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When they had been in North America, Zi Yan had also taken Mengmeng to the amusement park.

However, she felt that something was missing every time she went there.

She had some regret in her mind even if she smiled.

Now, she finally realized that what they lacked was Zhang Han, Mengmengs biological father.

Every time when Zi Yan thought of the past days, she would always sigh with emotions and have such a panic fear.

She knew that she would have been very miserable if she had encountered a dandy, for she had only one chance to give birth to a baby.

Once she gave the opportunity to a scum, she would have gone crazy.

But now…

“Im really lucky.”

Zi Yan peeped at Zhang Hans profile.

His masculine cheeks, his dependable disposition as well as his sweet attitude towards the family indulged Zi Yan so that she could not extricate herself.

But she could also find fault with him.

He was too much kind to Mengmeng, and it was easy to spoil the child.

However, Zi Yan could understand him, for he had not seen Mengmeng for several years after all, and she knew if she thought from the perspective of him that he owed Mengmeng too much in his mind.

What she was dissatisfied with was that he pretended not to know that she had already accepted him.

He neither confessed his love nor refused her.

What the hell did he mean since he did nothing

Zi Yan definitely would not tell him what she thought.

However, it seemed that the outcome of their emotions would be certain this evening.

“Lets go to the mountain.”

After one and half an hour and taking a short break, Zhang Han said to the man in charge of Ocean Park.


The person, who took responsible for this park, quickly nodded.

They went to the amusement park on the top of the mountain.

“I want to go on the Ferris wheel.” Mengmeng shouted as she looked the nearest Ferris wheel.

“Lets go!”

Zhang Han immediately picked Mengmeng up and walked to the Ferris wheel.

They arrived at the entrance, and when the people in charge of the park saw Wang Jiawen and his family standing next to Zhang Han, he asked.

“Erm, do the chimpanzee and big dog also go on the Ferris wheel”

“Yes, both Big Heihei and Little Heihei will go with us.” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Then you should be divided into groups according to families.


Zhang, his family.

Dahei and Little Hei get into a box, Mr.

Wang and his family get into another, and others could be divided, as appropriate.” The man said.

Originally, Wang Yihan and Wu Guang wanted to sit together with Mengmeng, but they were dragged away by Wang Jiawen.

After all of them went on the Ferris wheel, the small boxes began to rotate upwards.

This time, Zi Yan sat on Zhang Hans left, holding Zhang Hans arm.

Their bodies were really close, and Zhang Han could even catch a whiff of Zi Yans perfume.

As for Mengmeng, she was sitting in Zhang Hans arms.

Both Zi Yan and Mengmeng were looking through the window with great excitement.

“We are rising.

We are lifted again.” Mengmeng cheered constantly.

Zi Yan was also looking at the scenery below or in the distant of New Moon Bay.

As for Dahei and Little Hei, they were more excited since they went on the Ferris wheel for the first time.


Dahei rolled its eyes and stared at the lower side.

Then it moved its mouth a few times, as if to say, “I will be fine even if I fall down from this height.”

Little Hei swung its big tongue and looked around curiously.

As the height slowly increased, Mengmeng began to be afraid.

She was afraid to look down, so she hid herself in Zhang Hans arms.

This feeling of being controlled in such a small confined space in the air reinforced her fear.

So did Zi Yan.

She compressed her mouth, feeling a little nervous.

She sometimes opened her eyes and sometimes closed them to see how high they reached.

When the box rose to the upper half part and began to rotate.

“Click, click, click…”

The grating of the bearings was several times louder than last time.

Zi Yan got the willies at this moment.

Moreover, as the box rose, the wind became pretty strong.

It blew into the gaps, making the box keep squeaking.

“Im afraid.” When Zi Yan looked down again, her heart gave a great leap and she held Zhang Hans arm tightly.

Although she was still in fear, she felt somewhat sweet.

In fact, she had gotten more scared as she had sat opposite alone last time.

But now, she felt much better than last time because she could rely on Zhang Han.

