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“Yes, he sent his treasured liquors over and asked me to greet you.

Besides, he told me that he would bring some wine when he came to Hong Kong again soon.

Oh, by the way, he also applied for four membership cards.” Zhao Feng simply narrated what had happened.

“Oh” Zhang Han finally responded.

He looked up at Zhao Feng and said with a chuckle, “He is really an interesting person.”

“Although he fawns on me because of my strength I showed, his adulation in all aspects is indeed to the point.”

“It is obvious that he is very sincere.” Zhao Feng said with a nod.

Liu Qingfeng took the initiative to transfer the former CBD building, ask someone to decorate it, and offer a variety of management staff.

go to Aslin Restaurant to support us, send red wine over and buy our membership cards.

In just a few days, Liu Qingfeng showed his kindness by virtue of what he did.

In Zhao Fengs view, he was indeed a person with great boldness.

“Well.” Zhang Han nodded slightly without saying anything.

After finished speaking, Zhao Feng walked back to the table.

As the rice was cooked, Zhang Han made egg fried rice and noodle soup first.

At this point, the guests at the ordinary tables already began to line up.

“Hey Is it necessary to serve ourselves here” Lu Yin said in surprise.

In other restaurants, it was waiters who served the dishes.

However, after glancing around the restaurant, Lu Yin felt it much stranger and she said, “It seems that there is no waiter here.”

“We serve ourselves and pay for dishes on our own.

The boss does not care about such trifles.” Sun Dongheng said with a chuckle.

“Serve ourselves And pay the dishes by ourselves How do we pay for them Isnt the boss afraid of someone going off without paying” Lu Yin said.

“Do you think that the boss will care about these by right of his own value In addition, the guests who come to this restaurant are well-mannered, and I havent seen someone who left without paying.

They basically will pay more.” Sun Dongheng explained.

After Lu Yin heard his words, her eyes widened.

She was a little shocked and whispered.

“This is so strange.”

“Youll just have to get used to it.

This restaurant is specially for Mengmeng.

Otherwise, it will not open for three hours a day, so we really appreciate Mengmeng, for she offers an opportunity for us to enjoy the food here.” Sun Dongheng smiled.

“When are we going to serve in a dish” Lu Yin became more curious when she saw the members did not move yet.

“Lets wait for the dishes for members.

Dont you see the boss still cooking in the kitchen This is the reason why we bought the membership cards.” Sun Dongheng spread his hands.

“Oh.” Lu Yin nodded and kept watching the restaurant.

She was very curious about the tastes of dishes that only 10-million-yuan-level members could enjoy.

After Zhang Han finished cooking and members took the dishes, Lu Yin was eventually ready to taste.

In front of her placed a small bowl of egg fried rice, a bowl of cold noodle, Szechwan style potato strips and a small dish of steamed chicken with chili sauce.

“They smell so good.”

Lu Yin wrinkled her nose, then took the first bite of the egg fried rice and cold noodle…

There was no doubt that the restaurant got a loyal fan.

It was 1:30 in the afternoon after lunch, and there were only seven or eight normal eaters left.

Among them, Stone and two of his companions were gobbling.

At this moment, only Zhao Feng was at the members table besides them.

Sun Dongheng was holding his mobile phone and interacting with his audience.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan and Mengmeng walked downstairs.

Zi Yan wore a large cap, while Menegmeng was dressed in a small pink hat.

During this period, Mengmeng reached her arms out and cheered constantly.

“Lets go to the amusement park.

Lets go to Ocean Park!”

Her cute appearance attracted many peoples attention.

On seeing them, Zhao Feng stood up and kept up with them, then he quickly opened the door.

They stepped out of the restaurant, and Zhang Han did not intend to drive but planned to get into the Mercedes-Benz at the head of the motorcade.

After he opened the door of the back seat, Zi Yan and Mengmeng got into the car.

At this time, Zhang Han turned to look at Zhao Feng and said.

“Drive the Land-Rover and lets go to pick up Dahei and Little Hei first.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded.

He first walked to the car in the back of the line and asked Ah Hu to look after the restaurant.

Then he got into the Land-Rover, taking the lead to Mount New Moon.

“Zhang Han, do you really intend to bring Dahei and Little Hei together” Zi Yans eyes widened and she said, “Ocean Park wont allow us to do so!”

“Er” Mengmeng froze for a while, then said solemnly, “We should go with Big Heihei and Little Heihei, for I have promised them.

We cant leave them behind.

PaPa has promised Mengmeng.”

“Thats right.

We can bring them to Ocean Park.” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan with a smile, and did not explain why.

“You really promise Mengmeng everything she wants to do.

What should you do later” Zi Yan gave Zhang Han an angry stare without saying anything.

A team of cars, led by Land-Rover, headed for Mount New Moon.

At this time, Ah Hu swaggered into the restaurant, then directly took a tin of beer from the refrigerator and started drinking it on the seat that Zhao Feng had sat before.

“Brother Hu, come here!” Sun Dongheng said to Ah Hu.

Hearing his voice, Ah Hu glanced at him and sat next to Sun Dongheng since he felt bored.

“Hello, Brother Hu!” Lu Yin greeted Ah Hu with a smile.

She still remembered that Ah Hu, who was sitting in the face of her, went to that hotel with many fierce men.

