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Seeing that Zi Yan was bashful, Zhang Han smiled heartily.

Since he laughed at the mall, his laughter did attract various peoples attention and arouse some shopping guides curiosity.

At this point, Zi Yans face became ruddier.

Zhang Han never cared about what others thought, and probably he followed his bigoted course.

However, his casualness was really intriguing.

Only those who experienced lots of ups and downs would become people with great freedom.

As for Zhang Han, he obviously had gone through a variety of setbacks.

In fact, only classy people could harness such an attitude towards life.

If someone pretended to be natural and unrestrained on purpose, he might look neither fish nor fowl.

But at this time, there were two starting shopping guides, who were slightly shy, curling their lips.

They did not agree with him to laugh so loudly in public.

Moreover, since they did not carry any shopping bags when they went out of a store, they apparently just strolled around.


After Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked into the LV franchise store opposite, the two guides saw that the man pointed to some commodities and then paid, and that the shopping guides in that store were so excited that they blushed.

By this time, they had known the fact.

“They originally are disinclined to carry bags!”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan shopped for more than two hours.

They bought plenty of stuff, including some diamond jewelry, jade bracelets, clothing and so on in addition to some ladys handbags.

But as Zhang Han intended to go to the underwear store with Zi Yan to buy black silk stockings, Zi Yan flushed and firmly refused.

Seeing that she was shy, Zhang Han finally gave up.

He thought that he could buy them directly next time.

By then, he would definitely persuade her into wearing them…

After finishing shopping, the two of them had afternoon tea at a shop in the mall.

They took a break for half an hour and then set off.

This time they strolled around the commercial street aimlessly.

Until the sky darkened.

“Do we go back to the restaurant to have dinner” Zi Yan asked.

“Ill ask Zhou Fei for advice first.” After thinking for a while, Zhang Han said.


Zi Yan took out her mobile phone and dialed Zhou Feis phone number.

“Hello Feifei.”

“Elder Sister Yan!” Suddenly, Zhou Feis scream was heard from the phone.

“You do buy so many things, wow! Your bedroom is almost filled with boxes!”

“Well, there are a lot of bags and you can select some you like.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “How about Mengmeng Does she miss us”

“Yes!” Mengmeng said in a hurry.

At this time, Zi Yan eventually knew that Zhou Fei opened the hands-free function.

“What do you want to eat at dinner, Mengmeng Your PaPa and I will go back to cook for you,” Zi Yan said.


“Oh… wont you stay there longer MaMa, dont you, dont you come back later”

“Hey You originally dont miss MaMa and PaPa,” Zi Yan said with a chuckle.

“No, I really miss you.

But, but I… Aunty Feifei…” Mengmeng was a little confused and her anxious voice was heard.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Zhou Fei laughed a few times and said, “Elder Sister Yan, I promised Mengmeng that we would play until ten oclock, you…”

“Fine, well come back later,” Zi Yan said, slightly shaking her head.

“Okay, fine.

Just enjoy yourself, bye-bye,” Zhou Fei said, and then hang up the phone.

Hearing what she said, Zi Yan grinned.

She looked at Zhang Han and said, “I really dont know how Feifei bewitches Mengmeng.”

“So, lets go to have dinner first.

What would you like to eat” Zhang Han asked.

“Lets go to eat… fish.” After a pause, Zi Yan said.

“Well, well go to a featured fish restaurant.

By the way, there are lots of fish in the fish pond on the mountain.

I think that we can eat it after a period of time, and Ill cook for you then.” Zhang Han held Zi Yans hand and said while walking.

“Oh, you indeed know a lot.

You almost keep everything yourself.”

“Its mainly because it is a land of treasure.”

Zhang Han smiled.

He would show Zi Yan the true color of Mount New Moon later.

The two of them went to a fish restaurant to have dinner, enjoying a few special dishes.

One of them was steamed grouper.

The chef selected a banded grouper, whose meat was relatively tender.

One was spicy boiled fish, with Qingjiang fish as its major ingredient.

The other was crucian carp soup, which tasted light.

The three special fish dishes, together with some staple food, were completely enough for them.

After dinner…

Zi Yan pouted and blinked her beautiful big eyes, staring at Zhang Han without saying anything.

Because they ate in a compartment, they certainly did not wear sunglasses, and Zhang Han could see Zi Yans face clearly.

“Erm… Your act like my little fan.

Dont adore me dreadfully.

Im your husband.” Zhang Han chuckled and teased her.

“Hum, whos your fan Hum.” Zi Yan snorted and her long lashed flickered since she blinked her big eyes quickly, and then she muttered, “I just thought of surfing.

Its so high and exciting.

Ha, ha.

Havent you asked me to go racing with you When are we going”

“You can take a short break and Ill ask for the address first.” Zhang Han said, and then he took out the phone and dialed Zhao Fengs number, “Xiaofeng, do you know where can we race Oh, okay, send the address to me.”

After Zhao Feng sent him the address, Zhang Han left the restaurant with Zi Yan.

