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Chapter 31 – Have a good talk

The workload during the afternoon was much bigger, Zhang Han was only able to finish planting those seeds after bustling until 6 pm.

Meng Meng was playing with Xiao Hei at one side.

When they were tired, they would sit on the ground to rest, and after resting enough, they would continue playing.

“Alright Meng Meng, the sky is getting dark, lets go back.” Zhang Han washed his hands at the pond.

Since his clothes were already dirty, he just wiped his hands on his clothing.

“Daddy, can we bring Xiao Hei back” Meng Meng asked with a somewhat small expectation.

Just a day had passed and Xiao Hei who assumed the role of high-grade playmate had already captured Meng Mengs heart.

Meng Meng had already considered Xiao Hei as her playmate and wanted to bring Xiao Hei back home to continue playing together, and also so that she would be able to share her toys with Xiao Hei.

Hearing that, Xiao Hei immediately sat up and faced against Zhang Han as he shook his tail and stuck out his tongue, revealing an expression of him wanting to follow Meng Meng back home to play.

“Eh……” Zhang Han smiled slightly and shook his head, “That wont do.

Meng Meng, Xiao Hei still has to stay here to watch over this place.

You see, daddy just finished planting that much ingredients, if someone were to come and destroyed those ingredients, we wont have anything to eat.

We will come here again tomorrow to accompany Xiao Hei okay”

“Humph!” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and snorted lightly, “Alright then.”

“Meng Meng is so obedient.” Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and kissed onto her tender cheek.

“Xiao Hei, I, I will come back tomorrow.

I will bring you toys and delicious food tomorrow okay.” Meng Meng waved her small arm at Xiao Hei.

“Woof, woof……” Xiao Hei jumped around happily.

Seeing that, Meng Meng started giggling.

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng to under the Thunder-Yang Tree.

After placing the farm tools and one side, he turned his head and took a few looks at the surrounding.

The rice that was planted during the afternoon have already grown twice its size, and the wheat that was first planted have already grown out its green bud.

The growth efficiency here was unreasonably fast.

Of course, just think about it carefully and it would be understandable.

The nutrients that those crops were all absorbing were after all the nutrients of spiritual soil and spiritual water.

It would instead be weird if they were growing slowly.

“Seems like the crops would be matured within four to five days.”

Zhang Han muttered to himself.

At other places of Xiangjiang, those crops could be matured three times a year, but at Crescent Mountain,mature weekly could be used to describe the situation.

Furthermore, with the existence of spiritual soil, even if the crops were matured and werent harvest, they would still be able to maintain their perfect condition.

“Dairy cow, poultry, fruit, vegetables……”

Zhang Han was thinking about what else was still lacking, and a flash of light suddenly flashed in his mind,

“Thats right, sheep milk is also not bad.

It is said that the nutrients of sheep milk is also very high, drinking it in turn with cow milk would be able to entirely replenish nutrients.”

Zhang Han remembered that he drank sheep milk a few times before when he was small.

The taste of sheep milk had a somewhat smell of goat meat.

However, Zhang Han did not really understand about sheep milk, so there was no need to rush to get a sheep.

Carrying Meng Meng down the mountain, Xiao Hei stood at the edge of the forest while having a somewhat slightly lonely expression because his big master and small master were leaving and he had to stay at the mountain alone again.

Upon seeing that, Zhang Hans expression froze for a bit as he suddenly recalled of a sentence,

“If you do not love, please do not harm, there are many important people in a persons life, but a dog only has his master in his entire life.”

Dogs were faithful, it was so even in the Cultivation World.

For example, fully grown dogs which were in the Gold Pill Realm like Snow Serene Dog, Three-Headed Dog, Burning Sun Dong and so on other dogs, once they have determined their own master, they would follow after their master for their entire life.

In the Cultivation World, there were also a lot of touching stories of dogs who died protecting their master.

Thus, Zhang Han was quite fond of dogs.

Seeing Xiao Heis look, Zhang Han muttered for a bit, then smile and waved his hand,

“Xiao Hei, tomorrow I will bring you some little fellows to accompany you, you can go back first.”

“Go, go back first.” Meng Meng imitated her fathers tone and said, “Go back to your nest and sleep, I will come to see you tomorrow!”

“Woof, woof……”

Xiao Hei stood his body up, shook his head twice at Zhang Han and Meng Meng and started walking back.

When he walked into the forest, he turned his body around and watched the car drove off.

All the way until he could not see the car anymore, he then turned his body around and walked back towards the mountaintop.

Driving the car back to Yunyin Garden, Zhang Han coincidentally met with Zi Yans car at the entrance.

Zi Yans car was parked at the underground garage and Zhang Hans jeep was parked below the building.

“Why are you in such a sorry figure”

At the front of the first floor elevator, Zi Yan took a few looks at Zhang Han and asked somewhat bizarrely.

“Daddy was working.

Daddy worked for a day and planted many many things.” Meng Meng stretched out her little arms and answered.

“Oh my! My god! The down and out young master actually knows how to work Wasnt it always him stretching out his hands and there would be clothes, open his mouth and there would be food” Zhou Fei couldnt help but ridiculed a bit.

“Bad Auntie Fei Fei! You cannot talk badly about my daddy!” With a solemn look, Meng Meng glared at Zhou Fei.