She even opened her eyes from time to time, like a naughty kid.


Dahei, which was sitting opposite, rolled its eyes and lost itself in thought.

After a while, it suddenly moved its ass firmly.

“Clatter, clatter!”

In an instant, the box swayed.


Zi Yan got a fright, loosing Zhang Hans arm, then she reached her hands out to hug Zhang Han.

At this time, she tightly attached his body to Zhang Hans, which made Zhang Han feel a little strange.

Because Zi Yan was dressed thin clothes, Zhang Han could feel her lithe and graceful figure as soon as she threw herself into his arms.

Zhang Han smiled and stretched his left arm to hold Zi Yan in his arms.

He gently patted her on the waist and said, “Dont be afraid.

Im here.”

“Hey, PaPa, Im afraid too.” Mengmeng screamed with her eyes closed and asked, “How high the box has climbed Can I open my eyes”

“Not yet.

PaPa will ask you to open your eyes later.” Zhang Han held Mengmeng more tightly with his right arm and replied.

Zi Yan was holding Zhang Han tightly, and Mengmeng was nestling in his arms.

At this point, they were like a happy family.


Seeing its master smiling, Dahei pouted with happiness and moved its ass hard.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The box shook slightly again.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

“Ha, ha···”

Dahei started playing and moved his ass, shaking the box slightly.


Gradually, Zi Yans two long legs rounded Zhang Hans legs, and she was almost hanging on his body.

Seeing Zi Yans posture, Zhang Han could not help looking at Dahei with a content look.

Dahei felt really delighted at this time.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… Ha, ha, ha…”

Dahei danced for joy, which made the box shake badly and totally scared Zi Yan.

After a long time.

Zhang Han coughed slightly and said, “We are about to go down soon.”

“Er” Mengmeng hurriedly raised her head in Zhang Hans arms.

After finding that they almost approached the ground, she said with dissatisfaction, “Oh, PaPa, why dont you call me We have gone down.”

“What” Zi Yan also looked up.

As she realized that they were close to the ground, she let out a sigh of relief.

But the next moment, when she found that she was hanging on Zhang Hans body, her eyes gradually widened.

On seeing this embarrassing posture, Zi Yan suddenly blushed and jumped down in a hurry.

Then she sat beside Zhang Han, lowed her head without saying anything.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed and said.

“Would you like to go on the Ferris wheel again”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Dahei directly reached its hands out and clapped a few times to signify its approval for Zhang Han.

Zi Yan raised her head and said in anger, “No.”

After the box stopped, they went out of it and stood still to wait for Wang Jiawen and his companions in the next box.

“Dahei, stretch out your hand.” After standing on the ground, Zi Yan calmed down.

Since she remembered that it was Dahei that shook the box, she gave Dahei an angry stare and said.

“Whoa Whoa…”

Daheis eyes widened and it curled its lips, drawing its hand out injuredly.

“You shouldnt have played tricks!” Zi Yan stretched out her hand and patted Dahei on its palm several times.

“Ow woo, ow…” Dahei acted as if it felt really hurt.

It shook its palm and almost lied on the ground, mourning.

“Pfft.” Zi Yan burst into laughter.

She glared at Dahei and said, “Youre a great pretender, hum.”

Judging from what Dahei did, Zi Yan also learned that Dahei was just like a child, which liked to play.

“Ha, ha.” Dahei grinned.

At this point, Wang Jiawen and his companions in the next box as well as Zhang Li and her companions also came out.

“Ho, its so thrilling, and I went limp.” Wang Jiawen swallowed.

“Look at yourself, you coward.” Su Yu snorted.

She saw Zi Yan cuddling in Zhang Hans arms just now.

In the same case, however, both her husband and her daughter held her tight.

“Have you felt excited now” Zhou Fei said casually, “I havent enjoyed myself.

Lets go to ride the roller coaster!”

“Lets go! Roller coaster.”

“And Drop Tower.”

“Gyro Swing.”


They began to try various rides.