Moreover, she was also aware of his identity from Sun Dongheng.

She was really curious, for it was the first time she had sat at a table with an underground gangster.

“Are you doing the live broadcast” Ah Hu took a sip of beer and asked when he saw his cell phone.


Since I have nothing to do, I do the live broadcast to kill time.

Do you mind, Brother Hu” Sun Dongheng said with his mobile phone in his hand.

“Of course not.” Ah Hu waved his hand casually.

“Then I will show you to my fans.” Sun Dongheng concentrated the camera on Ah Hu and said at the same time, “Let me introduce him to you.

This handsome guy does have strong background.

He used to be the gangster of Forever Harmony Association, who was very formidable.”

Bullet screen asked, “What it Forever Harmony Association Can I eat it”

“You will know if you search relevant information.

I think you will find some news.” Sun Dongheng said casually.

One minutes later.

“What the fu*k! Elder Brother!”

“What a handsome guy.

What is the tattoo which is exposed It seems to be the edge of a tigers head!”

“Can you show it to us”

Sun Dongheng ignored these comments and aimed the lens at himself, then he put the phone on the table and asked while staring at Ah Hu, “Where are the boss and his family going”

“They are going to Ocean Park.” Ah Hu answered after taking a sip of beer.

“Ocean Park I want to go there too! Brother Dong, why dont we go there this afternoon” Lu Yins eyes brightened.

She had many places to visit in Hong Kong this time, definitely including Disneyland and the Ocean Park.

“Thats OK, but we have to line up for a long time if we go there in the afternoon, and you can participate in few entertainment projects.” Sun Dongheng nodded.

“Ahem, you cant go to Ocean Park, for it is closed today.” Ah Hu glanced at Sun Dongheng and said.

“It is closed Today is Sunday, why is it closed” Sun Dongheng asked in doubt.

The next moment, Sun Dongheng almost chocked on his own drool when he heard Ah Hus answer.

“Because the boss books the whole Ocean Park today.” Ah Hu said calmly.

“Ahem, ahem.

What” Sun Dongheng was totally stunned.

“Book, book the whole Ocean Park…” Lu Yins mouth widened and she failed to make out what had happened.

“Can the whole Ocean Park be booked How powerful the boss is!”

When Zhang Hans motorcade headed for Mount New Moon.

In a Mercedes-Benz in the back of the line.

“Today my brother is in a good mood.” Zhang Li said.

As she knew her brother very well, she knew Zhang Han was in a very good mood, according to his gaze and occasional smile.

“Of course, brother-in-law is delighted.

Hum, just wait for surprises today.” Zhou Fei said while shaking her head.

“Surprises What kind of surprises” Zhang Li raised her eyebrows.

“I wont tell you and youll know later.” Zhou Fei refused.

“Youre crazy.” Zhang Li rolled eyes at her.

As they chatted, they arrived at Mount New Moon.

Zhao Feng got out of the car and went into the mountain in a hurry.

After about two minutes, Zhao Feng came out, followed by strong Dahei and Little Hei.

“This chimpanzee is so big! Its really scary.” Luo Qing curled her lips.

“They are very docile.” Zhang Li said, “They not only know that we are talking about, but also can throw us high.

Dahei has great strength.”

“However, they look so handsome.

Their long hair is both black and bright.

Little Hei is almost as large as a tiger, while Dahei is almost as big as King Kong in the movie.” Li Anna said in a soft tone.

They were chatting in the car.

Meanwhile, outside the car, after glancing around, Dahei stretched out its right hand to push Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng suddenly staggered five or six meters to the side, almost falling to the ground.

He glanced at Dahei as his mouth trembled and said, “What happened”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Dahei stretched out its palm and waved it, as if to say, “Wheres my master Wheres Mengmeng”

“Shes in that car.

As you are too big to get into the car, you should follow me to the cart in front.” Zhao Feng said.

At this point, as the rear window of the car Zhang Han was in was rolled down, Mengmengs little head appeared.

On seeing Mengmeng, Little Hei ran to her quickly and sat near the car.

It stuck its tongue out, as if it were laughing.

“Little Heihei.”

Mengmeng waved her small hands happily, then she urged in a childish voice, “Big Heihei, Little Heihei, get into the car quickly.

Were going to Ocean Park, hurry up!”

“Ow woo.”

Little Hei shouted and ran to the Land-Rover soon.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei let out a cry and pushed Zhao Feng again.

“What the hell happened” Zhao Feng became annoyed.

“Ha, ha, whoa, whoa!” Dahei grinned and shouted a few times.

Zhao Feng understood that it wanted to say, “Hurry up, the little master has urged us, dont dawdle!”

“All right!”

“Originally, Im going to bring you to Ocean Park.

Why did you push me since you dawdled Hum, I will definitely push you when I become strong enough!”

Zhao Feng twisted his mouth and walked quickly to the Land-Rover.


Zi Yan, seeing what was happening, burst into laughter.

She said with excitement, “How does Dahei always bully Zhao Feng”


Although Dahei is large in shape, it likes to play tricks due to its immaturity.

It doesnt treat us in this way, but he can play with Zhao Feng.” Zhang Han chuckled and replied.

“You really intend to take them to Ocean Park, but how can they get in” Zi Yan compressed her mouth.

“You will know later.” Zhang Han did not explain but smiled.


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