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Instructors word made Zhao Fengs facial muscles begin to tremble.

This… this sound was so disgusting!

Instructor, where was your pride and dignity

It was hard to describe how Zhao Feng was feeling right now.

Instructor Liu had always been very self-willed, but who would expect that he would be so cautious like this at this moment.

He found that his master was indeed influential.

Without doing anything, he had made Instructor Liu become a gentle woman from a fierce man.

“Big brother, youre here.” Mengmeng waved her small hand to Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu and then bowed down to paint.

Zhang Han found Instructor Liu was a little strange and took a look at him, but didnt say anything.

“Brother.” Instructor Liu didnt know what to speak.

Seeing Zhang Han was so silent, he felt a little nervous.

He licked his dry lips and said with a smile, “Brother, it is me, Xiao Liu.

The last time I went to the mountain, I was beaten by a gorilla.”

“I know, you can call me boss.” Hearing Instructor Liu call him “brother”, Zhang Han felt a little weird.

And then he looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, go play with your toys for a while.

Daddy needs to have a talk with them.”

“Huh” Mengmeng raised her head and pouted.

She said unhappily, “Papa, wont you be here and paint with me”

“Yes, then lets finish this painting first, alright” Zhang Han smiled and said.

It seemed that he could do anything as long as this little girl asked.

“Right, a super beautiful one.” Mengmeng picked up the paintbrush and continued to paint.

“Well…” When Instructor Liu was about to say something, Zhao Feng patted his arm.

He looked at Zhao Feng, who signaled to him to go to the back.

So Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng went to the table for members and sat down.

“The most important thing for the boss is to accompany Mengmeng, so lets wait a moment,” Zhao Feng whispered.

“I saw that.” Looking at the father and daughter who were painting together there, Instructor Liu was a little upset.

He reminisced about the past and felt a little sad.

In the past years, his parents also spoiled him like this.

But it was a pity that life was always unpredictable.

There was an old saying that, “Trees preferred to calm while the wind didnt subside.

The child wanted to be filial but their parents had died.” Thinking of this always made him feel empty.

After they had waited for about ten minutes, the painting had finally been finished along with the cute and sweet laugh of Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng, go play with your toys for a while.

Daddy needs to talk with them,” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs cute little head while speaking.

“Okay, papa, you put the toys here,” Mengmeng stretched out her little arm and patted the sofa next to her.

Zhang Han smiled and took a lot of toys here from the tea-table.

Then Mengmeng began to play with herself.

Then Zhang Han came to Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu and sat down in front of them.

He took a look at Instructor Liu and said nothing.

Seeing this, Instructor Liu cleared his throat and said, “Well, boss, its like this.

I came here this time to ask you if you can also help train my soldiers.”

“No,” Zhang Han shook his head immediately, “Do you think that everybody will become a martial artist”

“No, I dont mean every person in society.

I mean only my Wolf Head Detachment, only 66 people, including me,” Instructor Liu said.

Of course, he also knew that martial artists could not be popularized and the purpose of this trip was to do something for his Wolf Head Detachment.

He was not being selfish.

He also wanted the whole army to be like that, but would that be possible

So forget about that.

Improving his own small team had been his and his uncles hope.

From a broader aspect, even with only his team, they could complete more missions and do more things after promotion.

When Instructor Liu finished his words, Zhang Han didnt give an answer but took a look at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng said quickly, “This is the case.

When I went to Shang Jing last time, it was the instructor who helped me to restore my military status and then I could come back safely.

Yesterday, the instructor encountered some trouble, so I brought some people to fight for him.

After seeing us, he guessed that the boss might some ways to help him.

So he came here to discuss with you.”

Zhao Feng explained things briefly so that Zhang Han could understand the ins and outs.

“Oh,” Zhang Han nodded.

He stills acted very calmly and others couldnt figure out what he was thinking.

Even Zhao Feng began to feel a little nervous.

Would his master not be happy because he exposed the security teams combat power Would it be trouble for him to bring back Instructor Liu His master was the one who hated trouble most!

But he didnt know that Zhang Han didnt care about these things.

He didnt think about hiding the strength of Zhao Feng and the security members, because it seemed to him like a child play.

Maybe one day the security team would become a strong party, but certainly not now.

But Instructor Liu meditated for a while.

After preparing his words, he said, “Boss, dont refuse me so soon.

I know that it is very difficult to train such a group of martial artists.

I have discussed with my uncle.

We can pay some price for exchange.

First, if you agree, you can choose some of the treasures that our army will hand in.”

“Treasures” Zhang Han was attracted and asked, “What are they”

“Hey, Ive prepared for you.

Please take a look.” Seeing Zhang Han was interested, Instructor Liu grinned.

He took out his mobile phone, went to Zhang Han and opened the album.

In the first photo, there was a diamond-shaped spar with the length of a thumb and the diameter of about three centimeters.

It was light blue and sparkled like a diamond.

It was put in a glass cabinet.

If a woman saw this picture, she would be very tempted.

After all, such a shining object like a diamond was very attractive.

As Zhang Han was looking at the picture, Instructor Liu explained, “The function of this stone is very powerful.

It is hydrophilic.

If someone takes it in the water, the time he can hold his breath in the water can be increased fivefold.