“Tsk, little ungrateful fellow.” Zhou Fei pouted her mouth and didnt open her mouth anymore.

In her heart, she was indeed helpless towards this little fellow who was protective of her father.

At this time, Zhang Han opened his mouth and answered, “I planted some rice and wheat.”

“Oh.” Zi Yan nodded her head.

“I wont be going up today.

Meng Meng, daddy will come to pick you up tomorrow okay Daddy will go buy some little animals today, that way, tomorrow they will be able to play with you.” Zhang Han smiled and rubbed Meng Mengs head.

“No, no.” Meng Mengs smiling face immediately became anxious as she hugged Zhang Hans neck with her little arms, not willing to loosen her grip at all.

To her, although she likes little animals, however when compared to Zhang Han, it was definitely Zhang Han who was more important.

The little princess was incredibly attached to Zhang Han right now.

“Daddy, dont go, Meng Meng wants daddy to accompany her, all right” There was already grievance and choking in Meng Mengs tone.

It was reckoned that if Zhang Han was to reject her, she would immediately start crying.

“Okay, okay, okay, your daddy is not going.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Meng Meng petulantly, then looks towards and sighed lightly, “You follow us up.

Just nice, I want to have a good talk with you later on.”

Zhang Han nodded his head and carried Meng Meng into the elevator.

It must be said that the mood of a child comes and goes quickly.

When they were in the elevator, Meng Meng was still pouting her mouth, but when they left the elevator, Meng Meng once again had a happy look on her face.

Having her father and mother accompanying her, Meng Meng was really happy.

After walking into the house, Wang Juan greeted with a smile and helped to prepare the slippers for them.

At this time, Zhang Han lightly patted on Meng Mengs little arm and said, “Did you remember what daddy talk to you about during this afternoon”


Meng Meng had a confused face and revealed out a pondering expression.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei and Wang Juan who was at the side looked at Meng Meng curiously, not knowing what she was thinking of.

“When you see Granny Wang……” Zhang Han reminded.

“Oh, I remember!” Meng Mengs eyes lighted up, pouted her mouth and looked towards Wang Juan as she said with her small voice, “Granny Wang, Im sorry, Meng Meng, Meng Meng was in the wrong.”

“Pfft……” It was Zi Yans first time seeing Meng Mengs this kind of adorable look and couldnt help but laughed out and asked, “Meng Meng, what did you do wrong”

“I, I should not have call Granny Wang old witch.” Meng Meng said in a low voice.

Zi Yans expression froze for a moment.

Thinking about the origin of the wordwitch, Zi Yan turned her head around and rolled her eyes petulantly at Zhou Fei who was laughing secretly.

However, what Meng Meng said next made Zi Yans expression became stiff on the spot.

“Daddy, daddy said that, Meng Meng must respect people who treat Meng Meng well, and towards those who treat Meng Meng badly, I can scold them whatever I want.

Also, also, there is one more sentence……en……you insects…you respect me one foot, I will…respect you ten feet, you…you destroy a grain of mine, I will, I will destroy ten thousand dou of yours!” Meng Meng pondered, then said out the sentence intermittently.

In a moment, the place was quiet.

Other than Zhang Han, the other 3 adults were dumbstruck.

Wang Juan was somewhat dazed, not knowing what kind of education style this was.

Zhou Fei first went into a daze, then start laughing at one side as she sighed in her heart at Zhang Han this down and out young masters formidable education.

Whereas Zi Yan, her eyes gradually opened bigger, with her expression filled with fierce murderous aura, she looked towards Zhang Han and said with a fake smile, “Zhang Han, you come with me for a bit, I want to…have a good talk with you!”

“Oh.” Zhang Han lightly nodded his head and placed Meng Meng onto the floor.

“Uh-huh, I also want to go, I also want to talk together.” Zhang Han followed Zi Yan upstairs, while Meng Meng ran slowly at the back.

“Meng Meng, you stay downstairs and wait for a while.

Bo obedient.” Zi Yan said with a somewhat strict tone.

“Oh…humph, smelly mommy! I dont like you anymore.” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and said with an unhappy face.

“Come, Auntie Fei Fei play with you, lets not care about those two bad guys.” Zhou Fei walked towards Meng Meng with a smile.

“Humph, humph, humph! You are the bad one, bad Auntie Fei Fei!”

“You! You this little heartless fellow!” Zhou Feis face became angry as she stretched out her hands and played around with Meng Meng.

Upstairs, Zhang Han came to Zi Yans bedroom.

“How did you teach Meng Meng As a father, how can you be that improper Can you keep away that big young master temperament of yours What was that about insects What if Meng Meng said that outside Wont Meng Meng be deemed as someone who has no inner quality and no education” Zi Yan wrinkled her brows and said coldly.

Zhang Han took a few looks at Zi Yan and muttered in his heart.

Why does this woman always seem to have eaten explosive whenever she speaks to me

Moreover, ordinary people are indeed insects, there is nothing wrong right

Zhang Hans outlook was very high.

As someone who came back from the Cultivation World, and was a Tribulation Realm expert back then, his outlook was of course very high.

Within the eyes of cultivators, there was really no difference between ordinary people and insects.

This was not meaning that they completely despise ordinary people, but was that it was a fact!

“How to educate Meng Meng, I of course understand.” Zhang Han did not want to quarrel with Zi Yan and said with a calm tone.


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