After they got into the panda car.

“By the way, will you drive this car to go racing” Zi Yan asked in doubt.

Although Zi Yan had not raced before, she had seen several racings and knew that people would choose some relatively straight and flat roads, for they were suitable for speeding up.

In fact, this kind of roads did not require racing drivers to have excellent trick-cycling.

Therefore, some drivers, who were not very professional, would choose some roads with a low degree of difficulty to drift, while others with outstanding skills would choose stimulating roads.

They would take the field if they could, and if not, they would ask other racing drivers to drift.

Furthermore, many people would guess the result of the racing for the sake of passion.

Zi Yan had seen some childes racing when she had been in Singapore at the beginning, as if they were having a party.

Many of them knew how to drift, and the audience always cheered as they got out of the cars.

At this point, hearing Zi Yans question, Zhang Han thought for a while and nodded.

“It seems that we only have this car, but this car is also qualified to compete with others, for its parts are A8Ls.”

“Is this a refitted vehicle Why dont you buy another car directly”

“Because Mengmeng likes it, and I bought whatever she likes,” Zhang Han replied.

“You, you will spoil her.

You have to learn to refuse and cant promise her anything she wants.” The instant he mentioned that, Zi Yan got angry.

She pinched Zhang Hans waist and said, “You treat Mengmeng without principle when you are together with her, and I really worry about you.

Youll be anxious once she is badly spoiled!”

“Ha, ha, ha.” Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said, “Ill never refuse Mengmeng, just like Ill never refuse you.

You are the most important people to me, and I cant love you more.”

“You… Hum, youre glib.” Zi Yan was so delighted at this moment, and she glared at Zhang Han gently.

“Kiss me.” Zhang Han got close to Zi Yan and pouted.

“Kiss you”



“Come on!” Zi Yan muttered and approached him, and then she kissed him slightly.

At this point, Zhang Han started the car with satisfaction, heading for the address that Zhao Feng sent.

Located in the mountain range between Zhu Keng District and the Eastern, it was named Mount Red Star, which was a base for planting fruit tree.

Around this mountain were roads.

Later, it was abandoned for several years.

With the investment of South Island Supercar Club, the roads were repaired once again and it successfully became a field for racing.

There were straight roads and mountain roads on this mountain, which were suitable for every racing driver.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan headed for the destination while chatting.

When they drove on the mountain road, they saw that Zhao Fengs Land-Rover was pulled over.

Catching sight of Zhang Hans car, Zhao Feng lit the car lights up and pressed the horn three times, and then he drove forward to lead the way.

In the meantime.

Dozens of people gathered on the edge of Mount Red Star.

Next to the road, there located a small square, with a large one-story house with a sign of South Island Supercar Club on it.

In front of the house, there were more than twenty supercars and some saloon cars.

Among these sportscars, the most expensive one was Ferrari F12 Berlinetta worth more than five million yuan, while the cheapest one was Porsche 718, which cost nearly one million yuan.

Of course, most of them cost around two million yuan.

These people were all rich second generations, who wanted to race to get thrills.

What was funny was that there were a total of seven sportscars preparing to race in front of the runway at this time.

In addition to the Ferrari F12 in the middle, there was also a yellow McLaren.

“Brothers, what do you think Is this field okay Hey, thanks to the super rocket from Daniu and the plane from the Dream of One Billion Girls.” Sun Dongheng was sitting in front of the car and doing the live broadcast.

In just a few days, Sun Dongheng attracted over 500,000 viewers, and sometimes the number would exceed one million.

It was worth mentioning that Sun Dongheng was dumbfounded as he shot a video for Mengmeng.

When he started doing the live broadcast, the whole screen was filled with bullet screens: What the fu*k, Brother Dong, where do you find the cute little girl Shes so charming!

In the face of this question, Sun Dongheng just smiled and spat out two words, “Just guess!”

Later, the viewers did not shift their attention until Sun Dongheng told them that there would be a racing at night.

He came over early after dinner with Lu Yin and her companions and had done the live broadcast for more than half an hour.

Stone and two of his companions stood nearby, while he took Lu Yin to make preparations to race later.

“Well, get into the car quickly.

Make preparations and the racing will start right away!” At this moment, the man in Ferrari shouted.

“Okay.” Sun Dongheng responded and got into the car with Lu Yin.

These cars were all ready, and a tall sexy girl, with a bunting, walked to the dividing line in the middle of the sportscars.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Every car made a fair-sounding sound of engines.

Just when the tall beauty was about to wave the flag.

A man rushed to the field all of a sudden.

“Stop! Stop! This round of racing should be canceled.”

It was the head of the club.

He waved his hands to stop the tall beauty, and then stood in front of the cars to beckon the drivers to shut off the engines.

“What the hell are you doing Do you know the racing is going to begin” The man in the Ferrari car stuck his head out and shouted with dissatisfaction.

“You have to stop and get away.

Boss Ye is coming and wants to race,” the head of the club answered loudly as he frowned.


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