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“Okay, lets go back for lunch first.” Zi Yan smiled.

She reached out with her hand and gently pinched Mengmengs cute little face.

Then, the group of people walked back to the cars.

Before getting in the car, Zhou Fei couldnt help but glance at Zhang Han, who was in front.

“Brother-in-law, I want to have meat for lunch!” she said loudly.

“You are not polite at all!” Zhang Li gave her a look.

“No need for that.

Were all family.” Zhou Fei snorted before the four women got in the car.

After getting in, Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and smiled.

“What do you want to eat for lunch”

“Well…” Zi Yan thought about it.

It was a bit hot at the moment.

She wanted to eat something cool.

Thus, she said, “I want to eat cold noodles.”

“I also want to eat cold noodles,” Mengmeng echoed.

“Okay, then Ill make cold noodles.

Lets first go to Mount New Moon to get some ingredients.

The staple food is cold noodles.

Well…” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “Lets have stir-fried shredded potatoes and steamed chicken with chili sauce, okay”


Anyway, Ill eat whatever you cook.” Zi Yan nodded lightly.

“Steamed chicken with chili sauce comes in several flavors.

Which flavor do you want to have”

“Let me check.” Zi Yan took out the mobile phone and searched.

Then, she read aloud to Zhang Han, “Theres Hunan flavor, spicy flavor, hot and sour flavor, Sichuan flavor, bean paste flavor, home-made flavor… There are so many!”

“All of them are steamed chicken flavors,” Mengmeng muttered while shaking her head.

“Which flavor should we eat” Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “I like spicy food.

Steamed chicken is a little spicy anyway.

However, cold noodles are already sour and spicy.

So not sour… Then, what flavor… Bean paste flavor!”


Zhang Han nodded and prepared to go to Mount New Moon to get the ingredients before going back to the restaurant to cook.

Zhang Han had learned about steamed chicken with chili sauce while reading the recipe.

This dish was a part of Sichuan cuisine.

It was a cold dish, rich in condiments, spicy, tender and refreshing.

It was a famous dish of Sichuan cuisine that was considered the best dish in the southern region.

While they were on their way back, Sun Donghengs car arrived at the restaurant.

“You see This is Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.”

Sun Dongheng got off the car and turned the camera of his phone toward the restaurant.

“You see Here is where the normal patrons line up.

Its only half-past eleven, yet there are more than 30 people waiting in line.”

Stone, Chubby and Xiao Mei approached Sun Dongheng.

Upon seeing so many people waiting in front of the restaurant, they were quite surprised.

“Stone, one membership card can only be used by one person, so the three of you have to line up outside,” Sun Dongheng said as he looked at Stone.

This was the result of his earlier discussion with Lu Yin.

Although there was a total of three membership cards, they could only choose one of them.

Choosing anyone would not work, as the other two people would not feel happy.

Thus, they wouldnt choose anyone.

All three of them would line up.

The three of them didnt mind at all.

They waved their hands and said, “Its fine, its fine.

We understand the rule.

We will line up outside.”

“Then lets go inside,” Sun Dongheng said before leading her into the restaurant.

Lu Yin nodded and walked in with Sun Dongheng.

While he was walking, Sun Dongheng deliberately turned his mobile phone a little.

The camera was turned on the people who were lining up.

Many people were watching Sun Dongheng.

Some of them were even talking about him.

“You see He is the VIP here!”

This made Sun Dongheng so proud that he kept his chin up.

While walking to the front door, Sun Dongheng turned the phone camera to the signboard on one side.

“Look, this is the signboard of the restaurant.

All the regulations and prices are written on it.”

Business hours: 7.00-8.00 in the morning, 12.00-13.00 at noon, 18.00-19.00 at night.

Not necessarily open every day.

Please dont disturb during non-business hours.

Food: egg fried rice-300 yuan per serving, noodle soup-300 yuan per serving, other staple food-300 yuan per serving, and 100 yuan for one cup of cow or goat milk.

VIP Members: 10 million yuan per membership card.

The card can only be used by one person (15/20).