It means that if someone can only hold his breath in water for one minute, with this stone in his hand, he can make it for over six minutes.

It is really a good thing.

We call it the heart of the ocean.”

“The heart of the ocean A little exaggerated.” Zhang Han shook his head lightly.

This stone should be a water spirit stone, some first-stage spirit treasure.

Everything was alive and the essence of water gathered into stone, allowing the cultivators to swim underwater.

That was to say, the cultivator would use his own spiritual power to control the water spirit stone and it would help him stay in the sea for a longer period of time, just like diving.

But this was a rather weak treasure in Zhang Hans eyes, far worse than obsidian crystal.

In the cultivation world, this water spirit stone was only one of the materials used in the underwater cave, just like the brick used to build a house.

While “the heart of the ocean” named by Instructor Liu was some fifth-stage spirit treasure.

These two things couldnt even be compared.

However, Zhang Han didnt explain anything.

He just waved his hand and said, “Next one.”

“Oh, okay,” Instructor Liu hurriedly opened the next picture.

The picture showed a red bamboo stick, only one meter high, about the size of an arm.

It extended upward in the shape of a fireball, even with the shapes of fireballs at its every tip.

“This is what I call fire bamboo.

It was obtained on a desert island.

There was no other plant except this fire bamboo hundreds of miles around the island.

I dont know what it is, but it is strange that the tip of this fire bamboo is something brushy, like some hair.

It is always waving, like a burning flame.

When we saw it, we were very scared at first, and then…” Instructor Liu talked about the origin of this bamboo.

Zhang Han looked at the picture carefully.

His eyes sparkled.

“Not bad,” Zhang Han praised it.

The real name of this bamboo was blue serene bamboo.

It ranged from first-stage to fifth-stage.

Its effect was overbearing.

Blue serene bamboo would absorb the energy of all the plants around it when it was growing.

It was rather aggressive.

However, if it were taken off and placed next to a higher-stage plant, it would dedicate everything and transfer all its energy to the plant next to it.

The cultivators usually used it to cultivate more high-stage spiritual herbs.

This one-meter-high blue serene bamboo was some first-stage treasure, but the color might be somewhat mutated.

The regular blue serene bamboo was shaped like a light blue flame that rose upward, but this one was red.

What this treasure attracted Zhang Han was that it could shorten the fruiting time of Yuan Qing Tree.

Originally it would take a year.

But with this treasure, the time would be shortened a lot, while the specific time depended on its specific effect.

Although it was a bit useful, it still did not impress Zhang Han.

He gently nodded his head and said, “Next.”

“Im telling you, back then I was… Huh Next Oh, okay.” Instructor Liu was so excited talking about this, but was interrupted by Zhang Han.

Seeing his expression, Instructor Liu smiled awkwardly.

So Instructor Liu looked through the pictures in his mobile phone and explained with enthusiasm,

“This treasure is very powerful.

It is a great weapon.

I call it to meteor Tang sword.

Look, this beautiful blade is so attractive.

It can cut both hair and iron.

It also looks pleasing to the eye.

Its absolutely suitable for you, boss…”

“Next one.”

“This is also a weapon.

I call it bone whip.

Look, its like a combination of bones…”

“Next one.”


Instructor Liu showed Zhang Han more than 20 pictures and each of them was quickly denied by Zhang Han.

This made Instructor Liu a little discouraged.

When he opened this picture, Instructor Liu curled his lips and said,

“This thing cant be called a treasure.

Its rather useless, just a piece of black metal…”


Zhang Han looked at the metal carefully and his eyes sparkled.

He was not quite sure, but from the lines of edges and corners as well as its color, if not mistaken, he thought it should be soft gold stone.

The soft gold stone was reddish-brown and the surface was very hard.

In fact, it was not a stone, but a plant, a plant that was very useful for the cultivator to refine the body.

It could be used to refine the soft gluten pill with some spiritual herbs.

In addition to the effect of making the skin stronger, it could also strengthen the tendons and enhance strength.

It was a first-stage spirit treasure, close to the second stage.

If it was really a soft gold stone, it would be very suitable for Dahei.

“This is not bad,” Zhang Han nodded and praised.

This made Instructor Lius facial muscles stiff.

He just said that this thing wasnt useful, but the boss said it was quite good.

Oh, so embarrassing!

“What is this” Instructor Liu rolled his eyes and asked.

He knew that the better his thing was, the more helpful it would be to his success.

However, Zhang Han didnt answer him.

He just reached out his hand and said,

“Alright, let me see it myself.”

“Okay.” Instructor Liu handed the phone over.

Zhang Han looked through the pictures.

There were a lot of things left, but most of them were some rare herbs and there were several kinds of spiritual herbs.

There were also two things that Zhang Han did not recognize, but he wasnt interested in those things.

“Thats it, Ill think about what you said.”

Zhang Han calmly handed the phone back.

This made Instructor Liu very confused.

These treasures were collected by Cloud Soul for an entire year.

Couldnt any of these impress Mr.


“Boss, I still have something else.

Hey, these treasures are just the first aspect!” Instructor Liu grinned and said.

“What is the second one” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

“The second one… is…”

Instructor Liu took a look at Zhao Feng and drawled.

He was looking forward to Zhao Fengs shocked expression when he said the second point!


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