Mengmeng, Wang Yihan and Wu Guang were too young to play a lot of thrilling rides.

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei and Su Yu, however, were very bold, and tried all kinds of exciting rides.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei also asked Zi Yan to take the roller coaster.

In the end, Zi Yans penetrating screams thrilled through the entire roller coaster.

After getting off the roller coaster, Zi Yan went limp and just leaned against Zhang Han, refusing to try the next thrilling ride.

As Dahei and Little Hei were not allowed to talk a majority of rides, the person in charge of Ocean Park specially prepared some tools to help them to try a few exciting rides.

For instance, Flying Swing.

The staff tied three seats together and installed a lot of straps to fix Dahei.

In the meantime, Little Hei was also fixed on a chair with various straps.

When the facility began to turn around, Little Heis tongue almost flew away.

As for Dahei, it was not afraid at all, but screamed constantly in the air.

They almost tried all the other rides.

As they tried the last one, the sky had already darkened.

“Ho, booking the whole park is really cool.

We dont need to line up and can enjoy ourselves.

Its nearly eight oclock now.” Wang Jiawen said delightfully.

Today, he tried the rides which he had not tried before and felt really excited and happy.


Zhang, this is Blue Bay Teahouse.

You can take a break and have a tea for a moment, then admire the night view of New Moon Bay.” The man, who was responsible for the park, reminded.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

They came to Blue Bay Teahouse, where Zhao Feng negotiated with Zhang Hongbo before.

After sitting in the outermost row of chairs, the head of Ocean Park asked the waiters to prepare the tea of great quality.

Everyone drank tea while watching the night view of New Moon Bay.

Among them, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were sitting at a table, Mengmeng, Wang Yihan and Wu Guang were chatting with each other at a small table, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu were sitting at a table, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Li Anna and Luo Qing were sitting at a table next to Zhang Han, while Zhao Feng and other 10 of his men were sitting on the other side.

After they drank tea for five minutes.

Zhou Fei, who was not far away from Zhang Han, could not sit still.

“Doesnt brother-in-law forget that today is Elder Sister Yans birthday Its already eight oclock!”

Zhou Fei was a little anxious.

“Ahem, ahem! Well, ahem! Mmm, ahem!” Zhou Fei looked at Zhang Han and reminded him while winking at him.

“Whats wrong with you Are there any eyelids in your eyes” Zhang Han glanced at Zhou Fei and asked strangely.

“Alas, the corner of my eye is itchy.” Zhou Fei twisted her mouth.

Zhang Han thought she was funny and he shook his head.

He did not say anything because he was going to the scene soon.


Zhang.” Wang Jiawen, sitting nearby, checked the time, then stood up and said, “Its too late, and I have to send Guangguang to his house.”

“Fine.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Lets leave together.

We should go back too.”

“Lets go.

Im a little hungry.” Zi Yan stood up and said.

Then they left Ocean Park.

When they were about to part with each other, Mengmeng constantly waved her hands to Wang Yihan and said,

“Yihan, you, you should come to play with me tomorrow!”

“Well, I will come to you early in tomorrow morning.” Wang Yihan said with a smile.

“Bye-bye.” Mengmeng waved her small hand again, then Zhang Han picked her up and got into the car.

After Su Yu put Wang Yihan on the back seat of the Porsche, she intended to pick Wu Guang up.

However, this boy refused and stood still as he stared at Mengmeng.

Before the car door was closed, Mengmeng saw him.

She, therefore, waved her small hand to Wu Guang and said,

“Guangguang, bye-bye.”

“Hahaha, bye-bye, Mengmeng.

I will miss you.”

On seeing Mengmeng waving hand to him, the boy smiled with satisfaction.

Su Yu froze for a moment and she muttered in her mind.

“This boy probably will be a lady-killer later!”

However, Zhang Han, who was sitting in the back of the Mercedes-Benz, slightly trembled his mouth and glanced at Wu Guang.


He directly closed the car door.

This little boy was a little threatening, for he was so glib now.