VIP members can eat dishes made by the boss- 400 yuan per meat dish and 200 yuan per vegetable dish.

Sun Dongheng glanced at the signboard, feeling extremely happy deep inside.

‘God is helping me!

Sun Dongheng remembered that when he had looked at the signboard two days ago, it had been stated that the first ten cards cost one million each and the eleventh card was on sale.

Now, it was stated directly that each card cost ten million.

Sun Dongheng felt excited and proud deep inside his heart.

Lu Yin was a little surprised when she saw this.

The opening hours, the prices of the dishes and the membership cards all exceeded Lu Yins expectations.

Everyone present was really surprised, including the people staring at their mobile phone screens.

They all couldnt help making comments.

“What is this Its only open for three hours a day Unbelievable! Its the first time Ive seen such a restaurant.”

“Egg fried rice costs 300 Damn it! Theyre robbing people!”

“I dont know much about the high society.”

“Fifteen membership cards have been sold Thats an exaggeration.

I dont believe it!”


Although there were 300,000 fans watching the live broadcast, it seemed that there were one million people commenting.

The screen was almost filled with comments!

“Lets go in.”

After reading the signboard, Sun Dongheng led Lu Yin into the restaurant happily.

“This restaurant is family-style.

Its ingenious.

The white dining tables here are for normal patrons, and the tables on the right side and on the left side near the wall are reserved for VIP members.

Hey Why is there a wine cabinet here Is there a wine supply now”

At the moment, the dining tables available for normal patrons were all occupied.

Around the tables reserved for VIP members were only Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu.

“Lets sit here,” Sun Dongheng told Lu Yin before sitting down at the table in the middle of the VIP area.

“Brother Feng, where is the boss” Sun Dongheng put the mobile phone on the table, adjusted the angle of the camera toward him and Lu Yin, and then asked Zhao Feng.

“Hes playing outside.

Hes coming back soon,” Zhao Feng replied.

“Oh, why is there a wine cabinet here Did the boss buy it to display it here, or is it for sale” Sun Dongheng asked curiously.

“He didnt buy it.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

“Then where did it come from” This made Liang Mengqi a little curious.

“Its…” Zhao Feng thought for a moment before telling the truth.

“Chairman Liu gave it to him.”

“Chairman Liu” Sun Dongheng frowned.

Although this name was a little familiar, there were many people surnamed Liu.

He didnt know who this was.

Thus, he asked, “Which Chairman Liu”

Zhao Dahu also looked at Zhao Feng with curiosity.

Under everyones curious gazes, Zhao Feng told them a name slowly.

“Liu Qingfeng!”


Sun Dongheng suddenly choked on his own saliva.

The nameLiu Qingfeng struck Sun Donghengs ears like the roar of thunder.

He had heard Sun Ming mention that name no less than five times.

However, every time Sun Ming said it, he called him politelyMr.


“Is that the famous Chinese entrepreneur Liu Qingfeng” Liang Mengqi, who looked stunned, asked.

Although she was in Singapore, all the members of her family were businessmen, so she also knew all about the influential businessmen of China.

Liang Mengqi had heard Liu Qingfengs name several times.

When Zhao Dahu heard these words, his facial expression changed slightly.

However, Yu Qingqing had never heard of him.

Although Liu Qingfeng was powerful, there was still a gap between him and the richest man alive, as well as the transnational enterprise owners.

Many people who were not in the business circle still didnt know him.

Even Lin Xue, who was sitting alone at the VIP table by the window, was stunned.

She turned her head and looked at Zhao Feng.

After all, Liu Qingfengs business was hundreds of times stronger than her fathers business!

“Yes, it is him.” Zhao Feng looked at Liang Mengqi and nodded.

“My God, Chairman Liu!” Zhao Dahu said in amazement.

“Thats a big shot!”

“Yes, Ive heard my family mention him several times in Singapore.

It seems that we still have some kind of business cooperation.

Hey Wait, Zhao Feng, you mean… Chairman Liu gave this wine to our boss” Liang Mengqi asked Zhao Feng with her eyes wide open.


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