” Meng Meng blankly nodded her head and began eating the ice cream one small by bite by another.


Looking at Meng Mengs adorable look, Zhang Han laughed brightly.

Actually, he did not really liked eating things like ice cream which was overly sweet.

The reason he ate 2/3 of the ice cream was because he did not want Meng Meng to eat too much of it.

Driving the car, Zhang Han headed towards South Districts seed breeding base.

At Xiangjiang, rice, flour and other ingredients were normally imported.

There were very few ingredients that were grown in Xiangjiang.

During the early morning, Zhang Han only found a seed breeding base after searching on the internet for half an hour.

Zhang Han intends to begin planting green ingredients today.

With the help of the spiritual soul and spiritual water, the growing period of every ingredient would be reduced by a lot.

Also, after the ingredients finished growing, even if the the ingredient were not harvest, the ingredients would still be able to maintain it most perfect state, all the way until it was harvest.

This was one of the strongest function of spiritual water and spiritual soil.

“Hello mister, can I ask what do you intend to buy” A middleman came up and asked.

Seed breeding base, not only does it grow its own crops, it was also at the same time Xiangjiangs biggest distribution factory.

All kind of food were sold here.

The venue was at the inner side of South District, built leaning against a mountain.

At the back was a big piece of land and there were quite a few vast tents there too.

“I want to buy some seeds.”

“Buy seeds” The middle age man went into a slight daze, he originally thought that Zhang Han came to distribute food and never thought that Zhang Han was here to buy seeds.

Normally when people came here to buy seeds, they wouldnt buy a lot too.

After all, at Xiangjiang, people normally did not have a really big piece of land to use for growing crops.

Therefore, the smiling expression in the middle age man lessened somewhat.

“What kind of rice seeds do you all have here For the relatively better one, what brand do you all have” Zhang Han asked.

“Miser, are you intending to grow it yourself”


“We have a lot of different brands of seeds here, no matter if it is mainland brand or oversea brand, we have it all.

Let me go take the list to show you.”

After the middle age man finished speaking, he turned around and took a list from the counter.

Zhang Han took a look at the list simply.

He had not heard of most of the brands listed in the list, but he saw a name and straightforwardly pointed to it and said, “I will take Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice.”

“Oh, an expert eh” The middle age man smiled while feeling unexpected, then said, “Seems like mister has some knowledge towards rice.

Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice is one of mainland H province general rice.”

The middle age man introduced, “The Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice we have here is Daohuaxiang rice number 2.

This rice possesses fragrant, sweet, good texture and so on other merits.”

“Daohuaxiang rice belongs to long grain rice and even the rice seedlings would emit out a kind of fragrance.

The rice is also very fragrant.

When cooking the rice, a sweet fragrant smell would be accompanied by it.

This Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice is renowned through the whole nation, and is currently one of the most superior quality rice.”

“En.” Zhang Han lightly nodded his head.

After the middle age man finished introducing, he said, “However, the price of Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice is also a bit higher.

In mainland, Daohuaxiang rice that is real cost 20rmb for every catty.

Even at H province, it also cost 10rmb and above for every catty.

As for our Xiangjiang, it costs 50rmb per catty.

Furthermore, it will only do if you are able to buy the real goods.

Right now on the market, most of the Daohuaxiang rice have other rice mixed into it.

Contrariwise, if mister you grow the rice yourself, it would be the most reassuring compared to buying the rice from other places.”

“En, the price does not matter, you can just directly sell me the seeds.” Zhang Han nodded his head and said.

“Sure.” The middle age man took out a piece of paper and pen, then said, “What is the quantity that you want”

“Roughly for 200 square of land.” Zhang Han thought and replied.

The amount of land left out for rice was around 200 square, a relatively small land.

For wheat, there was also around 200 square of land.

Rice and wheat were first in priority to grow.

“200 square That is not small eh!” A trace of astonishment flashed through the middle age man face as he said, “200 square is also roughly a third of a mu.

A mu is about 666 square.

For a mu of Daohuaxiang rice, the harvest is roughly about 800 catty.

200 square can more or less harvest about 230 catty of rice.

In that case, I will bill you according to 200 square.

At Xiangjiang, the places with good efficiency can mature the rice 3 times a year.

Thats right, mister, are you intending to grow the rice in the coming days We also have the seedlings of Daohuaxiang rice here.

After buying the seedlings, you can straight away plant it at your land.

The goods are all 100% guaranteed to be real, just that the price is slightly expensive.”

(畝:mu – One fifteenth of a hectare.)

“I will take the seedlings then, the price doesnt matter.” Zhang Han replied.

“Alright, I will give you the quantity of 200 square then.” The middle age man nodded his head and said.

“Other than rice, I also want some wheat seeds.” Zhang Han thought and said.

“You also want wheat What kind of brand How many quantity” The middle age mans brows lighted up.

Five minutes later, the middle age man wrote down another bill for 200 square of wheat seeds.

“I also need some corn seeds.” Zhang Han opened his mouth and said.

“Corn For corn, there are ordinary corn, sweet corn and sticky corn……”

The middle age man opened another bill for all 3 kinds of corn.

The quantity was much lesser, roughly for around 50 square.


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