Therefore, something terrible would happen if Mengmeng contacted him more.

However… Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

He was fearless enough to meet all sorts of challenges.

“No matter how strong my opponent is, Ill treat him as a breeze blowing the hills.

No matter how violent he is, Ill treat him as the bright moon shining the great river!”

“If I take care of Mengmeng every day, no one will have a chance to approach her!”

But this was also his unconscious thought.

In fact, he was considering how to deal with the boys when Mengmeng grew up.

Now, Mengmeng and Wu Guang were too young to understand the true meaning of love.

After saying goodbye to Mengmeng, Wu Guang got into the car and left with content.

Zhang Hans motorcade also left, led by the Land-Rover.

The head of Ocean Park and the other five superiors stood still to watch them leave.

“This is the first time that someone has booked the whole Ocean Park for one day.” One of the superiors said with emotion.

“Thats right.” The man in charge of the park shook his head with a smile and said, “I dont know where Mr.

Zhang is from.

He actually can let Chairman Liu say that.”

“What did Chairman Liu say” Another man, with a pair of glasses, asked with curiosity.

“He said…” The head of the park gently took a breath and looked at the cars which had disappeared at the end of the street, then said, “You should take better care of Mr.

Zhang than of me, and you should be cautious and meet all his demands.”


The man with glasses gasped, while others also were startled.

They had not expected that Chairman Liu, in high position, would have said so, and they all feared that Mr.

Zhangs background would be really horrible.

They drove to the restaurant, but the cars turned to the north all of a sudden on the half-way.

“Hey Shouldnt we go to the east” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Lets go to a place first.” Zhang Han smiled gently.

“Where are we going” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes and asked.

“You will know later.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Hum, youre keeping me guessing.”

After finishing speaking, Zi Yan looked out of the window again, but her eyes were filled with confusion and expectation.

Zhang Han usually cooked dished for Mengmeng on time, but today, he even did not mention it.

She thought that Zhang Han should have gone back to the restaurant to cook dinner for Mengmeng when he saw the sky darkening.

Today, his behavior was a bit abnormal, and Zi Yan, who was delighted at this point, could feel his anomaly.

“Something must go wrong.

What is he going to do”

“Is it possible that…”

Zi Yan faintly knew Zhang Hans real intention, but she was still not sure.

She thought that the idiot was not likely to give her a big surprise.

Therefore, Zi Yan just looked through the window, absent-minded.

Mengmeng was also tired of playing, so she hummed casually, sitting between Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

As for Zhang Han, he sometimes shot a glance at Zi Yan and sometimes looked at Mengmeng.

Soon, they arrived at the destination and pulled over.

“Lets go out of the car.” Zhang Han said in a low voice.

At this time, he was eager to express his innermost thoughts and feelings.

Furthermore, he almost could not hold them back.

“Er Shall we get out of the car here What are we going to do” Zi Yan came to her sense and asked with curiosity.

It was also a bustling street, but the front of them located the former CBD building.

Actually, there were not many pedestrians here, and they could not see anyone at this moment.

There were plenty of pedestrians across the street.

However, what was strange was that there were no other cars on the street except for their own cars and that there was a traffic policeman every few meters, who was looking around, on one side of the commercial street.

Zi Yan did not notice them.

Although she wondered why they got out of the car here, she still followed Zhang Hans words and got out of the car compliantly.

Zhang Han picked Mengmeng up, then he also got out of the car and walked to Zi Yan.

The sidewalks on the street were wide, and the streetlights were exuding soft glows, showing the unique quiet scenery of this city at night.

“What are we doing here” Zhang Li, who just got out of the car, muttered.

“Well, where are we going” Li Anna said.

“It seems that there is nothing to play here.” After glancing at the surroundings, Luo Qing shook her hand.

“I am going to ask my brother.” Zhang Li walked forward while speaking.

“Dont ask him, shh!” Zhao Feng hurriedly pulled Zhang Li and hissed at her.

“Oh Is there a surprise I got it!” Zhou Fei made out Zhang Hans intention and she said with excitement.

“I am going to take Mengmeng over.”

After finishing speaking, she ran forward in a hurry.

Because Zhang Hans car was parked more than 20 meters from the car behind it, Zhou Fei took several steps.

She spread her arms to Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, let Aunty Feifei hold you, OK”

“Er No.

I hope PaPa to hold me.” Mengmeng, who was in Zhang Hans arms, became upset.

She shook her head and answered as her small head was hidden in Zhang Hans neck.

“Your father has been holding you for a day, so you should allow me to hold you for a while.” Zhou Fei said again.

“No, I just want PaPa to hold me.” Mengmeng responded as she pouted.

“Erm…” Zhou Fei did not know what to do.

“Hum, Feifei, Mengmeng likes to stick by her PaPa, like a sticky candy.

You wont have a chance.” After finishing her words, Zi Yan followed Zhang Han to step forward slowly.

“Alas.” Zhou Fei sighed.

At this time, Zhao Feng and his men walked to her.

“Whats going on Did you fail” Zhao Feng chuckled and took out a food bag from his hand.

Then he took out the thing inside, shook it in front of Zhou Fei and said, “You can try this.”

“Ah” Zhou Feis eyes widened as she looked at the Haagen-Dazs ice cream in front of her.

She grabbed it, then gave him an angry stare and said, “Why dont you take it out early Hum! Ill succeed this time!”

Then Zhou Fei quickly walked forward.

At this moment, Zhang Li and Li Anna became more curious.

“What the hell are they doing” Zhang Li asked.


Zhao Feng chuckled and raised his finger to his lips to motioned them not to speak loudly.

Then Zhao Feng put on a solemn look and took out a black walkie-talkie from his pocket.

The next moment, he pressed the button, as if he were performing a task.

He said quickly in a low voice.

“Each team, attention, attention.

The target is about to arrive at the scene!”

“Pfft… What are they doing” Zhang Li burst out laughing.

But then, voices were heard from the walkie-talkie.

“The first team got it.

Were ready!”

“The second team got it.

Were ready!”

“The third team got it.

Were ready!”


“The sixth team got it.

Were ready! Haha, Xiaofeng, I guarantee that the time error will not exceed one second, so this time, you should mention me in front of your boss!” Instructor Lius voice was heard eventually.

In fact, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu had been discussing for a long time about this confession, and all the details were involved.

Besides, it was Instructor Liu who brought many professional tools and he treated this confession as a serious task.

Therefore, Zhao Feng was at ease when he did not make preparations in person.

After hearing his words, Zhao Feng could not help but smile and said, “OK, OK, I will tell him.

Dont worry, instructor.

Now, everyone, attention.

Listen to the instructors instructions and cooperate with each other!”

After saying that, Zhao Feng took back his walkie-talkie.

He glanced at Zhang Li and said, “Lets take a few steps back, as onlookers.”

At this point, Instructor Liu was on the eighth floor of the building.

Ah Hu, Elder Meng and he were standing in front of the window and observing the situation below with a telescope.

Seeing Zhang Han and Zi Yan arriving at the scene, Instructor Liu took out the walkie-talkie and said.

“The guard squad on the street, form a cordon.

After one minute, turn off the streetlights, over!”

Then a lot of people started to move.

Meanwhile, Zhou Fei also quietly walked to the place three meters behind Zhang Han, with ice cream in her hand.

“Ahem!” “Mengmeng, let Aunty Feifei hold you.

Your father has been holding you for a long time, and hes tired.” Zhou Fei said as she shook the ice cream in her hand.

“No… Er”

When Mengmeng was about to refuse, she suddenly saw the ice cream in Zhou Feis hands.

She was going to cheer, but she closed her mouth as Zhou Fei asked her to be quiet.

She thought about it as her big clear eyes blinked.

Then she twisted in Zhang Hans arms and said, “PaPa, PaPa, put me down.

I want Aunty Feifei to hold me.

PaPa, you cant be tired!”


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